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Lu: ::tripping a bit on the pain medication::

Voice: You haven't fucked, gotten drunk, smoked anything, or broke someone's neck in a good twenty minutes.

Voice: Just...ya know. Letting you know, you fucker.

Vin: -oh I haven't Dear Gods that will JUST NOT DO. Fucking assclown-

Lu: ::mumbles indistinctly::

Vin: Lucy? *is afraid to touch her*

Lu: ::still has little modified pizza badge that says "honorary Turk" on it::

Lu: ::blinks groggily:: ....Vin...?

Vin: *looks at Hojo then to Lu* Well fuck me.

Vin: Yeah, hey, what happened?

Hojo: *snrrrrrr* *rolls over*

Lu: ::mumbles indistinctly about shots and mako and green alien ladies::

Voice: She's not awake. You could do her and no one would be able to tell.

Lu: ::lays there::

Vin: This is as helpful as a goddamn hole in my fucking head. *pokes Hojo* Hey... what's going on? *hopes Hojo talks in his sleep*


Voice: Or him. You could do him.

Galian: PRETTY, no hurt.

Hojo: Hrmwha?

Lu: ::would be really messy to "do" atm::

Voice: Not hurt, just nonconsentual fucking.

Vin: *kneels by Hojo* What happened?

Lu: ::would be forced to hurt him later if such a thing were attemtped::

Voice: Ooo, like him better, eh?

Voice: May want to look into these fucking homosexual tendancies of yours.

Voice: This may be difficult, Gigas, but some people have these things called standards when looking for a "fuck" as you so crudely put it.

Hojo: *sleepy mumble* she was singing...

Vin: Who was singing?

Voice: Not going to fucking buy that.

Lu: she'sloud...

Lu: makeherstop...

Hojo: the cetra

Vin: *looks over* What happened to Lucrecia? Who was singing?

Vin: *blink* The Cetra?

Voice: That's just making it all emotional. It's not as important as people think.

Voice: I have come to the conclusion that Vincent is the sanest person in this company.

Voice: Fucking suck up.

Hojo: Lu? *blinks, half-awake now* Lu had a bad reaction.

Voice: You're out of the group.

Lu: mph...

Vin: I'll fuckings say! She looks half dead.

Hojo: She'll be fine.

Lu: ::about that, yes::

Vin: what did you guys do?

Lu: ::because the boys do not understand that MORE IS SO _NOT_ BETTER!::

Hojo: about 50 ccs of mako...

Lu: ::can we make it 25 next time?::

Vin: *looks around but Nii appears to have cleaned up well* HOLY WHAT? Alexander fuck all, Hojo, that's pretty damned stupid.

Vin: No wonder she's messed up.

Voice: ...messed up in the head, messed up in the head.

Voice: Put them out of their misery

Lu: shutupandgoaway....

Voice: Imperfect fuckers.

Lu: soloud...

Lu: ooh...

Voice: Just shoot her in the head, point blank. You know how you like it.

Voice: she's rather whiny... almost moreso than Galian.

Hojo: *more awake* No, that was me. She had less.

Voice: You already got your hand on the fucking gun.

Gigas: *growls*

Vin: *removes hand from his gun*

Voice: Dammit.

Vin: Why were you guys doing that?

Hojo: Thought we should have a... control for the mako.

Vin: I've got half a mind to kick your fucking ass. She can't even fucking have ASPRIN.

Voice: That's the best idea you've had all day, Vincent.

Hojo: She thought it was a fine idea.

Lu: ::I wouldn't say THAT::

Voice: That is because she is stupid.

Hojo: What is it with Turks playing guardian angel today? *sits up*

Lu: ::coughs::

Voice: Kill him, just take his head, and throw it on that spiked modern art piece over there.

Lu: oooh.... ::waking up a bit more::

Voice: Perhaps it would be best for you to leave them both be? It wouldn't do...maybe he should talk more.

Vin: What are you talking about, Hojo?

Hojo: You protecting Lu, Veld protecting you, Scarlet... okay, well, I'd hardly call that protecting Yukio, but still.

Lu: ::coughcough:: ::blinkblink:: mph...

Voice: Take his head and spill the brain matter all over the white floor.

Vin: When the fuck did Veld do anything to protect me?

Lu: ...you're so loud....

Voice: You know you've always wanted to see how very big his brain was.

Voice: SEE, they plot against you.

Lu: ....guys?

Hojo: When... *just awake enough to realize that answering that question might be bad* when he was... down here...

