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[Scene: Dmitri and Vincent have just arrived on the fifth floor of Mitri's apartment complex.]

Dmitri: *stopping at the door, considers, then hands his keys to Vin* You go in first, make sure it's safe. *still not entirely calmed down*

Vin: *blinks* Ah... alright, what key is it?

Dmitri: The silver on-- oh fucks, are vampires .. do you have a problem with silver or is that just werewolves?

Vin: I'm not a vampire. *takes the key and opens the door*

Vin: *totally gets stabbed by the corkscrew on the keychain* Damns. *shakes hand and hands key back to Mitri*

Mitri: *takes keys staring* Oh God, I'm so sorry. I should have known better than to hand you silver.. shit.. let's get you bandaged up! *barges into his apartment despite previous hesitation, and to his bathroom where he pulls out some band aids* Here. Oh, God. I'm sorry. Are you going to need to drink blood to make up for it?

Vin: *band aids hand* I'm not a vampire, Mitri. I do not drink blood.

Vin: *covers nose* Christs, you didn't clean up the body parts?

Mitri: *long pause* Right. Er. *cringes a little* I was afraid to touch them. You'll turn into a zombie if you get infected and even if it's just a hand or toe it could have infection on it...

Vin: You have to get bitten by a zombie to turn into a zombie.

Mitri: Not all zombies. It depends which ones. *shudders* I'm not taking this chance. You're immune though, would you mind...? It does smell really bad...*jittery now*

Vin: *pinches nose* I am going to prove to you that you cannot catch zombie. *pause* Ah... where are all the parts? *not like he doesn't totally know*

Mitri: Uh.. I ... am not entirely sure. I was. afraid to look for them. Uh.. there's at least something in the shower. I didn't get a good look before I ..

Mitri: ....changed my mind about showering. *totally did not run out of the bathroom screaming. Really.*

Vin: *nods and starts digging in the bathroom for chemicals to do a TURKS style clean up*

Vin: *opens the shower* Urg... alright, hand me the waste bin?

Dmitri: Um. *puts on a pair of gloves first, then does so, grimacing* We're going to completely zombie-proof this place, right?

Vin: *nods and puts toes in the bin and starts cleaning the shower* Yeah, but first ya gotta open a window.

Vin: And while yer doin that, who the bloody hells told you I was a vampire?

Dmitr: *opening the windows, very carefully in case zombies are hiding just outside*

Dmitri: *trying not to get overexcited* Er, I saw you in that book.

Vin: *blinku* Bwah?

Dmitri: That ... book. That you're in.

Dmitri: *blinks at him* Didn't you know? Hold on..

Vin: I am in no book

Dmitri: *heads to his bedroom, and, careful not to go too near the bed for the zombie parts that may be underneath it, gets a book from his bedside table*

Dmitri: *hyperalert and watching all shadows, brings it back to the bathroom*shows it to Vin, the Encyclopedia of the Undead.*

Dmitri: Under "Vampire." It's got your picture and everything.

Dmitri: *flips through to show him a picture of a man that looks remarkably like Vin. With fangs* See?

Vin: *reads* Vampires are denoted by pale features and red eyes... That is ... well, it sorta does. *snaps book closed* I look like a vampire, I'm not a vampire. Alright? Vampires do not work for electric companies

Dmitri: You're a modern vampire on the move.

Dmitri: Besides, I have it all worked out.

Dmitri: If we have electricity we might stay up later. So if we're up and about in the middle of the night it's easier for you to get food.

Vin: *headpalm* Mitri? when have you ever seen me do anything remotely vampire-ish?

Dmitri: ....you hurt yourself on silver, and you have the eyes and are very pale and you were drinking blood...

Vin: Tomato juice. I cut myself on your corkscrew and EVERYONE from midgar is pale

Dmitri: *just nods* Right.

Dmitr: But thank you for helping me... *closes book, putting it on top of the tiolet for lack of better place* Um. Do we need to cremate those body parts?

Vin: *sighs* No problem and I doubt it, they aren't going to grow zombies or nothing

Dmitri: *looking at the trashcan* ...rather be safe than sorry... *shudders again* I mean, I can't just take that to the dumpster. The zombies will come back for it.

Dmitr: *fretting again* Then they'll come back up here, because the smell's still here ohgodwhatamigoingtodo? *looks like he's going to cry* How do we get RID of them forever?

Dmitri: *finding that apparently, zombies are very similar to cockroaches*

Vin: *lifts hands* Woah, woah, its alright. Okay? I'll ditch the zombie parts myself and ah, we can air your place out and you can sleep at mine, I'm not going to be there tonight anyway.

