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[ShinRa has a huge company party to welcome the higher ups of the companies that it recently took over. Everyone of importance is supposed to be there. Gast and Hojo are trying to have a good converstation that keeps getting interupted because women keep hitting on them. SOLDIERS are parading about as security. Scarlet is Elijah's "date". Vin and Veld are not supposed to be in attendence. They are not going to just let Letty out in this alone.

Elijah: Ah, the dress was the right size then, Scarlet.

Scarlet: It was a bit difficult to find a place to hide my sidearm, sir. *adjusts low bustline*

Gast: *sort of fidgety, but still good-natured*

Elijah: Well, you're the expert in that, not me.

Vin: *in a tree or something outside with Veld and stolen beer and snacks* Give me a reason, fucker.

Hojo: *twitchy*

Scarlet: *nods*

Veld: And why did you bring the beer again?

Veld: Drunken will spying is a BAD thing.

FarTooDrunkGirl: *clings on Hojo's arm* HELLLO, HOTTIE WITH THE GLASSES AND THE CUTE ARSE.

Hojo: *blinks* Hello

Vin: To stop the voice that keeps telling me to drag you in the closet from distracting me from the much more important job of making sure Letty is safe.

FTDG:... glasses are hot.

Elijah: *touches arm* You're very good security. I feel much safer now.

Veld: *blinks* ....

Scarlet: *smiles* Thank you sir, I try.

Hojo: You're extremely drunk, aren't you?

FTDG: ... Maaaaaaaaaybe

Elijah: You will make sure I get home alright? Higher up board members are often targets.

Hojo: *snogs her* Run along home now.

Veld: Dammit, the audio cut out. I can't tell what he's saying.

Scarlet: I'll see you to your home safely, sir.

Vin: *reads lips* Something about going home... *doesn't do it particularly WELL, but does*

Veld: We might have to move then.

FTDG: *hearts in eyes and scampers off*

Vin: ... this will take hours, Amon has speeches.

Vin: And she could just be securing that he gets home.... *drinks*

Veld: What a euphemism. *sideglance* only enough to shut them up, ok?

Elijah: Wonder if Shinra will get too long winded again. I might need you for a good excuse to leave, then.

Scarlet: Ah... shouldn't you stay for the whole evening sir?

Elijah: *chuckles* Would you?

Vin: Yeah, just enough to shut them up. *swigs*

Scarlet: *shrugs* I typically do a lot of things I'd rather not do for this job, sir.

Elijah: Oh? Like what, pray tell?

Vin: *growls*

Veld: Not in a public place. Wait until he's out.

Gast: So...Hojo, you wouldn't have happened to have seen a worn-looking package of cigarettes around the lab, would you?

Hojo: No, I don't think so. Unless it was with the trash Lu threw out.

Scarlet: Well, sitting here with a bunch of people that are staring at me in a dress like this... *clears throat* The job has its ups and downs, sir.

Elijah: But the dress is lovely on you. Must be confining being a woman like yourself in those masculine suits.

Scarlet: I don't feel confused at all, sir.

Elijah: Not confused. Confined.

Gast: The...trash? *had merely figured that he'd misplaced them and they would turn up, like, tomorrow* When did she do that?

Hojo: Oh, last night, she cleared a lot of stuff out. *has no idea if they were tossed or not*

Scarlet: *smiles sweetly* They are quite comfortable, sir.

Vin: *drops bottle* I don't need to read that fuckers lips, Letty looks pissed.

Elijah: Well, they certainly aren't as flattering.

Veld: Pissed? Scale of one to ten?

Scarlet: I don't think about things like that, sir....

Vin: Shes said "sir" after EVERY sentence, I know that much.

Gast: Oh. Ha... Well... I'll just have to buy a new box sometime, then! It's not a big thing. *is fidgeting with his hands, realizes this, and puts them in his pockets*

Elijah: Why not? You know, you'd make an excellent board member one of these days, considering you don't seem as insane as the rest of the bunch.

Hojo: Of course, sir.

Veld: Hmm. Might need you to get out the fire ants then. But don't let that get around

Scarlet: They... I feel very comfortable with them, sir.

Voice: I can smell him...what is that smell?

Elijah: But from the reports that have passed my way, they only get MORE insane.

Gast: *will have to mention to Lu not to throw away his cigarettes ever again*

Voice: Turn and run your hand up and down. See what he does.

