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finHojo: Us dirty Wutes have to stick together.
Yukio: Yes, sensei. Now what of this... hidden camera can you teach me?
Vin: Velly? I think I need to kill someone.
Gast: *is fiddling around with his guitar and wondering where in the world his 'cigarettes' have gone*
Hojo: Come, let us walk. *arm around Yukio* *feels its only fair, if he's leaving Midgar, to pass his knowledge off to someone else*
Scarlet: Please, I'd BREAK that kid in HALF. *is pretty sure he will run for the hills if she really came on to him*
Yukio: ^_^
Veld: No explosions.
Hojo: *leads Yukio upstairs to a locked closet marked 'supplies'* *unlocks* Come, young padawan.
Lu: So could I. >>
Veld: Violence is never the answer, Lucrecia.
Lu: Yoda is gonna open up a can of whup-ass if I find a camera in the ladies room....
Veld: *blinks*
Yukio: DUDE. You're like... the perv MASTER.
Hojo: You do not breathe a word of this outside this closet door or this key will never be yours. Understood.
Lu: it is if they can't move to do it again. :P
Yukio: You have my honor as a ninja that I will speak of this to no one, dude.
Veld: You sure you're not a Turk?
Lu: Just an honorary one >>
Veld: Maybe you were supposed to work for me and I forgot?
Lu: ::Grabby Men will DIE::
Lu: ::giggles:: nah
Veld: Oh, right, nice badge.
Lu: I'm not exactly the picture of intimidation
Lu: Heh thanks. Scarlet made it. ^^;
Hojo: When you can identify the locations of each of these cameras, the key will be yours. Study well, young one.
Veld: Ah yes, is a good distraction. Then you cut them off at the knees as they laugh at your size.
Yukio: *bows* I will find them, or die!
Hojo: You have five minutes to study the screens. *knows there are undressing women on at least two screens, so this is actually a challenge to see if he can focus*
Yukio: ^^* Undressing womens... no you must focus...
Hojo: *watches Yukio, amused*
Lu: ::sooooo glad she's off in one of the dorms::
Yukio: Oh wow, that's totally the "secretary debriefing" room. You've got balls man.
Lu: ::there would be PAIN if there was a camera in her dorm or bathroom::
Veld: I sense much strangling to come.
Lu: ::Growl:: so do I...
Hojo: It is an art combining opportunity, luck, and skill.
Yukio: Hey, isn't that Turk territory? You got a thing for Scarlet too, man?
Hojo: Who doesn't find Scarlet interesting?
Veld: Maybe something to calm down your feminist rage? *finds it odd to see such a nice little girl growling*
Lu: I have a feeling there will be boss-pounding later.
Yukio: Point. Dude, that's just a corner of the lab there. You totally must have forgotten how to find a good location there.
Veld: Boss pounding?
Hojo: *snickers* I like my privacy.
Yukio: This last one's tough...
Lu: my hentai sense is tingling...
Yukio: *squints, trying to see around nekkid woman*
Veld: Shall I do some sneaky stuff and find out?
Lu: naw, I have science ninja skills
Veld: Sounds useful.
Lu: I can do my own detective and assassin work.
Lu: It is.
Lu: I shall train you in the arts of forensics if you like
Hojo: *would like to point out that none of this is new*
Yukio: OMG! That's... THE ROOM OF FINN!
Lu: useful stuff for you guys to learn
Hojo: *beams* Well done.
Yukio: Eww, he usually has GUYS though.
Hojo: He breaks about even.
Veld: *chuckles* Sounds good. I could use more nonlethal skills.
Hojo: Besides, don't knock it until you try it.
Yukio: *makes face* Gross.
Lu: ^^
Yukio: I'm SO not trying THAT.
Hojo: *shrugs*
Hojo: Now remember. Not a word. *dangles key* Or you will never hold this in your hand.
Yukio: *bounces* Nope, NEVER! Or my death.
Gast: *has propped his feet up on his desk and is leaning back in his chair playing random chords on his guitar, managing to look scholarly somehow* *is probably the most clear-headed he's been in months*
Hojo: Good. Now, out.