Voice: Liar was plotting. You should listen to us. Veld's going to put you in a box and let Hojo drill holes into your head.

Lu: ::watches them fight::

Hojo: He was... complaining about your shots. *that's close enough to the truth*

Vin: *shakes head* I am going to ask this as plainly as humanly possible because I am getting quite angry. What are you talking about? My shots were fine last time.

Voice: You know, your diction is far better when you are angry.


Lu: ::trying to focus on them::

Hojo: He thought the planned regimen might damage you unnecessarily.

Lu: Vin...Hojo...what's going on....?

Voice: They want to kill you, they want to fuck you, they want to drink and smoke you...

Lu: ::tries to sit up::

Lu: ::which is a very very BAD idea::

Voice: I wonder if you'll get the shock treatments that your mother got? What do you think, Gigas?

Voice: And Veld didn't even put out.

Voice: Oh, maybe he's stringing you along.

Hojo: Lie down, Lu, Valentine here is simply making a fuss where he doesn't belong.

Voice: I think he will, and it'll do horrible things to the place.

Lu: ::was on her side, holding herself up with her arms::

Vin: I haven't started a fuss yet, Hojo. What did you talk to Veld about me for?

Voice: Damn Veld, should've stuck with Finn.

Voice: At least Finn is honest.

Voice: At least Finn is honest.

Lu: ::just kinda sits there as anything more elaborate would require concentrations she does not currently have::

Hojo: He talked to me. I came down and found him going through my files.

Vin: Since I was the one being talked about, I think you should tell me what you were discussing... *calmly PISSED beyond all understanding*

Voice: At least Finn could do that thing with his tongue...you know.

Lu: ::arms shaking:: don't yell... ><; please...

Hojo: As I said, we were discussing your shot regimen.

Voice: He was going through your files in order to make you into your mother.

Voice: Kill your father, marry your mother. Or just be crazy batshit like she was, in that white room.

Vin: my shots aren't something he has to dig through a locked cabinet for, Hojo. I'm not educated, but I'm not stupid.

Voice: Little white room, even worse than getting your brain splattered out your ears.

Voice: Just like your mother, in a little room. But you're more dangerous, I bet they'll break your legs.

Voice: I bet they break your arms and legs.

Galian: petty... sick.

Voice: I bet they give you those shots. You know, the ones that make you see things in the walls.

Hojo: You'd be shocked what I keep locked up down here, Vincent, purely because of nosey Turks pawing through.

Voice: Your mother was completely batshit crazy. Your dear old dad didn't deserve to have such a shitty family.

Voice: Oh, no, he was a drunk. You're just like them both, honestly.

Voice: Yes, kill them, become them.

Voice: I bet you're going to smack Hojo around now, just like your dad used to do your mom when she didn't tell him what he wanted to hear.

Voice: Just like the time he smacked you for sitting in the wrong place, back when you were what? Five?

Voice: If that.

Voice: You smacked him back, didn't you?

Voice: But he didn't LIKE that at all. nearly broke your arm, remember how that hurt? That's nothing compaired to what they will do to you here.

Voice: You smacked him with a gun. You smacked him with a gun.

Vin: *nods to Lu* So, how long is she supposed to lay down here?

Hojo: Until she feels better.

Voice: Better like you feel after the shots. Better like Veld is. Better like the Turks are.

Voice: Better like those SOLDIERS.

Voice: Batshit crazy, the lot of you.

Vin: *rubs head* So what sort of conclusion did you come to about my shots?

Voice: What would you do if he just said, "We're sending you to that white hell-hole...."

Voice: Would you crack his head on that artwork if he said it?

Vin: -I'd rip his throat out and then go rip out Veld's-

Voice: Oh, please say it, Hojo.

Voice: I want to see his brain, though.

Voice: You would have to crack it open. I wanna see how big it is.

Hojo: I'm going to be revising your shots in the future, but not immediately. Oh, and you're getting a special security assignment in a few weeks.

Vin: ... I ... am?

Voice: "Special security." More like...."Special White Room."

Voice: Of course he wouldn't SAY IT. You have to read between the lines, you fucker.

Voice: You're so dead. He's going to lock you in a box, and everything's gonna wash down to hell.

Hojo: We're planning some work at a satellite lab in the Nibel area. You and two SOLDIERs will be accompanying as security.

Hojo: Shinra suggested you specifically.

Voice: Sounds vague enough to work on you.

Hojo: He must think highly of you.