Scarlet: *Takes out her own cigarettes to keep from strangling her boss* Meaning?

Vin: -what? I'm not feeling Veld up in a tree.-

Elijah: Well, they might make you uncomfortable sometime. Just saying.

Voice: How many buttons does his shirt have? Seven? Eight? It wouldn't take that long.

Gast: She certainly likes to keep things clean, doesn't she? *tries not to look at Scarlet's cigarette*

Voice: And he wouldn't remember it.

Voice: It'd be easy.

Hojo: She does, she reorganized the whole lab her first day in.

Scarlet: I will never be uncomfortable with them, they are like family, sir.

Elijah: Sounds like a rather dysfunctional family then.

Scarlet: *crosses legs and leans a bit away and puffs* Aren't they all?

Vin: *twitch*

Elijah: No. They don't have to be.

Gast: Sooo... *shifts around a bit* You mentioned that Iffy wants to go on the dig. Why is that?

Veld: You ok there Valentine? Did he say something inappropriate to her?

Hojo: I'm not sure. She seemed to perk up as soon as I mentioned it, though.

Voice: Say something inappropriate to HIM.

Vin: oh.. inappropriate things are being said... but not him.

Veld: *raises eyebrow* ...ok.

Scarlet: I don't believe in "functional", sir.

Elijah: Then what do you believe in? *looks amused*

Gast: And it seemed to me that Lu was really disappointed that she couldn't go. *will not look at pretty cigarette smoke and how it twists about in the air before disappearing*

Scarlet: I believe that what I believe doesn't matter as much as what I say and how I act. *smiles pretty*

Vin: Gast looks like he may die...

Elijah: See... perfect Board material.

Veld: Oh? Wonder why that is.

Scarlet: *shrugs and puffs*

Gast: *will NOT die*

Vin: That's the jones'n for a smoke look. *digs his own out*

Voice: Why are you both sitting down? This isn't a good view at all.

Voice: *miffed*

Elijah: *hands her a cigarillo* Try this instead. They're smoother.

Veld: No smoking. I'll take those away, you know.

Voice: KILL HIM.

Gast: *wishes he would take them away or something*

Scarlet: *smiles and offers her own* I roll my own, sir. *offers one*

Elijah: Well isn't that trendy.

Vin: *smokes and scoots away on branch so Veld cannot reah it*

Scarlet: It is whatever you want it to be, sir.

Veld: Don't make me come over there.

Voice: KILL HIM.

Vin: *puffpuffpuff*

Gast: *in retrospect, is not feeling all that peaceful and loving as he would like to*


Elijah: You be careful with words like that... you'll give a man ideas with that tone.

Voice: I doubt he'd let you have sex with him then if he died.

Vin: ... giving WHO idea's Asstwad? *bites smokes*




Scarlet: *stands* If you'll excuse me to the ladies room? I'll be right back. *smiles sweetly*

Veld: And I had such a nice branch too *does rather Turklike branch thing and snatches cigarette*

Voice: Plus, your biological clock is ticking. Like a time bomb.

Elijah: Not a problem.

Voice: KILL HIM!!!

Scarlet: *walks to Gast and offers a few of her "happier smokes"*

Vin: *drops beer and rushes Veld for cigarette* Would you STOP THAT!?


Gast: Hm? *surprised, doesn't act desperate or anything* Oh...why thank you. *snatch*

Veld: *flings cig away*

Vin: *looms in branch above Veld* ... Goddamnit, what if you light something on fire? Huh? then you'll blame me.



Scarlet: Maybe you guys want to talk to Elijah? I... ah, I worry about boring him....

Vin: SHhh!

Gast: *pulls out lighter and gets that puppy going real quick*


Vin: do you WANT us to get caught up here?

Veld: Oh. Point.

Elijah: *is boring without cleavage to oggle*

Vin: *flips up to branch to sit and lights up again* Great... where'd she go?

Scarlet: *sits back down* Sorry about that.

Gast: *calmer... zen... less twitchy*

Veld: *reaches up and snatches, after having to stand on branch*

Vin: *grapples still in the tree*

Veld: Just quit smoking. It'll be safer for everyone.

Vin: *has managed a semi-awkward position and maintains his smoke* Shouldn't you be watching LETTY?

Veld: I need to makes sure all my kids don't die of stupidity or bad situations.

Elijah: That was quick.

Scarlet: I don't waste time.

Elijah: How very efficient of you.

