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Sorry, hers was shorter and I take longer. ^^;

[Mitri and Vin are outside the chruch by Vin's car. Vin is trying to calmly explain that he is NOT a vampire.]
Vin: Look, I'll walk in the chuch, that will prove I am not undead
Dmitri: No! Don't strain yourself.
Dmitri: Look, I know you're a master vampire so it won't kill you BUT.
Dmitri: You don't have the kind of energy to expend saving yourself from all that is holy.
Priest: *blesses the good boys and girls*
Vin: I'm not a vampire.
Veld: *is in fact walking on his way to church*
Dmitri: Okay, okay, I believe you. Stay in the car.
Vin: Vampires are not real
Vin: You are not leaving me in the car, that proves nothing
Dmitri: Right. Of course not. Either way, only one of us needs to go in.
Dmitri: You don't need to prove anything, Vin. It's okay!
Vin: No I don't want you blathering about Zombies, it'll look crazy
Vin: Or vampires, ALSO looks crazy.
Vin: *walking up the steps in view of Velly*
Dmitri: I only look crazy to people that don't see the danger in the undead.
Dmitri: *raises hands defensively* NOT that you're dangerous. You're a good guy for being not quite alive.
Vin: There are no dangers... *pinches nose* I'm not undead
Veld: *blinks* That's funny, I could almost swear I saw Valentine... naw. *walks*
Dmitri: *finally just ups and gets in Vin's way so he can't clear the stairway without moving Mitri* Right. You're not. Please stay outside.
Vin: *looks* Velly!
Veld: *double blink* Ok, you're not supposed to burn down churches.
Vin: I'm not.
Vin: Tell Mitri I'm not a vampire.
Veld: A... what?
Dmitri: Burning churches! Further proof.
Veld: And I thought you said you'd burst into flames if you stepped inside a church.
Dmitri: Hello, Veld! Vin here's trying to enter this church and I think it's a bad idea.
Vin: I do not burn churches!
Vin: ... *glares*
Dmitri: OH MY GOSH. See? You _have got_ to stay out
Veld: *will never remember Mitri's name* And who are you?
Dmitri: Dmitri Kraichev.
Dmitri: I hear he bites necks too. Anyway, let's keep him out.
Dmitri: He was kind enough to help clean up zombie bits from my apartment so I'd really prefer he not ... die more.
Vin: Scarlet was teasing you, I am not a master vampire
Veld: Wherever did you hear about the biting? *sideglare*
Vin: Her name is scarlet.
Dmitri: Scarlet's a good woman.
Dmitri: Look, Veld, could you keep Vin out here where it's safe while I go inside please?
Vin: Velly, please, tell him I'm not a vampire.
Veld: And no, I think it'd be a good idea if Valentine went to church. *smirk*
Vin: SEE
Veld: Might cleanse the evil from his soul.
Dmitri: Ack! No. Then he'll dissolve into dust!
Dmitri: Although.. I guess his master vampire status means he can be alright in a church if he concentrates..
Dmitri: But still! It's too much of a risk
Veld: Doubtful. Though, I would beware the biting... Demov. You never know when he'll strike.
Vin: *gapes at Veld*
Veld: *is in fact being territorial. XD*
Dmitri: ...Dmitri. And I think Vin's a good man. vampire. Whatever.
Vin: I am not a vampire.
Vin: Vampires and ZOMBIES for that matter are not real, I was playing a trick on you Mitri for being an asshole when we met and now I feel badly
Veld: *raises eyebrow*
Dmitri: *stares*
Vin: *at this point does not expect to be believed at all*
Dmitri: *some sort of coping mechanism kicks in* I am not questioning your lifestyle, Vincent. It's okay to be a vampire.
Dmitri: Now I'm going to talk to the nice priest inside and you stay out here where it's .. *glances at sun* relatively safer.
Veld: *rolls eyes* Whatever, you two. I need to go to mass, and repent for my wicked ways.
Dmitri: So you're not going to keep him out here?
Vin: I'll be fine.
Veld: Trust me, you can't keep him ANYWHERE he's supposed to be.
Vin: *glares more*
Veld: *waves him off and goes inside*
Vin: *follows Veld* Velly, you are going to get it tonight...
Dmitri: .... Dammit! Vin! *tackles Vin to keep him out, accidentally tackling him.. INTO the church
VIn: *knocs Velly over in his falling*
Veld: *is ignoring the chaos behind him*
Veld: Ack!
Priest: You can't get into heaven with all this... *stares*
Vin: *sighs* Go-er... get off!
Vin: I am not going to die.
Dmitri: *leaping up and grabs Vin's shoulder, trying to force him out* It's not worth proving a lie to me!!
Veld: *gets up and brushes himself off*
Veld: Kids.
Dmitri: Please, Veld, I don't want him to die. *panicky*
Priest: o_O O_o As I was saying...you can't get into heaven with all this SIN dripping off of you.
Priest: *continues to eye them strangely*
Veld: He won't die. It takes a lot more than a church to kill him.
Vin: *stands and brushes himself off*
Dmitri: . . . .. . . .
Dmitri: *watches Vin intently for a few minutes for signs of flames*
Vin: *in Veld's ear* I cannot help but notice that you are not telling him I am not a vampire.
Veld: *shrugs and sneaks into the back pew where he always sits*
Priest: *with his supernatural hearing* Vampire? VAMPIRE? In MY church?!
Veld: *facepalm*
Vin: *looks totally innocnet*
*innocent I spelgud*
Priest: There are no VAMPIRES allowed in my church. They are an abomination to society and to the HEAVENS.
Dmitri: *placing self between Vin and Priest* He's not a vampire, sir.
Vin: *drags Mitri to sit down* Shhh
Veld: *is muttering in the back*
Dmitri: *is dragged*
Priest: Oh really? Then why can I sense it?
Dmitri: It's from me, sir. My apartment was infested with zombies.
Dmitri: There's a residual evil on me from when I cleaned up.
Priest: Oh, no. Zombies have an entirely different feel to them. This is definitely...vampire...
Dmitri: *gives Vin a smug "See, I win" look* back to Priest* I used Vampire brand zombie repellent in my place to make sure.
Dmitri: Since zombies hate vampires.
Vin: There are no such things as vampires, you shouldn't encurage him, padre
Veld: *actually finds this vaguely funny, even if it is probably damning*
Vin: *will show Veld a vampire when he gets to his apartment tonight*
Priest: No such thing, eh? I've been fighting them for YEARS in the name of the Lord! DAMNATION ON THEM ALL.
Dmitri: Pardon my friend, Father. He is ignorant.
Vin: *gapes and blinks*
Veld: Oh dear god... *snickers*
Vin: Padre, my friend here wants his apartment blessed against zombies.
Dmitri: Yes, please. You seem to be an expert at battling the undead, too, Father.
Priest: Ignorance! Ignorance is burnination upon the masses. That is why they must LEARN. And you, vampire! SILENCE in the house of the Lord. *blinks at Mitri*
Priest: Of course I am.
Vin: Excuse me?
Priest: *ignores vamp boy*
Veld: *snickering more*
Vin: I'm NOT a vampire.