Yukio: *fades into the shadows to use new skills*
Lu: ::debating if she wants to try to geekily flirt with Hojo::
Lu: ::kinda likes him in that only slightly more than platonic way::
Veld: Wait... why am I in the lab?
Veld: *blinks* Dammit.
Hojo: *makes sure Yukio actually leaves, then locks the door behind him and goes downstairs*
Veld: I should probably leave before I feel like strangling someone.
Hojo: *enters lab on cue*
Lu: ::sigh::
Lu: my paperwork beckons
Lu: later, Veld
Hojo: Hi, Lu, hi... Veld...
Lu: oh hello
Veld: I'm leaving.
Lu: um okay, see ya
Veld: Have a good time, Lucrecia.
Lu: thanks :P
Lu: where'd you disappear to? ::to HOjo::
Hojo: *gets out of his way*
Veld: *glare of doom to Hojo and leaves*
Hojo: Just talking to one of the Soldiers.
Hojo: How's the Icicle Inn trip looking?
Lu: well, there's AN inn, but I've got us accomodations
Yukio: *stealthing around Turkeys shower room*
Lu: It'll be close, but that's okay
Lu: just how many people are going again?
Lu: They only HAVE three rooms and 9 beds
Lu: so I booked the whole place
Hojo: *looks at Gast* Well, we need to leave somebody here to keep up the shots.
Hojo: I'm going, Gast is going. Iffy looked really interested this morning.
Lu: ::doesn't want to get left behind::
Lu: um...anyone else?
Gast: She could come along. I have to admit that Lu is rather good at giving the shots...
Lu: ;;
Hojo: Yeah, Lu, what if Vincent eats Pepper while you're gone? *laughs*
Lu: ::tries not to look disappointed:: right...
Lu: ::snerk::
Lu: ::forces smile:: I suppose I can...hold down the fort here....
Gast: Well, honestly, I don't think I could trust anyone else. ^_^;
Lu: And somebody needs to feed Bruce and the chickens
Lu: ::slightly bitter:: or are they going too?
Hojo: ... the chickens?
Hojo: Lu, are you feeling alright?
Lu: fine.
Lu: ::plunks down and types rather savagely::
Gast: ... ?
Hojo: ? *shrugs*
Lu: ::sure. leave me behind. leave me to Turksit and do all the dirtywork::
Lu: ::pround feeling of not-fair-ness::
Gast: *starts trying to think up a way that she could maybe come along*
Hojo: Lu, are you... happy here?
Lu: Eh? What? of course
Lu: I love this job. ^^
Hojo: You don't seem happy in the lab. You seemed happier when you came in with the Turks.
Lu: I know know...need me to stay behind and....make sure....stuff gets done....
Lu: Oh well, a good butt-kicking will do that.
Lu: ::had been dying to hit something ever since the episode with FInn::
Lu: ::deargodsFinn OO; ::
Lu: ::ph33rs Finn::
Lu: ::figures maybe she better suck up::
Lu: Nono it's fine ^^;
Gast: *wonders if maybe Iffy could stay behind, then*
Lu: Really
Hojo: Because if you wanted to be a Turk, it'd be a shame, but we could probably arrange...
Lu: Heck no
Lu: Can you see ME as a TUrk? :P
Gast: *snerk*
Lu: [sarcasm]I'm just the PICTURE of intimidation. ;P [/sarcasm]
Lu: Unless you want to see what the shots do to me. ;}
Lu: ::was joking::
Lu: ::putting a MUCH better face on it all::
Hojo: That might actually be interesting... *thoughtful look*
Lu: Have fun in the snow. ^^ I'll make sure the Turks don't burn the place down.
Lu: I was KIDDING, Hojo. |:P
Hojo: Gast, don't you think we need to have some kind of control for the mako experiments. Someone who is of the not-crazy?
Lu: ::snerk:: such as?
Lu: ::doesn't realize they don't know about her crazy::
Gast: A control is always necessary. I think so.
Hojo: And it'd be simplest to use someone in the department, so we can skip the paperwork.
Gast: True, true...
Hojo: Lu...
Gast: *looks at her*
Lu: ......................................
Lu: what?
Hojo: Would you like to volunteer?
Lu: Why are you giving me the look of specimen? <<;;;;
Lu: For?
Hojo: A control. For the mako serum.