Dmitri: *nod* Okay.. and they won't go to your place. . . since you're mortal enemies.

Dmitri: Um, if your food is like, fifteen or so, and still alive after.. whatever, if you could maybe introduce...?

Vin: What?! *is going into the bedroom to get the feet and hands he left there*

Dmitri; ....you know just... wow, you're really good at finding parts... ugh.. uh... hm. *changes the bed sheets and everything in case there's bits in the blankets* ...just if you're.. never mind.

Vin: I don't go out at night hunting if you think that. Trust me, ah... you wouldn't be interested in my plans tonight

Dmitri: Really? What are you doing tonight? *checks inside the pillows for parts*

Vin: ...ah, studying. Veld's helping me out with history for Midgar U.

Dmitri: You're in school as well as your job? Th--OH SWEET GAIA IS THAT A HAND THAT WAS UNDER MY BED!?

Vin: *digs out a foot too* Yup.

Dmitri: *drops the pillow and skitters with his back to the corner, hand at his sword* Shiva's frozen tits..

Dmitri: This is ... they are... how can.. oh God.

Vin: It's fine, fine man. Alright? No zombies. They must not like you much if your not a zombie.

Vin: *trying to calm him down*

Vin: *hopes he'll never walk in on a Veld sex-capade cause there is biting*

Dmitri: ...don'tlikeme? Want to kill me?!

Dmitri: They want to kill me. Oh God.. There must be so many of them..

Vin: no no no like... not want to eat you.

VIn: cause they didn't

Dmitri: But but but...they'll be back.. what if next time they're hungry?!

Vin: We are cleaning, they totally won't be back.

Dmitri: .....okay... do we need to.. how do we.. sanitize everything?

Dmitri: *hyperventilating a little* It's gotta be more than just regular... oh God, I wish I had myZom-B-Gon

Vin: Just regular cleaning... ah, in 24 hours you could come home and maybe ask a priest or something to bless the place? *has no idea really*

Dmitri: ....priest.. do you know any priests? I don't know a single priest.

Vin: We could stop by the church and ask if one could come by?

Dmitri: That would be good! Except... I wil do it myself!

Dmitr: You.. should stay away from the church. Wait in the car and I'll go inside.

Vin: ... I'll be fine in a church, Mitri

Vin: Seriously.

Dmitri: . . . . right. You can wait in the car and I'll go in.

Vin: No, look, I'm going to prove to you one way or another that I'm not a vampire.

Vin: Were you listening to Letty, cause she was teasing you.

Dmitri: You are in the book, Vin. You are vampire. The fact that your coworkers confirm it...

Dmitri: Really, it's okay. It's your lifestyle and I do not fault you for it

Vin: Letty was teasing, and Veld is a jerk sometimes

Vin: I'm going in that church.

VIn: *is done fishing body parts out of his bedroom* Alright, anywhere else?

Dmitri: I don't... know. I really was afraid to look for them... *cringes*

Dmitri: Um... *looks briefly in the kitchen area*

Vin: *nods* Alright, well we'll just do this for now then. *scoops up bedsheets and tosses them into the bin* And We can dump this all in my trunk and I'll get rid of it. Leave the windows open, and we can get the priest.

Vin: Totally stay at my place a few days, alright? *feels terrible*

Dmitri: *nods* Y-yeah.. Thanks, man. You're a lifesaver. Probably literally..

Vin: Don't worry about it... I kinda feel bad that this spooks you so much. *Dragging bag o body parts to the door

Dmitri: *cringing* Well they're zombies. Of course they're terrifying..

Dmitri: You'd be scared too if you were.. not.. you.

Vin: *sighs* I'm not a vampire.

Vin: *elevatoring with bag-0-body parts*

Dmitri: *as far from the bag o' parts as possible* I didn't say you were, Vin

Vin: Look, ask Hojo. He's handling my shots. Do you think they'd bother mako enhancing a vampire? *carries bag o body parts to car*

Dmitri: I don't.. know. Why not? I'd make whatever I had as good as possible. Even if they might suck my blood.

Vin: Alright how's this. If I'm a vampire, wouldn't I have bitten someone by now? Name ONE person I bit.

Dmitri: well of course you cover it up. If everyone knew, then you'd get.. pitchforked and burned and.. stuff. Left out in the sun... *getting into car* without a chance to put on sunscreen.

Vin: We ran that field test for three days and I never once wore sunblock, Mitri. *Driving to church*

Dmitri: . . . well, maybe you're a special sun-resistant one.

Dmitri: You're in the book. Books don't lie.