Dmitri: *can't help but smirk a little bit, now that Vin can not possibly deny his true nature* So can I ask you to bless my place, Father?
Vin: Do I have fangs?
Vin: Do I turn into a bat?
Veld: You bite people.
Vin: NO, quite obviously .... VELD!
Priest: AHA...Show me your teeth.
VIn: *sighs and opens his mouth*
Veld: *looks smug*
Priest: *gasp* O_O
Vin: Yes?
Priest: You... you must be of a high rank, or perhaps you descended from a strong bloodline.. Only the greatest of vampires can hide their fangs! DAMNATION.
Veld: *cracks up*
Vin: ooorrrr I'm not a vampire? Hows that for a guess?
Veld: No wonder you never wanted to go to church...
Veld: *is SO not helping*
Vin: Veld, I swear when I get a hold of you...
Priest: Out of the question. Besides, ALL vampires try and say that they're not vampires. I KNOW how you creatures work.
Vin: What in the name of god makes you think I'm a vampire?
Dmitri: I bet he has the book, too.
Veld: Probably the hair. I told you to cut it.
Priest: Everything about you radiates it. I'd be a fool to overlook such a find. What is your name, _VAMPIRE_?
Vin: Vickalor Vincent Valentine. And if this is about the eyes, my MOM has the same color, see I'm 18.
Dmitri: Well, your mom was one too obviously. *gives him a "duh" look*
Priest: AHA, I knew it ran in the family! And that NAME. Such a name for a vampire. Worthy of your obvious rank.
Veld: *cracks up again* Oh yes... noble vampire...
Vin: I was born in sector five... I am 18... Veld, help?
Vin: You are UNHELPFUL
Veld: *blinks innocently* I cannot lie, Valentine.
Vin: ...
Veld: *will jump in should anyone feel like staking, though. cause that's not amusing*
Priest: *smirks* You just wait right there. *runs off for a moment*
Dmitri: Hm. This could get interesting.
Veld: *still chuckling*
Vin: When I get to your apartment, Veld Dragoon...
Dmitri: So just start admitting it, Valentine.
Veld: And I have the key and you don't. *smirk*
Priest: *runs out the back and sneaks back in* BACK TO HELL WITH YOU, VAMPIRE! DAMNAAAATION!!! *throws a bucket of holy water on Vin*
Dmitri: *flails* Holy shit, Vin are you okay? *turns on the priest* WHAT MADE YOU THINK THAT WAS OKAY?!
Vin: *is quite wet*
Dmitri: *draws his sword* He helped me get rid of the zombies! You can't just kill him!
Vin: Godsdamnedmotherfuckingsonofagodsdamnedwhore
Veld: *is quite cracked up*
Priest: Ridding the world of this pestilence is ALWAYS okay.
Vin: WHAT the hell did you do that for? My fucking cigarettes are all wet
Veld: Whoa, easy there Miri.
Vin: Oh that's it crackpot
Veld: The cigarettes? Ah, I knew I picked the right religion.
Dmitri: I'll rid the world of you! You're lucky he's still alive!
Dmitri: Fuck, Father, you're some kind of batshit.
Priest: *blinkblink* *looks at Vin* ... You can start sizzling from the PAIN of your sinful nature now.
Vin: *is going to kill a priest*
Vin: *stalks forward* I am FAR too damp to sizzle
Veld: *gets up before bloodshed happens*
Veld: Ok now... kids, just settle down...
Priest: Oh ho. Clearly I have underestimated you!
Dmitri: Father, he's a good vampire. *glaring, sword still ready* Apologize.
VIn: I'm OBVIOUSLY NOT a vampire
Veld: Dana, put the sword DOWN.
Vin: What kind of a vampire does not burn when holy water is tossed on them?
Priest: *looks at Dmitri ludicrously* What in the name of the Lord are you doing with such a weapon in this holy place?!
Priest: Apparently a very powerful one.
Dmitri: *does not put the sword down* It's the same kind of weapon used in holy wars. Apologize, Father.
Vin: *pinches nose*
Veld: Please don't feed his ego. It's bad enough.
Vin: Veld!
Vin: Look, I'm not a vampire. Try as you might to smite me you can't, cause I'm NOT. A . VAMPIRE
Veld: Metric. Sword. Down.
Dmitri: Not til he apologizes, Turk.
VIn: Mitri, its fine
Veld: You don't go about threatening priests all willy nilly!
Vin: see, obviously, I'm not a vampire.
Priest: *mutters something about reporting this to the Order* Of course... I apologize...
Dmitri: I hve a very good reason for it. *lowers sword* Thank you, FAther. Now will you please bless my apartment?
Vin: *catches about the order* Wait wait what?
Dmitri: *thinks Vin's talking to him* Well, I still need a priest, whether he hates you or not.
Priest: *grinning darkly* Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. I was wrong, in which case, you have my SINCEREST apologies.
Veld: *makes a note to switch to another church*
Vin: ... *has horrible feeling that wacked out vampire hunters are going to be following him*
Priest: *to Dmitri* Oh, and you needn't worry. Your house is on my list. As is yours, vamp-- Vickalor.
Vin: Vincent, if you dont' mind.
Vin: My father's Vickalor.
Dmitri: Thank you, Father.
Priest: Of course, of course, Vincent. *storing up names*
Vin: *has bad feeling*
Priest: *smiles sweetly*
Veld: *maybe might have found that a bit tooo amusing*
Dmitri: Er, do you need my address or a copy of my key to get in?
Vin: ... Padre, let me ask you a QUICK question.
Dmitri: *would lose big time should any Nigerian princes get in contact with him*
Priest: Why, that would make it all the better. Then I could REALLY bless your house. Of course, with a simple 10 gil donation, I can make sure that God is always watching over your household fondly.
Dmitri: Why thank you Father! *digs into pocket for gil, paper, and pen*
Vin: Padre, you couldn't... I dunno, do anything to prove I'm not a vampire. It would really REALLY ruin my weeked to talk down luantic- i mean, members of your order. *glares at Veld*
Veld: *looks totally innocent*
Priest: Order? What order? Have you encountered an order before? o_o!
Vin: I have amazing hearing and you muttered about your order
Dmitri: There's always the "see if a stake to the heart will kill you" method, but I don't recommend that one. *writing, hands priest his address and a key*
Vin: who I ONLY assume are as batshit insane as you are.
Veld: *will in fact check up on said Order rumor just in case, despite finding this all FAR too funny*
Priest: *takes them with a smile* God bless. *sideways look at Vincent* And do mind your language. My brethren, fellow Priests and followers of the Lord, and myself are merely enlightened.
Vin: Well then, since you aren't trying to send anyone after you, perhaps you don't need to hear that I can kill you about 54 ways with a fork and I WILL defend myself.
Veld: *facepalm* This is why I told you guys NOT to feed his ego.
Vin: *spins and storms out* I'm getting some FUCKING CIGARETTES
Dmitri: .....is he upset?
Priest: *isn't bothered in the least* Of course you can. *mutters*
Veld: Oh yes. We have to save him from nicotine now, David.
