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Scarlet: What? they're waiting for us, so unless you want a quicky-- *cups a hand over her mouth* Oh god I didn't say that...

Reeve: Engineering's boring. I like computers and they aren't really.. common.

Veld: There is no--what did you say?

Reeve: Shinra's got 'em though.

Vin: You do realize that we don't touch them much...

Veld: I'm going to ignore that.

Scarlet: Ignore what? I totally didn't say anything.

Reeve: I also really believe they're the future. They'll be perfect for spying and gathering intelligence.

Veld: The truth is you can't really REMOVE someone from the program *is pretending he didn't hear that*

Reeve: ...eventually.

Hojo: Turks don't touch computers ever. Computers cost more than Turks do.

Reeve: *blinks at Hojo* ....well, fuck.

Veld: *whispers* Without REMOVING them. From living.

Reeve: Oh well. Turks use explosives, right?

Scarlet: What?! Well... but... what if he hurts himself? Or maybe one of these days just snaps?

Vin: LOTS of them.

Hojo: Yes. Yes they do. Valentine's good at blowing things up.

Lu: ::snerk::

Vin: sometimes we put sparkles or confetti in them

Lu: and knocking them over.

Veld: We'll have to deal with it when it comes. That's why I need YOU to keep an eye on him.

Veld: So voices, eh?

Veld: If you want, I can have a talk with him. I doubt he'll listen to me much, though.

Reeve: *nod* Good then.

Scarlet: ... well I don't know. How am I supposed to ask him that? He's so distant anyway. "Oh by the way Vin, hearing anything?"

Reeve: Er. Are you Gast, sir?

Scarlet: What if his voices don't LIKE me.

Vin: Oh, that's Hojo

Veld: You don't have to ask. I will. *pats her on head* No worries.

Vin: You're gonna see a lot of him

Hojo: *laughs* Oh, god, no.

Veld: Anyway, lunch? Before he eats someone?

Vin: Gast sorta smells like patuli...

Hojo: I'm the one who does the dirty work. Gast is the theoretician.

Reeve: *nods* Thank you, Mr. Valentine. It's good to mee you, professor.

Lu: ...

Scarlet: *laughs* Like he's going to turn into a monster?

Lu: heh

Reeve: *blinks at Vincent* ....

Veld: *gives her a weird look* Please don't joke like that.

Vin: Just call me Vin, alright? Turks don't get the whole formalities.

Hojo: *looks at Lu* I guess that makes you the one who does the typing up. And the bedside manner. I'm sure you'll be better at that than me, and I doubt Vincent wants to eat you.

Veld: *waltzes back in* Who's hungry?

Hojo: Vincent is, I'm sure.

Scarlet: *gives up and walks back into the lobby* Got so excited to meet ya'll I forgot my smokes and I made you some new ones Hojo.

Reeve: Not Vic?

Vin: No Can we get chicken?

Veld: Um... sure.

Hojo: Ohh, thanks. Here's the valium. *hands her a bottle out of his pocket*

Veld: *smiles* Find me somewhere cheap.

Scarlet: *snickers* by monday I'll have enough to spend

Veld: *pretends not to see drug transaction*

Lu: ::not so sure about that::

Vin: *flips through mental catalouge* Let's go to Chez Vu. I've got Heidgger's credit card number.

Lu: ...

Veld: Heidegger's?

Veld: As in... not mine?

Scarlet: Ah, Vin has a gift for remembering LARGE numbers

Lu: ::snicker::

Veld: *blinks*

Vin: Yours is maxed out. *walks away*

Hojo: You used Heidegger's card last week. He doesn't get paid more than Veld does, you know. If you've maxed out Veld...

Reeve: Vin, remember 457193840182 by the end of the night and I'll give ya 20 gil.

Veld: *grumbles* Just when I thought you were doing something nice.

Vin: *thinks* No he's got about 300 left on it, enough for lunch.

Reeve: *easily entertained*

Hojo: Ah, ok.

Lu: ...::shakes head::

Vin: Tack on 5 more numbers and I'll give you 100 if I don't.

Reeve: Put a 4 between the 5 and 7, a 3 next to the other three, a 2 behind the first four and a 98 on the end.

Veld: *place is within walking distance, as he's too cheap to drive them. and there are too many for his car*

Scarlet: *smirks* I think they like each other.

Lu: ::walks with::

Hojo: *heads out the front door* But don't remember 429530295, Vincent. Or 2422013893. Or 53393572...

Veld: that's good, considering they're officemates now.

