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Shinra Year One

sewing the seeds of crazy for a harvest of batshit

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Name:Shinra Year One
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This is a Final Fantasy Seven flashback RP.

Setting: Midgar circa 1973. Shinra Electric Company is newly established among the global economic powers. Originally just a power company, President Amon Shinra thinks they need to branch out in all directions and is slowly pulling together the resources to do just that -- he has designs on a powerful army to bring the world to their knees, and has engaged talented geneticist Jonathan Gast to create this army for him. Of course, this is all in the earliest of stages...

The Projects

SOLDIER: So far, there are only enough SOLDIER prototypes to work security. Their process is stable but does not produce the kind of results President Shinra has in mind. Their dosages are slowly being increased in the search for maximum return with minimal damage to the specimen involved.

TURK: The TURK prototypes are wildly varied, though the goal is for them to become a very small, tight knit group of people to take care of the covert ops and the dirtier work of ShinRa such as intimidating the other members of the board. There have been many General Concepts, however all have been extreme failures, ranging from harsh psychosis, to pyromania, multiple personality disorders and schizophrenia. There are currently no stable, fully developed TURKs. The Science Department hopes to change this soon.

The Cast

Shinra Chain of Command:
(President, CEO and Owner) Amon Shinra [info]i_pwn_the_world
(Vice President) Elijah Drummond [info]uptheladder
(Heir) Phineas Shinra [info]callmefinn
(Science Department) Jonathan Gast [info]high_on_sci
(Peace Department) Jonas Hillenbrand

Mohira Aythali [info]soldier_aythali
Imelda Emy [info]soldier_mad
Martin Heidegger [info]protosoldier
Dmitri Kraichev [info]soldierkraichev
Hildegard Olafsson [info]soldier_hilda
Yukio Watanabe [info]ninjasoldier

Veld Dragoon [info]stuffyturk
Richard Reeve [info]dickiereeve
Katrin Strife [info]kat_strife
Scarlet Tiffany [info]a_scarlet_turk
Vickalor Vincent Valentine [info]red_eyed_turk

Ukoku Hojo [info]translitgeek

Students at Midgar University:
Pepper Feynman [info]sodapopscience
Deirdre Janus
Ifalna Sarcet [info]nature_geek
Lucrecia Sorrel [info]scienceflower

Donald Corneo [info]stardustcorneo

Interests (25):

backstory, cloud's mom, ffvii, final fantasy 7, flashbacks, heidegger, illegal drugs, legal drugs, mental instability, modness, not tuesti, please not tuesti, president shinra, professor hojo, reeve, roleplaying, roleplays, rpg, scarlet, seedy underbellies, shinra, soldiers, turks, unsafe experiments, vincent valentine
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