Dmitri: Besides, what was it Scarlet said? You're a master vampire aren't you? And they can be in the sun.

Vin: *dials* That is so it. *drives* Letty? Hi. No, I hear Reeve in the background and I don't CARE. Can you PLEASE tell Mitri I am not a vampire? *hands phone over*

Dmitri: Ah, hello. Er, is this a bad time? *looks a bit uncomfortable*

Scarlet: mmmmhmm...er... obviously *eep* not...

Scarlet: What does Vin want?

Dmitri: Er. He's telling me he's not a vampire again, even though I even showed him the book that he's in..

Scarlet: *mutters to Reeve*

Scarlet: Well, I'm not going to tell you he is or he isn't, but look at Veld's neck sometime.

Dmitri: ....I see. Thank you. Er, enjoy your er.. sex. *hangs up* She said she wouldn't say. But you bite Veld.

Vin: I do not!

Dmitri: ...I'll see.

Vin: He doesn't like being touched, fair warning.

Vin: *pulls into church parking lot* Alright, lets get you a preist

Dmitri: Sure. *hops out* Wait here. *closes door*heads into church*

Vin: *trots after him* Look, I won't catch fire, promise.

Dmitri: *stops*glares* Vin. Really. You helped me out enough. Wait in the car.

Vin: I will not catch fire.

Dmitri: .....car.

Dmitri: Now.

Dmitri: *putting a hand on his shoulder in order to physically push him toward the car*

Vin: This is silly to fight about. If I catch fire I will admit all my vampire activities and get you a job as a mentor for the high school.

Dmitri: And if you don't, it's because you're using your master vampire powers to expend extra energy to keep from catching.

Dmitr: Then you'll need to eat again and.. it just won't be pleasant. Car.

Vin: *facepalm* don't you think a priest would be uncomfortable if I was a vampire?

Dmitri: Not if he doesn't know. But that's another reason you should stay in the car.

[Scene: Vin's apartment, Dmitri has found a not-quite-healthy priest and brought him back to Vin's apartment to nurse him back to health in thanks for cleansing his apartment. He has probably bled all over Vin's bed which his is currently occupying.]

Dmitri: I'll make you soup! .... if Vin has any. Do you like soup, Father?

Adrian: *is still very bleh feeling* Soup would be delightful. Thank you.

Marcus: *is perched on the couch*

Dmitri: Your welcome. *digs through Vin's cupboards until he finds something that is either soup or tomato sauce*

Dmitri: Does your bird need anything?

Adrian: Oh, Marcus is fine, I'm sure. Ah heh. *cough*

Adrian: *sits up rather carefully*

Dmitri: Hmm. I'll make you tea too. *making the soup and puts on a kettle of water*

Vin: *comes in the door* *Is dressed in the suit he wore to mock trial, of course, he has since learned that lawyering turns his B/F on in the worst way so he looks like he's just had quite a few hours of magnificently violent sex.*

Dmitri: Thank you again for blessing my apa--oh, hello Vin. Er. *doubletake* You .. alright?

Vin: Heya, Mitri.

Adrian: *blinks* *tries to look couch-like*

Dmitr: Want some soup, Vin? It's tomato, rather than blood.

Vin: *laughs* Ah, yeah, tired. *tosses tie on table* *Has Veldy bites all over, but so worth it*

Vin: Oh chrissakes come off of it I'm NOT a vampire

Dmitri: Er, well you do have bite marks all over you. ....so if you weren't before...

Adrian: *mutters about damnation on vampires, but not at lunch*

Dmitri: Anyway, I'm not going to persecute you for your... vampirism.

Vin: Sex, Mitri, my ...ah... significant other... bites.

Vin: *points to bite* See, people marks, not vampire marks.

Adrian: *figures that Vincent will turn them into vampires soon anyway*

Dmitri: I wouldn't pretend to know the difference. But right. People marks. *rolls eyes*

Dmitri: Anyway, you want soup or not? And tea?

Vin: *lights up* Sure, why the hell not. Why make all the... oh that girl from the mailroom is NOT naked in my bed is she?

Dmitri: Not anymore, no.

Vin: GODDAMNIT NO Illegal shit in my apartment!

Dmitri: *pulls out three bowls, has come aware of where everything is thanks to cleaning* It was consensual.

Adrian: ... *sneezes from the cigarette smoke*

Vin: Of course it was. With a fifteen year old! How old are you?... *pauses*

Dmitr: *pours soup and puts some tea bags in the tea* Nineteen. It's not so bad.

Vin: *pft* Romeo and Juliet law in effect

Vin: Never mind then, who's sneezing in my bedroom?