Voice: Is it going to trick you?

Vin: *raises eyebrow* I doubt that. *looks at Lu again*

Hojo: Pepper and Lu will be coming as well.

Voice: All washed down to hell in the same flush.

Vin: Whatever, not like I can tell him no. *Turns to leave* ... Tell Lucy I was down to say hi. *Looks back at the files and glares again* And I suppose we'll be seeing a lot of each other...

Down in hell.

Voice: Saves water.

Hojo: I suppose we will.

Voice: We can always kill him later

Voice: After we're all washed down the same fucking way.

Voice: Later is never good enough.

Voice: Oh like three scientists and a few SOLDIERS can stop him anyway. It'd be easier to kill them in a remote lab.

Voice: Who says it's a lab?

Vin: *leaves*

Voice: Hojo? We're believing he's telling the truth? Hilarious.

Voice: He's walking into a trap. And it's fucking hilarious.

Voice: He needs to kill Hojo now, kill everyone now.

Lu: ::choses this moment to collapse::

Lu: xx

Vin: *shakes head a bit*

Voice: If he waits until later, he'll turn into his mother and father.

Voice: And they'll flush him down into a box, a box in a dungeon.

Hojo: *checks on Lu*

Lu: x_x

Lu: ::feels so horrible::

Lu: I'm going to die...

Vin: *elevators to the Turk Office*

Hojo: You're not going to die. *checks her vitals*

Lu: ::really feels like she might- even tho she won't::

Lu: ::is more or less okay, low BP and in PAIN but otherwise not bad::

Hojo: *attaches new feed to IV* *strokes her forehead absently* You'll be fine.

Lu: ::shrinks a little::

Lu: right.

Lu: is that before or after the one-dozen starving, crazed weasles eat through my stomach?

Hojo: *pauses to consider* After.

Lu: ::groan:: thought maybe.

Lu: could we maybe halve the dosage next time, please? xx

Lu: I would like to request the day off.

Lu: becuase there is no freaking way I can even STAND.

Hojo: Granted.

Lu: thankyou. ::facepillow:: xx

Lu: ::tries to sit up again::

Lu: ><;

Hojo: Stay down, Lu.

Lu: ::dizzy::

Lu: I don't think my back will bend that far anyway ><;

Lu: ::gives up::

Lu: ::stares at ceiling and feels icky::

Hojo: *starts in on the day's paperwork*

Lu: ::feels ignored::

Lu: Can we please halve the dosage next time?

Hojo: ... you want there to be a next time?

Hojo: What dedication! I'm so glad we hired you.

Lu: ...

Lu: ::was being facecous:: ><;

Lu: ::me and my biiiiig mouth::

Lu: Heh.

Lu: I also suggest stocking up on "girl stuff".

Lu: ::tries to get up again::

Lu: ::determined to get up::

Lu: ::so gross:: ><;

Lu: ugh

Lu: is Ifalna in yet?

Lu: or Scarlet?

Vin: *goes into Hillenbrand's office to pick lock and see if anything has his name on it* -just... curious.-

Voice: Listening to the voices in your head again? VIncent, son, you're crazy.

Voice: Don't call him that, he's not your son.

Voice: He's just a fucking miserable orphan.

Jonas: *walks into office, busy reading a stack of folders, bumps into Vincent*

Voice: KILL!

Voice: Well, his mommy is alive. In the nut house.

Jonas: *sneers* Well, well, well. What have we here?

Voice: Orphan, orphan.

Vin: *quickly makes it look like he's just...ah, found his way here.

Vin: Checking to see if there was anything else you needed done, sir.

Jonas: What in the SEVEN HELLS do you think you're doing in my office?

Jonas: You KNOW it's off limits.

Voice: Kill him.

Vin: The door was unlocked. *lies out his ass*


Jonas: You'd better not be insinuating that I left the door open, Turk.

Voice: Break his neck, eviscerate him.

Vin: Well, someone did. *as an afterthought* Sir.

Jonas: *seething in invisible rage* Those mangy SOLDIERs. How dare they.

Vin: *shakes head* I don't know sir. I think they said something about looking for pornography. I don't get involved, very busy with all the paperwork.

Voice: Liar. You're a liar too.


Jonas: *coughs hastily* That is ...er, that is HIGHLY ILLEGAL!

Vin: I heard one saying that you liked those magazines with the men in the leather, sir.

Jonas: WHAT?!! That is preposterous! It makes my brains EXPLODE WITH ANGER!!

