Deded... like DED

So, Drakon and I were still awake and she posed the question that considering Veld was unusually calm with Hojo, what did he do when he left.

Eh... he's a little crazy.

You're crazy... talkin to yourself )

OOC: Scheduling

I am teh behind.

Blame my ^&%@#$ overbooked schedule.
I work (and I can't read the logs and stuff at work) and I have NO TIME once I'm home because I have something scheduled EVERY NIGHT plus a new puppy to watch.

So um yeah.

I have no idea when we are, where we are, or what we're doing.

I WILL be online at SOME point tonight and this weekend if anyone feels like helping me get caught up. xx;

Thank you.

It's lo-og, it's lo-og...

What: Hojo gives a presentation that Lu sleeps through, and Vincent discovers it's better tolet sleeping Femenists lie
When: After Veld goes nuts and recovers
Where: The Board Room, the lab, and Lu's dorm room.

Sleeping through meetings and other important stuff. )


Drakon and I were just joking around way late at night. Way late. 20 years is part of Drakon's AU timeline, so don't correct us on the time. Contains a Cid/Vincent joke.

So after you're done saving the world... )


Finally got through this. At one point there were three scenes going on at once, and it was confusing, so I split them up into little sections. This is right after Vincent gets his shots and before the plotting.

In which Kat Strife returns from Junon drunk, Hojo and Lu have pizza, and Veld and Vincent stop acting like kids for two seconds and deal with each other. ~_^ )

More log

Set right after all the mental patient snooping and the like.

Vincent gets his shots )