Scarlet: I'm a Turk.

Vin: I think she's frustraiting him... *trying to divert attetnion from his happy smoking*

Elijah: Yes. Well, considering I'm bored to tears here, would you like to go to a more secluded setting?

Gast: *chills off to the side, rather enjoying himself*

Veld: I bet she is. Stop smoking.

Vin: *smokes* Goddamnit, he says everything with the same fucking face...

Scarlet: I'm not sure that is appropriate, sir.

Veld: *sighs and moves to an even more unstable position and snatches* Yes, he's a lech. And you're not going to distract me from my lecture, dammit.

Elijah: Oh? And how is that?

Scarlet: You're an important, powerful man, sir. Shouldn't you be here?

Elijah: But I'm above all this socializing dribble.

Scarlet: As you say, sir.

Elijah: And I do so have a headache...

Vin: How about we blow up his car? He just used the headache excuse.

Veld: No explosions. HOW MANY times do I have to say that?

Veld: Maybe just strangulation.

Scarlet: I can see you home, if you are not feeling well, sir. Would you like me to call your driver?

Elijah: Yes, that sounds wonderful.

Scarlet: *stands and offers hand like a good bodyguard*

Vin: *hops from tree* They are moving.

Elijah: *makes use of it and feigns stumble into her* Whoops.

Veld: *follows* Good. Trees are unstable.

Scarlet: *puts a steadying arm around him, he's taller than her* Are you feeling well, sir? Would you like water?

Elijah: No, I'll be fine. I'd like to get home soon. *also acts a little less steady than he is*

Scarlet: Certainly sir, would you like me to call ahead to your home and have anything ready for you?

Vin: is ANYTHING safe?

Elijah: Sounds good.

Voice: Veld's ass wouldn't be if *I* hand anything to say about it.

Vin: *shakes head*

Elijah: Just some of my "medicine" (is like code to his staff for like wine or something)

Veld: The world is a dangerous place. *sees head shake* You didnt' drink enough?

Vin: No I didn't, he's not constant though. *walks to garage*

Scarlet: *helps Elijah to the elevator thinking he does need her assistance*

Veld: Well, that's kinda good then. Oh, and I'm driving.

Vin: *blinks* What?

Elijah: *is helped, the faker*

Voice: heh... driving...

Veld: When we tail him. I drive. You had alcohol. Make sense?

Veld: You all there? *waves hand*

Vin: I'm here, but I always drive

Veld: Right. How about no. You may SEEM sober, but I'm not getting us killed over something as silly as you getting blurry vision.

Vin: *scoffs* I've driven far worse, Veld.

Elijah: *makes way with Scarlet to car*

Vin: *backs up and hides like a sneaky Turk thing*

Veld: So? I don't care.

Veld: *does same after that little interjection there*

Scarlet: *makes call to Elijah's staff and then opens his door*

Voice: What is this fucking relationship with him, anyway? Just fucking foreplay the whole time?

Vin: You know I'm sober, the voice is still talking to me.

Veld: *sneaks to car, gets in driver's side*

Veld: And?

Voice: Who are you kidding? There's no way he'd fucking like you for your personality.

Vin: *gets in passenger side and lights up* And nothin, drive.

Voice: He just wants to fuck you and kill you, like you want to do to him.

Veld: Put that out or I push you out of this car.

Scarlet: *slides into car* Do you need anything?

Elijah: *clutches head* ouuch...*leans on her shoulder*

Vin: *totally downs the cigarette in one LONG ass drag, licks fingers and pinches it out before tossing it, injesting all of the smoke* -newsflash, I don't want to kill him.-

Voice: You're an idiot if you think it can be anything different than that. People are on the earth to be either fucked or shot by you.

Vin: *will find a way to push Veld's buttons, if it kills him*

Voice: Same thing with him. Stop talking and use him for sex already. It's driving me fucking insane.

Veld: *watches as car leaves and follows, lights off*

Vin: *shakes head and finally breathes out*

Voice: You don't have to kill him, if he can do that...one position. If he can, then you can keep him around.

Scarlet: *is leaned on*

Veld: More talk about killing, huh?

Voice: But if he doesn't put out soon, you'll need to slit his throat.

Vin: Don't worry about it, alright?

Voice: You should fucking worry. There's more at stake than your pathetic life.

Veld: I'm not worried from my end. You just seem really distracted.