Vin: *is quite upset and muttering about crackpot priests*
Dmitri: *being Dmitri, assumes Veld is talking to someone else*
Veld: *waves hand* Zombie kid. Assistance please?
Vin: *buying smokes from the corner vender* And a lighter, thanks... no, no, I got holy water tossed on me. .... yeah, baptism...
Vin: *packs his pack* Goddamned Veld. Fucking goddamned crackpot priests, fucking Mitri and his goddamned zombies, it was such a cool prank too.
Dmitri: Oh! Yes? with?
Veld: Vampires can't handle cigarettes. It weakens them.
Veld: *so totally looking for more help in the anti-smoking campaign*
Vin: *smoking*
Dmitri: Oh my! Let's go save Vin!
Veld: That's the spirit. *walks out*
Vin: *may in fact burn down the church in spite*
Priest: *sends a lean, dark-looking young man from the church to inform the others* *wanders into the back while rubbing his hands together and muttering something about prophecies*
Vin: *is so not amused and hopes those assholes don't bother his mom*
Dmitri: *follows after Veld* Vin, don't slowly kill yourself with cigarettes!
Dmitri: *means well*
Veld: See? Now put down the cigarette.
Vin: Fuck you, Veld.
Vin: I'm soacking wet. I'm fucking cold
Vin: This water is sticky
Vin: And Mitri and a LUNATIC both think I'm a vampire
Dmitri: ....it doesn't burn? Here.. *takes off his shirt and offers it to Vin* Get changed.
Veld: Well, that little ember on the end of that isn't going to do you much good. Let's get you warmed up.
Vin: *Loooooong drag* And I hope those fuckers don't know where my mom lives.
Vin: Cause I swear to GOD
Veld: *has determined that Mitri's too batshit to be territorial with anymore*
Veld: They won't.
Vin: They better not. What the fuck were you thinking?
Vin: *snuffs out cigarette* I need to change clothes.
Dmitri: *still offering shirt* Yes you do
Vin: I've got clothes in the car, but its a Turk suit.
Vin: You sure you want that crackpot in your house, Mitri?
Vin: Seriously, you don't have to worry about Vampires.
Dmitri: I'm not worried about vampires.
Dmitri: Look, he's kinda.. over the top, but I need protection against zombies. You don't.. understand. *winces* They're.. awful
Vin: Or zombies.
Vin: ... have you ever seen a zombie?
Dmitri: You SAW the parts they left behind.
Dmitri: YES. When I was very little.
Dmitri: *had a very sadisitc prankster uncle*
Vin: *will so totally change in the parking lot and gets his clothes from the backseat* I put the parts in your apartment, alright? I was an asshole, I'm sorry
Vin: I thought you were a prick, and wanted to get you for being an ass to Reeve.
Dmitri: *stares*
Vin: *tosses shirt in his car* And now I am doused with holy water.
Veld: *leaning on car and just watching in case violence happens*
Vin: NO they are CADAVAR PARTS
Dmitri: Right. Zombies being walking cadavars.
Vin: *makes hand motions alla jay and silent bob strike back* Zombies ar FICTIONAL CHARACTERS
Vin: FIctional
Vin: Characters
Veld: You certainly act like a fictional character.
Dmitri: *blank stare*
Vin: Vampires and Zombies are not real
Dmitri: Vin. Look. Zombies are real. I've _seen_ them,.
Vin: You SAW one?
Dmitri: YES. Years ago and I've been terrified of them since! As you would be if they attacked vampires!
Vin: *tosses wet pants into car * I'm not a vampire
Vin: I just had a holy water bath
Dmitri: Whatever. I'm done talking about it. We're going to your place and I'm staying there a few days. Even if you are an asshole of a va.. I'm sorry, Turk.
Veld: *smirks on the asshole comment*
Vin: Yes, please, just, lets go get your stuff from your place you can crash at mine.
Dmitri: Fine. ....I'm not going in there alone.
Vin: *puts on his hidey jeans* *gets in car* *will SO get Vin* Velly and I will go with you.
Veld: Not like I can go back to church today. Thanks. That's the THIRD parish I've had to leave in the past two months.
Dmitri: ....thanks. *gets into car, brooding*
Vin: ... you let that guy think I'm a vampire.
Veld: And you let that kid think there were zombies in his apartment.
Vin: I've been humilated and apologized enough for that I think.
Vin: *drives to Mitri's apartment* *lights another cigarette*
Veld: *snatch*
Vin: *death glare*
Veld: *so not affected by death glare in the slightest*
Dmitri: *ignoring them both*gets out at his apartment and starts up to his room, still terrified of zombies despite Vincent's admission*still somehow convinced they're really in his apartment complex*
Veld: *follows Mitri, the only one still decently not in a bad mood*
Vin: *is in a fucking pissy mood and its mostly his own fault thankyouverymuch*
Dmitri: *throws stuff into a duffel bag, not saying a word the whole time, clutches the Enclyclopedia of the Undead to his chest*
Vin: *is rather pleased with his clean up job*
Dmitri: ...alright let's go.
Vin: *takes his key off his keyring* here ya go. *hands it to Mitri* I'm never home, so stay as long as ya like. *gets up to go*
Veld: *follows la la la la la...*
Vin: *walks down to the car*
Dmitri: *accepts without a word, but to his credit does not glare, follows along, still broody*
Vin: *is going to get bloody wasted as soon as humanly possible*
Veld: I'm driving. *so totally hates cars*
Vin: *snarls* Like hell you are.
Veld: Fine. I'm walking then. Stay out of trouble.
Dmitri: ....*takes shotgun then XD*
Vin: *twitches then hands Veld his key does not want to have a fight like this in front of Mitri*
Veld: *gets in driver's seat, happy that they will not die due to vin's insane driving... especially when angry*
Vin: *is a good driver thankyouverymuch asshole*
Vin: *opens car door*
Veld: *drives like a GOOD and CAREFUL driver to Vin's place*
Dmitri: ....thanks for letting me stay... *gets out of car*
Vin: Stay as long as you want, alright? No big.
Vin: Sorry if the kitchen's bare though.
Vin: Help yourself to whatevers there
Dmitri: Yeah. Thanks. *will not be drinking any "tomato juice" but thanks*
Vin: *has lots of booze* No prob.
Vin: *lights up again*
Veld: *snatch*
Vin: *seriously* Veld, Really, in NO MOOD right now.
Dmitri: *lets himself in and sets up camp in Vin's house*
Veld: Then stop forcing me to help you kick the habit. Really.
Vin: Fuck off.
Vin: If fucking VAMPIRE hunters stake me I'm haunting you
Veld: It's your fault you know. And they won't stake you.
Vin: How is it MY fault
Vin: I played a prank.
Vin: I came clean HELPED PICK UP AFTER IT and offered my apartment
Vin: It would have been easier to leave him pissing himself.
Veld: Yes, but I suppose you've never been pranked before have you?
Vin: of course I have.
Vin: Fuck once I had a dead cat in my bed, slum kids are morbid
Veld: I mean since you joined Shinra.
Vin: Not really.
Veld: Sucks, doesn't it?
