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 [Hojo is hard at work in the lab, vibrating slightly as he crosses the threshold from amphetamine abuse to happy dance. It is early morning. Everyone else should be arriving soon for work.]
Lu: ::already up and feeding chickens and Bruce::
 Lu: ::tired, but pleased with self::
 Iffy: *opens the door*
 Lu: ::has little plastic badge like you'd get from a pizza place with the words "Honorary Turk" written overtop in permanent marker::
Iffy: I found it OK this time! And no crazy people on the way...
Hojo: Huzzah for a high learning curve, If. Good morning.
Iffy: ^ Morning sir.
Nii: *nose buried in coffee mug! frbleb.* morningcanfuckitself. Why are the photons so loud.
Lu: Noe be a good boy Brucey ^^
Lu: I'l be back to feed you lunch ::patpat::
Lu: ::skips down to lab::
Iffy: *puts down shoulderbag* So what's on the agenda for today?
Hojo: Soldier shots, paperwork, and turning people into monsters.
Lu: In otherwords the usual :}
Iffy: >.> The usual then.
Lu: ack
Lu: Hey Ifalna ^^
Hojo: Oh, and Gast is back in town, so if you see a weirdo hippie in the lab playing with materia, that's your boss and be nice.
Lu: ::snicker::
Iffy: Hey Lucrecia.
Iffy: ^_^
Lu: ::likes Gast 'cause he is amusing and most importantly NOT GRABBY::
Iffy: Gast who?
Nii: Gast? *admires the guy's work. has read papers.*
Hojo: Jonathan Gast.
Iffy: He sounds nice enough.
Nii: ...THAT Gast? :D
Hojo: Yes, that one.
Iffy: *thinks if she's heard of anything by him*
Lu: He's fun. You'll like him.
Lu: He's as likely to whipe out his guitar and sing off-key folk songs as pour over microscopes. ::giggles::
Iffy: Wow. Sounds fun.
Iffy: *grins*
Hojo: He wants to go up north for some kind of dig. We're hunting Cetra.
Nii: I've read his thesis papers on the affect of materia on - north. With the snow. And the frost? ...And the snow...?
Iffy: Um. Really?
Hojo: Lu, technically you're the next rank in seniority, so you'll be in charge when we go.
Hojo: Yeah. With the snow.
Lu: Cetra?
Iffy: ^^;;
Nii: ...where it's colder than Shiva's bosom.
Lu: ::bloinks as this is like saying they're going elf hunting::
Iffy: *is rather worried*
Hojo: Yes. Cetra.
Lu: Ooooooo-kay....
Hojo: *wonders if everyone's deaf today*
Iffy: So, uh...what do you want these, er, Cetra for..?
Lu: Has he been into his "cigarettes" again?
Lu: Nevermind, hotel booking coming up. ::goes to phone::
Lu: ::mental note to clean out Gast's lab coat pockets again::
Hojo: To see what they were like, presumably. He brought back some bigass materia that drains energy like nobody's business.
Lu: Really? ::perk::
Hojo: If they could use something like that, there's no telling what we could with their genes.
Iffy: *small gulp*
Hojo: *points to weird-looking red materia on the counter* See? He found a red materia sample, how strange is that.
Lu: hmmm
Lu: I like red.
Lu: ::goes to poke at it::
Iffy: *stays away from it**doesn't want to accidentally summon anything*
Lu: ::pokepoke::
Lu: ::shakes self:: ...stars...
Lu: it makes me think of stars
Lu: weird.
Lu: ::goes back to booking accomodations:;
Lu: Just WHERE in the "North" are we staying again?
Lu: becuase that's kinda a lot of territory
Hojo: *nods* So we're going to have a Cetra project, a Supersoldier project *points to bruce!Vincent on dart board*, and the regular Soldier and Turk projects in progress.
Hojo: I think we'll be starting around Icicle Inn.
Iffy: Supersoldier project?
Lu: ::raises eyebrow at dartboard but says nothing:: Ummm okay.
Iffy: *pouncing on the change of subject*
Lu: ::flips in phone book::
Hojo: Oh, yes, that was yesterday's big news. Lu was there for the board meeting.
