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Vin: Swings open door. Velly it is 7pm, please put the typewriter away.

Bruce: *sees Vin* RARARARARAR

Lu: Hello Veld.

Lu: ::waves::

Lu: Hi Bruce. ^^

Bruce: Rar! <3

Lu: ^^

Lu: Whose a great big cutie? ::talking cutesy to Bruce::

Veld: It's just the beginning of the nighttime. Great time to work.

Lu: I should get you some toys, yes I should ^^

Bruce: Rar rar! <3

Lu: Heehee ^^

Bruce: *wiggles* RAR!

Lu: ^___^

Lu: ::turns to coffee maker area and fiddles with stuff::

Vin: *snickers* Come on, Veld. Fin's prowling around and I'm going to walk Lucy home so she doesn't break his arm or nothin.

Lu: ::tosses Bruce some leftover Chips Ahoys:: ^^

Veld: Oh? Did he get fresh with you Lucrecia?

Bruce: *_* <33333333333

Lu: He tried.

Lu: Vincent saved me from early retirement and Finn from being neutered.

Lu: Pardon, Vin.

Veld: Oh, how very thoughtful of him.

Lu: Yes, he can be quite then gentleman when he wants to. ;}

Vin: I just didn't want to have to shoot you, lucy.

Lu: ::smiles::

Veld: Shock and horror. You have manners. Who are you and what have you done with my kid?

Lu: ::giggles::

Lu: ::just smiles pleasantly::

Lu: ::goes back over to coffee area::

Lu: Here we go.

Lu: Cocoa break. Doctor's orders. ::nods seriously::

Veld: Excuse me?

Lu: ::has bunny marshmallows::

Lu: All work and no chocolate is no way to live.

Veld: You're tempting me with bunny marshmallows. I see. *raises eyebrow*

Lu: Well if you'd rather have ducks...

Vin: *bites the head off of a blue one*

Veld: *sideglances him* You're supposed to eat the whole marshmallow.

Vin: *offers the bottom*

Lu: Everybody knows the first bite tastes best.

Bruce: RAR <33 *at Lu*

Lu: Ew...Vin... :P

Veld: *rolls eyes* It has slacker germs on it now.

Lu: ::tosses Bruce the bunny butt::

Vin: You need some slacker germs.

Veld: Heh, right. And then the world will end.

Vin: *manages to keep 88% of the innuendo out of his voice*

Lu: ::snicker::

Lu: ::amused at their male bonding::

Lu: ::sips her own cocoa:: ^^

Veld: It is a good time for a break, though.

Lu: Yes, it is. ^_^

Vin: *will have to innuendo harder*

Lu: ::will have to be given a hint 'cause she's kinda dense that way::

Veld: *takes only the blue bunnies and adds them to cocoa*

Lu: ::has pink ones in hers::

Vin: So, why don't you walk with us to Lu's place and protect us both from Finn

Lu: Heh

Lu: I would feel so special.

Lu: TWO Turk escorts. ^^

Lu: ::mock-flutters::

Veld: *protective senses tingling* Well, I suppose I can cut out for a walk.

Veld: But I have to get back here afterwards.

Vin: Good, I don't want more shots.

Veld: *finishes cocoa and stands* Alright then.

Lu: Heh

Lu: Yeah sorry about that.

Lu: There is no way to make a rabies shot not hurt. :P

Vin: Hey, not your fault.

Lu: ::thinks Vin and Finn got in a huge fight::

Veld: *chuckles* So you did get a rabies shot after that... good thinking, Lucrecia. Who knows how many diseases that thing is carrying.

Lu: ^^;

Lu: Indeed.

Lu: He's creepy. >>

Vin: He's not... that bad, just .... oversexed.

Lu: I think a knee in the crotch would do him good. Alas, it will not come from me.

Veld: *sideglances*

Lu: Maybe I should develop a shot for that. ;P

Lu: ::very seriously considers doing just that::

Veld: Oh you should! I'm sure that many people would benefit.