Voice: We're all stuck inside your mind, you fucker. We can't have you dying on us.

Voice: We're all stuck inside your mind, you fucker. We can't have you dying on us.

Vin: No more than usual. I wish I could see in his fucking car... he wouldn't try anything would he? He's not Finn.

Voice: I wish Finn was here.

Voice: He could do that thing...with his tongue...you know.

Voice: He could do that thing...with his tongue...you know.

Veld: No, he's not. *keeps bitterness out of voice* But he still gives me a bad feeling.

Vin: *doesn't pick up on bitterness* He'd be all over her otherwise... *grumbles* Still, Elijah worries me more. He's smarter.

Veld: Bingo.

Elijah: *moves off as they finally got to his GINORMOUS rich man house*

Scarlet: *is trying to get out as the door is opened for her by butler dude*

Veld: Ok, if he tries anything, you follow MY plan and don't rush in like a stupidhead.

Vin: *totally scales fence* Yes oh great master Turk Veld, sir.

Scarlet: ...ah... that's not nessisary.

Veld: *hops down besides him* Damn straight you show some respect.

Vin: That was sarcasm, captain obvious McFoppenstien

Veld: I know. Shut up.

Veld: And you suck at name calling. You sound about... five.

Elijah: Help me inside?

Vin: You can't do better without cursing.

Veld: Bah.

Scarlet: *takes his arm, still confused about the whole door opening thing*

Veld: And they're heading inside. Let's go.

Vin: Bah, that is Velly for "I have no witty comeback". *follows*

Voice: ... mmmm following.

Veld: No that's VELD for "I'm not going to dignify your childishness with a response"

Vin: Velly-poo.

Elijah: *inside* I might need help to the sitting room as well.

Veld: I HATE that nickname.

Vin: *climbs up to get a view of sitting room* Fucking christ.... do you know the house I grew up in is smaller than this room, Velly-sama?

Vin: *totally serious as he says nickname*

Scarlet: *nods* Yes sir, would you like me to send for anything?

Veld: Please, no butchered Wutain honorifics.

Elijah: No, just... have a seat.

Elijah: Relax for a bit.

Elijah: Must have been a trying night.

Scarlet: *shrugs* I'm just not used to it. *sits away from him*

Vin: ... cocksuckingmotherfuckingsonofagoddamnedfuckingpigswallowinggodsdamned.... *digs out smokes* I hate rich people.

Elijah: *scoots a little closer* But you could get used to this type of setting. You seem like you were meant for this sort of thing.

Veld: No smoking and the hell did you just say?

Veld: Pigs are hard to swallow, you know.

Scarlet: *is out of room to scoot* I can get used to anything, sir, I'm a Turk.

Vin: Then maybe he could choke to death on it, he's totally coming onto her.

Elijah: Yes, shifty and versitile.

Scarlet: *nods*

Veld: No, I have an idea. YOU don't say anything and follow behind like a good kid.

Veld: *makes for front door all rushed like*

Elijah: *leeannss*

Veld: *busts into house like there's an emergency gun out*

Scarlet: *leaps to feet and reaches under dress and pulls gun*

Veld: Sir! Sorry to bother you, but we have to collect Miss Tiffany for an URGENT mission!

Veld: President's orders, sir.

Vin: *glares death and daggers at Elijah* Step it up Letty.

Elijah: Now?! Oh, well, I am home....

Scarlet: *moves from protective in front of Elijah* Yes sir!

Elijah: We can finish our conversation later.

Scarlet: *totally out the door with Vin*

Elijah: Have fun with your guns and stuff.

Vin: Heya, Letty.

Veld: *lowly* Did he touch you?

Scarlet: Get me out of this fucking dress and into some GODDAMN PANTS

Veld: *chuckles* Aye. *gets into drivers side again* Hop in kids.

Scarlet: I think he wants me as a board member... *looks back* But no, you guys saved my ass.

Vin: *gets into trunk and tosses Scarlet her regular clothes*

Veld: What kind of paranoid and stalker types would we be if we didn't?

Scarlet: *totally fucking changes in the backseat of the car* You'd be BAD stalkers. Bad ones. I'd have to get new ones

Vin: *gets in passenger seat* Velly won't let me drive...

Scarlet: Awww, have you been naughty?

Veld: He keeps smoking and won't listen when I tell him it's bad.

Voice: You haven't been naughty enough.

Veld: You too, Scarlet. You should stop that nasty habit.