Adrian: *sniffle* *tries to stay quiet* *knows that jumping out windows is out of the question*

Dmitri: Just an injured man I found.

Vin: *throws open door* OH fuck no. Not this shit. *Gets his GOOD gun from the front closet*

Dmitri: *puts down pot and RUNS to the bedroom door, standing in the doorway* Do not kill my guest.

Vin: Oh, I'm returning the fucking favor.

VIn: He tried to off me, only fair.

Adrian: ... Would you happen to have a tissue? And, in my defense, I'm far more worse off than you.

Dmitri: Tissue's on the bedstand. And he blessed my apartment. He was _dying_.

Vin: GOOD he tired to KILL me.

Adrian: Oh, yes of course. *gets one* Oh ho, that blessing on your apartment will keep it safe for your great grandchildren. Possibly beyond that.

Vin: If you expect me to have ANY sympathy whatsoever for someone that assaulted me for NO GOOD REASON, you're batty.

Dmitri: That's good, and he's not trying to kill you now. And.. that's wonderful, Father. Really, thank you.

Vin: Oh and I dropped by your place to close your window.

Dmitri: *turns back to Vin* You're batty, vampireboy. That's why he came after you

Vin: Obviously were I a vampire, I would NOT have gotten in.

Vin: Look...alright, how's this, if I'm a master vampire where are my minions huh?

Dmitri: You already had my permission to go in..

Dmitri: You don't need them, that's how good you are.

Adrian: *nodnod*

Vin: would you like me to break into every apartment in this building to PROVE I can enter without permission?

VIn: I'm a Turk, its' my JOB to go where I'm not wanted

Adrian: A vampire would make an excellent Turk, from what I've heard.

Dmitri: You have Veld's permission to enter those places, though

Vin: you need the OWNERS permission

Vin: didn't you ever watch nosferatu?

Adrian: *coughs a bit more, but covers mouth with tissue* *pulls it back and examines it gravely*

Vin: That's it, I'm calling my mom, would THAT prove to you that I'm mortal?

Dmitr: Vin, it doesn't even matter.

Adrian: *is not really listening* *is concerned about his mako back home and the blood on his tissue*

Dmitri: Look, he's dying anyway. Let him ... die or .. get better in peace.

Dmitri: He's a holy man

Adrian: It's God's will whether I pass on or not.

Vin: ... if he gets better, he will try to kill me again

Dmitri: No he won't. You wouldn't kill a human man, right Adrian?

Adrian: I would never do such a thing. It's wrong.

Dmitri: Right. See?

Adrian: And even if it were true, I would certainly not kill a man if he were in my state.

Dmitri: *nod* Of course not.

Teapot: *whistles*

Vin: Yeah but the fucker thinks I'm a VAMPIRE

Dmitri: Vin, would you pour the tea? I can't leave the doorway in case you try to kill my guest.

Vin: I promise I won't kill him. You go do it, since this is MY apartment.

Adrian: *looks innocent and rather angelic*

Dmitri: .....fine. *leaves doorway and pours the tea*

Vin: So... why did you and the penguin brigade try to kill me?

Dmitri: *drinks his tea black and assumes everyone else does, too, except possibly holymen* Father, would you like lemon or sugar or something in your tea?

Dmitri: *oblivious to or ignoring the fact Vin is also asking Adrian a question*

Adrian: *holds finger out to Marcus can perch on it* *pulls it back and strokes the dove* The penguin brigade? Ha. Oh, I'll take it with a bit of sugar, thank you. *looks back at Vincent* Hm...

Dmitri: *puts what he figures is a lot of sugar in the tea, which is.. barely any*walks over and hands it to Adrian, giving Vin some black tea*

Adrian: The Order is in charge of keeping the innocent souls of this city protected from evil ones. Vampires are clearly a threat and are worthy of DA-*winces*...damnation.

Dmitri: Vin's a decent enough sort of vampire, though. He hooked me up with a girl and everything

Vin: *ticks off points on fingers* I can go into places without an invite, I walk out in the sun, I do not drink blood or have fangs, holy water does nothing, I can prance about in churches.

Adrian: Thank you, Dmitri. Your kindness will not go unnoticed in the heavens, I'm sure. *sips and enjoys it anyway*

Adrian: *blinks at Vincent*

Dmitri: *proud little smile*

Vin: *sips his tea*

Adrian: In which case, you really are a peculiar vampire.

Marcus: *hops up on Adrian's shoulder*

VIn: ... in what way am I a vampire? You know hold that thought. *Goes and dumps an assload of sugar into the tea and comes back*

Adrian: *whispers things to Marcus*

Dmitri: *sipping tea and stirring soup*

Vin: ... so, how am I a vampire? Would you like me to touch a crucifix? How about cross moving water?