Lu: Well, there's like a hotel there so that should be easy.
Lu: I was?
Lu: ::was mostly asleep that day::
Lu: Oh righ....
Iffy: No-one ever tells me anything. ^^;
Lu: Remind me never to pull another all-nighter. I can't keep up with you. :P
Hojo: Yes. You were asleep. We're going to be using Pepper's research to turn a Turk and a Soldier into Super-Turk and Super-Soldier.
Hojo: Like the incredible Hulk, except with less radiation and smashing.
Lu: ::snicker::
Nii: ...*snrt*
Iffy: *giggle*
Lu: As long as they're as sweet as Bruce ^^
Hojo: That is part of the objective, yes.
Nii: I already wouldn't like Vincent when he's angry. Uh.
Iffy: Will we be still able to control them after that?
Hojo: That reminds me, Lu, Pepper was wondering if he could get Bruce back from the Turks.
Nii; what's a Bruce?
Hojo: The goal is to make them controllable.
Iffy: Ah. That's good.
Hojo: And Bruce is the giant fuzzy monster in Veld's office.
Lu: Oh um I'll ask.
Nii: ...I've never seen him. I need to go boggle sometime.
Iffy: Heh.
Lu: I'm sure they wouldn't mind us borrowing him.
Lu: Bruce is a sweetie ^^
Iffy: Can I come with you, Nii? I havent seen him either.
Hojo: Well technically, I think Pepper should have dibs on him, since he made him and all.
Nii: ...If you want. ^^ I mean it's a free...hallway? Um. *girl being nice. wow.*
Lu: true
Iffy: *giggles at his uncomfortable-ness*
Lu: ::glad Hojo is in a better mood::
Hojo: Lu, do you want to take them up to see? I think Veld would rather not see me in the near future.
Lu: Alright.
Lu: Come on. ^^
Nii: Heh. ^^ *not used to girls not going 'skinny geek; I could break him over my knee.'* ...So Veld dislikes Hojo? *followeth lu*
Lu: ::Lu is like half Nii's size::
Lu: Veld doesn't like anybody.
Lu: He's very polite tho.
Lu: He's nice.
Iffy: *follows Lu and Nii* Veld is which one again?
Lu: ::knockknocks::
Lu: The head Turk
Nii: *gangly geek. mom from wutai, dad was gaijin, hence the tall.* Well - if it's a universal misanthropy it's a bit better.
Lu: The nervous one.
Iffy: *is nearly the same size as Nii*
Lu: ::5th nothing, 102lb soaking wet::
Lu: ::is a chibi::
Lu: He's in here.
Lu: Hello? :;sticks head in Turk office::
Iffy: Ahh. *couldn't remember the difference between Vina dn Veld*
Nii: *5'9''; about 140something pounds after a good meal!*
Lu: Here he is ^^
Lu: ::leads over to Bruce's tank::
Lu: there's my Brucey ^^
Lu: ::makes cutesy faces at Bruce::
Iffy: ...
Iffy: Aww. He is cute!
Iffy: *likes animals*
Lu: Isn't he? ^^
Lu: Pepper made him
Iffy: Pepper is...?
Lu: Quite the little work of art, isn't he?
Lu: The other guy.
Iffy: *shrug*
Lu: Red hair. lab coat.
Iffy: Havent met him yet.
Lu: He's at the university today.
Lu: Presentation, I think.
Nii: *holds out hand for fuzzy bigass thing to sniff*
Lu: ::fusses over Bruce:: ^^
Iffy: Hope I meet him sometime, If he made this little fella, he must be cool.
Iffy: *makes cutesy faces at Bruce*
Lu: He's nice ^^
Lu: a little heavy on the starch like some other people ::thinking of Hojo:: but very agreeable
Lu: ::and not grabby::
Lu: ::the "Not Grabby" part is important::
Iffy: Well, you're generally a good judge of people.
Iffy: Can't wait to see him. ^^
Nii: he looks like a mi-go :D *lovecraft nerd* ... *bruce ear scritch?*
Lu: ^^
Bruce: Rar ^^
Iffy: What does he eat?