Vin: Shut the fuck up, you're not my goddamned father, alright? I knew I was doing wrong when I HELPED HIM PICK UP HIS APARTMENT AND LET HIM SLEEP IN MINE.
Veld: No, it'd be pretty fucked up if I was your father.
Vin: *shivers* I have this fucking getting stalked feeling.
Veld: You're not getting stalked. Geez. Paranoid.
Veld: *has so totally gotten them back to his complex whoo time lapse*
Vin: I'm going to the bar across the street.
Veld: Don't drink too fast.
Vin: I plan on drinking till I'm no longer pissed off
Veld: *so knows it helps the voices, else he'd SO crack down on that. And he's kinda Catholic-ish*
Veld: See you tomorrow then.
Vin; *gets out of the car* Probably, later.
Veld: *shakes head and goes upstairs to sleep, something he's sorely been lacking*
Vin: *goes to bar to get wasted*
Bouncer: ID kid?
Vin: *pulls death penalty* How's this?
Boucner: ...ah... yup
Vin: *stalks by* Smart, fucker.
Vin: *sits at bar and orders row of shots and a beer*
Vin: *Pays with Jonas' card*
Dove: *zooms by*
Adrian: *waves discreetly from alleyway*
Dove: *flies over*
Adrian: *pulls a message off of the dove's leg* Hrm... good. Reinforcements to enhance the DAMNA-*realizes he should be stealthy* -tion.
Vin: *drinking, mind his own business*
Nun: *appears behind Adrian. she has a sword.*
Nun2: *appears behind Adrian as well, has a ruler with a razor blade on the end*
Adrian: Ah, excellent. You came prepared! *glances at Nun2* Um. Well, for the most part. >>;
Nun2: It's good enough for disrespectful students, it's good enough for Mr. Bloodsucker.
Vin: *rubs temples*
Nun: Ver ist da vampyre?
Adrian: Ah, normally, yes. However, this is no ordinary vampire. He resists the normal methods of extermination. He will indeed prove to be a challenge. He's in -there-... *points at the bar*
Nun: A drunkpyre?
Adrian: Drunkpire, vampire, your mom, either way he's about to feel some serious...*opens mouth wide, then stops and gets eerily quiet* damnation.
Nun: *smirks*
Vin: *head bar, doesn't even feel like drinking*
Vin: *may go crash at his mom's*
Veld: *is in fact sleeping on the COUCH dun dun dun*
Nun2: We will destroy him. I do not.. have a stake though.
Nun: Chair vleg vorks vonders.
Vin: *sniffs* *the bar smells bad*
Adrian: I can only hope that we have enough... *quiet ponder-y* Ah, I brought my spare just in case. No need to ruin innocent furniture.
Nun2: ..."vleg"? Oh, good. Stakes are very important when hunting vampires.
Vin: *la la la, its captain oblivious* *smokes*
Nun: My revenge aginst da svedish furniture vill have to vait....
Nun: *plots*
Adrian: Calm yourself, your revenge will come in time. *pulls out stake* I shall pierce him when the opportunity arises. *pulls out dagger as well*
Nun2: What is our tactic, Commander?
Vin: *chooses to say fuck it and go for a walk, that always calms Veld, who's apartment he is SO not going to, nope, not that fuckers an asshole.*
Vin: *walks out door and heads down one of drakon's dark alleyways (tm)
Nun: *wonders if the vampyre's apartment has swedish furniture*
Adrian: The area is crowded. It will be... Ah, there he goes! Quickly, now! *stalks after him* One of you try and block off his path of escape.
Nun: >.> Vyour go?
Vin: *turk senses tingling*
Adrian: *points him out to them discreetly*
Nun2: *runs around building to other side of ally!*is a fast nun!*
Nun: *heads in between the priest and nun2's position, in another alley*
Vin: *smokes and walks*
Nun2: *brandishes ruler* DAMNATION!
Adrian: *sneaks along, closing the distance before dashing forward* DAMNATION!!
Nun: ADARONDAK! *charge*
Nun: I mean. DAMNATION!
Vin: *is more than a little shocked at being charged by a nun than one would think*
Nun2: *slaps at Vin's hands with her razor ruler!*
Vin: *yelps snatches at ruler and jumps back* WHAT THE SHIT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!
Adrian: >_o; *attempts to jump on Vincent's back so he can slit his throat*
Nun2: I'm unarmed, Commander! We won't let a horrible vampire like you live!
Nun: Yoo must repvent! *sword brandished*
Vin: *tosses Adrian off of him at the Nuns*
Nun: *penguin flop*
Nun2: Ah! *tries to do a wacky backflip out of the way and... not so much manages*
Vin: Shiva fucking Christ on the goddamn expressway...
Vin: GET out of here!
Adrian: DAMNA-ARGH!!
Vin: Idiots. I'm not a vampire! I work for ShinRa, in aquisitions.
Vin: I'm not evil.
Vin: Please go away or I'm going to have to shoot you all full of holes.
Adrian: You're the one from the prophesy! Mark my words! *motions for nuns to fall back for now-- clearly they have some work to do*
Nun2: *retreats with Adrian* We'll get you yet, Fiend!
Nun: *spats out* IKEA! *so totally her cursing*
Vin: *has nasty cuts on the top of his hands that are bleeding*
Nun: *retreats as well*
Vin: *head alleywall* I *thud* hate *thud* my *thud* life *thud*
Vin: Has just noticed he is bleeding from the neck.
Vin: Fucking christ.
Adrian: *running along* The vampire's blood coats our blades, nonetheless! We are not defeated. *pleased, regardless*
Nun2: Righteousness and all that is holy will defeat the beast!
Nun: I svaw vood splvinters. IKEA vorshipper.
Vin: *Is bleeding in an alley* *digs out cigarettes and debates on where to go now*
Adrian: We must part for tonight. I have others watching him closely, but we must always take into consideration those that watch us. The enemies are everywhere... Possibly now more than ever since we have discovered this... Vincent.
Vin: ...*wonders if the police would believe him*
Nun2: We will be ever vigilant! *disappears into the night*
Nun: *bows and departs*
Vin: *goes to the ER in case he needs sitches*
Adrian: *smirking to self* *glances upwards and notices the dove circling high overhead* *motions and watches at it descends, holding out his hand as the dove lands* *strokes the dove and disappears as well*
Vin: *at ER and waiting his turn behind an assortment of strange people*
Reeve: *at ER after a drunken brawl in a bar* Vin? What the hell happened? *nursing a broken head*
Vin: I got attacked by fucking nuns and a priest
Reeve: *long silence* BWA HAHA. What, really?
Vin: Yes really
Vin: They think I'm a thrice damned vampire
Reeve: You got beat up by fucking nuns... for being a VAMPIRE? *starts laughing hysterically*
Reeve: Ifrit's balls, how did that happen?
Vin: Fucking Veld
Vin; Fucking Mitri too, but he's an idiot
Vin: So ya know how I was puttin cadaver parts in Mitri's apartment for bein an ass?
Reeve: *snort* Yeah
Vin: Well it REALLY scared him. Like, bad, and so I offered ta help him clean the place up.