Vin: Or hell, even swim, cause it would REALLY be swell if ya'll stopped trying to kill me cause I have a full time job and midterms coming up.

Adrian: The devil comes as an angel of light. I would expect that the one of the prophesy would appear to many as a mere human...

Dmitri: Prophecies. That's deep stuff, Vin. Can't argue those.

Vin: Buddy, I'm an ASSASSIN. Not an angel of light by any means.

Vin: Not a vampire, not an angel of death, I'm as religiously spiritual as a rock. Alright?

Adrian: *smirks* Would that make you worse than the devil then? *amused*

Adrian: Or just not as wise? *sips tea*

Dmitri: *thoughtful* Wow. Deep. *pours soup* Okay, soup!

Adrian: *pleased at the thought of soup* You wouldn't happen to have a few crackers to go with it, would you?

Vin: Not worth killing I assure you

Marcus: *is eyeing Vincent strangely*

Dmitri: Um. Not sure. Vin, do you own crackers?

VIn: *starts digging out books from under the bed* Upper right cupboard unless Letty ate them all in her drunken cracker fit last time.

Dmitri: Thank you. *does find some crackers*serves soup* Sure the bird doesn't want anything?

Marcus: ...coo? *keeps staring at Vincent*

Adrian: He'll eat bits of the crackers.

Dmitri: Ah. What a pleasant little bird.

Vin: He about pecked Velly's eyes out.

Vin: *has found his history books and puts them and a few other books in his backpack*

Dmitri: Interesting. It can fight, too.

Adrian: His name is Marcus.

Dmitri: *is totally going to be a devout follower of Adrian's church now* Marcus. Nice name.

Vin: *is now digging out his clothes because he's been basically living at Veld's*

Dmitri: Vin, I just cleaned. You'e going to make a mess.

Adrian: *thinks Dmitri would be a lovely follower* It is, isn't it? Marcus Williamson. I've known him for years.

Marcus: ... *coos*

Vin: Oh I'm just getting a change of clothes and my text books.

Dmitri: How nice. Is he baptized?

Vin: Not staying, and if I was going to, I wouldn't get caught dead SLEEPING with those things in the same place.

Adrian: *sips* Oh, he was when he was human. A fellow priest for the Lord.

Voice: oh and YOU Are the crazy one?

Voice: oh THIS is rich. You have a priest bird tryin ta kill ya.

Dmitri: They are guests, not things. ....w..hen he was human? What happened? Was he transformed by the devil?!

Voice: Well he IS going to be a lawyer... Vampire... Lawyer... same thing.

Marcus: *continues to eye Vincent while pecking at cracker crumbs*

Vin: Mitri! You are not buying into this psychotic babble are you?

VIn: *packing while the voices in his head jabber about sex and commandments*

Dmitri: What? He's a priest! He must be perfectly sane. Besides, he's the only other one who sees your true form, Vin.

Adrian: Ah...no, he was killed by...vampires. I managed to seal his soul inside of this dove so that he could continue to serve the Lord.

Adrian: *smiles in a sort of melancholy way* Of course I'm sane.

Vin: I do not have a "true form!"

Dmitri: Egad. No wonder you feel so strongly against vampires. *glances at Vin meaningfully* Do you know them?

Vin: know who?

Vin: *totally manages to get the KY into his bag when no one but the bird was looking*

Dmitri: The vampires that nearly killed Marcus!

Marcus: *wishes he could actually have an expression on his face* Coo.

Vin: I don't KNOW any vampires

Vin: You guys catholic?

Dmitri: What about the one that bit you?

Adrian: *shrugs* You shouldn't. We tracked them all down. *grins* Damnation always catches up to those that deserve it.

Vin: *walks over and grabs Mitri as if by looking RIGHT in his face he will get the point across* No. Vampire. Ever. Bit. Me.

Adrian: Of course not. He's a natural.

Dmitri: *blink*pulls away, a bit shaken* Okay, okay, geez. Born that way

Vin: Look you wanna persecute me do it for something else, I sin plenty without you guys making up my...

Vin: Vampires are dead. Dead things cannot give birth

Adrian: *snickers*

Vin: My mom is a little 35 year old woman. She's alive.

Vin: My old man died in a bar fight. Not a vampire

Adrian: Yes, yes, of course. I know.

Dmitri: But see, if a vampire bit your mother while she was pregnant it's possible that the curse was passed along to you instead.