Voice: Mmmm...sodomy.

Jonas: *quietly* Note to self, get new safe.

Vin: *tries not to smirk* I would change my locks, sir.

Jonas: *angrily stalks over to desk* It's such a shame they're so ... useful. Else I'd have them all ... exterminated.

Jonas: *tosses a folder at Vincent* Ah, here Valentine, this one's got your name on it.

Vin: *blinks* New assignment sir?

Voice: It's a one-way assignment to hell. You know it already.

Vin: *flips through it* Ah, sir, this is just my... never mind, thank you sir, hope you find your porn sir.

Jonas: *not looking up, is focused on safe* I think it's the minutes from the last Security Department meeting as well.

Jonas: *looks up, flustered* AND I HAVE NO PORN!

Vin: No sir, your porn is gone, I'll make sure they know if they look for it more.

Voice: Ask him for it.

Voice: It's so hard to find good gay porn these days.

Voice: What? You're not going to keep trying with Veld?


Voice: You know me. I want him to just FUCK SOMEBODY.


Voice: Vincent's shirt at least came off last time. I'd think you'd be happy.

Voice: I don't fucking care how he gets it.

Vin: *salutes and turns to go*

Voice: Not good enough. That's just teasing. Fucking teasing. Fucking Veld.

Voice: He's going to put us in the loony fucking bin and I'm going to be so fucking pissed.

Lu: ::royal mess::

Lu: oooh... ><;

Lu: ::stiff and still in a lot of pain::

Scarlet: *walks into lab* Alright, how about this for a bet, Ho...jo... what in the lords happened to Lucrecia?

Lu: don't ask ><;

Scarlet: They didn't even give you underwear, let alone a pad did they?

Lu: well, in their defense, it would have been pretty pointless.

Lu: mako does ugly things to one's cycle, apparently.

Lu: I hate to ask this but...help? --;

Scarlet: Can you move? I've got some extra clothes and stuff, Let's go take you to the showers?

Lu: kinda

Lu: please.

Lu: ::will DROWN in Scarlet's stuff::

Scarlet: *looks at IV* Ah... Hojo, ... *wonders if he's alseep* Can you help me with these IVs? *pats Lu's hand* Stupid men...*to her*

Lu: I got it.

Lu: ::unhooks herself::

Lu: ow...

Lu: ::rubs gingerly at arm::

Lu: ::still making quite a mess::

Scarlet: *offers arms to lean on*

Lu: ::takes it, can hardly stand, doubled-over with cramps:: ><;;;

Lu: ::bites lip::

Scarlet: I've got stuff for cramps too. *Knows the cramps face*

Lu: ::labcoat and stockings more or less ruined::

Lu: thanks --;

Lu: ::hobbles along with Scarlet's help::

Scarlet: Alright, little steps, to the Turk showers.

Lu: ::remembers locker room remark:: oo;

Scarlet: You alright?

Lu: um...can you make sure there aren't like...any guys in there please?

Scarlet: *giggles* I think the guys are all gone, I promise, they announce before they walk in.

Lu: ohgood. --;

Lu: ::not terribly reassured::

Scarlet: *helps her to the locker-room and out of the labcoat and stockings* I have jasmine vanilla shampoo? *offers*

Lu: heh thanks

Lu: ::takes::

Lu: ::soooooooooooo gross::

Lu: uhg...

Scarlet: You want me to help you?

Lu: just make sure I don't fall on my face ><;

Lu: at least my sweater is still okay ::sets it aside::

Scarlet: Let me put on something I can get wet, alright?

Lu: okay

Lu: ::hides in shower stall::

Scarlet: *finds a pair of Veld's boxers and her sports bra* There we go.

Lu: ::snerk::

Scarlet: Alright then. *helps her clean up*

Lu: ::gets clean::

Lu: ::nearly faints twice::

Vin: Man on board! *from door to locker room*

Lu: I so owe you --;

Lu: OO;;;;;;;

Lu: ::hides behind Scarlet:: ;;

Scarlet: Hold up there, Vin!

Lu: meep!

Lu: ::panic::

Vin: Huh? I smell like ass, Letty, don't hog the fucking soap.

Lu: ::towel! need towel!!!::

::Lu's grosse-out clothes hanging out of trash can::

Scarlet: hold on one sec, I'll send him up for my clothes.

Scarlet: *walks out to talk to Vin*

Lu: ::leans against wall::

Vin: ... I knew you just wanted in Velly's pants.

