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What: Hojo gives a presentation that Lu sleeps through, and Vincent discovers it's better tolet sleeping Femenists lie
When: After Veld goes nuts and recovers
Where: The Board Room, the lab, and Lu's dorm room.

Hojo: *has been up all night working on the proposal*
Lu: ::tired, has also been up all night::
Amon: *smoking his big fat cigar looking like a smug bastard*
Elijah: *has decided cigarillos are the new fashion and he's cooler anyway.*
Lu: ::about to choke from all the smoke::
Hojo: *stops dancing outside the room and puts on his Business Face*
Lu: ::just trying to stay awake::
Amon: *is smug* So, Elijah, any plans for this weekend? *waiting for Hojo and Lu*
Hojo: *hands stack of paper to Lu, carries charts in himself*
Elijah: Oh, just some nice partying and PR. Odd how well those go together.
Amon: Oh yeah, that business function's this weekend isn't it?
Hojo: *knocks on boardroom door*
Amon: enter.
Elijah: *smirks*
Hojo: *has never been in here without following Gast around* *enters, holds the door open for Lu*
Lu: ::enters::
Lu: ::too tired to be nervous::
Amon: *looks at Lu and is rather disappointed before looking back at Hojo*
Amon: So, Jojo, was it?
Hojo: Hojo, sir.
Elijah: *doodles something on ever-present notepad that looks suspiciously like Mojo Jojo*
Hojo: Should I just go ahead or do you need to finish something else first?
Amon: *smiles* We are ready when you are.
Elijah: *mutters about twitchy scientists being amusing*
Lu: ::does her "background" impression::
Hojo: *sets up proposed timeline and chart and stuff*
Lu: ::helps::
Lu: ::looking slightly less nerdy today::
Lu: ::actually managed a bun today::
Amon: *waits*
Jonas: Hurry up, scientist.
Jonas: *is rather impatient and drill sergeant like*
Hojo: Ahem. Alright. I was asked to come up with a program for creating a monster super soldier.
Elijah: *doodles dorky looking soldier guy*
Jonas: *perks up*
Amon: *smiles*
Hojo: I believe that using the work of Dr Feynman, who was recently recruited to our staff, this can be done on a surprisingly short timeframe.
Jonas: Like next month?
Jonas: *very impatient man*
Hojo: *puts up pictures of dog/Bruce, Vincent/"artist's rendition of Galian"*
Hojo: Not quite that fast unfortunately, but I expect to have solid results within the year.
Amon: Jonas... *not liking when people interrupt and wants to get a full feeling for the project*
Lu: ::Thinks a Bruce-Vincent would be cute and cuddly::
Hojo: *drew picture of monster!Vincent around five AM and is very pleased with it*
Jonas: That's really fuzzy. How is that supposed to strike fear into troops?
Amon: It's over 7 feet tall, Jonas.
Jonas: Still. It's like a child's toy.
Elijah: Really big child.
Hojo: Note also the large, sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and vicious claws. Keep in mind this is an early design and subject to revision.
Jonas: *glares*
Amon: And.. the specimen you are going to use would be... Valentine?
Hojo: He's one of the subjects on the short list. He seems... psychologically suited to it.
Jonas: The fucking crazy one that half the complaint reports that end up on my desk are about? *scoffs*
Elijah: I thought you liked your crazies.
Lu: ::is certain nothing Bad will happen to Vincent- heck thinks he might even LIKE a Bruce upgrade::
Hojo: Yes, sir. A "natural monster" if you will. He already has animalistic reactions.
Hojo: We think he'll adapt well to the changes.
Amon: *looks over papers* So how long before it's ready?
Jonas: Maybe if you added a mask. Or a chainsaw. Or something less... fuzzy.
Hojo: The first specimen should be ready for evaluation in about six months.
Hojo: *moving up time frame every time he's asked*
Hojo: Chainsaw? Possibly.
Elijah: Wow, you can count. I'm surprised.
Amon: *clears throat in the "you can both be replaced" tone*
Amon: How many different forms are you anticipating for it to be able to handle?