Vin: Agreed.

Lu: Heh Okay then.

Lu: ::adds that to "to do" list::

Vin: Just, don't hit him, alright? and Elijah too... *mutters about wanting to kill him*

Lu: I won't.

Lu: Eh?

Vin: He's after Letty.

Lu: But if he makes with the grabby, what he gets is his own fault

Lu: Ah.

Veld: WHAT?!

Lu: Scarlet can take care of herself, Veld.

Lu: I mean, she carries a gun. :P

Vin: Did you Not SEE the dress he's having her wear?

Vin: I don't know where she can PUT it in that thing.

Veld: *looks pissed* No, I didn't.

Lu: ::did see it- thought that was the bottom half::

Lu: ::opens mouth:: ::closes it again::

Vin: *goes to closet and opens*

Vin: *points* I'm going to eviscerate the son of a whore one of these days.

Lu: ::wishes he could do that to Finn::

Veld: I'll assist with that.

Veld: *muttering*

Lu: ::sympathetic look for Veld::

Veld: Anyway, before we do anything rash and likely bloody, shall we escort? I shouldn't take too long a break.

Lu: Heh My dorm isn't far ;}

Vin: *nods* yeah, and this time she's not balancing the text of the world

Veld: Hmm. Sounds like an interesting image.

Vin: Oh, and if Reeve comes in cussing, don't mention this to him... alright?

Lu: Er okay...

Veld: Why is the rookie suddenly a concern?

Lu: ::blinks blankly::

Veld: *elevatoring with them because I need a sense of movement*

Vin: Because *sideglance at Lu* Just because.

Lu: All right.

Lu: ::doesn't get it but will keep quiet::

Vin: *leans against wall and puts cigarette in his mouth waiting to get out of the lift*

Veld: *raises eyebrow and will ask about this later*

Dmitri: *wanders up to drug dealer* Hey. Do you have more Zombie Paper?

Random drug dealer: Hey, big guy. Sure do. You know this stuff is expensive though, right?

Dmitri: It's worth it though. I caught zombies with it. I also heard of "Zom-B-Gon." *is possibly thinking of pepper spray* Do you have any?

Lu: ::still trying to get flypaper off her one pair of clogs::

Joe: *pulls rolls out of a box labeled Bulk Fly Paper* Here you go, big guy. And I'll see about that stuff, come back in a few days, ok?

Vin: *Has played a full game of *stick the mail clerk to the wall* with the paper*

Veld: *walking with the others outside to make this scene in the same general area* Lucrecia, do you walk this everyday? *notices the skeezy*

Lu: yeah

Lu: it's no big deal.

Lu: I can handle myself.

Vin: *thinks he knows that guy from somewhere*

Veld: *has probably yelled about said game*

Lu: I'm just not allowed to deck Shinras.

mrrichreeve: Dmi: *notes the label* Good disguise. Yeah. I'll come bacl. *slips Joe LOTS of gil*

Joe: *skeezes*

Veld: That's typically the rule.

Vin: Finn would get off on it, I'm just warning you, Lucy.

Joe: Thanks, big guy. I'll see you soon. Zom-B-Gon, right?

Lu: Which is really too bad.

Lu: They could use it, I think.

Dmitri: That's the stuff.

Lu: ::is going to be mentally griping about Finn the rest of the week::

Veld: *REALLY doesn't want to be hearing about what Finn would get off on*

Vin: *throws Veld a look that says she doesn't know what she's gotten into*

Dmitri: Thank you for your business. *takes his roll, notes the Turks*eyes narrow suspiciously*

Lu: ::not my fault, Speedo-boy came after ME::

Joe: *follows Dmitri's glance to Turks* Shit. *makes a hide-in-shadows roll*

Vin: No it isn't your fault...

Veld: Did you hear something?

Lu: Hm?