Vin: Cause yeah, I suppose I have a soul.
Reeve: *snicker* That was fucking nice of you. And?
Vin: Well I'm helping him out and the asshole HONEST to god thinks I'm a fuckingdamned vampire
Vin: So, I say let's go to a chruch, they can bless the place for zombies, right?
Vin: Bump into motherfucking asshole Veld there.
Adrian: *is stalking over to Dmitri's place*
Vin: Who just LETS Mitri believe I'm a vampire.
Vin: *Tells whole story up to the attack by nuns with swords*
Reeve: *laughing the whole time* Man, that's rough
Vin: Fuck you, laugh again I'll put you on assignment with Finn
Vin: YOUR damned girlfriend isn't helping.
Reeve: *trying to stop* Sorry, but you do realize how ridiculous you sound, right?
Adrian: *waltzes up to Dmitri's apartment, glancing around to make sure he isn't being followed*
Reeve: And YOUR boyfriend was clearly making things worse.
Vin: I know. I'm cut up, prolly need damned stitches on my gun hand
Vin: No, he's a fucking prick
Dmitri's Apartment: *totally unwatched*
Vin: Prolly all curled up in bed laughing at my discomfort
Reeve: Nah, probably would feel real bad if he knew you were attacked. *snortsnicker* by nuns.
Vin: *glares*
Adrian: *one last suspicious glance before using the key to get in*
Veld: *is actually sleeping on the couch, thank you very much ungrateful prick*
Vin: *shoes his throat* Yeah he almost fucking got me too. What was I supposed to do, kill some helpless nuns?
Reeve: Fuckit, if they're trying to kill you then yeah! Rip their throats out. Or, well, bite!
Vin: Har har, motherfucker you are so Finn's bodyguard for next week.
Vin: *sigh*
Vin: I'm being stalked by isnane killer priests.
Vin: Who does shit like this happen to?
Nurse: *walks up* Alright, you guys in a barfight then?
Vin: *nods*
Reeve: Fuck you! I'm not doing that, least not while I'm me. Dump it on that other Reeve or that fucking robot thing. Er, yes, barfight.
Reeve: You've got the best luck ever, Vin. We could stage your death if you want.
Adrian: *protects the house against zombies (which totally exist, just not in these parts) like he promised he would*
Vin: *hisses while he gets stuf dripped on his neck* Tempting. It'd teach Veld a fucking lesson
Vin: And I can't dump Finn on the robot, he'd so take sexual advantage of you and may I remind you, it is still your ass, all things considered.
Reeve: *laughs* Then we're doing it. No more nuns after you *snort* and Velly feels like shit. Then you can come back and Dmitri'll think you're a zombie-vampire.
Vin: *laughs and gets poked by needle* Heh.
Reeve: .....ick, good point. So you can't dump Finn on me at all unless I change. Oh GOD, I am leaving the fucking room when you poke him with that *coverign face*
Adrian: Ah, there we are. *pulls out many small, electronic devices and starts bugging the house* You seem innocent enough, irrational one, but you defended the vampire, which brings about suspicion... *bugbugbug*
Vin: So much for fucking with Veld.
Vin: *is now getting his hands stiched up*
Nurse: *to Reeve* Sit down, let me patch you up, already
Reeve: We can still do it even if I can't watch you get poked with sharp things and miss, you come near me with a needle and I will shoot you.
Vin: *so not shooting his gun for a few days* Reeve, your hand needs wrapped.
Dmitri: *has some very not good personal habits the priest will not be all that happy to watch*
Reeve: I know, and I'm gonna cooperate, just warning her not to bring out any fucking needles.
Nurse: You need stitches, sir.
Reeve: ......fuck, you sure?
Nurse: Very sure, won't take long at all, look how quick your friend got done with and you're in better shape.
Vin: How did you get yer hand banged up anyway?
Reeve: . . . . can I stitch it up myself, miss? I got in a fucking brawl with this asshole that wouldn't pay me when I beat him betting on the fucking chocobo races.
Adrian: There we are! *looks over his work* *puts on headset and leans down to one* Alright, testing! *taps it a few times* DAMNATION!! *jumps as it nearly blows his eardrum out* o_o
Vin: *nods* Fuckers
Reeve: I got his money though, and a couple of teeth.
Nurse: *so totally stiched him up when Reeve wasn't looking* There. All done
Vin: *blinks* You're good.
Reeve: *blinks* Fuck. You're good.
Nurse: Damn straight honey boys. Now, have a good night.
Vin: So, wanna go to the bar?
Reeve: Thanks, Miss. *flexes hand gingerly* We will, don't you fret about that. Want to join us?
Nurse: *sneeky look* Don't you two tempt me, I love suits. *winks* Names Tiff, I get off at 2 if you are still up.
Reeve: I'll look you up, Tiff. *most likely will not, as he is faithful to Scarlet even if he'll flirt with everyone when he's this Richard* Yeah, let's hit the bars, Vin. And plot your "death" Heh.
Vin: *rolls eyes* Fucking Veld'll prolly look right at you and say "Serves him right for bein stupid."
Vin: *thinks* Who's credit card tonight? I jused Jonas' last time?
Reeve: You kidding? He'll flip out. How about that techie fucker in Urban Planning? He was lookin' at Scar earlier.
Reeve: If you don't know his, then Finn's. Who I'm not bodyguarding, thanks.
Vin: Techie... 3405 4002 22405 3040
Vin: yeah right, he'll flip out cause I was stupid.
Vin: Fucker.
Reeve: Well we gonna do it or not?
Vin: *sighs* I dunno. Would it prompt a killing spree?
Reeve: ...do you want one?
Vin: *flexes hand* If I want them, *smirk* I do them. Veld don't like doing that shit he just does.
Vin: ... maybe just tell him the truth, I can't work this way tomorrow anyway
Vin: I was jumped, got my gun arm sliced and my throat cut.
Reeve: But the priests will still be after you with their nuns if they don't think you're dead.
Reeve: *trying very hard not to laugh and definitely failing*
Vin: *smokes and hands one to reeve and actually laughs* Eh, I know to expect the fuckers now. I'll just crash at my ma's for a few days till I can shoot a gun off again.
Vin: You'll tell Velly why I'm missin work?
Reeve: As long as I'm me to do it, sure.
Vin: Just, tell him the truth. Leave yerself a note er something if one of the other Reeves goes to work in the morning
Vin: I can't write so... *passes him a bar napkin* Just write down what happened
Vin: I don't feel like talkin to him tonight.
Reeve: Yeah, alright.
Reeve: Let's see. "Vin attacked by priest and nuns, was pwnt by said holypeople. Not coming into work." Yes?
Vin: Tell him what happened so he know's I'm not faking
Vin: Asshole will prolly think I'm faking anyway.
Reeve: Alright. *jotting it down in code so that A310777 can read it and follow the instructions and trusting the other Reeve to be able to figure it out*
Reeve: No guarentees the robot fucker'll even read the napkin though. From what I hear, he's a bit of a moron.
((I want Cait to tell him. it'd be fucking hilarious.))