Hojo: To save time, I was thinking we could use some less valuable specimens as well. I have a list of people in the asylum system whom I've already worked with that I think would be ideal...
Elijah: *goes back to being vague and smooth*
Jonas: More damn crazies.
Hojo: It depends on the person in question. The animals now have a single form, but I think the higher dissociative capacity of the human mind would allow for as many as three or four.
Amon: *laughs* Crazy is how I want them...
Jonas: In English, science boy.
Hojo: As a cost-saving measure, the presence of a Turk and two Soldiers at the satellite lab will negate the need for a security budget.
Amon: What SOLDIERS?
Hojo: *looks at Jonas* Lots of crazy monsters.
Hojo: One Dimitri and one Imelda both look promising.
Amon: Also, is this on top of the specimen Turk?
Hojo: Assuming I have your approval, sir.
Jonas: Hopefully the kind that can be taught to attack the right side.
Hojo: *has copies of their files, knowing Amon won't know who they are*
Amon: *holds hands out for files* And what other security measures would you need or do you plan on using the Turk and SOLDIERS for that as well?
Hojo: *hands files* As I said, sir, I think they will be sufficient security. Nibel is a quiet area.
Lu: ::blinkblink::
Lu: ::so not falling asleep where she stands::
Lu: ::not sleeping with her eyes open:: ::really::
Jonas: And they ARE being returned? Because it takes a while to train even a basic foot soldier.
Hojo: Part of the project will involve ways they can be made docile in off-use periods. We're looking into a natural "sleep" state and various mind controlling chemicals.
Amon: Very good, *reads Hojo's name* Hojo.
Hojo: Yes, they will be returned as soon as they are completed. The additional specimens will be used for anything possibly fatal.
Amon: And what other specimens will you need removed from the ward?
Amon: *will totally write the release himself*
Jonas: Good.
Hojo: I've prepared a list. As I said, they're all people I've worked with before. *list of eight with Valentine, Tammy right there on the bottom*
Hojo: I can get more if I need them.
Lu: ::zzzzz...::
Lu: ::shakes self:: *_*
Amon: *shrugs* These are all ward patients?
Hojo: The last was recently moved to a private asylum, but she's an ideal candidate and still officially in the system.
Amon: Very well, these will be of no extra cost, and I do not want them returned to the system when they are completed unless it is in the SOLDIER or Turk program.
Hojo: Understood, sir. If they are not fit for that, I will see they are taken care of.
Lu: ::too tired to care about teh creepy guys- or all the cigar smoke::
Amon: You may start with the SOLDIER and Turk immediately, however the remote lab is being worked on. If you have the space, you can start on the expendables.
Hojo: Thank you, sir. I'll get right on it.
Hojo: Anything else, sir, or should we go?
Lu: ::about to keel over and sleep on the floor::
Amon: I'm going to want complete records of this, Hojo, cameras, the works, keep me totally informed.
Hojo: Of course, sir.
Hojo: Weekly reports?
Amon: Every two days.
Amon: I also want weekly testing on the progress.
Hojo: Understood.
Lu: ::double-takes::
Lu: ::geeze::
Hojo: *suddenly glad Finn brought that other guy in*
Amon: Oh, and Hojo? While you are out there, I would like you to collect some texts for me.
Hojo: *feeling a bit pale at the thought about that paperwork*
Hojo: Texts?
Lu: ::YOU'RE feeling pale? xx; ::
Amon: I'm interested in a group called Cetra.
Lu: ::blinku::
Lu: ::..that's a fairy tale...::
Hojo: *perk* Are you, sir? I did some work on them in school.
Amon: Perhaps for testing, if this goes well, I would turn the project over to you.
Hojo: *perkperk* Of course, sir.
Lu: ^^
Amon: *steeples fingers* So you've lots of work to do, get to it.
Hojo: Yes, sir! *gathers charts, leaves copies of paperwork in case anyone actually wants to look at it, and ushers Lu out*
Hojo: Do you need to go home and nap or something, Lu?
Lu: Mph?! -_O;
Hojo: *leading her downstairs* I know asleep-with-eyes-open when I see it.
Lu: ::nearly has heart attack:: I...er..wait what?