Vin: I can assure you my mom is not a vampire.

Vin: and *I* am not a vampire.

Vin: 18 years old, not a vampire.

Adrian: *is horribly amused at his denial, and is having a hard time hiding it*

Vin: What's so goddamn funny?

Dmitri: *sigh* Right, Vin. Not a vampire. *clearly unconvinced* Don't see why you need to deny it so much

Adrian: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.

Vin: You've yet to prove to ANYTHING that I'm a vampire. *eats his soup and crackers*

Vin: I mean... I've got a LIST of other sins, you can hate me for those, but this vampire shit? Real old, real quick.

Dmitri: You're in the book, Vin. The Book.

Dmitri: The book even said you'd deny it. *look as if that settles it all*

Adrian: *staring at soup, ignoring Vincent, and experiencing jabs of pain at the moment*

Vin: *grabs the book flips back to the legal disclaimer and reads* The content of this book are folklore and legend. None of this is purported to be real. Nor does it serve any purpose aside from entertainment value"

Dmitri: . . . .

Adrian: The book you're mentioned in is kept in a safe place.

Dmitri: You're making that up. The book doesn't say that. Besides. If-- oh, thank you Father.

Adrian: *voice sounds a bit strained*

Vin: I have red eyes and black hair. Of COURSE I look like a movie vampire. *points out disclaimer ot mitri*

Vin: my mom looks like this too. Its just a dominant gene in her family.

Dmitri: ....this is just some.. knockoff copy.. Father said... and... that's just for stuff like bogeymen which don't exist but are in there...

Vin: Look, I'm just going to kill him and the bird then. I'm really NOT feelin the getting stabbed thing.

Adrian: *sets bowl on the nightstand* *crosses arms and tries to look like he's perfectly comfortable* *eyes are glowing*

Dmitri: Good. It's fine. Just... it's fine. Um. Is he okay?

Vin: ... you may want your sword Mitri...

Adrian: I'm...fine... *will have to get bullets out sometime*

Dmitri: . . . . er. You're not all that.. convincing? Is there something I can do, Father? *worried glance to Vin*

Adrian: *smiles that eerie smile of his* Oh...it's just a test...a test, you see... It's making me stronger.. y-yes...

Vin: How'd the mako get in your system, father?

Vin: *to mitri* If he's got the wrong amount in his system, and he hasn't had the physical testing... it probably warped his head a bit.

Adrian: Ha, my head is just fine, thank you. It's the rest of me that I'm worried...about.

Dmitri: *putting down his unfinished soup* He seems pretty fine, mentally, but... I should call the company..

Vin: Woah

Adrian: *frowns* No, really, I'm a-*pauses* alright.

Vin: We should take him to the labs, let the doctors look at him.

Dmitri: Yes. Mako's not... to be fooled around with, Father. *heads to the phone and calls up the lab*

Adrian: The Lord is the great healer, you know... It just takes a bit of time... Time...damnation...

Dmitri: *waiting for someone to pickup* The Lord and mako treatments, yeah. You need to watch what you do with that stuff. It's dangerous. Holy or not

Gast: *picks up the phone* 'Ello? Shinra Science Deparment. Professor Gast speaking.

Adrian: It's never caused me any problems before! Why would it n-now?

Dmitri: Sir, this is Dmitri Kraichev, a Soldier, I have a, uh, civilian here who has undergone... home..made mako treatments, it seems.

Vin: *grabs phone* Hey Lu?

Dmitri: He's not in the best shape. But that's also a little bit because he was sh--hey!

Vin: Profesor Gast?

Vin: *not letting crazies here*

Gast: ...wha? Yes, this is Gast.

Vin: This is Vincent Valentine. I have a man here, about seven bullet wounds, three fatal, however he seems to have ingested mako or some mixture of it. Glowing eyes, warped sense of perception and paranoid behaviors

Adrian: It's ALL because I was shot. *sigh*

Dmitri: *loudly* Perception is not warped, actually, sir

Vin: *covers phone* Can you get him ready to be moved? He trusts you, this is Gast he knows what he's doing.

Vin: *waits for instruction*

Gast: *blinks* Hm... three fatal wounds, yet he isn't dead, eh? Hmm. Yes, bring him in. We'll take a look at him.

Vin: *lowly* Theres a bird too and you may want to sedate him. He's the one that attacked me because he thinks I'm a Vampire.

Vin: I expended the rounds in him, but its a personal weapon, not ShinRa. I'll be round with them in fifteen minutes.