Reeve: *grins at Hojo*

Vin: *glares*

((For someone who's scared of being eaten, he sure is willing to go after the crocodile with a pointy stick.))

Reeve: You, sir, will get a cut of my winnings if I win.

Lu: ::level best not to snerk::

Veld: Ah good! We're here. Quick get food before something blows up. *glances at Vin*

Hojo: Ah, not necessary, I actually have a salary.

Lu: ::wants a salary... ::

Scarlet: smoking section please?

Hojo: Oh, Lu, did they tell you how much you're getting?

Lu: um no, all I saw was "paid internship" the HR rep didn't offer many details

Hojo: *writes a surprising number of digits on a post it note and hands it to her*

Veld: Um, you'll have to talk with Mr. Drummond about that... *so totally knows but doesn't want the sci department pissed at him*

Vin: *sits down* Hope you like gettin yer hands dirty lucy...

Reeve: *would really appreciate being paid*holds out a chair for whoever wants to sit, hoping a girl*

Scarlet: *sits* Ah...thank you

Lu: ::eybrows rise::nice.

Hojo: *heads right to the buffet, as it is more efficient*

Lu: ::follows::

Veld: *also does so, as he's a machine*

Lu: sooo how long have you been working here?

Vin: *for once agrees with Hojo*

Scarlet: Me? About a year.

Hojo: Almost a year now.

Vin: *has a large ammount of chicken and a glass of water*

Hojo: *sorts food onto plate, making sure NOTHING touches ANYTHING ELSE*

Veld: *grabs all sorts of healthy energy boosting things*

Vin: *flicks peas into Hojo's well ordered plate*

Lu: ::nod::

Reeve: You're welcome, ma'am. *gets himself a cup of coffee first and foremost*

Veld: *glares* Children...

Hojo: *twitches, digs out peas, and flicks them back at Vincent*

Veld: Do I have to separate you?

Lu: ::dodges peas::

Scarlet: *snickers* *to Reeve* So where you from ah.. Richard?

Lu: allow me.::puts self between Hojo and Vince::

Lu: ::gets food::

Vin: *rolls eyes and eats*

Reeve: *sip* Junon, ma'am.

Lu: ::primarly veggies, no meat or dairy::

Hojo: Ah, you've already got the internship mindset down. You always put yourself between your employers and everyone else. *laughing*

Lu: ::smiles::

Scarlet: OH don't call me that! Scarlet.

Vin: Or Letty.

Lu: eh well, I kinda owe Mr. Valentine an apology anyway.

Scarlet: NEVER Letty.

Hojo: Or Scar.

Veld: *grumbles about bad nicknames*

Scarlet: OR Scar. Do I look like a scar to you? *to Reeve*

Vin: Apology?

Lu: You look like a Scarlet.

Reeve: *smiles* My apologies Scarlet. And... no.

Lu: sorry for being kinda grumpy.

Veld: *sits down and starts eating his food in an ordered manner*

Scarlet: *smiles* Thank you, Lucrecia

Hojo: He's never seen you with your clothes off. *mumbling*

Vin: *shrugs* Shit happens.

Reeve: Although, like a scar, even after you're gone, you leave an impression, I'm sure. *okay, not always slick*

Scarlet: *flings peas at Hojo*

Lu: I had a three hour exam earlier and you helped total my third pair of nylons in a week sooo...yeah.

Lu: I was in a bit of a Mood.

Scarlet: Awwww that's so CUTE *ruffles his hair*

Lu: if we're going to be working together, no sense looking at each other sideways over something so trivial

Hojo: Watch the PEAS people. Honestly.

Vin: It's really alright, I was in a mood too. *flings peas*

Veld: *feels a headache coming on*

Scarlet: *holds up organic pill bottle* Here, sir.

Lu: ::gets a pea bounced off her forehead:: ...

Hojo: *breaks out a shield 1 spell* I knew there was a good reason to carry the sample materia around...

Scarlet: Totally my bad, Lucrecia.

Reeve: *blushes a bit* I'm glad you thought so, M.. Scarlet.

Veld: You're a lifesaver, Scarlet.

Hojo: *eats his food one item at a time*

Scarlet: *shrugs* Hippie parents were good for something.

Lu: ::eats neatly::

Veld: Indeed.