Lu: ;;

Scarlet: Hush up, don't I have some clothes in the locker?

Lu: ::snickers a little despite herself::

Vin: *checks* Ah, yeah, some Jeans and that little tank-top that's too small on you anyway and makes Veld want to kill people when you wear it.

Lu: ::snerks::

Scarlet: Perfect. Gimmie and go sit outside.

Vin: But... but I smell bad.

Scarlet: Now!

Vin: *mutters and goes outside*

Lu: ::breathes::

Scarlet: There, got you clothes. *hands over Vin's towel*

Lu: ::takes:: thanks

Lu: ::wraps up::

Lu: I SO owe you xx

Lu: ::wavers::

Scarlet: *helps her sit down after she's dressed* There, better?

Lu: ::breathes::

Lu: yes, thank you...

Scarlet: Vin, you can shower now.

Lu: ::rubs at back::

Lu: eep!

Lu: ::hands over eyes::

Vin: *walks in already taking his clothes off and goes into the shower* Using your shampoo, Letty.

Lu: I should um...let him have some privacy.

Lu: ::dies of embarrassment::

Scarlet: *Walks into shower* GIVE THAT HERE

Lu: ::hands over eyes::

Vin: NO!

Scarlet: I'll kick your ass!

Lu: ::sits with hands over eyes:: xx;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Vin and Scarlet: *fight over shampoo in the shower like five year olds*

Lu: ::tries to tip-toe out with hands still over eyes::

Lu: ::unsurprisingly slips on wet floor and faceplants::

Lu: xx

Lu: ow.

Scarlet: *Has won the shampoo back from the evil clutches of Valentine*

Vin: Wench!

Lu: ::tries to pick self up without losing Scarlet's jeans::

Lu: ::gasps::

Scarlet: *rushes over* Are you alright?

Lu: yeah, I think so... ><;

Lu: ::holds Scarlet's jeans up with free hand::

Vin: *Turns off showers, goes to find his towel, steals Veld's*

Lu: Vincent isn't still in here, is he? >>;

Scarlet: *thinks* Let me see if Veld has a belt in his locker, he keeps things like that all over. *goes to check*

Lu: --; thanks

Vin: *getting dressed* I've got one if he don't

Lu: ::situations too surreal:: xx

Lu: ::studies the oh so interesting floor tiles::

Vin: *has his pants on now and walks over belt* Here.

Scarlet: Thanks, Vinnie.

Lu: oh um thanks....

Lu: ::takes and threads through loops::

Lu: ::has unknowingly just patented the Grunge/Skater Look::

Vin: *is the living embodiment of messy look* So, feelin better?

Lu: ::blushes, still feeling weird about this:: um, yeah, kinda

Lu: thanks

Vin: *shrugs* No big.

Scarlet: You want Vin or me or us to take you home or anything?

Lu: um yeah

Lu: I already told Hojo I'd had enough for one day.

Vin: Why did you DO something like that?

Lu: Well, they wanted a control subject

Scarlet: *looks at Vin*

Lu: my crazy is learned ;P

Vin: So you just said "sure shoot me up"!

Lu: and Hojo doesn't understand the concept of "less is more" 9_(

Lu: Not in so many words.

Lu: I knew what was in there.

Lu: You guys all took it more or less okay

Vin: ... *shakes head* Damned naive.

Lu: That's me in two words.

Lu: ::somewhere between sarcastic and honest::

Vin: That shits addictive, you know? *sounds rather like Veld* I cannot believe you'd just trot out to something this stupid.

Lu: ....

Lu: who was it said about being "fired"?

Scarlet: Vin, that's enough.

Lu: People do crazy stuff for paid benefits.

Lu: I'm not a complete idiot.

Vin: *growls* I never called you dumb, I said what you DID was dumb, I called you naive

Lu: ...I never said "dumb" either.

Lu: I knew what it was, and I'll admit, I didn't know what it would do to me.

Lu: Now I know.

Lu: It could have been worse.

Lu: I'll be all right.

Lu: thanks tho.

Lu: He just gave me too much. That's all.

Lu: Really.

Vin: *digs out his smokes* So do you want a ride home?

Lu: ::thinks about walk back to dorm with cramps::

Lu: please.

Lu: Scarlet, I'll get your stuff back to you later.

Lu: thanks for loaning it to me. xx

Scarlet: *holds up hand* No rush.

Scarlet: I'm going to actually have to go the other way. You mind getting her home, Vin?