Veld: *Turk senses tingling*

Vin: Just some thug selling flypaper. *smirks* I wonder if I can beat my record tomorrow.

Veld: Flypaper?

Dmitri: *waves a friendly goodbye to Joe despite Joe's trying to be hidden, exits ally, pretending not to notice Turks*

Veld: WHAT record?

Lu: ><;

Lu: Just keep it AWAY from the lab please?

Mugger With Poor Timing: *jumps out of the shadows at Vin, Lu and Veld* Gimme your money!

Lu: ::starts and stares:;

Lu: May I? Or do you want to?

Lu: ::in Mood to HURT SOMETHING::

Lu: ::preferrably male::

Vin: ... *snickers*

Mugger: Hello? Money? *waves knife* Or should I hurt the sweet young thing?

Veld: *gives Vin a "do you want to play with it?" look*

Vin: awww loook he's got a knife! That's so cute.

Vin: *makes shooing motion* Go go on.

Veld: Small knife too.

Mugger: *dives at Vincent*

Veld: *doesn't even bother with moving*

Veld: *to Lu* You wanted a hit or something?

Vin: *totally rolls on the ground with the mugger*

Mugger: Ack!

Vin: *stands up, craining one arm behind the guys back* soooo, free hits?

Vin: *Totally that damn hold where you cannot move*

Lu: Allow me.

Voice: KILL HIM!!!

Mugger: *can't move*

Lu: ::WHACKS the guy across the jaw::

Veld: *stands back and lets the kids play*

Lu: ::has good form::

Mugger's Jaw: *crack*

Lu: ::imagining the poor sap is Finn::

Lu: ::KNEES him::

Vin: *lets go* oooch...

Mugger: *rolls up in a ball*

Veld: *cringes* Geez.

Vin: *sympathy grunt*

Lu: Moron.

Lu: Okay. I feel better now. ^_^

Veld: That's good. *always a little surprised at the rage in some people*

Vin: Damns... I feel happy you just slapped me.

Lu: Well, I try not to traumatize my patients. ;}

Lu: And you weren't making with the grabby.

Veld: Slapping? Heh, good work. He needs it.

Lu: Heh

Lu: ::blushes::

Lu: ::aside to Vin:: If you could NOT mention our discussion at the pool side?

Veld: *to attacker on ground* Go to school kid, and learn something.

Veld: *shakes finger* Mugging people is wrong.

Vin: Or don't bother, come at me again I'll rip of your arms and shove them so far up your ass you choke.

Mugger: mrf.

Lu: Ow.

Lu: Just stay away from me.

Veld: Or that.

Lu: It'll be better for you.

Lu: ::shakes hand out as that rather hurt:: >_o

Veld: *notices* You need to clench your fist more next time.

Vin: And don't put your whole body into it.

Lu: Right.

Lu: ::will have a nice bruise later::

Vin: *Grabs mugger and lifts up, makes a fist* Like this. *decks the guy again*

Lu: ow...

Lu: You know he's probably had enough...

Mugger's nose: *crack*

Veld: Oh, the good old days when the practice dummies were bad interns. *is making another semi morbid joke*

Lu: oo;

Veld: *grins*

Lu: ^^; eh-heh

Vin: *drops the guy* Bar fights are good training.

Lu: I can imagine.

Voice: Killin yer dad is too.

Mugger: ugh.

Veld: Good trouble is more like it.

Lu: ::half mumbled:: so is gym class

Mugger: *skitters away*

Vin: *smiles innocently*

Veld: Anyway, hopefully we'll be able to get to the dorm without any further annoyances.

Lu: One can hope.

Vin: *smirks at Veld and wiggles eyebrows*

Vin: Yeah, no beating up guys alright? See ya tomorrow.

Lu: ::giggles::

Lu: G'night boys. Thanks for the walk.

Vin: Hey, anytime

Veld: No trouble. *ignored eye wiggle*

Veld: Be good.


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