Bruce: ::foot thump:: ^^ <333333
Lu: Anything.
Lu: He likes chicken.
Iffy: *scritches Bruce's ear*
Lu: Watch your hands, Nii. ::tosses Bruce a chicken::
Bruce: ::SNAP:: ^^
Iffy: *quickly removes hands*
Nii: Holy SHIT :D
Bruce: RAWR! <33333
Iffy: He's so COOL!
Lu: isn't he? ^^
Nii: That - he - bigass fuzzy mi-go thing what eats poultry. This is the coolest job I have ever had.
Lu: he's like their mascot now ^^;
Lu: Bruce. His name is Bruce.
Iffy: I am so glad I got this job. ^__^
Bruce: RAWRAWRAWRAWRAWR!!! ::loves teh peoples::
Bruce: ::slurps glass:: ^^
Iffy: *finds half a cookie in pocket*
Nii: <3
Bruce: <3
Iffy: Will he eat this?
Lu: Oh yes. He loves cookies.
Nii: WHO'S a bigass mi-go cookie-eartin' menace :D
Cookie: *melts a little*
Bruce: RAWR!!! <3
Bruce: ::Droools:: @@
Iffy: ^^ I'd take that as a yes anyway
Nii: i think he'd eat a wastebasket.
Bruce: ::so totally would::
Iffy: *throws cookie into tank*
Bruce: RAWR! ::sits up and "Begs":::
Bruce: ::Gulp:: :9
Bruce: RAWR! ^^ <3
Iffy: *.* SOO CUTE
Nii: ...*rummage sin pckets; locates box o' Pocky* *tosses it to Bruce?*
Lu: ^^
Bruce: ::munch::
Bruce: RAWR! :9
Iffy: *resolves to test Bruce's eating skillz with a wastebasket someday*
Bruce: RAWR! RAWR!! ^^
Nii: :3 ...I love this guy. He's like - he - I dunno. Vocabulary shutdown in face of w00t.
Lu: ::LOL::
Iffy: ^^ He's so great. I want one.
Nii: ...I would too but my aparntment's the size of a teabag.
Lu: heh
Lu: well we can share Bruce ^^
Nii: Maybe I can walk him sometimes.
Lu: heeh
Lu: I'll have to find a big chain and collar
Iffy: Lu, can we steal him? Pretty please?
Iffy: ^__^
Lu: Well, we'll be taking him with us for further study
Lu: but in the meantime we can visit him ^^
Iffy: Yay! *makes mental note to buy a chicken*
Nii: Gotcha, boss.
Lu: heeh
Lu: ::amused at being called "boss"::
Iffy: *giggles at Lu being called 'boss'*
Lu: ^^;
Iffy: *resists remptation to ruffle Nii's hair*
Nii: ...what? o.o I'm the omega nerd. I am at my larval stage. ergo those with seniority are boss?
Iffy: *sniggers*
Lu: ::snerk:: You can just call me "Lu"
Nii: Okay. ^^
Lu: Hojo is more boss-like than I am ;}
Lu: ::makes coffee/tea for Turks while she's there::
Iffy: I dunno, Lu. You can be pretty bossy. *is joking around*
Lu: ::snerk:: ;P
 Lu: C'mon
Iffy: ^_^ *so taking advantage of her good mood*
Lu: ^^
[A nervous-looking, thin-haired young man peeks around the corner.]
Nii: *blinks at nervous guy!*
Lu: ::looks up:: ?
Domino: Are there...Turks...here? *looks really nervous*
Lu: no, just us scientists
Iffy: No-one's here right now, sorry.
Lu: and Bruce
Bruce: RAWR! :D
Iffy: *snerks*
Domino: Darn it. *wipes sweat from forehead*
Domino: *O_o at monster*
Iffy: Oh don't worry, he's a pussycat.
Iffy: *turns back to Bruce* Aren't you, little guy...
Lu: well, acutally, he started as a dog
Lu: which is why he's so friendly ^^
Domino: That's nice. *doesn't care*
Iffy: *shrug*
Bruce: RAWR! ::wags:: ^^
Iffy: ^___^
Domino: So there are no Turks here?
