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Veld: So what is this I hear about you and your crazy nuns attacking Valentine?

Veld: *glare of d00m*

Vin: Careful, he'll call you my minion or something

Vin: And douse you with holy water.

Vin: And it's sticky and makes you smell like old people

Veld: If anyone's the minion, you are. No offense.

Vin: Well this is crazy preacher talk and you were NO help in the whole matter of me being a "master vampire"

Veld: And you're going to bitch and complain about it forever. Yes, I realize this. It was still funny before the whole violent bit.

Adrian: *tilts head from one side to the other, analyzing these two objectively* *smiles*

Adrian: Violence, violence.. there is no need for such a thing now. Clearly he hasn't awakened yet. Or perhaps we were mistaken to begin with? Yes... that is most likely. *looks sincere*

Veld: *raises eyebrow* Considering you started it, and I tend to believe Valentine, I find that bullshit. Now, shall I call up my people or can I just kill you peaceably?

Adrian: You think I was correct in my assumptions then? AHA. Perhaps you're associated with him. I don't sense it from you, however vampires have been known to have help from mortals...

Vin: Or ya know, I could not be a vampire?

Veld: Right. I so look like a vampire's bitch. Except not. So is there any specific thing I have to remember when killing a member of the clergy?

Adrian: *smirk* If he's not a vampire, then WHY are we here? Good day! *spins on his heel and wanders off merrily around a corner*

Vin: Because you attacked me!

Veld: *guns drawn and follows around corner* Priest. I suggest you stop whatever you are doing and heed my warning.

Adrian: *has somehow vanished inside the building* *can be heard running upstairs*

Adrian: *is a very swift priest*

Veld: Grrrr. We might need backup. *is a swift Turk*

Vin: *looks for the stairs*

Vin: *uppy stairs*

Adrian: *has leapt from the building* *probably should have broken something when he hit, but did not* *runs onto another street*

Vin: ... oookay that's a special crazy right there

Dove: *flutters overhead, watching the entire ordeal*

Veld: I wonder if Hojo's ever gone to church.

Vin: *head window ledge* I'm going to get staked by a crazy ass priest.

Dove: *has a black cross on its chest*

Vin: STAKED by a fucking lunatic, I can feel it. Of all the asinine ways to die.

Dove: *flies off*

Veld: *rolls eyes* Morbid. If you spent half the time you spend thinking of ways you're going to die, you would have gotten through school already.

Vin: *makes gabbing hand gesture*

Veld: Or maybe I could shoot you. After I got shoot up the priest.

Adrian: *waits for the little dove to return to him* *holds out hand and allows it to land* *pets the dove*

Veld: *goes back down stairs*

Vin: *follows*

Veld: Alright, say you're crazy and a priest. Where would you run off to?

Dove: *coos and grooms feathers* *also has a small band around its neck with the name "Sir Marcus Williamson" engraved*

Vin: ... some crazy cult like meeting room?

Veld: Hidden where?

Vin: Like... shade bar or something fronting... *thinks* What's the most cliché place to front for a religious group?

Veld: Flower shop.

Vin: Like in Constantine, the guy went to a bar

Vin: Or a run down movie theater?

Veld: Yes, but clearly you have never seen Weiss Kreuz.

Veld: I'm telling you. Fru fru flowershop.

Vin: So where's the nearest fru fru flowershop?

Veld: *points* over there.

Adrian: Yes, Marcus... I'm sorry for what happened to you. *petpet* You'll be avenged someday. I guarantee it. For now, you must help us... Yes, you've seen them both. All of them, really.

Vin: *mosey off to the flower shop*

Veld: *opens door, bell rings looks around shiftily*

Adrian: God allowed me to rescue your soul for just a bit longer, Marcus. Now you must use that opportunity for the Order. I hate to send you into such a dangerous situation, but it is necessary. It is your purpose.

Vin: *pokes at flytrap*

Veld: I didn't know lilies were so cheap...

Flytrap: *snap snap*

Vin: eee! *poke*

Adrian: Now that we've found him.. it can all come to an end. Damnation will rain upon their sinful souls! Can you imagine it, Marcus? The dream of the Order shall be realized, and in our time no less! Surely God smiles upon us.