Dmitri: *nods to Vin and heads over to Adrian's side* Father, would you come with us to get looked at by a doctor please/

Gast: A bird? Pepper was babbling something about a bird that got in through the window. But..if it's just a bird, then... I'm sure the man is the top priority. *could care less about birds, really*

Vin: Right. Thanks.

Vin: *hangs up* Alright, you and birdzilla are going to get patched up.

Adrian: ...what sort of doctor? *looks suspicious*

Vin: *pinches nose* So you can make misguided attempts on my life again

Vin: An expert in mako related conditions

Dmitri: One of the doctors where I work. He works with mako.

Vin: It won't get reported to the police

Vin: Though I SHOULD fill out a report for being accosted.

Vin: *grabs keys and his bag and starts to the door.*

Adrian: Honestly, the gesture is kind and all, but I'm feeling much better now. Thanks.

Dmitri: Father, I'm afraid I have to insist.

Dmitri: ...with force if necessary. Which I'd rather avoid.

Vin: You cannot fight off both of us.

Vin: So let's just go.

Adrian: *sighs* *is wise enough to know when he can and cannot fight* Fine. *WILL keep his weapons with him*

Marcus: *flies out of the room and out the nearest open window*

Dmitri: Thank you, Father. *offers an arm to help him*

Vin: *thinks about the stupid bird*

Dmitri: ...thanks for being civil, Vin

Adrian: *takes his hand and gets up carefully*

Vin: *is dancing cause Gast won't let someone kill him cause he cost a lot of money to make*

Dmitri: *is determined to make sure Adrian makes it through okay*

Vin: Hello professor, *points to priest*

Dmitri: *supporting priest*

Gast: Ah! Is this the speci-er-gentlemen? He does look pretty bad. *motions him over to an examination table*

Adrian: *is sort half-awake -- many wounds have reopened and are bleeding*

Vin: Can I have a word right quick?

Vin: In private?

Dmitri: He's a holy man, Professor, so please... be gentle. *pretty much carries Adrian to the table*

Gast: Hm? Certainly. *points to his office* And yes, Dmitri. I will keep that in mind.

Vin: *to Gast* Be careful. This guys totally bonkers.

Vin: He escaped from both me and Veld.

Gast: *raises eyebrow* Oh? At the same time?

Vin: *nods* He's fast, I barely caught him.

Vin: We wounded him enough to put him in this state, but... if the public is getting this sort of thing together.

Vin: I'm afraid ShinRa isn't going to like the fact that it can be implemented in lunatics. He thinks I'm a VAMPIRE.

Gast: Really! Impressive. A shame we couldn't test whether or not it was because of the mako exposure. Hm... As far as I've noted, he is the first reported case of civilian usage. *ponders* A vampire? Ha.

Dmitri: *but, also thinks that and is not Adrian*

Adrian: *shivers on the examination table, and does not like the bright lights*

Vin: So keep him sedated, alright? I don't want to put him down but I will.

Dmitri: *has a hand on Adrian's shoulder comfortingly*

Vin: *walks out having given gast all the other information that he can* Alright, now, I'm going to my... somewhere else and sleeping.

Vin: You coming Mitri?

Gast: Of course...I'll see to it that there's always something to slow him down. And If all else fails, Pepper is good with a blow gun.

Vin: *snerks at blowgun comment*

Dmitri: I.. am not s--blow gun?! Professor! He's a priest!

Gast: Only if all else fails! That's purely a last resort, I assure you.

Pepper: *nodnod*

Vin: *waits till Gast has Preistly boy under control* He was joking

Vin: *hopes that Pepper and Gast can handle the looney tune

Adrian: *stiffens and tries to get off of table as soon as Gast breaks out a syringe*

Dmitri: ... I see. Professor, consider him under my care, alright? I'd like to know if something happens concerning him. Is that alright?

Dmitri: Father, relax. It's to help you... please.

Vin: *is RIGHT there to break skulls if needed*

Gast: *gentle stabby* That can be arranged. I'm sure that you can visit him at times.

Gast: But you really shouldn't worry. He's in good hands. *good ol' hippie smile*

Vin: *is so happy that he will no longer be attacked*

Adrian: *muttering about prophesies and Marcus and vampires*

Adrian: and... dam..na...tion.. *zzz*

Dmitri: *nod* Thank you, Professor.

Dmitri: And.. for the record, Vincent really is... so he's not entirely insane when he says...

Vin: *could dance* Gast, please tell Mitri I am not a vampire?

Gast: Heheh, I'll attempt to prove it to him. Though, from what I've heard, priests are pretty stubborn when it comes to their beliefs.

Dmitri: It's in the book, though. Books don't lie, do they, Professor?