Iffy: Not right now.
Domino: *looks like somebody's gonna shoot him at any moment*
Nii: ...Not unless that coatrack is one in disguise Like a ninja.
Iffy: *giggles*
Domino: That's nice. *distracted*
Iffy: ...Are you OK?
Nii: ...*waves hand in front of Dom's face*
Domino: I guess I'll try later. *looking around all distracted*
Iffy: *pokes Nii*
Nii: try...what?
Nii: *merp*
Iffy: *snerks*
Domino: *scoots to coffee, nervously steals a cup*
Nii: ...Coffee...
Bruce: ::wiggle::
Lu: No Bruce, no coffee for you
Bruce: rawr... ;;
Nii: that would be bad if he had coffee, yes.
Lu: Quite.
Bruce: :P
Iffy: Can I get some coffee, 'boss'?
Iffy: :p
Lu: Sure
Iffy: ^^ *springs to coffee*
Domino: *spills a little coffee on himself accidentally*
Iffy: *hands him a napkin almost automatically*
Domino: *nervously wipes it up, looking at the door like somebody's gonna come in with a machine gun and KILL THEM ALL*
Iffy: *raises an eyebrow*
Lu: ?
Nii: ... ... ... ...Paranoid?
Iffy: ...Are you sure you're OK>
Domino: Y-yes. I might have a little problem...but um...
Iffy: Hey, maybe we can help.
Iffy: *is naturally helpful*
Domino: There may be some...people that want to kill me.
Domino: *quickly takes another sip*
Domino: *still staring out the door*
Lu: Oh?
Lu: ::wearing her Honorary Turk badge on her lab coat::
Lu: Is there um anything we can do to help?
Iffy: You're here for protection then?
Domino: I uh...don't know why anyone would want that. *laughs nervously* I mean, I'm just a student, aiming to go into politics...
Lu: um okay
Lu: ::blinks, confuzzeled::
Domino: Yes...I think ah...I would sell out to ShinRa early, get some safety.
Lu: I should really go book our hotel.
Iffy: Well...there's no Turks here right now...
Lu: you guys have fun with Bruce ^^
Iffy: Oh, 'kay Lu.
Domino: *gulps nervously*
Domino: If I don't find a Turk soon, I'm going to have *gulps* bullets lodged in my brain and in my vital organs. *is sickened by this*
Domino: *is talking to himself kind of*
Iffy: ...
Iffy: We-ell...
Iffy: *pats his arm awkwardly* Um...no-ones going to get you here...
Domino: Yeah...I'm done for. My shining political career is going up in gunsmoke. *is mumbling*
Domino: And here, I was supposed to be the BEST.
Iffy: *looks imploringly at Nii for help with the crazy paranoia dude here*
Veld: *walks back into office from getting donut*
Iffy: Mr..Veld sir?
Domino: *spills coffee all over himself this time* TURK!
Iffy: *rolls eyes**gets another napkin*
Nii: o.o *big guy.*
Veld: *blinks* There are kids in my office that are not Turk kids.
 Domino: *nervous hands* That's right, isn't it? You are a Turk!?
Veld: What, you can't tell by the suit?
Iffy: Science kids sir. And one paranoid guy looking for protection, we think.
Domino: *takes his hand and nervously shakes it, looking from side to side* Good to meet you.
Veld: *shakes head, as the smartassness might be rubbing off on him*
Iffy: *mouths 'batshit crazy' behind his back*
Domino: *looks over his shoulder nervously*
Iffy: *looks innocent*
Veld: *takes hand back quickly* Please don't touch me ever again.
Domino: *lets go, not really noticing his rudeness*
Veld: *rubs forehead* And you would be?
Nii: *has realised he has been pouring coffee OVER his hand staring at Veld* d--SHIT ow - shit um. shit... argh. First aid yes-- *exits stage left*
Domino: *swallows* Domino, future Mayor of Midgar. *nods to himself* Or maybe KING.
Iffy: *debates following Nii**decides this is too interesting*
Veld: *looks at him like he's craaaazy*
Veld: And why are you in my office, then?