Flytrap: *snap snap*

Vin: *is enthralled*

Vin: *looks for something alive to feed it*

Vin: *locates ant*

Adrian: *rather excited* I merely need information, Marcus. Can you get that? You always had such an eye for detail.. I have complete faith in you. You've never let me down in the past. Now, fly, Marcus!

Trap: *opens mouth*

Vin: *feeds*

Trap: *messy eater*

Adrian: Fly with the wings that have been bestowed upon you and remember that far more magnificent ones await you in the heavens!

Vin: ... I must own one of these.

Marcus: *flies off toward the Shinra building*

Veld: *sneezes* Gods, I think I'm allergic to something.

Vin: ... well there are creepy vines all over back there.

Veld: *pokes vine*

Marcus: *arrives after some time and lands in an open window*

Bruce: RARARARARARAR <333333

Marcus: *jumps, rather startled* o_O

Bruce: *would greatly love to eat Sir Marcus Williamson*

Marcus: *does not trust Bruce* >> *flies to another window quickly*

Veld: Well, considering the vine didn't eat me, there must be something diabolical behind it.

Veld: You wouldn't happen to have an axe lying around, would you?

Marcus: *lands and nervously looks around*

Bruce: :-; rar...

Marcus: ... Coo?

Vin: *looks behind the counter* Well... *holds up a machete*

Bruce: rar? ;_;

Veld: o.O That works.

Vin: *chopy*

Vine: *flop*

Person behind counter: You break that machete, you buy it!

Vin: *is rather shocked no one stopped him* ah... sure...

Marcus: *hops forward, still rather wary*

Scarlet: *at firing range*

Bruce: rar <3 *wiggle*

Marcus: *flutters onto desk*

Bruce: *wiggle* <3333

Marcus: *looking over papers* *moves a few around, searching for information*

Scarlet: *walks in* *makes WTF face*

Bruce: RAR! <3333

Scarlet: *grabs for bird*

Marcus: COO. *flutters back to window*

Veld: *tilts head* Yep, there's a door.

Vin: should.. ah, we knock?

Scarlet: *makes attempt to capture bird again*

Veld: *knocks* Crazy clergy?

Marcus: *makes a screechy, not very dove-like noise and flies out window, hovering outside*

Scarlet: *shoots at it, annoyed*

Mukki: *opens door* Well.... hello handsome

Marcus: *dives as soon as she raises the gun*

Veld: Ok, guess notkthnxbye.

Mukki: You want me to dress like a priest? *looks at Vin* Heya cutie pie.

Vin: Ah...hi?

Veld: *whispers* Don't encourage it and back up carefully.

Veld: *takes a step back*

Mukki: You boys like a good s&m play?

Mukki: *winks at Veld* I bet you claw like a cat, rar.

Veld: oknothankswe'releavingbye.

Mukki: Aww, kitty boy, why don't you come visit! I'll letcha in free. *so watching Veld's ass*

Veld: On duty, at work. Maybe later, like after the apocalypse.

Vin: Please stop looking at my boyfriend's ass before I break you.

Mukki: Rar, I like it rough. You both wanna go?

Veld: *is so hiding behind Vin now*

Vin: *eeks back* Ah nothanksyoukindascareusandweareg oingtogohomenow.

Mukki: If you two want, we got straps already on some of the beds?

*scream comes from down the stairs*

Veld: I'm never ever going to assume that things I see in anime have anything to do with real life again.

Veld: *is halfway out the door*

Mukki: *wiggles eyebrows*

Vin: *Grabs Veld and flees*

Veld: Ok, so that didn't work.

Vin: Can we go somewhere safe? like... I dunno, a brothel or a dive bar? Or maybe a drug infested alley?

Veld: I feel so very violated. And I'm not even entirely sure why.

Vin: I thought you said you liked being tied down sometimes?

Marcus: *flutters way up high to Amon* *lands on window*

Amon: *will totally dart anything that sees him playing with his toys and is a GOOD SHOT, just sayin*

Veld: *sideglare* Quiet, you.