Vin: He is, but he likes lollies and Scarlet
((Oh, it will so be Cait XD))
Vin: and I talk to him fine, in binary.
Vin: *likes binary*
Reeve: Huh. Whatever. Okay. Got it.
Vin: 011011010111100100100000011010000110000101101110011001000010000001101000011101010111001001110100011100110000110100001010
Vin: *smirks*
Reeve: 011011000110111101101100
Reeve: Asshole.
Vin: *laughs* alright, well see ya in a few days, Velly can watch Finn
Vin: In fact, make sure he does, that Robot and Letty worry me too much.
Reeve: Yeah. Enjoy your vacation. Watch out for.. *snigger* nuns.
Vin: *rolls eyes* Yeah, my old ladies gonna flip out. Make sure he knows I'm not faking.
Vin: *goes to his mom's*
Reeve: I'll do what I can, if I'm me. Goodnight. *finishes Vin's drink for him*

[The next morning, Veld is in the Turk office, Scarlet is on a coffee run, and Reeve is on time, as he's Cait. Vin is sleeping at his mommies and was properly berrated for his actions by her last night]
Veld: *has a MONSTROUS headache as sleeping on the couch sucked*
Reeve: *walks up to Veld* I have a message for you from Richard and Vickador. *beams with pride*
Veld: *raises eyebrow* Ok...
Reeve: Vin is not coming into work today! *stares at the ceiling* Searching memory banks for rest of message...
Veld: *grumbles* Figures, damn punk.
Reeve: He was attacked by two nuns and a priest while out walking last night and was injured on the neck and hands. They wanted to destroy him for being a vampire. He had to go to the emergency room to get stitches and cannot use his gun hand.
Reeve: And I'm not supposed to babysit Finn.
Veld: *blinks* Excuse me?
Reeve: *repeats verbatim*
Veld: Is he alright?
Reeve: Insufficient data.
Veld: *glares* Well, where is he then?
Reeve: *beams* Insufficient data.
Veld: *resist urge to shake* And you are on Finn's guard duty, by the way. *is peeved*
Reeve: Yay, when you babysit someone you get to play games with them!
Veld: You are definately the most batshit, I think.
Reeve: I am 0% batshit.
Scarlet: *walks in*
Scarlet: Heya guys!
Reeve: Mostly water, actually. Carbon.
Veld: And you're annoying me.
Scarlet: *giggles* Hi Cait.
Reeve: Hello, Red Scarlet!
Scarlet* Has named him cait*
Reeve: Would you like me to tell your fortune?
Scarlet: I would love that.
Veld: *mumbling surrounded by crazies or some such thing*
Reeve: *spins in circles* I see a rich man in your future. And your lucky color is red! Watch out for nuns.
Veld: *twitches at the "nun" thing*
Scarlet: *giggles* You want a lolli?
Scarlet: What are you doing today Cait?
Reeve: Actually, Velly-belly, you're not surrounded by crazies. Or anyone. And I would love a lolli!
Reeve: I get to play with Finn!
Scarlet: excuse me? *glares at Veld*
Reeve: I get to play with Finn!
Veld: He practically volunteered.
Scarlet: Veld, that's like sending a child into a dark dragon's nest
Veld: Yes, well, life's just fucking peachy like that.
Scarlet: What's your problem?
Veld: Everything. Now go do something useful.
Reeve: He is 80% likely to be upset that Vinny-bunny was attacked by nuns and lost and so is not coming into work today.
Scarlet: NUNS?
Veld: *glares a Reeve*
Reeve: Nuns are not actually penguins, despite the similar outfit!
Scarlet: ... well is he alright?
Reeve: A nun is a woman of a holy order who has sworn to serve her religion.
Reeve: Insufficient data! *smiles*
Scarlet: *bites lip*
Veld: *points like, "listen to the robot"*
Scarlet: Well... I'll watch Finn for you, Cait, he doesn't play nice.
Cait: He cheats? Cheaters never win!
Veld: No. No no. Not sending any girls in. I'm sorry, I can't allow that.
Scarlet: Well you go, I go, or no one goes.
Reeve: I don't want to play with a cheater, Gelly Velly.
Scarlet: Or we need mean Reeve
Scarlet: It's not fair to send Cait.
Veld: If you stop calling me by ridiculous nicknames, I might not shoot you.
Reeve: What percentage likelihood?
Veld: *to Scarlet* Fine, yes I'm an asshole, I'LL do it go about your business yadda yadda dismissed.
Veld: 99.9%
Reeve: Very well, what shall I call you, Mr. Customer?
Veld: 'Veld' is sufficient.
Reeve: Thank you Veld! Would you like your fortune told?
Vin: *snoring on mom's couch*
Veld: Sure, why not. Day's already bad.
Tammy: *so does not own a phone*
Scarlet: *calls Vin's apartment*
Reeve: I see in your future ulcers. You might want to invest in some medicine for that. And turtlenecks. Definitely turtlenecks.
Dmitri: *picks up* Hello?
Scarlet: ... who is this?
Dmitri: Dmitri.
Veld: I'll remember that. *rolls eyes*
Scarlet: ... Dmitri? Is Vin there?
Reeve: Your lucky numbers are 3, 14, and 5. And watch out for the color green.
Veld: *gets up and prepares to over arm himself to feel better*
Dmitri: No. He never came back last night.
Scarlet: ... hrm... well, if he shows up, have him call work alright? We are worried about him.
Dmitri: Worried?
Veld: *muttering and wondering what might be overkill for bodyguard duty*
Scarlet: ...well, Reeve, er, we got a message that he was attacked by nuns and we don't know where he is. *laughs* I know it sounds really silly.
Reeve: *offers helpful ideas, such as "Take Candyland, that's a fun game!"*
Veld: The temptation to shoot you is rising.
Dmitri: ....nuns? I'll check down at the church and see if that priest killed him or not. I'll call you back.
Scarlet: I gotta go before Veld kills Reeve. But just.... wait WHAT?
Reeve: Yay! I get a rise out of you! *spins!*
Veld: Would you like to learn a new game? *eviiil grin*
Dmitri: ....the priest. Who wanted to kill Vincent for his vampirishness.
Reeve: Yes!
Scarlet: Cait, wanna play with my cards?
Veld: Ok. It's called Gonganan Roulette....
Scarlet: *trying to save Reeve* ... a preist wanted to kill Vin?
Scarlet: NO no no , Ree-er, Cait, come here please.
Veld: Much more fun than cards.
Reeve: Okay! Teach me how to play then I'll play cards with Red Scarlet! I'll play with you later!
Scarlet: It is NOT
Scarlet: I have to go Mitri, bye. *hangs up*
Dmitri: Yes. For being a vamp--- is evreything alright over there? Hello?
Scarlet: *grabs Reeve* Cait, honey, please go sit at your desk?
Scarlet: Let's do the paper work game
Veld: *glares*
Reeve: I like adding. If I multiplied all the numbers on that spreadsheet you handed me yesterday by 17.5, I ended up with 36 prime numbers!
Scarlet: Really! Wow, well how about compiling these reports since Vin's not going to be here. Do you know when he'll be back?