Domino: What do I have to do to get Turk protection!?
Domino: I kind of accidentally made an enemy of Brash, last time I was at Honeybee.
Domino: How was I supposed to know the brunette was off-limits!
Domino: So, basically, I am going to be DEAD.
Veld: Brash? *narrows eyes* You're a Honeybee client?
Domino: *laughs nervously* Isn't everyone?
Veld: *deadpans* I'm not. That is indecent.
Iffy: *searching for chicken in Veld's desk**doesn't know that it's off-limits or anything**assumes Bruce is Turk pet, so they will have food for him*
Domino: *laughs nervously again* Good to know, good to know.
Veld: Little one, I'd stay out of that drawer if I were you.
Veld: *is a little hungover, thus a little cranky*
Domino: *glances nervously over at Iffy, then back again* So what do I have to do to get Turk protection?
Iffy: *shuts drawer hurridly, mubling sorries*
Veld: We're not private bodyguards. We work for Shinra. And we're understaffed.
Domino: But I need HELP.
Veld: Well, you should stay away from debaucherous places to begin with.
Domino: It was just a regular thing! It's not my fault! It's not FAIR!
Veld: *raises eyebrow* Things are hardly fair.
Iffy: *scritches Bruce on top of head**has m4d C3tr4 ski11z, so doesn't get ravaged*
Domino: *changes tactics* Okay, okay. How about this? I sell myself out to ShinRa, and you guys OWN me, and then would the Turks protect me?
Iffy: *gets playfully nipped**finds it cute*
Domino: I will be your devoted lap-dog when I go into politics.
Veld: *sideglances* Valentine's minifridge probably has chicken. Just... be careful if something jumps out at you.
Domino: And I can't get a meeting with ShinRa himself, so I just came to Turk-town.
Iffy: Er, thanks, sir. Which one's Valentine's desk?
Veld: The messy one.
Domino: *saddened* Not even listening to me...*to himself*
Domino: I'm going to be DEAD.
Iffy: *beelines for Vin's desk*
Domino: Not the BEST, not KING, DEAD.
Iffy: *rootles in fridge*
Domino: *is depressed*
Veld: *turns and looks STRAIGHT at him* You're willing to sell your soul just to live a few measly years?
Domino: *is taken aback* Ah...
Domino: Yes, I would.
Iffy: *is slightly creeped out by 'sell your soul'**doesn't show it*
Veld: *shakes head* Kids are stupid these days.
Domino: I can't become KING of Midgar if I'm DEAD.
Veld: Anyway, you might be good training for our rookie.
Domino: Really!
Domino: *is not depressed anymore*
Iffy: *finds a donut**eats it*
Veld: Might be. *is thinking there will not be as much closet activity so long as Reeve's occupied*
Iffy: *finds chicken* ^_^
Domino: Someday, this whole metropolis will belong to me...*monologuing out window*
Iffy: *feeds it to Bruce*
Veld: *mutters* Politicians.
Bruce: RAWRRAWR *looks like a blender for a moment*
Domino: *chuckles to himself a little and rubs his hands together* So, when will my high-quality Turk protection begin? Do I have to sign anything?
Iffy: *is not sure wether to be creeped out or consider it cool*
Iffy: *decides on cool* ^_^
Veld: You might have to cut your finger and sign in blood. *morbid joke*
Domino: *nervous laugh*
Veld: Yes, there's paperwork. There always is.
Domino: *looks at chicken blender and nervously laughs some more*
Domino: So, where's the "sell your soul" forms?
Domino: *nervous laugh again*
Veld: *glares and mutters about stupid kids*
Domino: *standing really close to Veld, for his own protection* *like, annoyingly close*
Iffy: *muttering softly to Bruce* Who's a good monster? You are! Yes you are!
Veld: Keep your distance or this contract will be VERY null and void.
Domino: *jumps nervously and steps back a little* A-alright.
Domino: Sir.
Domino: *looks like he wants to salute, but doesn't*
Domino: *when Veld's back is turned, he steps closer again, but less close than before*
Domino: So...who is going to be assigned to protect me?