Gast: Well... fairy tales are in books. Are they real? Are they lies? I think it would depend on the book, and how credible the source is.

Dmitri: Hmm. But the picture looks just like him.

Gast: Oh? Hm. Well, that's an entirely different story. *goes about hooking him up to an IV and the like*

Vin: O_o

Dmitri: *gives Vin a "see?" smirk*

Gast: *does not look serious in the least*

Dmitri: *so totally believes Gast is serious*

Gast: *could possibly be taken seriously since he never really looks serious*

Vin: ... Professor Gast, Mitri is not joking he thinks I'm a vampire and like... I'm turning the Turks into an army of the undead or some crap.

Dmitri: I never said any such thing.

Dmitri: You do bite Veld, but ... I think you're a decent sort of vampire and it's okay that you're what you are.

Gast: An army of the undead? Now, I wonder what Amon would think of that idea! Hm... No, he probably wouldn't like it.. We can't have our soldiers falling apart all over the place. Scratch that idea for inefficiency.

Vin: ... I don't do that.

Amon: *would actually LOVE the idea*

Vin: *thinks that Veld would be pissed if the whole company knows about their wild sexual escapades*

Dmitri: *shudder* Ugh, never never zombies!

Vin: look, I don't bite Veld, he's my boss, that's just silly.

Gast: *doesn't really care who bites who around here as long as they aren't rabid, because then they have to come to him and that just interrupts his experiments and happy hippie time*

Dmitri: Right. In any event... um. Should I stay here with him or...?

Vin: Gast and Pepper have this. Let's get you back to clean up the mess you made in my apartment and ME back to studying

Gast: *takes a blood sample from Adrian before hooking him up for a blood transfusion* Hm? Oh, he'll be fine now. It's probably best if you just left us to our work. No offense or anything. I'm sure you can come back in a few hours.

Pepper: *totally has gloves on* >>

Vin: *thinks pepper is wise*

Vin: *to Mitri* Don't go off telling people I bite Veld, it's just... strange.

Dmitri: Right. And I didn't make a mess! You make more mess than I do. I clean.

Gast: Feel free to grab a cookie on the way out! Just made 'em.

Dmitri: Hm? Right, won't tell anyone. But you do. And thank you Professor, please call me should anything come up

Vin: *does not take a cookie, lost his pants last time he had a cookie* Messy yes, Veld no.

Vin: *heads back to car*

Gast: Will do. *gets to work*

Dmitri: *takes a cookie to give to Adrian when he's feeling better*does not like sweets*follows Vin*

Vin: *is walking briskly to car*

Vin: *drives*

Dmitri: *looking thoughtful* So do you clean his apartment like I clean yours? Or do you get out of cleaning all together?

Vin: *lights up a smoke* Huh?

Dmitri: Veld's. I mean, I'm at your place, and I clean, so do you clean his?

Vin: ... what? Why would I clean Velly's apartment?

Dmitri: *stares* Because you stay there. What, he lets you stay for nothing? ....well, besides the obvious

Vin: *sputters and almost drops smoke in his crotch* WHAT?

Dmitri: *just rolls eyes* So you don't clean.

Vin: Of course I don't clean VELDS apartment

Vin: *smokes*

Dmitri: Ah. That's generous of him, then

Vin: I- I think you have the wrong idea, Mitri, Turks are close yeah, but he's my boss.

Dmitri: Yes, and you're a human.

Vin: Yup, exactly

Dmitri: Nothing wrong with you being you. ....what do you see in _older_ people? That's kinda.. weird.

Vin:.. what got this fool idea in your head that I'm sleeping with Veld?

Dmitri: You don't stay at your apartment, and ... well, the bite marks. And you've mentioned him quite often.

Vin: *flinches* I mention Letty a lot too, I'm not sleeping with her.

Dmitri: You didn't say "either."

Vin: *sigh* Fine, fine, alright. Yeah, I'm staying at Veld's. Alright. Just, christ, don't let it get around, alright? Veld'll kill you.

Dmitri: *shrug* If no one else can figure it out, they won't hear it from me. Seriously though, he's like, five years older than you!

Vin: He's not old.

Dmitri: Still too old.

Vin: You like them too young. That's the problem

Dmitri: Not too young. The perfect age. *shrug* But I suppose everyone's entitled to their... tastes, strange though they may be

Vin: So now, see, I don't deny things.

Dmiti: Vampire.

Vin: Homosexual, not a vampire.

Dmitri: So you deny some things. I don't deny I like them young, I just don't think it's "too young."

Vin: *sighs and pulls in* Just...ah fuck it. Take it easy have fun with the high school broad.

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