Nov. 11th, 2005 06:06 pm
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The Science Department is currently taking applications for specimens.

Vincent has already been volunteered. =P But we need one or two more from the ranks of SOLDIERs and TURKs, as well as people interested in playing Hojo's former mental patients, for various nefarious projects in Nibelheim in the future.

Thanks. ^_^
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In which Hojo gets into trouble due to snoopy turking )
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Pre all the mental breakdown and chickens and stuff.

Company mergers often involve throwing people out windows... also, Finn finds a new fun toy. )
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The morning after. No explanation needed. )
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In which there is pizza, nakedness, and much implied getting it on )

Not NC-17 or anything guys. XD Figured I'd separate this out because I can. Though, pizza wins. Yar.
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Turk mission, enter Pepper. Oh, and Veld just about has a nervous breakdown over some chickens. )

P.S. Has the tamest of guy/guy interactions, but figured I'd warn ya'll just the same. And you've prolly figured out who by now. ~_^

Oh, and Scarlet and Reeve do naughty things on Veld's desk. But that's just funny.
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Attention ShinRa Employees

I have both good, and very solemn news today. The acquisition of Midgar Electric Power Company has been completed. However, just after the signing, Rircardo Magorre and his partner, Walter Arras had a falling out that resulted in Mr. Arras falling to his death.

Distraught, Mr. Magorre has already signed a full confession and the unfortunate incident has passed without any other, greater loss.

Baring this in mind, please welcome the new personnel to ShinRa Power Corporation with open arms and caring hearts. They have lost two loving members of their own professional families and we want to work our best to fill the void that has been left behind.
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New intern... meets those crazy SOLDIER kids. )
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