Veld: *can't remember if he sent Reeve off with Scarlet and Vin who are staking something out as Drakon's not home until way late today.*
Veld: His name's Richard Reeve, he's new, so he might seem a little... off sometimes.
Domino: *smiling* Sounds acceptable. *sniffs*
Domino: Aren't all of you guys a little...off, though?
Domino: *realizes too late how bad that sounds*
Veld: *glares* Would you like to find out?
Domino: *jumps again, looks like he wants to salute* Ah, no...sir.
Domino: I mean, I mean...what's your name?
Domino: *nervous laugh*
Veld: Dragoon. Mr. Dragoon to you.
Domino: Ah, Mr. Dragoon. Pleasant to meet you. *takes his hand and shakes it again*
Domino: *with BOTH hands*
Veld: *grits teeth* What did I say about NEVER touching me again?!
Domino: Ah, ah, sorry. *clasps hands behind his back* Apologies, Mr. Dragoon.
Domino: *whistling to himself* And where is this...Mr. Reeve now?
Veld: I'm not sure. I think I sent him off with Valentine and the others but I don't remember.
Veld: *honestly does not remember*
Domino: *blinks slowly* You don't remember. *is disapproving* That does not say well for your managing skills. You are ...REALLY in charge of the Turks?
Domino: *tsk tsks* You'd think, with such a prestigious group of people...they would...*stops, wide-eyed*
Veld: Yes. Would you like for me to demonstrate WHY? *has extremely unfriendly look in eye*
Domino: *"don't kill me" face*
Domino: Ah, no, not really.
Veld: *laughs and then deadpans* Good.
Domino: *nervous laugh*
Domino: *awkward silence*
Veld: He should be around to start the exercise within the week. Until then, I suggest you stay away from the Honeybee or anything associated with it.
Lu: ::down in lab booking reservations::
Domino: *nervous laugh* Heheh, but that might be a little difficult, if you know what I mean. *ribs him*
Domino: *is just going to get shot one of these days*
Domino: *it's a miracle that he survives until the game, actually*
Veld: No, I don't know what you mean. *glances down at rib* DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND PERSONAL SPACE?!
Domino: *jumps again*
Domino: Ah...apologies, Mr. Dragoon.
Domino: *awkward silence*
Veld: *breath in breath out* Out.
Domino: Ah...*steals more coffee on the way out, spilling all down the front of his suit again*
Lu: Really? Hm...well...um...hm.
Domino: Thanks, I'll be back...in a...WAIT.
Lu: They only have three rooms.
Domino: I can't go HOME!
Domino: They'll KILL me!
Veld: *facepalm*
Domino: What do I DO!?
Veld: Then go sleep in the lab with the scientists.
Domino: Mr. Dragoon, I am thankful for everything, but I couldn't do that.
Domino: They'll find me and kill me, they've got their best men hunting me down. *is um...making it a bigger deal than it probably is*
Veld: *gets an eviiil idea* You could stay in one of the witness protection rooms.
Domino: *perks up* Oh, and what is that?
Veld: Follow me.
Domino: *follows him, too closely for comfort*
Domino: *like...right next to him*
Veld: *while walking* DISTANCE
Domino: *jumps back and laughs nervously* You're a real funny guy, Mr. Dragoon.
Domino: *whistling a little*
Veld: No, I'm not, actually. I've already had my homicidal episode for the week, and would just prefer it to be the last for a LONG while.
Veld: *stops in front of a janitor's closet* Here.
Domino: *laughs nervously again*
Veld: You can stay in here.
Veld: The lounge usually has food, too.
Domino: *turns the knob and opens the door*
Domino: *leans inside*
Domino: It's a...little small.
Veld: Our budget has been cut a few times.
Domino: Ah. *awkward silence* So...what's your political affiliation? *making small-talk*
Veld: I don't have any.
Domino: *awkward silence* That's...too bad.
Domino: So...
Domino: *looks questioningly at him like "What now?"*
Veld: Go make yourself at home. I have paperwork.