Vin: Well... just sayin

Marcus: *senses all his I AM GODness, and is sort of annoyed by that* ><; *flies back down to see if Scarlet's still there*

Veld: Anyway, so no go on the flowershop idea. Maybe we should just wait until Sunday when we know he has mass and not let him get away?

Scarlet: *so bitching and cleaning up birdy scatt right now*

Vin: How about we try my idea?

Vin: *holds up flier* See there's a vampire fettish club midplate, Heavens Release.

Vin: And... their mascot is a white dove with a cross.

Marcus: *would sigh if he could* *dives down even lower* *hops into the Science Department* o_O *does not like all the shiny, pointy things*

Veld: *raises eyebrow* I'm not going to ask how you know this. Or where you got that flier.

Vin: But we're gonna have to change, they won't letcha in like that.

Vin: *likes blood play just a leeeetle*

Veld: Oh no. I get it. Is this some boarish attempt on your part to get me into leather?

Vin: *flaps flier* I would not go through this effort to put you in leather. You can wear a pair of my strappy pants

Veld: I'm going to look like an idiot, you realize. I'm too old to be parading around in pants with far more straps than should be legal.

Vin: You'll fit in and give us a chance to see if the priest is there

Veld: *sighs* You will speak of this to no one.

Vin: No one would believe me even if I did, Velly. *Off to the apartment of Valentine*

Veld: You owe me. Just saying.

Vin: *thinks* Fine, you think of something, I'll do it.

Marcus: *scans the lab and notices a paper with some stuff about Vincent on it*

Veld: Alright. *so saving that for later*

Vin: Like... that one thing I did last night? I could so do that for an hour straight you know.

Veld: Oh, I'll think of something. Don't worry. Now where is the abomination I must wear?

Vin: *digs in closet while drakon surfs sites like fuckthemainstream.com for proper Veld clubbing clothes*

Adrian: *back at his apartment* *looking into a small bowl half-full of mako*

Veld: *is looking at pants Vin is holding up like they might eat him*

Adrian: *lowers hands into it, shivering as the Mako covers them* *starts whispering the Lord's Prayer*

Vin: *tugs Veld's belt loose* They slide on just like regular pants*

Veld: Hey! I can put them on!

Veld: Geez.

ID: *is sleepy, but waking up*

Vin: *puts on his pants while amused at Veld*

Voice: Nice try with the pants there. Now try a little harder RIGHT NOW.

Vin: *digs out a black mesh shirt and a teeshirt for Veld* Here ya go, Velly.

Veld: *has finally gotten into pants and catches shirt* Why do you have all this? I mean, not like you need it for work or anything...

Voice: Put them on him, then take them off.

Vin: *pulls on a long straight-jacket looking black thing with straps* I went out to clubs

Veld: *pretty much only own suits and button up shirts*

Adrian: *repeats the prayer, notably slower this time* A...men... *pulls hands out and wipes them off on a towel* Ah... *teeters over to his couch and lies down*

Veld: *tugs t-shirt on after the other one and looks down* I look ridiculous.

Veld: You kids and your clubs...

Voice: Mmmm...if he doesn't like the clothes so much, maybe he should wear nothing at all.

Vin: Ya know, you really do look hot like that.

Veld: Well.... you're weird.

Vin: *smirks* Oh come on, you look actually look your age for once.

Veld: Like a deviant, is more like it.

Voice: YES.

Vin: *would really like to have wild sex right now as the straps are a turn on* So let's hurry up and get this over with?

Marcus: *lands on a lab table* *notices Pepper working on something or other* *treads lightly towards the paper about Vincent*

Veld: *musses up his hair* Gods, I hope no one recognizes me.... and yes, done and over with so I can hopefully get into REAL clothes.

Vin: *Rolls eyes* I need a picture then, cause you're hot

Veld: Oh no. NO PICTURES.


Vin: But I'll never see you in this again.

Voice: Picture's worth a thousand words of porn.

Veld: *makes for door* Yes, and I find that a very good thing.