Reeve: Insufficient data. I'm good at compiling!
Veld: Going to go babysit now. If you hear gunshots, please alert the authorities.
Scarlet: *kisses his cheek* yes you are, now sit here and compile.
Scarlet: *walks out with Veld* Look, I can handle Finn, why don't you go find Vin?
Reeve: *beams at her* Yay. Bye, Veld! Bye Red Scarlet Rose! Compiling, compiling *sings a song*
Veld: Oh, that shit doesn't want to be found. I bet he's sulking like a child right now.
Veld: *is walking rather fast*
Scarlet: Ah huh. So you aren't worried at all. Right.
Veld: If you're so worried, you go find him. I have work.
scarlet: Veld, I'm going to do something you're going to be mad about if you don't stop and tell me what's the matter
Veld: ...it's kinda my fault with the nuns attacking and all.
Scarlet: WHAT?
Veld: I didn't realize the priest was psychotic. Or had backup.
Scarlet: ... oh gods. I didn't help either.
Scarlet: So Mitri was right? The priest thinks Vin is a vampire and tried to kill him?
Veld: Well, it figures that pranking the prankster... ends up in something that logic still can't explain.
Veld: That's the basic rundown.
Scarlet: But if he said he was sorry and fixed it why punish him?
Veld: I didn't DO anything... to stop it. Figured he needed a fairly harmless lesson in looking after his own ass. *elevatoring*
Scarlet: *pinches nose* So he's got a religious order trying to kill him?
Scarlet: Oh god, what if he died?
Veld: *pales* What?
Scarlet: Well, where is he? Cait said UNABLE to come to work, not "laying in bed laughing"
Veld: Fucking hell Scarlet I don't need that type of logic.
Scarlet: *motherly fretting* Oh gods, what if nutjobs have him.
Veld: Goddamit... and I've got FUCKING WORK today...
Scarlet: Look, you find him, I've got Finn, alright?
Scarlet: If he tries something I'll sick Hojo on him
Veld: No no. I'm not leaving you alone with that creep.
Veld: *gets evil idea* Maybe we could take him along.
Scarlet: I'll be fine... why would we take Finn anywhere with us?
Veld: It'll sure scare the piss out of him.
Scarlet: ...how?
Veld: How often does a person go looking for fanatical religious orders with lots of weapons?
Veld: *rubs chin* Though, now that you mention Hojo... maybe we could just tie him up and throw him in the basement.
Scarlet: ... Hojo may not like...
Oh fuck it. Let's just drug him and lock him up in his roo
Veld: Fuck what Hojo likes. Bastard anyway.
Veld: *gets out to go and grab Finn for a nice little trip to the basement for drugs*
Fin: *is rather turned on and gropes Veld *
Veld: *is in NO mood, gun at Finn's head* You try that again, Sir, I'm destroying the Shinra lineage.
Finn: *goes where he is told with much suggestive eyebrow wiggles* Where's yer boyfriend?
Veld: Shut up, sir. *to Scarlet* Down please.
Scarlet: *elevators*
Finn: awww, have a tiff? Shame
Veld: The real shame will be what will happen to your favorite parts if you don't shut your mouth, sir. *really doesn't fucking care he's blatantly threatening*
Finn: *snorts*
Scarlet: ... *helps deposit Finn with Pepper... pooor pooooor Pepper*
Veld: *basement yay!*
Finn: *plots to have his dirty way with pepper*
Veld: I suggest you strap that one in, kid.
Scarlet: *scampers back to the lift*
Pepper: *blinks at Finn* o_O
Finn: So... whats under the labcoat?
Veld: *is already heading out*
Scarlet: you're worried.
Pepper: Clothes. Lots of clothes.
Finn: We could fix that...
Scarlet: You want me to go with you or should I hold down the fort while you're gone?
Veld: You just told me the possibilty of death, dying, and process of dying. WHAT THE HELL ELSE WOULD I BE?! OVERJOYED?!
Pepper: ... Or not.
Scarlet: And don't you godsdamned take your insecurities and relationship frets out on ME Veld Dragoon.
Veld: I think you are perfectly fine to stay here, then.
Finn: Oh come on, I'll let you top.
Pepper: *flatly* No.
Scarlet: *nods* I hope you find him soon, please call?
Veld: *is just getting the hell out the building with more weapons than he should have*
Veld: *is heading STRAIGHT for the church*
Vin: *is being scolded again by mom*
Veld: *busts in, saloon style, cause I love that image* PRIEST!
Tammy: In a bar, you are 18 years old. And fighting with priests? Leaving body parts, you are so lucky you could have died or I'd kick your ass.
Church: *is very empty*
Tammy: Oh come here let me fix that. *mothers*
Veld: *growls and looks around for people and finds nothing*
Vin: Yesm... No'm.... Yesm.....
Adrian: *is hidden several buildings down, watching with interest*
Veld: *next thought, Mitri's-er-Vin's*
Veld: *marches up and knocks on door*
Vin's apartment: Oh so empty
Vin's apartment: Dude, Mitri and Vin not here man. Mitri went to work.
Veld: *kicks in door, yep empty* Fucking hell is going on?!
Pepper: *is bothered by Finn* >> *digs around in his desk and tries to ignore*
Fin: *gooses Pepper*
Veld's right mind: Uhm... well, Vin wasn't at his apartment to begin with and Mitri works.
Veld: *muttering* If I were a psychotic religious faction, where would I hide...
Veld: Shut up right mind.
Veld: *so totally just propped the door against the wall, too*
Pepper: *stabs him in the leg with a tranquilizer dart* I. said. NO.
Finn: Kinky
Pepper: *scoots away* Just go to sleep now.
Veld: *so totally checks out like every bar even REMOTELY Vin's type*
Finn: *has amazing drug tolerance*
Vin: *reading his text book like a good kid*
Pepper: *annoyed that Finn isn't knocked out by now*
Veld: Godammit, I need to think. Think Veld, think. He wouldn't be back at your place... not that he's sulking. If dead... well, you can't fucking do much about that. Religious nuts? Not in their damn church.
Finn: Wanna screw like stoned test bunnies?
Veld: *laughs at himself in a rather psychotic manner* I'll just go ask his mom. She's got... shit.. intuition or something.
Tammy: *is out buying food*
Vin: *is on he couch, still reading like a good kid*
Pepper: o_O No. *sticks hand in pocket and fishes around for other darts, popping the covers off as he finds them*
Veld: Calm calm calm... don't want to freak the scary woman out... *approaches door nervously. even pissed off, he's rather afraid of her*
Finn: You sure? I could give you a raise.
Pepper: *scowls, rather disgusted* I'd rather earn that through my work as a scientist.
Veld: *raise to knock... chickens out.... raise to knock.... chickens out again*
Finn: You just aren't any fun at all
Veld: *lightly taps and cringes*
Vin: *blinks at door* *gets up* *takes a moment to adjust book in hurt hand and opens the door* Veld?
Veld: *blink*
Pepper: I don't think the problem lies with me in this case. *upset about the Lucrecia and Finn ordeal as well*
Vin: *Itches at stitches on neck* Didn't Reeve tell you my message?