Iffy: *tears self away from Bruce**heads back to the lab*
Domino: Ah...*looks in broom closet again* *which contains a few brooms and like two feet of floor space*
Iffy: *passes Veld and Domino and wonders why they're looking in a broom closet*
Iffy: *shrugs*
Veld: You can take the brooms out if you want.
Iffy: *enters the lab*
Domino: Ah, thanks. You're a good man, Dragoon.
Hojo: *in lab, typing away*
Iffy: Hey Lu. Any luck?
Domino: I mean, I mean, Mr. Dragoon.
Iffy: *hopes not*
Domino: *winces*
Iffy: *fears for teh Cetra*
Veld: I'm going to go do my work now. Please don't interrupt me.
Domino: Of course not. Well, have a good day. And remember for the future: A vote for Domino is a vote for Midgar!
Veld: I'm sure it is. *stalks off*
Lu: Hmmm well, they have like...three rooms.
Lu: Three beds, per room.
Lu: It'll be close, but I think us and all our junk can fit.
Veld: Gods, I need tea or something. Damn headache.
Domino: *moves brooms over a little and closes the door, sits down to see how comfy it is*
Domino: *not very comfy*
Iffy: *fakes a grin* That's good. So the trip's still on?
Yukio: *like shadow*
Yukio: *the urban ninja*
Iffy: *stalker senses tingling*
Hojo: Oh, girls, there's a Soldier coming down for shots today.
Domino: *takes a nap on the floor of the closet*
Lu: Okay.
Iffy: Which one?
Yukio: Hey there cutie!
Iffy: . Well, guess that answers my question.
Lu: Er hello.
Lu: ::gets shots set up::
Yukio: *appeared out of shadows like a shadowy thing*
Yukio: *grins*
Iffy: *fake smile* Hi, er...Yugioh?
Iffy: *puposefully gets his name wrong for to show TOTAL DISINTEREST*
Yukio: Yukio. You need to practice your Wutain. *leers* I could help with that.
Lu: Leave the intern alone, please.
Iffy: ....I'm, er... probably never going to Wutai anyway...thanks for the offer.
Lu: It's best not to touch anything in a science lab.
Lu: Have a seat, please. ::points to lab table;:
Yukio: *has already pocketed some random object* But she's so fuuun. I wanna play.
Iffy: .
Iffy: *takes several large steps to the side*
Iffy: *puts shots seat inbetween them*
Lu: Sit.
Yukio: *hops onto seat* You're cute too.
Hojo: Oh, and Lu? With this one, you search his pockets before he goes.
Lu: Please/
Lu: Er right.
Lu: >>;
Lu: ::not so much with the touching::
Lu: ::tempted to make with the seatbelts on this character::
Yukio: *is a stealth groper, be careful*
Lu: roll up your sleeve please
Iffy: *whispering to Lu* He's like, some kind of stalker. I say we lock all doors and windows tonight.
Lu: heh
Yukio: *does that*
Lu: ::will make with the PAIN if he tries anything::
Iffy: *swabs his arm*
Lu: ::cleans up his arm::
Iffy: *rolls eyes and gets the needle ready*
Lu: heh sorry
Lu: Here, read this for me. Out loud. ::hands Yukio a magazine::
Yukio: Geez girls all over me, huh?
Lu: You want to or shall I? ::eyes Yuki::
Yukio: *looks at magazine* This is boooring.
Iffy: *glares at Yuki surreptitiously* Me please.
Yukio: Can't keep your hands off me, huh?
Iffy: *advances with needle, looking uncharacteristacally ebil*
Lu: okay
Lu: ::Decides to stand back and let Iffy handle this jerk::
Iffy: *ebil smirk* Now this might hurt a little...
Yukio: I can handle pain, baby.
Iffy: *has picked the bluntest one in the box*
Iffy: *stabbity stab with needle*
Lu: >_o;
Yukio: Ack! Geez!
Yukio: *sideglances* Ooo... the forceful type, huh?
Iffy: *barely controls RAAAGE*
Iffy: *so does NOT like being hit on*
Yukio: *so loves the science department*
Iffy: *holds the needle in Yukio's arm, shot-stuff doing it's pumping through the needle thing*
Yukio: *winces* Hey ease up there, baby. I'm not exactly built for this.