Gast: I think you'll do wonderfully.
Lu: Uh............
Hojo: To see how it works on someone who isn't certifiable.
Lu: ::not sure what to say::
Lu: ::blushes and tugs at collar:: >>; um...
Lu: ::not sure "no" is an option::
Lu: Er...all...right?
Hojo: Excellent! Hop up on the table and I'll do you up.
Lu: ...
Lu: ::shrugs out of labcoat and pushes up her sleeve:: I am NOT taking my sweater off.
Lu: ::sits:: >>;
Gast: *is pleased that that's settled*
Lu: ::wonders if she's going now or not?::
Hojo: I didn't ask you to.
Lu: ::things I do for employment::
Lu: Just pre-empting.
Lu: ::little gun-shy::
Hojo: *swabs her arm* What kind of guy do you think I am?
Gast: *readies the syringes*
Lu: I don't know.
Lu: I don't really talk to you outside the lab so I have no idea.
Hojo: We should remedy that some time. *stick*
Lu: ::wince:: >_o; yeah.
Lu: And you suck at giving hypodermics. ::rubs at arm::
Hojo: You want to bite me too?
Hojo: *snickers*
Lu: No.
Lu: I might smack you upside the head tho. ;}
Lu: ::snerks a little herself::
Lu: ::twitch:: >_O;
Lu: ::turns rather pale::
Lu: oh now I see....
Lu: ::swallows rather harder than neccessary, cold sweat::
Lu: ::choke::
Lu: Bucket. Now. Please.
Lu: ::so totally going to hurl::
Gast: *gets the bucket*
Lu: ::headbucket::
Lu: ::tosses cookies::
Lu: ::a LOT of cookies::
Lu: ::coughgagchoke::
Gast: ... *patpat*
Lu: ::pulls head out of bucket panting:: xx
Hojo: *taking notes8
Lu: ::shivers::
Lu: *urk* ::headbucket again::
Lu: ::gagcoughspit:: ooh... ::shudders::
Lu: ::gasp:: I do not feel at all well...
Lu: ::presses arms over stomach::
Lu: ::doubles over:: ><;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Lu: what the hell....was in that... ::gasps::
Hojo: Mako.
Gast: *leaves bucket near her and wanders off for a second to get her something to drink*
Lu: I think I'm allergic....
Lu: ::whimpers::
Lu: ow...
Hojo: ... How can you be allergic to the planet?
Lu: I don't know Mr. I-can't-eat-cheese
Lu: ::YIPES!::
Hojo: *shrugs* I guess we'll just have to use me, then.
Lu: ::stiffly slides off table::
Gast: *comes back with some orange juice for her*
Lu: ::blanches at OJ::
Lu: nofood
Lu: bathroom.
Lu: NOW.
Hojo: Go.
Gast: *points to bathroom and drinks it himself*
Lu: ::can hardly walk, arms still pressed against tummy::
Lu: ::hobbles to bathroom::
Lu: ::shuts door::
Lu: ::sounds of pain::
Hojo: Well, Gast, two options.
Gast: Hm?
Hojo: Either non-crazy-people reject mako, or Lu's unusually allergic.
Lu: ::crying::
Lu: ::paaaaaaaaaaaaain::
Lu: ::dammit::
Hojo: Is there something that'll neutralize the effect in her bloodstream?
Gast: We'll have to try it on another non-crazy-person to find out, I suppose.
Lu: ::from bathroom::
Hojo: You can use me, I guess.
Lu: can one of you throw me my purse please?
Hojo: *looks for purse*
::purses hanging off her chair::
Gast: Oh, um, sure. Hojo's getting it.
Lu: GAH!
Lu: No!
Lu: Send like...Scarlet in
Lu: or Kat.
Hojo: *takes purse to Lu* No?
Lu: Girl thing. No boys.
Hojo: I think they're out.
Lu: ><
Hojo: Crack the door and I'll slide it in?
Lu: this is SO not my day.
Lu: Oh fine.
Hojo: *slides like the ninja*
Lu: This'll make a nice entry for your notes. ::gripesobgripe::
Hojo: Mako causes spontaneous menstruation? Yeah, that is notable.
Lu: ::grabs purse from him::
Lu: ::blushes profoundly:: Oh shut up.