Vin: *blinks* *is being glomped*
Vin: he saw me, I told him to leave himself a message.
Vin: You got Cait, didn't you?
Veld: *is yelling/babbling*
Vin: *backs up and closes door and waits out babble/yell fit*
Pepper: *looks very much like he could stab Finn's eyes out*
Vin: *puts book down and watches Veld*
Finn: *really isn't a horrible person, just way oversexed.... WAY oversexed*
Vin: I'm stubborn?
Pepper: Are you finished? *wishes he would go sit in the corner or something*
Vin: I got attacked by lunatic nuns, my mom screamed at me all night and I can't even open a can let alone fire a gun. *holds up hand* You told me see you tomorrow, I figured you went to bed.
Finn: *rolls eyes mutters about prudey scientists and flips open a file to read*
Veld: *glaaare* A godsdamn PHONE CALL would be nice.
Vin: So you could scream at me for waking you up?
Vin: Ma ain't got a phone anyway.
Veld: Fucking hell that's NOT THE POINT!
Veld: Point is I just wasted HALF A WORK DAY trying to find you skinny ass ALL OVER MIDGAR!
Pepper: *flips through reference book* Should stay away from Lu in the future, too.
Vin: *is trying not to laugh*
Finn: Don't presume to tell me what to do, bad for your health.
Vin: The next time they try to kill me, I'll be sure to tell you.
Pepper: Of course. *mutters about other health issues*
Veld: 24 fucking 7! 365 DAYS A GODSDAMN YEAR!
Vin: I didn't think you'd be this worried.
Vin: *kisses him in mid rage*
Pepper: ... *figures what the heck* While you're here, I'm curious... How would you deal with a stalker?
Veld: *pulls back* Do not interrupt me mid rant.
Vin: *smirks*
Finn: Have him or her killed... why?
Pepper: Well...what if you didn't want them killed? You just wanted them to leave you alone?
Vin: You were raging about the fury of your rage.
Finn: *shrugs* Killing is usually the best way. Define stalking.
Veld: Ok. SUMMARY. Don't ever do that again. I'm sorry. We're going to fucking bust up some clergy. And HOW many injuries do you have?!
Pepper: Say...someone was obsessed with you and kept pestering you, but they're rather nice and so you don't want to kill them, but you do want them to leave you alone...That sort of stalking. Then what?
Finn: ... *shrugs* I usually screw my stalkers, then move on.
Vin: *holds up hands and motions to neck*
Pepper: ... I can imagine. *realizes that he will be no help whatsoever* Thanks. *goes back to work*
Veld: Motherfuckingpriestbuffyobessedclergynannybastards.
Finn: You could try telling her/him to go away, setting them up with someone else, buying them off, or telling them you have the clap.
Vin: You alright?
Veld: *blinks a few times* Ya... fuckinghellgodsdamnit I sound like... you, you horrible wench.
Vin: Can I have a kiss now?
Pepper: I could try something like that. *nodnod* Yes.
Veld: What the hell. *snog*
Finn: *reads*
Tammy: *walks in the door*
Veld: *so totally hyped up on adrenaline and his own crazy that he so totally doesn't notice*
Tammy: *sits bags down, walks out of the room for a few minutes*
Vin: *not good at multitasking*
Vin: *snogging and not thinking*
Veld: *breeeathe* Ok, so don't ever worry me like that again. Got it? No dead. No injury unless I'm there.
Vin: ... *looks at bags*
Tammy: Are we better now?
Pepper: ... So what are you doing down here anyway? *feels weird working with him just sitting there*
Veld: *so totally like jumps three feet from Vin*
Finn: My body guard is aparently fighting with his boyfriend
Tammy: I'm glad you two aren't fighting anymore, Vin was really upset.
Vin: MOM!
Veld: Um... ah... Ishouldprollygobacktoworknow...
Tammy: Oh, you both going?
Pepper: ... so they sent you to the Science Department?
Vin: ah... I can, if Veld needs me to be at work?
Finn: I supoose they felt it was safe here
Veld: Ah... you have... no shooting.... Ijustneedtogetoutofherekthnx
Tammy: Oh, Veld? could you help me put these away before you go? I started to while you two were making up.
Tammy: *is on a stool putting cans away*
Pepper: *wonders if he realizes that down here his best defense is a few geeks--and only if they felt like defending him* Hm. I suppose so.
Veld: >.> *so embarrassed liek whoa* Um.... ok.... *walks away from door he was progressively backing up towards*
Vin: *puts his books in his bag* I can do administration today I suppose?
Veld: Ohnoit'sokyourelax.
Tammy: *thinks that Veld is freeking adorable* Thank you very much Velly.
Veld: *nods* OkIgottarunnow.
Vin: See ya tonight?
Pepper: *not having a good day* -_-*
Veld: Ohya, eveningsonotlateatnightwiththebadorantyhing.
Tammy: *gets a beer and goes to sit down* See ya Velly!
Vin: Later Velly!
Veld: *nervous wave and flee*
Veld: I need a closer and less crazy church.
Tammy: He's so cute, really.
Vin: ... mom.
Tammy: *smacks vin upside his head* Making him worry like that, you jerk.
Vin: *eep!*
Pepper: *scoots over on stool and does teeedious stuff under a microscope*
Tammy: Poor things so twitchy... *shrugs and tosses Vin a new pack of smokes*
Vin: *goes back to reading, while rubbing his head and will be at Veld's when he gets off, prolly asleep*
Finn: *is being good and reading*
Pepper: *likes that he is being good and reading*
Veld: *arrives back hurriedly, now that number one worry is gone, number two worry, i.e. Finn let lose in the basement is a concern.*
Finn: *has read all of Vincent's medical file and was sad about the lack of pictures*
Veld: *runs down basement stairs* Any fires?
Pepper: *looks up from microscope* Hm? Apparently not. Everything's fine.
Veld: *looks at hand, not shaking, is puzzled*
Veld: Oh, ok. *sees Finn reading* Did you give him a magazine or something?
Finn: Personel files...
Veld: Anyone... interesting, sir?
Finn: *smirks* Oh yes.
Veld: Pepe *doesn't remember Pepper's name* are you authorized to give out information like that?
Pepper: It's Pepper. ...And I didn't give that to him.
Pepper: Besides, I'm sure he's authorized to look at it anyway.
Vin: *heads to Velds and notes that he slept on the couch* ... weirdo...
Veld: Hrm. Point. Sorry, automatic.
Tammy: *totally going to make dinner, boy is jittery and skinny*
Veld: And Pepper, right, the monster kid.
Veld: There were no... uncomfortable incidents, were there?
Fin: It's going to be an interesting projet. *stands* Let's go, Veld?
Pepper: Er... No. Not really.
Veld: *so wants to ask, but so can't about file* Well, that's good, Pepper. Say hi to Lucrecia for me if you see her. And... yessir.
Pepper: I'll do that. *smirks and goes back to his microscope*
Finn: *wondering about monsters*
Pepper: *knows lots about monsters*
Drakon: *is not Finn's usual player so doesn't want to goddmod him too much*

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