Lu: ::gets led::
Lu: I wasn't asleep...............much.
Lu: ::in serious danger of falling down stairs::
Hojo: Lu. Catch a cab and go sleep. *puts a twenty-gil bill in her lab coat pocket*
Hojo: Thanks for the help last night. You're a lifesaver.
Lu: mph? oh. ^^; no problem. ^^;
Lu: ::manages "awake" for a minute or two, then goes back to leaning against Hojo::
Vin: *wanders by*
Hojo: Vincent! Vincent, are you busy?
Hojo: Wait, never mind, you never are.
Vin: *glare* What?
Hojo: I need you to do me a favor.
Vin: *raises eyebrow* A...favor?
Lu: ::snoozes on Hojo's shoulder::
Vin: *looks at Lu* ah... is she alright?
Hojo: Lu is exhausted. Can you take her home? I'm not sure she'll make it down the stairs without passing out.
Veld: *is actually not far behind, just not noticed by Hojo right away*
Vin: yeah, I can do that.
Hojo: Wonderful! *now he won't be here when I explain my Evil Plan*
Lu: ::asleep standing up::
Hojo: Veld! I need to talk to you in a minute.
Veld: Oh?
Hojo: I'm borrowing your Turk, do you mind? He's going to take Lu home.
Vin: *carries Lu*
Vin: *sneezes*
Lu: mph? ::groggily look sup at Vin::
Lu: just you...
Veld: That's not a problem. I don't think he was doing much work anyway.
Lu: ::goes back to sleep::
Hojo: Now, then, I have some news about Vincent's mother that you might like... Come downstairs, I need to see if Pepper's in yet.
Veld: Oh, good.
Vin: *could probably bench-press Lu* Hey, *shakes*
Lu: ::settles comfily on Vin's shoulder::
Vin: *sighs*
Lu: ::dead:: mph... ::mumbles something about not wanting to go to school::
Hojo: *heads downstairs*
Lu: ::is like...102lbs with all her clothes, soaking wet, after a heavy meal and big shoes::
Pepper: *organizing files and the like, humming to himself*
Veld: *follows, after a quick check around for others*
Hojo: You in yet, Red?
Vin: *sighs and puts her in his car*
Pepper: Hm?
Hojo: Excellent. You are my favorite person ever. Well, you and Bruce.
Hojo: *leaves charts on counter, with artist's rendition of Vincent-Bruce on top*
Pepper: I've been hearing about this Bruce. I'd like to see him sometime. *blinks* ...why?
Pepper: *looks at charts*
Pepper: *picks them up curiously* What's this all about?
Hojo: We've got the go-ahead on your project. We're starting ASAP and getting our own satellite lab in Nibelheim soon.
Veld: *is watching and formulating*
Lu: ::snoozes::
Pepper: Our own lab? o_O!
Hojo: Yes! And authorization for human research. It'll be an upscaled version of what we're doing down here for a couple of people.
Hojo: Shinra was falling all over himself to give us all the funding we need.
Vin: *pulls into Lu's building* Lucy? *pokes her in the shoulder*
Hojo: *dances a bit*
Pepper: *glee* This is perfect!
Lu: mm....
Hojo: AND, my dear Mr. Veld, I'll have the authorization to move the lovely Tammy Valentine by the end of the day.
Veld: Good. NO drilling?
Lu: ::mumbles something about 5 more minutes::
Hojo: Nope. No drills.
Veld: I mean that figuratively as well.
Lu: ::less nerdly today in a purple dress and black heels, hair in bun and some clumsily applied makeup::
Hojo: Probably some light shots, nothing serious.
Vin: *sighs* *goes around and picks her up* Let's go, put you to bed.
Hojo: So. You get what you wanted. *points to Veld* You get what you wanted. *points to Pepper* And I am Just That Good.
Veld: So long as she won't freak out over it. Needle phobia might be a Valentine thing.
Hojo: *dances* Nah, Lu'll be doing all the shots.
Veld: Oh, then there won't be any problems then. She's a wonder.
Hojo: I'm bringing her along to "soothe the savage Turk" and all that.