Vin: -well maybe you could GIVE ME IDEAS TO BE NAUGHTY instead of moping?-

Scarlet: *smokes* Gods... what is WITH that guy? Its like you can't tell him no.

Voice: He seems to have a fixation with closets. And the tie does make for easy pulling...

Veld: He's rich and bored and devious.

Vin: -yeah and the touchy rule? I can't just grab at him.-

Scarlet: He's RICH, there are PLENTY of women who would LAVISH him with sexual escapades worthy of sonnets and freekshow books. WHY ME?

Voice: He doesn't twitch as much with you. It's rather sweet, isn't it?

Vin: *growls* -yeah, right up to where he tries to kill me-

Vin: Cause you're the one telling him no?

Veld: Those type seem to LOVE the DAMN CHASE... FUCKING BASTARDS! *car pulls up in a squeal of tires, rather uncharacteristic for Velly*

Voice: So, you could kill HIM then. Sounds hot.

Vin: *looks at Veld and then leans over* He may give up and find you boring if just say ta hell with it. Not saying that you SHOULD...

Scarlet: ... yeah, I was wondering that. Finns the same way. Tell him yes once and he's done.


Veld: *glares at both of them*

Vin: *sits back* Well, its the truth...

Veld: Yes, you would know, WOULDN'T YOU?

Vin: YEAH, I would!

Scarlet: ... *pinches nose*

Veld: Scarlet, glad to see you're safe, I'm going up to do paperwork now. *gets out of car and slams door*

Vin: I'm going to go and makes sure he goes to bed before work starts tomorrow...

Scarlet: I'm going to.... run away from you both I think and go somewhere safe.. like a gangwar or something.

Vin: *laughs* Alright, just no boys

Scarlet: *rolls eyes* Veld was a bitch and sent Reeve to Junon with Kitty on PURPOSE.

Scarlet: So it's bad monster movies and crosswords.

Vin: *elevators to office*

Scarlet: *goes up the stairs*

Veld: *is already typing away madly*

Vin: *walks in* Veld, it is nine PM.

Veld: GREAT time to work.

Scarlet: *Bitches about the SHEER AMOUNT OF STAIRS and sits down*

Vin: You usually are in bed.

Veld: We just spent some time doing recon. Typically I would have spent that time doing work.

Veld: So I'm catching up.

Veld: And I had to wait around because you kids were LATE coming back from your mission.

Vin: You're caught up, Mitri is doing paperwork now cause he thinks the zombies will eat him and we couldn't HELP that!

Vin: It was difficult to even get in without someone wondering let alone take out the mark and get out.

Veld: Uh huh. *type type* Who the FUCK is Mitri?

Vin: *raises eyebrow* .... a SOLDIER...

Voice: He's irrational. Crazy. Kill him

Veld: *shakes head* Sorry, damn bad memory and names and all that...

Veld: The hell you doing hanging with THOSE crazy fucks?

Vin: Why did you ask me like that?

Veld: Oh no reason.

Vin: ah huh.

Veld: Just go... get drunk or something and leave me alone.

Vin: Why?


Scarlet: *reads* WHY are we on the fifty-second floor? What the FUCK bright idiot made this building?

Vin: ... we have established that I have used someone's irrational fear of zombies to become a paper money and that you are in fact caught up *snatches paper from typewriter and reads it*


Veld: Maybe YOUR work is.

Paper: Stupid kids. Stupid Valentine. People are stupid. I hate people.

Vin: ...ahhuh, wokr huh? And I pissed you off.

Vin: And I know you hate people.

Veld: Yes, sociopaths have SUCH A love for humanity.

Vin: What are you mad about?

Veld: Nothing. Myself. Everything.

Voice: He's crazy and he hates you. He's mad cause you are alive.

Vin: So tell me?

Scarlet: *takes potty break*

Voice: Yes, sociopaths do not like people. Even if you are not REALLY a person, you somewhat look like one.

Veld: Just... it's nothing. You apologized already and it shouldn't bother me.

Vin: It's Fin, isn't it?

Veld: Obvious, eh?

Scarlet: *does the sneaky Turk thing now*

Veld: *thinks: well, and the whole debacle with Hojo, but I can't tell you that.*

Vin: Just about.

Veld: *shrugs* I'm not going to run off and kill anything if you're worried. The typewriter is oddly theurapedic.