Lu: And throw me my labcoat too please.
Hojo: *was not being in the least sarcastic, goes back over to Gast*
Gast: A shame that didn't go better... *finds the whole thing rather weird* *hands Hojo Lu's labcoat*
Lu: ::would like to hide in the bathroom the rest of the day::
Lu: Thank you. ::takes::
Hojo: *takes off labcoat, unbuttons sleeve to roll it up* I can administer to myself, Professor.
Lu: ::comes out a little later- coat buttoned all the way down::
Lu: ::hands washed-out skirt and bloomers on line usually reserved for drying photos::
Lu: Not. One. Word. ::glare of DEATH::
Lu: ::can still barely walk::
Hojo: *shot ready to go* What?
Hojo: *oblivious*
Lu: Nothing.
Lu: ::hunts for Tylenol::
Hojo: *but at least oblivious for SCIENCE*
Gast: You might want to sit down for a while, Lu.
Lu: I was going to.
Lu: ::goes and sits at typewriter and is miserable:: --;
Gast: Good. *watches Hojo*
Hojo: *injects himself like a good little junkie*
Lu: ::huuuuuuurts:: ;;
Lu: ::I shoulda been a waitress xx; ::
Hojo: *waits for reaction*
Gast: ... Feel anything strange?
Gast: *has clipboard ready for note-goodness*
Hojo: *considers* Not yet. Maybe it's just slower.
Gast: Could be. You are bigger than Lu.
Lu: ugh... ::green again:: xx
Gast: *scoots another bucket her way, just in case*
Hojo: Doesn't seem to be doing anything... it magnifies reactions in the Turks. Maybe it really doesn't work on non-crazy people?
Lu: thank you...
Lu: ::makes use of bucket:: xx
Lu: so much for the pain-killer...
Lu: *urk*
Lu: can I maybe NOT do this again, please?
Lu: or slash the dosage by say half?
Lu: *URK*
Gast: Maybe not... Maybe Lu's crazy? *kidding*
Hojo: Gast, can you give her some intravenous morphine? That way she won't have to keep it down.
Lu: ooooh... ;;
Lu: are you TRYING to kill me?
Lu: ow... ><;
Gast: No, of course not. *fetches morphine*
Lu: ::shivers and looks ill::
Hojo: *goes over to her*
Lu: ::choked:: I don't think....this is...normal....
Gast: *gives it to her* I think that's the first and last time you'll have to go through with that....
Lu: ::making a mess::
Lu: ::sniffle::
Hojo: Maybe a saline IV too, since she's losing so much liquid?
Lu: ::wince::
Hojo: *rubs Lu's back without thinking*
Lu: ::sniffles and gives him a grateful look::
Lu: ::feeling a bit loopy as morphine kicks in::
Gast: *hooks her up to the IV*
Hojo: We should keep you here tonight just for observation, Lu.
Lu: ::sits quietly::
Lu: ...'kay...
Lu: ::rather blank look::
Lu: ::blood running off chair::
Hojo: *looks to Gast* Um...
Hojo: *fetches some towels*
Gast: o_O
Lu: ::blinks deliberatley a few times::
Hojo: Maybe that should be a transfusion IV too.
Lu: ::mumbles indistinctly::
Lu: ::pitches sideways and falls off chair, collapsing onto floor::
Lu: xx
Hojo: *picks Lu up, sets towels down on lab counter, lays Lu on top of them*
Lu: ::utterly ruined coat and her backup underpants::
Hojo: She probably pulled the IV loose....
Lu: ::good thing she's knocked out or would have to hurt somebody::
Gast: I think she'll be alright by tomorrow morning... *fixes the IV back*
Hojo: I'll stay with her tonight.
Lu: ::bleeds::
Gast: That's fine... Wait, don't you always stay up here?
Hojo: ... yes?
Gast: I thought so. Heh. I'll be around tonight as well, just in case. I have a bit of paperwork to take care of anyway.
Hojo: *nods*
Hojo: *vaguely disappointed the shot didn't do anything*
Hojo: Maybe it was too small a dose?
Lu: xx
Gast: We can always try a larger one.
Hojo: Now?
Gast: *shrugs* If you feel comfortable with that, I don't see why not.