Vin: *kinda put out that there is nothing for him to smash and is a remarkably fast eater*

Lu: ::notices how anal Hojo is about his food:: ::I'll be he alphabatizes his records and has his socks organized by color::

Reeve: *goes vegetarian*

Veld: *kinda off in a paperwork daze*

Scarlet: *has a sandwich and chips*

Hojo: *has them in order according to the visible light spectrum*

Scarlet: *kicks Veld* We should all go out tonight sorta Turk bonding. Wanna go see the show at corneos?

Veld: Huh? Midterm stock options?

Hojo: Don't get him too drunk. He has to remember that number. What was it? 42530530224?

Veld; *shakes head* Does this involve debauchery?

Vin: 42547193384018298

Lu: Wow.

Reeve: *smirk* You sure, Vin?

Veld: *narrows eyes* And glitter men?

Vin he added some Yes.

Hojo: When does Corneo's not involve glitter men?

Reeve: *frowns* Oh. Well, the day's not over yet.

Vin: Oh yeah, Hojo, in order, the numbers you wanted me not to remember: 429530295242201389353393572

Vin: Want to change the number around, Reeve?

Veld: I have no idea. I've only been there once or twice.

Scarlet: Come on, there's this bouncer that always looks at me funny, I would feel safer with you there, Sir.

Lu: wait what? no, nevermind

Veld: Don't play the helpless female card. I know you can kill him with a spoon.

Reeve: Yeah, divide by two then add 43 then subtract .8. 138% of that.

Hojo: Looks like you failed at not forgetting them, Vincent. Too bad.

Scarlet: They have SPORKS.... not spoons though! I'm totally helpless

Lu: heh

Veld: You can take them, then. I need to practice out on the range tonight.

Reeve: *jots a few numbers down on his napkin to do the math*

Veld: Getting a little rusty in my old age *laughs and is so not old*

Lu: :;smiles::

Reeve: *starts jotting fake numbers down too in case Vin is looking*

Lu: ::feeling slightly overwhelmed but whatever::

Lu: ::done, sits there quietly, just kinda watching everyone and how they interact::

Lu: ::starts making origami out of paper napkins:

Vin: *pays*

Reeve: *enjoys his salad and math*

Waiter: Thank you, Mr. Heidgger, have a good day

Veld: So, Lucrecia, think you can handle these kids? *meaning Vin, because he so totally doesn't want him to choke anyone again*

Vin: You too. *gets up* Gotta piss, be back.

Veld: How uncooth of you. *rolls eyes*

Vin: *is going to piss*

Scarlet: He probably won't try to kill her.*pulls out her crossword book* is everyone done eating?

Veld: Well, that's nifty. I was just worried if he'd drive her nuts first.

Hojo: Well, I'm finished, and I have work to catch up on, so I should head back. Lucrecia, if you want to stick around here, you can

Veld: *waves*

Reeve: I'm done. *pours more coffee though* Would you like a cup, Scarlet? I don't think I have anywhere to be yet..

Scarlet: Sure! Do you like crosswords? *geek flirting*

Reeve: No. I used to, but it's hard to find challenging ones, you know? *pours her a cup* Cream or sugar?

Hojo: *heads out, pockets full of oranges and rolls*

Veld: *remembers work like a jolt* Ah! Paperwork!

Scarlet: *puts her crossword down in front of him* Ah... you wanna go back to work, Sir?

Vin: *comes back from the bathroom* So now what?

Veld: Yes. But you're welcome to aquiant the new kid.

Lu: I think so, yes.

Reeve: *glances over her shoulder at the crossword*makes a small impressed noise*

Lu: no I'll come.I need to get set up.

Lu: ::follows Hojo out::

Veld: You have paperwork, Valentine.

Scarlet: * blishes a bit* I ah.. I order them out... I have some in Wutain and Centrian too...

Vin: *glares at Reeve like he is depating shoving reeve's own arms up his ass and out his ears* Right, I'm comin'

Reeve: Damn. Where'd you learn that dead language?

Scarlet: *shrugs* I'm a word nerd.

Reeve: *Blink at Vin* ....and what's his problem?

Veld: *gets up* Not too long, you two.

Vin: *snorts and follows Veld out*

Veld: Stop glaring at the new guy.

Scarlet: Vinny? Oh, he's from the slums, he just is protective. *smirks* Like you're going to take advantage of me or something silly like that

Vin: When he stops scammin on Letty I will.

Veld: He's not "scamming" on her. He's just being friendly. She's about five time more approachable than you are.

Reeve: *arches an eyebrow* Like I'd be able to pull one over on you and try anything. *sits next to her* I'm not dumb you know. *grins*

Scarlet: If you can do this crossword you're obviously not... *sips coffee*

Vin: *snorts*

Veld: Maybe if you brushed your hair once in a while and stopped talking to yourself. It might help.