Vin: *leans in and whispers VERY dirty things about the straps and what he could do with Veld*

Vin: *walks out door*

Veld: *so totally turns red*

Marcus: *thoughtful look* *picks up one end of the paper and pulls it across to meet the other end, then steps on it and pushes to fold it in half*

Vin: *looks over his shoulder and smirks like a smirky thing that smirks*

Veld: *follows and attempts to regain composure*

Vin: *raging ball of teenage-seme hormones*

Pepper: *working diligently* *blink* *listens for a moment, but doesn't hear anything* *shrugs and goes back to work*

Vin: *gets in elevator watching Veld*

Marcus: *watching Pepper carefully* *pushes paper towards the edge of the table*

Veld: *really wants to fix his hair, but can't cause he's trying to be gothic. Yes, he's twitchy like that.*

Pepper: *pulls head up* *looks around* Wha...? BIRD?! Hey!

Veld: Anything else I should know before we enter the den of debauchery?

Marcus: *snatches up paper firmly in beak and takes off*

Vin: *totally throws against wall and snoggs hard because he really can't help himself*

Elevator: *ding*

Pepper: What are you do-- ACK! *jumps up and runs after* You can't take that!

Veld: Um, this is our floor....

Vin: *reaches for closed button but restrains* Ah... yeah... *walks off*

Pepper: YOU DON'T HAVE THE AUTHORITY!!! *snatches at Marcus*

Veld: *really doesn't get how hawt he is right now*

Marcus: *spirals higher, out of reach*

Vin: *totally gets how hot Veld is right now and may try to sex him up in an alley*

Pepper: Grr. >< *pulls out blowgun*

Veld: *walking* Let me see the flyer and figure out where we're going.

Vin: Sector 4

Vin: *so totally that hungry look*

Pepper: *aims at Marcus and shoots*

Veld: Oh, ok. *dum di dum dum*

Vin: *twitchytwitch*

Marcus: O_O! *flaps backwards and screeches as the paper is pulled from his beak by the dart*

Pepper: AHA! *jumps up and snatches paper out of the air as it falls* I win, BIRD!

Marcus: *hovers, looking annoyed*

Veld: *entering sector 5 through the magic of time lapse* So these people THINK they're vampires and aren't?

VIn: *uses his magical wall powers and snoggs*

Veld: Hey! That's very nice and all... but we're ON A MISSION!

Veld: Well, sort of.

Pepper: HA, ha-- er... *blinks down at hand and notices that he grabbed the dart hard enough to poke himself* Ah...dammit.

Vin: *biting*

Veld: Ah.... are you even listening?!

Pepper: *blinks up at bird, already noticing the effects of the much-stronger tranquilizer formula he soaked his darts in after the Finn incident* You th-INK you've WON? HAha..

Veld: Vincent. This is a creepy sector 5 alley.

Vin: *growl* *lick* *bite*

Veld: *sighs uses both hands to push* Off. Ok? Later. *does in fact have very good self control*

Vin: *growls and lights a cigarette and adjusts himself*

Pepper: *folds paper up and puts it in his inner shirt pocket* *buttons labcoat with some trouble* I'd like...like to see you get it now, birdy.

Veld: Sorry. But this isn't a very hygenic place. *snatches cig* And we're nearly there, geez.

Vampire GAWTH: *smoking weed and drinking pretentious booze and angsting about cutting*

VampyStripperGawth: *Pole dancing drunkenly*

Pepper: *wanders over to couch and falls forward, giving himself enough time to get comfortable on his stomach* ...'night, bIRd.

Veld: *approaches place and notices the air around it feels... emo*

Vin: *can hear club music in the distance* Alright, just, loom and shit, this isn't hard to get in, on and if someone asks to see your cutting scars tell them that they are too deep and meaningful for them to understand.

Marcus: *flutters about for a moment before landing on Pepper's head*

EmoVampChic: It was like... suddenly I felt the darkness of my soul CALLING to me man.

Veld: o.O Ok...

EmoVampBoi: I know man, my uppermiddleclass family, they don't understand! They want me to go to college. They don't get that shit ain't me, baby, it ain't me!

EVC: Like, I so totally discovered my soulmate on another plane. He likes to burn things.

TrendyVamp: I'll NEVER take out my piercings! Screw JOBS

EVB: Dude, you did? That's like... so spiritual.