Pepper: I'll have to buy you a drink or something sometime. *whee*
Lu: ::curled up on Vin's back seat sleeping peacefully::
Veld: Savage Turk?
Hojo: I'm sure she can talk Valentine into it and everything.
Veld: *suddenly feels as if there's a catch to all this*
Hojo: *dances a bit like Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoons*
Vin: *carries Lu to the front* *talks to the head lady and then gets the go ahead to go up to her dorm* You're lucky you weigh all of nothing, you know that?
Hojo: Valentine's new shot regimen starts tomorrow, by the by. El Presidente wants results and fast. Can you have something ready to go by then, Pepper?
Vin: *sneezes*
Veld: New shot regimen?
Pepper: Tomorrow? I'm sure I can fix something up.
Veld: Excuse me, but I think I missed something here.
Lu: ::snuggles against Vin's shoulder::
Hojo: Yeah. That's what the project is for. We're taking a Turk and a Soldier and making a Super Turk and a Super Soldier. Shinra asked specifically for it.
Vin: *shakes her* Hey... where are your keys?
Veld: And you're using Valentine. *deadpan*
Pepper: *excited*
Hojo: Hey, Shinra picked him out personally.
Hojo: *fingers crossed behind his back*
Lu: ::has keys in her lab coat pocket::
Hojo: Not my call, just doing what I was told.
Veld: *raises eyebrow* Shinra did? *peers over at table* So what sort of drawings do you have there?
Lu: ::completely out::
Hojo: Just some artist's mockups for my meeting with him this morning.
Vin: *asks passing female to dig her keys out and let them in her room*
passing female: ::bloink:: ::does so and gets door::
Vin: *walks her into dorm room, almost falls over HUGE ASS PILE OF BOOKS*
::room is like SMALL- Iffy and Lu's stuff crammed in there
huge ass piles of books all over::
::as well as Iffy's guitar and hippie stuff::
Vin: Lucy! *shakes her* What bed is yours?
Veld: Hmm. Monsters. Exactly what sort of super soldiers are you making?
::Lu's end of room more simple and not covered in hippie stuff::
Veld: *is eerily calm*
Lu: ::limp in his arms::
Hojo: Well, we're building on Red's research. You've seen the results of that.
Vin: *looks from side to side and is rather confused with all this girl shit*
Dmitri: *would not be happy if he became a YinYang or something horrible and zombie-like*just for the record*
Vin: *has no idea what hand died ANYTHING looks like*
Hojo: Shinra wants an army that can go out, transform into Giant Scary Monsters, and then come back and be normal again.
Veld: So you're turning people into monsters? *creeepy calm*
Vin: Lucy?
Hojo: *shrugs* Shinra wants, Shinra gets. Besides, how different is that from what we do now?
Lu: ::so totally asleep::
Veld: They're still HUMAN, Hojo.
Vin: *gives up and sits her on the more organized looking side, takes her shoes off and tucks her in* And if you smack me for this I swear to god I'll .... really complain a lot about it.
Hojo: Define human.
Lu: ::sleeps::
Veld: Don't play word games. *narrows eyes*
Vin: *looks up her number will call later to make sure she lives*
Vin: *leaves, locks door, slides key under door*
Lu: ::mumbles about paperwork monsters::
Lu: ::zzzzz::
((Aw, paperwork monsters))
Hojo: We're already tweaking the genetic layout of you people. This will just be tweaking a little more.
Veld: This isn't simple tweaking. This is complete transformation.
Vin: *sneezes* Christ... I'm allergic to college or something.
Hojo: Face it, Veld, by a strict definition, you're already an inhuman monster.
Veld: And by strict definition of such I should have killed you by now.
Hojo: Temporary transformation. Something that could be triggered and would recede.
Lu: ::shrieks and falls out of bed::
Lu: O___O;;;
Key: *slidy on floor*
Lu: ::doesn't notice:: OMGI'MLATE!!!
Lu: ::darts for door-still half asleep::
Veld: And what if it's triggered at the wrong time? The wrong place?
Hojo: We'll be created safeguards to prevent that.