Hojo: *shrugs* Sure.
Hojo: *preps*
Gast: *picks up clipboard again* I would suggest not to use much more than the previous injection. I don't want you winding up like Lu.
Hojo: *doubles dosage, ignoring fact that he's already had a dose*
Hojo: Oh. Er. *looks at needles*
Lu: xx ::dies::
Gast: Bit too much, eh?
Lu: ::well, not literally::
Lu: ::shivers, is cold::
Gast: *puts an extra towel over her*
Lu: ::shiver::
Hojo: You should go get a blanket from the back storage cabinet.
Gast: I want to see how much you inject into yourself. I'll get one in a minute. ^^ *really does know him too well*
Lu: ::bleeding more than is strictly healthy::
Hojo: *looks at Gast* *takes only one needle and shoots up*
Gast: *watches and waits*
Hojo: *also waits*
Lu: ::choke::
Gast: *hopes that Lu is okay* o_O Feel anything, Hojo? *checks to make sure she can breathe*
Hojo: I guess... I feel sort of twitchy? And wide awake? But I always feel that way.
Lu: ::going to hurl again::
Hojo: *keeping eye on Lu*
Lu: ::gag::
Hojo: Roll her on her si-- *stops in midsentence*
Gast: Ack. *repositions her so she won't choke and die if she does get sick*
Lu: ::gets turned::
Lu: ::promptly pukes::
Lu: xx
Gast: *looks over at him* ?
Hojo: ...ow... *shakes head* I'll be okay, watch Lu.
Gast: What was that? *is still watching Lu*
Hojo: loud. processing. *blinks* please try again later.
Lu: ::hurl::
Lu: ;:moans softly::
Gast: *wonders if he's just doomed two of his employees* x_x
Lu: ::cries in sleep::
Jenny: such a pathetic little thing... sick already? She could be worked on too, but alone, not worthy.
Lu: ::really got too much for her little body to handle::
Lu: ::is the girl who can get stoned on Tylenol for cryin' out loud::
Hojo: *is suddenly hearing Jenova loud and clear in his waking life and does not know how to process this*
Gast: *pats her* What is it, Hojo?
Jenny: Hello there, lover.
Lu: ::twitches::
Hojo: *can sort of make out the Planet's hum behind her* Who?
Jenny: You.
Hojo: *not quite aware he's talking out loud*
Hojo: No, you. Who are you?
Gast: *looks at him strangely* ... *takes notes*
Jenny: I'm your guide to paradice.
Lu: ::shiver::
Hojo: Paradise?
Jenny: The promised land, it's closed rightnow, but you, my dear, could open it.
Hojo: How?
Gast: *is writing down the random bits that Hojo says on a separate piece of paper*
Jenny: Make a god of your science, cross the borders. I've been trying to talk to you for SO long, lover.
Hojo: You're the one who sings in my sleep.
Lu: ::murmurs and twitches::
Jenny: You've been hiding from your destiny, it makes me quite cross.
Gast: *quietly* Is that why you won't sleep, anymore....? Hrm.
Hojo: I'm sorry. I didn't understand.
Jenny: There is a lot you won't understand, if you won't let me talk to you, lover.
Lu: ::cries out::
Hojo: Tell me. *feels her fading*
Lu: ::coughgag::
Jenny: She really is pitabliable... the creature on the floor. You should help her, make her useful. I need an avatar.
Lu: ::whimpers::
Lu: ....donttoucheme...
Lu: ....notthere....
Lu: ....pleasedont.... ::GAG::
Hojo: Help Lu, yes... *fading* Don't go!
Gast: ... ? *pat* *tries to make sure that she doesn't die and that Hojo doesn't start ranting or something*
Lu: ::Cringes and pukes- has run out of lunch::
Jenny: *hisses and is gone like poof*
Lu: ::blood and bile this time::
Lu: ::jerks and is still::
Hojo: No! I don't understand it yet!
Gast: *is going to need a smoke after all of this is over*
Gast: *continues writing, nonetheless*
Hojo: God dammit. *blinks hard*
Hojo: Gast, I need another hit.
Lu: ::couldn't take another one::
Gast: First...what was that all about?