Veld: *is SO gawking like he's out of his element*

Vin: *nods to the bouncer and does that creepy stare down thing with him*

Bouncer: *lets them in*

Marcus: *nips at Pepper's ear* ><

Veld: *feels a headache coming on and sticks rather close to Vin as these people scare him*

TrendyVamp: *totally grabs Veld's ah... parts* Hey you, wanna fuck?

Marcus: *considers pecking his eyes out*

Veld: *jumps* Nothankspleasedon'tdothat.

Bruce: *is playing with toys in his tank*

TrendyVamp: *Grabs his hand and puts it under her skirt* Just a quick screw? You're fucking hot, baby.

Veld: *totally trying to hide behind Vin again* D-don't touch me.

Vin: *picks up TrendyVamp and hands her to EmoVampBoi* Here fuck this.

Vin: Told ya you were hot, Velly.

Veld: I don't want to be hot then.

Vin: You just oooze sex man.

EVC: Dude, my soulmate's brother walked in. *waves*

Vin: *blinks* Is she waving at you?

Marcus: *hangs head* *has been defeated*

Veld: *rolls eyes*

Pepper: *snerfle*


Vin: O_o...

Vin: I don't... who?

Veld: Do you even have a brother?

Vin: *lowly* no, but I'm not going to provoke her.

Marcus: *flutters to the filing cabinet and looks at the big-ass locks Hojo put on it dubiously*

EVC: He said that I would get a sign that he would be coming... my very own prince of darkness.... *fangirling her delusional love*

EVB: *totally screwing Trendy on the table*

Vin: A sign? Like what?

EVC: Like you showing up? He staying with you, or his he going to inhabit your body or something? Cause you don't look half bad yourself.

VampireWannabees: *cutting their arms and licking each other*

Vin: ...ah, no ones staying with me, thanks. But if he shows up I'll totally send him into your dreams

Veld: *lowly* Vincent... can we just go.... I don't see any weird priests...

EVC: Awww! You're so thoughtful!

Vin: Hey, where's the back room at? *Pulls Veld closer* Got something I need ta take care of.

EVC: Oh... well.... *points* You boys have fun.

Vin: Later *Drags* They wouldn't be out on the floor, we gotta find the ... like.... holy lair.

Veld: *muttered about being violated and going to hell and stuff*

Marcus: ... *does notice some lovely cookie crumbs*

Vin: You are ALREADY going to hell for being gay, right?

Veld: Yes, but I'll be in a higher circle if I stay away from this level of... deviance.

Vin: And how many sins do you break for work?

Vin: Sodomy's a sin too, isn't it? *thinking out loud* Damn I'm going to hell...

Marcus: *hops down and pecks at them. 's not like he has anything better to do*

Veld: That's not the point. Holy lair. Lead. So I can go home and take a shower and forget these terrible things about me.

Vin: *leery look* Shower huh?

Vin: *finds a door with a dove on it and knocks*

Veld: Focus.

Vin: Oh trust me, I am.

Veld: On the finding of the bad guys.

Marcus: *muses while pecking for a while...and notes that everything feels great. So what if he didn't get the paper? There are cookie crumbs, man.*

Marcus: *sits back and watches the room spin in such a delightful manner* *turns and flies into the couch* *blinks on the ground*

Nun: Vho ist there? *opens door*

Vin: O_O O_o o_O *tackle*

Vin: *so totally did not expect this to pan out, thank you Constintine*


Vin: *holds her up at Veld* This is the one that had a sword.

Marcus: *twitches on the ground* *senses some sort of disturbance in the Order*

Veld: *realizes the coolness of the hidey pants as he many weapons and pulls out gun to hold to her forehead* Where is your leader?

Vin: *is extremely turned on by that image*

Marcus: ... *but cookie crumbs, man... disturbance...hm...decisions...wheee...*

Nun: I vill not betray mine Order!

Adrian: *curled up in a little priest-ball on his sofa*

Vin: Maybe we should give her to the vampires?

Veld: They would do terrible things to a helpless little nun...

Nun: O.O

Vin: Oh yeah, with straight razors.

Nun: No... I must not....