Lu: ::opens and hurries out- doesn't notice she has no shoes on::
Vin: *waits on world’s slowest lift*
Vin: *blinks at Lu* Hey hey!
Lu: ::runs down hall and headlong into Vincent::
Vin: You. Bed.
Lu: ::bounces off rather than knocking him over::
Hojo: We're not stupid, Veld.
Veld: Safeguards. What a euphemism.
Lu: ::on floor on rear:: ::Blinks blankly:: Vincent?
Hojo: You Turks are good at euphemisms.
Veld: And you scientists are good at not looking at the whole picture.
Vin: *offers hand* You already did the proposal with Hojo, you are to sleep today. They had me take you home.
Lu: ::mostly asleep::
Lu: ::blinks confusedly::
Hojo: Go ahead and show me the whole picture, O Great and Wise Turk.
Lu: :;takes his hand and gets up::
Lu: Hojo didn't propose to me...
Vin: *pushes her back to her room* No he did to Amon.
Lu: and if he did...why are you taking me home?
Lu: I'm too busy to get married...
Vin: *cracks up*
Lu: the paperwork is going to eat me anyway...
Vin: *is laughing*
Lu: ;;
Veld: *holds up chart* See fuzzy? *makes mauling gesture* See scientist?
Hojo: That's why we have Lu.
Hojo: And tranquilizers.
Vin: You need sleep.
Pepper: *holds a tranquilizer gun up as an example*
Veld: Oh, but using a sweet girl like that to placate the aggressiveness you create is SUCH a noble thing to do.
Veld: *gives Pepper a look that says he's extremely not amused*
Hojo: That is what we hired her for.
Vin: *ushers Lu back to her room*
Hojo: If you don't like it, you should have complained when we started. This is just the next logical step in what we've already been doing.
Lu: you're not allowed in here...
Lu: no boys...
Lu: boys... ::shudder::
Veld: Right, and we're just the crazy people that make good specimens, aren't we?
Hojo: Yes! Yes you are!
Vin: You wouldn't have gotten up on your own, they let me up.
Pepper: *smirks*
Vin: Anyway, I'm a Turk, I so don't count.
Hojo: And don't tell me it's immoral, because you know damn well you wouldn't care if it just Soldiers.
Lu: ::so not awake, looks at him nervously:: >>;
Vin: You STAY here. Alright? Do you need me to call one of the other girls in here to make sure you get some rest?
Veld: No, you're perfectly correct. This isn't an issue of morality.
Lu: ::does not understand why Vincent is in her room::
Lu: ::blank look, stands there::
Hojo: Then what is the issue? You just want to protect your cute widdle Valentine?
Veld: I just want to make sure that you're not carrying out a vendetta with this oh so convenient situation.
Veld: And you use that tone with me again and I'll make sure you know what a sociopath is first hand.
Hojo: Oh, how CRUEL I am to poor, innocent Turks who ATTACK ME.
Vin: *pushes on her shoulder* Come on, just lay down go to work in the morning, alright? You have a day off...
Veld: Oh come off it. Yes, he's an ass. But you prod him. It's a two way street.
Hojo: I am a monster. I weep for my empty black soul.
Hojo: Oh, and here's the form to pick up Tammy. *hands him*
Veld: *takes form*
Vin: *leaps back like the room is on fire*
Lu: ::SMACKS him::
Vin: Fuck!
Lu: ::tries to run away, forgets she's in her room and trips over big-assed pile of books::
Vin: *Hand over cheek* WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT WAS THAT?
Lu: ::falls on rear::
Lu: xx;
Vin: *snarls* mothershittingsonofabitch I'm trying to be NICE to you.
Lu: ::cries::
Veld: *glares at Hojo for a moment* I'll be watching this. You try anything...
Lu: don'ttouchmeleavemealone!
Vin: O_o
Lu: ::disoriented::
Vin: I--I ah...
Galian: Pretty... no cry! Help.
Lu: Idon'twanttodon'tmakeme!
Lu: sickoldbastard...
Voice: woah... she's a loonyfuck too
Lu: ::curls up on floor and cries, shaking::
Vin: *kneels by her* woah woah... Lucrecia... hey...