Lu: ::unnervingly quiet now::
Hojo: She's going to tell me how to get to the Promised Land.
Gast: *checks her pulse and other vital functions* *hopes she's gone to sleep for the night* I worry that you might wind up with too much mako in your bloodstream at once.
Lu: ::breathing shallowly::
Hojo: I'm fine. Watch Lu. *goes for the other needle he prepped*
Lu: ::is going to be KOed for a day or two::
Gast: *snatches at the needle* Now?
Hojo: Yes! *stop, deep breath* I would like to pursue it now.
Gast: Aside from that voice, or whatever it is, is there anything else?
Hojo: Behind that was... humming. And screaming.
Gast: Screaming? Of what sort? Human, animal, or is it difficult to say?
Hojo: Kind of like animal and kind of like metal being wrenched.
Gast: *is imagining an animal stuck in a junk compactor* Ah... And the voice? Is it the female you mentioned? The one that talks in your dreams?
Hojo: ...Yes.
Gast: ...I see. And so you want another mako injection to continue talking with her? About the Promised Land? *tries not to look like the entire thing sounds just a liiiiitle ridiculous*
Hojo: Yes.
Lu: ::no please don't, you'll kill me xx ::
Lu: ::stupid man::
Gast: Don't you think you should wait at least an hour or so to be safe?
Hojo: Don't want the mako in my system to dissipate or I'll need more later.
Gast: *lowers the dosage a bit* Try that. Combined with the rest in your bloodstream, it should suffice. *hands it over*
Hojo: *tries not to look disappointed* *shoots up*
Gast: *notices his disappointment anyway and prepares to take notes once again*
Hojo: *shuts eyes as the ice crawls through his veins*
Jenny: ...miss me lover?
Lu: ::groans softly::
Hojo: Yes.
Jenny: No more running from me?
Hojo: No.
Hojo: Tell me how to get there.
Lu: ::shivers::
Jenny: You'll have to find me first. It's cold here
Lu: ::owie...::
Jenny: The little monsters are trying to keep me from you. There's one in your lab even. Sitting beside you, keeping you from me.
Hojo: In the lab? Not Lu...
Lu: ::whimpers::
Jenny: No, not her, you should be nice to the little pet though, she'd make a lovely mold.
Hojo: Of course. Who, then? Gast?
Gast: *blinkblink*
Jenny: ... he could be in the way, let's not discuss him though, lover.
Jenny: You're closer.
Lu: ::cough::
Hojo: Wait. North? Are you the one Gast located?
Jenny: You are so clever.
Hojo: It will be soon.
Jenny: You'll be closer to me soon, I'm excited.
Hojo: *fading* I'll find you and then you'll tell me how to get there.
Lu: ::cries::
Gast: *scribblewritescribble*
Jenny: I'll talk to you later, lover. Be careful who you talk to though. People will keep us apart
Hojo: Yes.
Lu: ::shivers::
Hojo: *almost collapses, catches himself on the side of the counter*
Gast: Are you okay?
Hojo: Better than I've been in a long time. *shaking*
Lu: ::falls silent::
Gast: You sure? You don't look so well.
Lu: ::finally drifts off into an uneasy sleep::
Gast: ...I think I'll stay here with the two of you tonight.
Hojo: *nods*
Hojo: I think... I should take a nap.
Gast: *surprised at his sudden change of opinion towards that voice*
Jenny:*is quite lovely when she wants to be*
Hojo: And then we need to go north.
Hojo: I told her we'd free her soon.
Gast: ...That is the plan... She is the one I've found, then?
Hojo: *nods*
Gast: Perhaps I should try the mako serum, myself.
Hojo: *jealous* Are you sure that's a good idea?
Hojo: Neither Lu or I will be in a position to take care of you if there's a problem.
Gast: I will try tomorrow, then. It's a matter of checking the control.
Hojo: *nods*
Hojo: *will worry about it tomorrow*
Hojo: *is tired*
Gast: Go on and get some sleep. You need it. *finds a seat nearby and sits to do a bit of work*
Hojo: *curls up on lab couch*
Jenny: *shows Hojo parts of the promised land, a Cetra, and some little nanaki-ish things in his sleep*
Gast: *profound feeling that all of this weirdness might be the death of him someday*


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