Reeve: *looks at it again* It might take me a while.

Voice in Vin's head: So... that's your replacement huh? Wonder what' they are going to do with you?

Lu: sooo where would be a good spot for me to set up?

Scarlet: I could race you, loser buys lunch tomorrow?

Vin: Talking to myself? *growls* What?

Reeve: So long as you don't mind fast food tomorrow and my paying you back once I'm actually paid with a nice date, dinner and movie and the works, sure.

Lu: ::gets her stuff set up and all that jazz::

Veld: Don't think I wouldn't notice. Is there something you want to tell me?

Scarlet: *blushes* I...ah, do you like horror movies?

Vin: ... there's nothing to notice

Veld: I've read your psyche file before. *sighs* The "perk" of being leader.

Reeve: *stares blankly* ....sure! *laughs a little* I um, don't watch movies really, just thought it was a good date thing.

Veld: Is that why you choked Hojo?

Vin: *eyes narrow*

Scarlet: I like OLD movies, like the ones that are in black and white... I'mkindaageek...

Veld: And you called me last night, without being drunk. Can't help but be a little worried. Even if you're a pain in the ass.

Vin: *blinks* You're worried?

Reeve: *grins* I kind of noticed. We'll rent a classic then. But only if I lose.

Veld: *lowers voice* Don't let that get out.

Reeve: Now give me incentive to win?

Scarlet: *chews on her pen* I'll buy you dinner and ah... We'll go to the science museum?

Vin: "..."

Veld: Now I told Scarlet that you weren't dangerous. Don't prove me wrong.

Reeve: Perfect! Let me copy down the grid... *does so on a napkin*

Vin: You're not going to fire me or anything are you *actually sounds his age*

Veld: I almost wish I could. *sideglances* Are you really hearing voices?

Scarlet: *smirks and starts filling out the crossword*

Vin: "..."

Lu: ::returns::He locked the lab.::plunks down at the table again::

Veld: Answer me or you're sitting out this next mission.

Scarlet: Oh gods, its cause he didn't go home. Wanna do a crossword with us?

Vin: No. I'm not.

Reeve: *also starts*stops to look up at Lu* I'm sorry. We're just playing games, want to join in?

Scarlet: *pokes Reeve in the side and fills in a word*

Veld: Certain? Any paranoia or other side effects?

Lu: um okay

Vin: ... I'm going down for shots that make me fucking sick to may goddamn stomach, of COURSE I'm a bit paranoid about it.

Veld: We all have side effects, Vincent. Don't act all self righteous about it.

Reeve: *grins at Scarlet*slides his napkin to Lu* Here, copy the grid then sit on the other side of Scarlet and look off her clues.

Vin: *sighs*

Veld: If it makes you feel any better, I have no memory of last Tuesday. *grins funny*

Reeve: Take your time, if she beats me, she's paying for our first date. *grins at Lu*

Lu: :;starts filling it in:: heh shall I referee then?

Vin: You've got memory blanks?

Veld: *nods* Though I've always had a little trouble with that.

Reeve: *chuckles* Don't need to. I figure I win either way. *considers* You want to gamble too?

Vin: I...

Veld: *is shuffling through the papers on his desk*

Lu: heh nah I don't have any money yetmhate to spend what I don't have

Vin: *starts cleaning his side arms*

Reeve: *nods* Same here. Which is why I'd really like to win. *grins* Science department even going to pay you?

Scarlet: He thinks he wins, but I'm expensive.

Reeve: *takes his napkin back when she's done copying and fills in a few blanks he'd figured out while waiting on Lu*

Lu: I suppose we'll find out.

Veld: *side glances* No violent thoughts lately? *is so totally not sly* *starts typing*

Lu: ::working steadily on hers::

Vin: Not mine...

Lu: I think they were more worried about finding someone non-threatening than anything else I think I was the ONLY person interviewed

Veld: Oh?

Lu: not quite sure what to make of that

Veld: *now doing three things at once*

Reeve: *blinks* Wow. I ... don't know if I was the only person interviewed or not.

Scarlet: Just...ah, be careful when Vin gets his shots... *looks up to Reeve* What kind of a shot ar you?

Reeve: But I guess you'rejust that good. *grins at Lu*

Lu: I was the only girl to apply. I think that's it. heh well I AM but I don't think that was the reason. 9_9

Scarlet: Actually it was.