Veld: They'll tie you up to a chair...

Nun: Vhat kind of chair?

Vin: The evil kind


Nun: Icangiveyoodivectionstohishouse.

Marcus: *flutters to the window in a horribly askew manner* Coo?

Vin: You do that.

Veld: You got a good grip on her? Because we'll take her to make damn sure she's giving us the proper directions.

Marcus: *fliiiies*

Vin: I got her

Nun: *nodding because she does not want to be tied to evil furniture*

Veld: Let's go. *pulls gun away and leads like the leaderly thing he is*

Vin: *hauls nun off and perves on Veld's butt*

Adrian: dam...nation... *rolls over*

Veld: *is focused now and forgetting that he is in fact dressed like a weirdo*

Nun: *stammering directions*

Marcus: *determined to get back to Adrian since there is DAMNATION in the air*

Vin: *doesn't care that there is a nun* Veld, I am so going to fuck you so hard your ears bleed the moment we get home.

Veld: Whatever, Vincent. *is trying to be focused, dammit!*

Marcus: *zooms over Vincent and Veld...* *stops and turns to look at them* o_O?

Nun: Dis ist da building.

Vin: *carrying a nun and really wishes that Veld wore that sort of getup more often*

Marcus: *screeches at nun*

Vin: Fuck its that crazy ass bird!

Veld: Bird? What? *looks up*

Nun: Yoo must varn him! *to Marcus*

Marcus: *one last screech* *turns and flies to Adrian's apartment, careful not to lead the way*

Veld: What room, nun?!

Nun: 357.

Marcus: *wishes Adrian could've sealed his soul into something more dangerous and cool... like a FALCON*

Marcus: *flies through window and slams into Adrian's head*

Vin: *knocks nun out and runs up the stairs*

Veld: *pulls out a couple handguns while running also*

Nun: X_X

Vin: *Goes back to his ghetto days and assembles an AK Glock assult automatic while running up the steps*

Adrian: Whatsit? *blinks at Marcus's drastic flapping and watches as the bird flies out the window* AH! DAMNATION!

Veld: *kicks open door cause I love that image*

Adrian: *has skittered into one of the back rooms, and is opening the window*

Veld: *runs towards back* Vincent! Check the windows!

Marcus: *zooms in and goes for Veld's face, flapping madly*

Vin: *totally makes an attempt to cut Adrien off at the pass and WILL jump out the window ON him if need be*

Veld: Goddamn bird!

Adrian: *hops out window like whee*

Veld: *tries to smack it with one of his guns*

Marcus: *disoriented, retreats as the gun swinging commences* *flies out window*

Vin: *fires twice and follows right out the window*

Vin: *kinda does that AC falling thing, minus the cape thing*

Veld: *gets to window as he hears shooting coming from there* Shit. *so totally not going to jump that and runs back for stairs*

Marcus: *has rolled and hopped to his feet, blue eyes glowing now* *pulls out gun of his own and fires*

Veld: *follows sounds of shooting, quite a ways behind*

Adrian: *runs and fires*

Marcus: *dives at Veld again*

Vin: *is NOT getting shaken off in the slums*

Vin: *reloads while running*

Random Old Lady: *watches as a priest and a gothic kid run past her* Isn't like the old days.

Veld: *again with the gun smackage* I will shoot you damn pheasant!

Marcus: *zooms away* *I'm a DOVE, you bastard. The bird of GOD.* *screeches*

Veld: *shoots at damn bird*

Vin: *gaining* *will kick preistly ass this day if it kills him*

Veld: That was fowl.

Marcus: o_o!! *zooms ahead to Adrian, though he is now missing a few tail feathers*

Vin: *cop tackle*

Veld: *follows bird* That's right. Fly straight where I need to go...