Vin: No, you're going to be pissed off every time this comes up and I don't like that.

Scarlet: *blinks a few times*

Veld: Well you can't just UNFUCK him or anything, so I'll just learn to be pissed.

Vin: You shouldn't be pissed about that!

Scarlet: *pulls out a pop tart* -no BOYS huh, Veld?-


Veld: So YOU deal with that.


Veld: *blinks a few times*

Vin: *runs hands through hair* Fucking GODS, man. And Mitri? I'm using cadaver parts to scare him into DOING MY PAPERWORK SO I CAN DO YOURS AND LIGHTEN THE FUCKING WORKLOAD YOU ALWAYS BITCH ABOUT

Scarlet: -heh. and here we thought he was lazy-

Veld: You're doing my paperwork?

Vin: You forget about it, I've been doing it for years.

Veld: WHAT?!



Vin: Like you'll say an order and totally space it, and I was afraid they'd remove you. *slams the order to go to Junon on his desk* LIKE THIS MORNING

Vin: You wouldn't believe me, and I didn't think I was supposed to. You have a FUCKING HARD TO DUPLICATE WRITING STYLE TOO

Veld: *looks at it* Oh, so THAT'S where Reeve went.

Scarlet: -goddamnit, I want to be pissed and you don't REMEMBER. Dick...-

Veld: He's got to bodyguard this crazy kid that came into my office... I wonder if the kid's still the in broom closet where I left him... *chuckles*

Vin: you put someone in a closet?

Scarlet: *hides*

Veld: He was annoying me.

Veld: You kids were all gone and he kept getting into my space.

Vin: ... But sticking clerks to flypaper ALREADY THERE is bad. But closets are fine?

Vin: Who was he?

Veld: I told him it was a witness protection room... oh some kid with a D name or something...

Vin: ... where did you leave him?

Veld: Oh that one closet down the hall.

Voice: So you can kill him?

Vin: So maybe we should check on him?

Veld: Why?

Vin: so you can order your Turks back?

Veld: Eh, whatever. Can't remember half what I said to him anyway.

Vin: Because you've... Gods, I'm bringing PAPERWORK to your apartment tonight... SATURDAY NIGHT. I DO NOT WORK ON SUNDAY.

Vin: and if THIS GETS OUT I SWEAR TO THE GODS... *walks to the closet*

Veld: *gets up* Ya ya, you're the one that likes me so much, quit complaining.

Vin: *opens closet* Alright, so... no kid.

Veld: Must be raiding the lounge.

Voice: ... grab him by the tie and throw him into the closet.

Voice: Come on... you know you want to do it.

Voice: cause he wants it. At least *I* do and I know you do, you should really fix yourself before you go out in public.

Veld: They had good donuts today. *notices face* What, they pissed at me again?

Vin: ... Scale of 1- 10 how twitchy are you?

Veld: Well, I'm not really pissed off considering your little paperwork confession...

Veld: ....exactly why do you need a numerical approximation?

Voice: He's not twitchy. Get him.

Vin: *Grabs tie and throws into closet*

Veld: THE HELL?!

Vin: *pins and snogs for a second before backing off*

Voice: YES!

Veld: O.O Ok... what are you doing....?

Voice: Just shut him up. He talks too much.

Vin: What does it feel like I'm doing? *closes door and kisses him again*

Veld: *muffled protest for a minute* HEY! I thought you were OK WITH THE NO SEX!

Vin: I am. *Kisses again* You never said no kissing. *Turns to leave closet*

Veld: Oh well if you're going to put it that way... *grabs his sleeve and pulls him back*

Vin: Yes?

Veld: *snog attack of repression*

Scarlet: *opens the door*

Vin: *falls on his ass*

Veld: O.O

Veld: *is still standing*

Scarlet: I THOUGHT you said NO BOYS! *looks at Veld's crotch* You sure LOOK LIKE A BOY TO ME


Scarlet: *points to shocked Vin* HE IS A BOY TOO


Scarlet: *woman glare*

Veld: Ok... Scarlet, this isn't what it looks like...

Vin: *gets his pants back in order* O.O

Scarlet: ... *crosses arms and continues with "look"*

Veld: WHAT?

Scarlet: Well, what was it then? Because it sure as hell wasn't NECKING IN A CLOSET

Veld: *oh the reddness* I WAS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING!