Reeve: Er... shot? Um. I'm not.. that's not really my area. I was told I could be trained.

Lu: Oh?

Scarlet: You can't fire a gun?? Ah, yeah Vin attacked Hojo last time.

Vin: Yeah, not mine.

Veld: Whose thoughts were these then?

Lu: I can't shoot at all.... I take it he doesn't deal well with needles

Reeve: I can fire one! I was on my university's pistol team. I just was never all that good... I miss a lot.

Lu: o_O; well...I can placate screaming three-year-olds...

Scarlet: Oh we restrain him now, but he tried to rip Hojo's throat out once he let him up... or that's what Hojo told me

Lu: ...well I can't shoot but I'm not completely defenseless

Scarlet: *smiles brightly* But Veld and I hold up well and I'm sure that Reeve's good.

Lu: hopefully that won't be an issue::nod:: well that's good ^^;

Scarlet: That's the plan. And Vin'll just take you with him tonight, Reeve.

Lu: I promise I'll be nice if I ever have to stick you.

Scarlet: He's a great shot, you can learn a lot from him

Reeve: Right, I heard about that. Would you like to be in my will?

Lu: heh

Reeve: Oh, I'll be watching him alright.

Scarlet: Ah... I'll be nice *thinks naughty thoughts and blushes* You won't die. Vin's a GOOD turk. Trust him

Vin: *thinks* Gigas... I think was his name?

Veld: So they have names? Do they seem particularly adverse to any of your coworkers?*is so totally writing up a report on this as he talks*

Reeve: *nods* So Mr. Veld said as well. We'll see.

Vin: What, you think I'm going to hide out in your closet and kill you in your sleep and paint a mural with your intestines? *hasn't looked up from his gun*

Veld: I was thinking about Scarlet actually. And murals are better painted with lungs. You should know that.

Reeve: Hey, Scarlet, what's an eleven-letter word for "fear of dancing" starts with a 'c' and ends with 'phobia'? *question not in the crossword, playing dirty and distracting her*

Veld: And if you were to go after me, I would shoot you. You also should know that.

Vin: scarlet's in your closet?*clears throat and shakes head* Yeah... I know, Velly.

Veld: Now why would she be in MY closet?! Really. I'm the old man here!

Vin: You're in Letty's closet?

Lu: wouldn't that start with a "t"?

Scarlet: Chorophobia?? *is done*

Veld: Are your voices giving you this material or are you really this ridiculous.

Lu: ah I sit corrected. ::has a few more to go::

Vin: You're more confusing than they are.

Veld: Glad to hear that. At least someone not delusional can keep you on your toes.

Vin: *glares* Shut the fuck up, Velly.

Lu: ::finishes up::

Reeve: *not done*finishing up though* Thank you, Scarlet. And.. I'm done!

Lu: me too

Scarlet: I'll bring one in Cetrain next time, you guys are good.

Veld: *laughs* Oh Valentine, you never cease to amuse me with your extensive vocabulary...

Reeve: Wow, you're good, miss. I had a head start and you still pretty much beat me.

Lu: heh

Reeve: *blinks at Scarlet* You won? Hm. Well, fast food tomorrow until I can afford a nice date alright?

Lu: :;smiles::

Vin: *tilts his head*

Veld: So you're going to keep your cool tonight, right? Because I really don't want to send Scarlet out there alone with the new guy. He seems a little... twitchy.

Vin: *shakes head* Huh, oh, no I'm taking newbie with me.

Veld: *stops what he's doing and looks at him* I don't want anyone getting hurt or killed. And this does include you.

Vin: *doesn't sound convinced* Sure. I'll watch him, alright. I can handle messy.

Veld: Don't let your personal... dislikes get in the way of the job, alright? *is convinced that Vin's voices hate him*

Vin: I won't hurt Twitchy. I don't dislike him, I just will kill him if he bothers, Letty. Nothing personal there.

Veld: *glares* Vincent.. That's not what I want to hear.

Vin: I won't kill him! Christ, I'm not homocidal.

Veld: I know you're not. *sits back* Outside of the job of course.Just be careful, ok kid?

Vin: *snorts* I'll get her, and take Reeve with me. He'll be back in one peice.

Veld: Same goes for you, wonderboy. *melts into paperwork, figuratively*

Vin: *gets up and walks out.* *pauses at door and then looks back at Veld before letting out a low laugh and leaving*

Veld: Damn kid. I've lost my concentration. *headdesk*


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