Lu: ::shrinks::
Hojo: What, precisely, do you want from me, Veld? Do you seriously think I'm going to jeopardize my career and my projects so I can shoot Valentine up with sulfuric acid or something?
Lu: don'thurtme...
Vin: Hey, hey, it's me, its Vincent, alright?
Veld: No, you'll do everything perfectly legal and by the book.
Lu: It'snotfairIdidgoodonmytest....
Lu: Idon'twanttosleepwithyou...
Vin: *is so happy her door is shut* Lucrecia?
Lu: don'ttouchmethere...
Lu: ::sobs::
Vin: *taps her shoulder for a minute* Hey... hey... Lucy, snap out of it.
Lu: ::starts and shrinks away::
Veld: In an ideal world, this situation wouldn't exist at all.
Hojo: In an ideal world, psychopaths would not get paid to kill people.
Vin: *has no idea what to do at ALL*
Vin: Lucrecia? *tries to get her up off the floor* Lucy?
Veld: But that not happening, I just want you to promise that there will be no death. Or worse.
Lu: ::wails:: nono!lemmegolemmego!
Vin: *gives up and shakes* LUCRECIA WAKE THE FUCK UP!
Lu: O___O;;;; ::gets shaken::
Lu: ::blinkblink::
Lu: I...Vincent...?
Vin: Lucrecia... I took you home, you're tire.
Lu: ::only dimly remembers what happened::
Hojo: I do my very best to avoid all unnecessary death in my work.
Vin: *has huge red welt on face*
Lu: ::shaky::
Lu: I...
Lu: where... ::looks around and at his face::
Lu: ...what happened?
Vin: *lets go of her shoulders* sorry to shake you....you spazzed out.
Lu: ...and why are you in my room?
Lu: I...did...?
Lu: ::remembers nightmare-y things::
Vin: *backs up as if she's going to smack him again*
Vin: Hojo had me take you home.
Lu: ::blankly:: oh...
Lu: did I...do that? ::indicates welt on his face::
Lu: ...s-sorry...
Vin: Yeah
Lu: I...I thought...
Lu: No. Never mind.
Vin: *starts picking up her books* I know what you thought.
Lu: I'm sorry.
Veld: I bet you do. *rubs forehead* Now go back to your inane dancing, I'm done here.
Lu: ::blushes and looks away:: ><;
Vin: "..."
Lu: ::turns back on him::
Lu: I'm...sorry....
Hojo: Just remember I gave you what you wanted, Veld. If you don't like how, ask more carefully next time.
Lu: Don't....what I said...I...was half asleep....
Lu: Please don't....
Vin: *sighs* Don't what?
Lu: ...say....anything....
Vin: *pulls at her shoulder* I wouldn't. It isn't my business. Trust me, I know people can be like that. Alright?
Lu: ::shrinks under his touch::
Lu: ::nods::
Vin: You...
Veld: *in the most creepy tone possible for Velly* Thank you so much, Hojo. I'll be sure to remember your generosity in the future. *exits lab*
Lu: ::turns around and looks up at him::
Lu: ;;
Galian: Little, helpless, hug.
Pepper: *rocks back and forth a bit* He's so pleasant.
Vin: You need a hug?
Lu: ::face scrunches in tears, leans up against him::
Lu: I'm really sorry... ::cries::
Vin: *hugs and rubs her back* You didn't do anything.
Galian: *prrrs*
Hojo: He can piss and moan all he wants. He's only mad because I won.
Lu: ::clings to him and cries::
Vin: You're just tired, alright? No one's upset with you...
Veld: *mumbling as he goes to his office* This is why you don't MEDDLE, dammit.
Lu: ::IS tired::
Voice: Oh fucking HELLS, BORING. Kill her.
Lu: ::crying herself to sleep::
Lu: I'm sorry...
Hojo: *plots with Pepper*
Lu: so sorry...
Lu: ::falling asleep on Vin::
Vin: *gets her back to bed and tucks her in once again* *puts hand over cheek* Shit, girl.
Lu: ::sleeps, all tear-stained and stuff::
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