Scarlet: *glares at Vincent*

Vin: IthinkthatIleftthecoffepotintheofficeon *scrambles for office*

Scarlet: looking for something? Was it DOWN VINCENT'S THROAT?

Veld: HEY! *grumbles about cowardliness*



Veld: *breathes* Scarlet, you're far more naive, nicer, and suseptable to boy attacks than myself or Valentine. We're just looking out for you.

Scarlet: Reeve is not an attacking boy. I *like* him and hells. *laughs*

Vin: *Comes out half afraid Letty will flip out and kill them both*.

Veld: *is not so much afraid of dying as it getting out*

Veld: Yes, and I'm being the WRONG and BIG BAD HYPOCRITE!

Scarlet: *giggles* Well, I suppose they wanted us all to be close huh? *rolls eyes* It all makes SENSE now.

Veld: What? Makes sense?

Scarlet: Yes. Everything makes sense now.

Veld: What didn't make sense?

Scarlet: Why you were always on his case, why he always pushed your buttons, why you had two different sets of punctuation errors in your written reports when I edited them.

Veld: Oh, no, he's just an asshole.

Veld: The other stuff's just extra.

Scarlet: Sure. *smiles* Damn, I'm going home and having icecream and a bath. Enjoy the closet.


Scarlet: *looks at him like he is fucking insane* Uhm... duh?

Scarlet: May want to go home though, Hojo orders pizza about now.

Veld: *blinks*

Veld: *nods*

Veld: *glares at Vin*

Vin: ah... hi?

Veld: Real brave one there, just SITTING and SAYING NOTHING LIKE THAT!

Veld: GODS now I look like a DAMN PERVERT!

Vin: Bwa?

Veld: *rolls eyes* You. Me. Home. Now.

Vin: *Already has paperwork in case* Yeah, sure. Don't even tell anyone I'm doing work off the clock.

Veld: Only if you piss me off.... more than usual.

Veld: *sideglance* And that hardly qualifies as work.

Vin: *arches eyebrow* Oh really? Here I thought I'd be sleeping on reports tonight.

Veld: Not after that stunt. Geez, and you messed up my tie!

Vin: Have to buy stronger ties, man.

Veld: Only if that becomes a regular thing.

Vin: Only if you want it to be.

Vin: *totally in car DRIVERS SEAT*

Veld: Heh, you're REALLY touchy about driving.... and we'll see.

Vin: *drives like drakon, but a little less slow and safe*

Vin: *parks at Velly's*

Veld: *gets out of car like he's REALLY glad to be out of the car*

Veld: *basically like Cendri when Drakon has almost keeled her in the car*

Vin: *happily carries the paperworks to elevator*

Veld: *does in fact snog him a little in elevator... hey, it's called repression for a reason*

Vin: *unlike Reeve, has developed a bit of a love of elevatoring* *gets to apartment*

Veld: You WILL go to work on time tomorrow.

Vin: Tomorrow is Sunday.

Veld: *blinks* Oh, right.

Vin: *rather likes fits of "repression"*

Veld: And this does NOT mean you will go an willy nilly with me. I'm still a DAMN twitchy person and will NOT hesitate to kill you.

Vin: *grabs tie* That's why I have a cheerful number system before doing this *pushes against door and snogs* (Snogs is the best word ever)


Vin: *waits for Veld to open the door then* *looks for people*

Voice: ... oh now if someone INTERUPTS that is not Letty... die.

Veld: *has trouble with keys as he's a bit flustered*

Lock: *is conquered, yay!*

Vin: *Waltzes inside and lets door close and lock behind them* There, better?

Veld: Yes. *stops looking paranoid*

VIn: *walks to put paperworks on the coffee table*

Veld: *kinda just sits down on couch and realizes that he's been coming on a bit strong*

Vin: *pounce*

Veld: *scratch that thought*

Veld: Geez, kid, you ALWAYS this aggressive?

Vin: usually.

Vin: and I bite.

Veld: o.O Then how did that... nevermind, I don't need to think about that.

Vin: *bites*

Veld: Shit! Easy, I'm OLD!

Vin: Not old.


Vin: *changes tactic to *lick**

Veld: Ahh... just remember... no... no... sex... or... anything....

Vin: Of course not, *lick* You want me to back off?

Vin: *a hah! I have found a weakness!*

Veld: Um... no... just... ah... remember that.

Vin: Sure, *continues with much licking of neck area* I'll make sure I remember.

Veld: ...good.

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