Vin: Yeah, I got her.

Lu: thanks again

Scarlet: *scampers off*

Vin: You sure you're alright?

Lu: yeah I'm okay

Lu: ::still a little dizzy and anemic::

Vin: You want to get some food or something or just go home?

Lu: nofood. ><;

Lu: I think I'd just rather go home

Lu: thank you tho

Lu: ::green at thought of food:: xx

Vin: Maybe getting sick is the best thing? That's how it is when you drink too much at least.

Lu: ooooh no ><

Lu: ::crosses arms over stomach::

Lu: please just...just take me home...

Vin: *Nods and walks with her to the garage*

Lu: ::follows, still not terribly steady or comfortable::

Vin: ah, *offers arm*

Lu: ::takes::

Lu: ::leans::

Lu: ::tripping over Scarlet's jeans::

Vin: You alright? It's been a stressful few days, what with your exhaustion, the whole Veld thing and this.

Lu: heh

Lu: no I'm all right...

Lu: just...tired.

Lu: The Veld thing was kinda fun in a way...

Lu: Tho I'm sorry he had a breakdown like that

Vin: *shrugs* I'm kinda used to breakdowns.

Lu: ::nods:

Lu: ::gets in car::

Lu: I'm just really tired.

Vin: I'm sorry I scared you when I took you home.

Lu: It...it's okay....

Lu: ::blushes and looks away, humiliated::

Lu: lets...not talk about that.

Lu: again.

Lu: ever.

Lu: ::is quiet::

Lu: You know my favorite teachers and bosses were the ones who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Lu: The ones who would get down in the trenches, so to speak, with their students and subordinates

Vin: *watches her out the corner of his eye while driving*

Lu: The ones who wouldn't make their people to anything they wouldn't do themselves.

Vin: I can undertsand that.

Lu: I wanted to make things more comfortable for the people I was injecting...

Lu: But I didn't know much about it myself.

Lu: Not what you were going through or how it felt.

Lu: It was sort of...I dunno....it wasn't right that I was giving you something that I had no experience with myself.

Lu: Believe it or not, I want to do what I can

Lu: I don't want it to be any worse than it has to be

Lu: It's important to know what it's like to be on the other side of the needle.

Lu: And...like I said...my crazy isn't inherited.

Lu: Not the best pick, but it's something

Vin: *nods*I don't think you're crazy at all. The problem is, Lucy, that you cannot save the world, or the people. You just gotta... you know, get by.

Lu: ::nod::

Lu: I know that.

Lu: But does it matter to you that I try to be gentle with the shots and that I treat you like a person and not an animal?

Lu: Why do you rather it be me and not Hojo?

Lu: Think about that and then tell me to grow some apathy.

Lu: ::looks out window::

Vin: If it didn't I wouldn't have gone out of my way for you. One good turn and all that. *shrugs* apathy isn't supposed to be good for me.

Vin: I'm not supposed to think that way.

Lu: ::smiles at him briefly::

Lu: Right.

Lu: I forgot.

Lu: They don't pay you to think, that's my job.

Vin: oh they pay me to think. Just, not the way you do.

Lu: heh

Lu: I guess not.

Lu: well, that's the logic behind me.

Lu: maybe not the best reason, but it's all I got.

Vin: I think its part of the reason. It's a good one, if you ask me.

Lu: and I just really like chemistry. ;P

Lu: heh

Lu: thanks. ::blushes a little::

Vin: Mind if I light up? Velly takes them from me all the time and I don't think I've had a full one all day.

Lu: um I guess not

Lu: Gast smokes in the lab all the time no matter how often I tell him that's a fire hazard.

Vin: *rolls window down all the way and smokes* *laughs* Yeah, he and letty have good smokes.

Lu: Poor Ifalna. She'll have to feed Bruce and the chickens for me.

Lu: ::snerk::

Lu: yeah.

Lu: it makes the lab smell funny tho.

Lu: ::rooches uncomfortably::

Lu: ::glad she decided not to walk::

Lu: that one. ::points to dorm::

Vin: *would like a dooby, but alas angst and woe has none* *pulls in* Here you go, home sweet dorm.

Lu: Thanks for the ride.

Lu: heh

Lu: I'll be back in time to give you your shots.

Lu: ::stiffly gets out of car::

Lu: Don't work too hard. ;}

Vin: I don't mind the job, to be honest. Later,

Lu: ::smiles:: I know

Lu: ::waves::

Lu: ::goes inside::


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