Adrian: *leaps to the side, out of the way, though he trips up a bit* *is a scrawny little thing*

VIn: *Goes at him again*

Adrian: *stumbles into a stairway and starts running up towards the upper plate*

Veld: *has in fact gained on them a little and can see Vin now*

Marcus: *dives at Vincent*

Vin: *Rolls to back and fires at bird and the priest, unloading both clips*

Veld: *not quite close enough to risk firing at bird*

Adrian: ARRGH!! *is hit in the leg* *stumbles, but continues going up..up...up...*

Marcus: *man, screw this* *flies away from the people with guns, but watches Adrian with concern*

Vin: *Reloads both guns and keeps on a shootin*

Veld: *is nearly caught up to Vin as was watching Marcus as he thinks there's something up with that damn bird*

Adrian: *is hit again, and slows a bit, using the side-rail to keep up his momentum* *looks over and sees the houses, which look rather small down below*

Adrian: *coughs up a bit of blood* You...like...that...d-don't you, vampire...? *grins and continues going*

Veld: *has caught up to Vin* Is it dead yet?

Vin: *Stands and reloads* *Takes actual aim* Like this *shoots*

Adrian: *is hit in the stomach* *falls down on the stairs* *pants* *crawls* Ergh...I... damnation on...you...all...

Vin: *panting* Gods, did I kill it yet?

Veld: I dunno. Let's check. *walks up stairs calmly*

Adrian: *is getting the stairway rather dirty* Heh..not...to..day... *forces himself to stand and limps to one of the platforms* *coughs* *smiles*

Veld: Shit. *bangbang*

Vin: *is out of bullets* I hit him, I KNOW I hit him enough to kill him.

Adrian: *laughs one eerie laugh* GOOD DAY, GENTLEMEN! *runs across platform, hops up onto railing and LEAPS out farther than your average person should be able to leap*

Veld: He's not human. Normal anyway.

Veld: I may yet have to talk with the science department.

Vin: *head railing*

Adrian: *falls down...down...down...* *crashes through roof* *disappears*

Marcus: *has landed on railing overhead and is watching them*

Veld: Well, at least we know where he lives and there is a mass conspiracy after you.

Vin: Why are they after me? I didn't DO anything

Veld: Well, they seem to think you're the spawn of Satan or some equivalent.

Vin: Aren't vampires all graceful and like, sexually impossible to resist and shit? *mutters*

Marcus: *preens* *laments over lost tail feathers and cookie crumbs that were not eaten*

Veld: Not to a crazy priest and his nun minions.

Adrian: *is unconscious somewhere*

Vin: *lights cigarette* The view sucks down here.

Veld: Eh?

Veld: *snatch*

Marcus: *craps on Vincent's head and flies off with haste*

Vin: *yelps and wipes off bird crap*

Veld: *cracks up*

Vin: *glare* I'm glad you're amused at the attempts on my life.

Veld: No, just the bird crap.

Veld: Despite popular belief I don't much like the thought of you dead.

Vin: Did I get it all? *ignores the dead comments*

Veld: *looks* Well, you smushed some more into your hair. You're going to have to wash up to get it all.

Vin: *nods* Right .... shower.... *leers*

Veld: *rolls eyes* One track mind.

Vin: *pounce*


Vin: *growls* Not my fault you're sexu

Veld: Well, whatever. Off. It's dirty here and I want to go home.

Vin: *Is quckily having a bad day, is sexually flustered, has lunatics after him, is sexually flustered, had a bird poo on him, and is sexually flustered*

Vin: *gets off* Yeah right, home.

Veld: *gets up and dusts himself off* You can pounce on me later. *walks*

Vin: *muttering* Hey, Velly?

Veld: Yes?

Marcus: *flies down to Adrian and notes that he does not look well... at all*

Vin: You don't think you could dress like that more often... ever... do you?

Veld: ...I might consider it.

Vin: *perks up* really?

Veld: Only if you're good, though. *continues walking*

Vin: I'm always good. *is silent for a while* This... is going to sound... ah... strange.

Veld: Considering what I've seen and heard in the last 24 hours, it can't be that strange.

Vin: You really don't have any kinks at ALL? Like... I just find that strange. Everyone has something that turns their crank... like you in bondage pants.

Veld: *shrugs* I just don't really consider that often. I mean, not like I don't ever think about sex at all... I guess I'm not creative. *chuckles*

Vin: *his sexual mission is to find Veld's kink and exploit it*

Veld: *its so not the bondage wear*

Vin: *thinks that it may be business suits*

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