Iffy: *small ebil grin* Thought you said you could deal with pain?
Iffy: *has a real PROBLEM with being hit on, damnit*
Hojo: *snickering*
Iffy: *snickering quietly*
Yukio: *starts jabbering in Wutain about domineering women*
Lu: ::snerk::
Iffy: *doesn't understand Wutaian*
Lu: ::does mostly::
Iffy: *probably better for Yukio she doesn't*
Lu: ::in Wutian:: "Thats not very nice."
Hojo: *in Wutaian, without looking up* "I thought domineering women were what SOLDIER is all about"
Iffy: *feels a little left out*
Iffy: Lu, I'm going to have to get you to teach me some Wutain.
Yukio: *to Hojo, alla Wutain* Exactly. I deal with enough of them. You're science girls are supposed to be CUTE and CUDDLY.
Yukio: *pouts*
Lu: ::smiles::
Lu: "Cute perhaps, cuddly, no."
Lu: heh okay
Iffy: ^^ Thankyou.
Iffy: *serrupticiously jabs needle in a little further*
Yukio: O.O
Hojo: "In fact, we hired them for cute and cuddly. You just don't seem to be inspiring them. I guess Turks really are better with women."
Yukio: Ack! ARE YOU DONE YET?!
Iffy: Maaaybe...soo-oon...*taking longer than is strictly need for MAXIMUM PAIN*
Yukio: *glaaaares at Hojo* "You need to teach them better manners."
Iffy: *is in fact totally done*
Hojo: "You need to treat them in a manner deserving of it, [word translated loosely as 'honorless bitch']"
Lu: ::raises eyebrow::
Yukio: *blinks* "You must teach me the way of the science wenching, Hojo-sensei"
Lu: Oh that is IT.
Hojo: "The first lesson is 'no-touchy'"
Iffy: *pats**whispers* We'll sneak into the SOLDIER quarters and shave him tonight, Lu. Don't worry.
Lu: >:-)
Lu: Can I hurt him now?
Iffy: Of course. *yanks needle out. HArd*
Yukio: ACK!
Yukio: *curses VERY LOUDLY in Wutain*
Iffy: *sniggers ebilly*
Hojo: "The second lesson is watch your language, young padawan."
Lu: ::cracks up::
Yukio: *pouts* "But all the SOLDIERS talk like that!"
Iffy: *really REALLY wants to learn Wutain now*
Lu: ::will teach her the ways of the Wutian::
Hojo: "Would you talk the same way in the streets of Wutai as in the courts?"
Lu: ::amused::
Yukio: *more pouting* No.
Hojo: Then don't do it here.
Iffy: *pokes Lu**hands her another blunt needle*
Iffy: Your turn?
Iffy: *smirk* Yes. You didn't think you'd get off east, did you?
Lu: >:}
Lu: Yes.
Lu: ::grabs his arm::
Lu: ::stabbity::
Iffy: *is enjoying this far too much*
Yukio: WAAAAH!
Iffy: *wishes she had a videocamera or something*
Lu: ::yanks needle out::
Lu: Hentai. >:P
Lu: Next time keep your bad pickup lines and your hands to yourself.
Lu: Or you'll get worse.
Yukio: *is crying*
Lu: ...
Yukio: "I guess I'll stick to Turk girls from now on..."
Lu: Oh now don't be like that.
Iffy: *is thiiis close to feeling bad for the poor fella*
Lu: ::takes back stolen goodies::
Yukio: *is 16 and perpetually horny. of course he's a jerk*
Lu: ::gives him a lollipop:: go on, get out of here, go play.
Lu: behave yourself next time, okay?
Yukio: *sniffs*
Iffy: Just remember not to piss off the girls with needles.
Lu: Iffy and I are way too old for you anyway. ::patpat::
Yukio: *nods*
Yukio: *becomes like shadow*
Lu: ::sorta kinda feels bad for him::
Iffy: *almost feels kinda bad for him too*
Yukio: *plots on how to get into the Turk showerroom when Scarlet's around*
Iffy: *is finding it harder to feel bad for him than Lu 'cause hell, she was the one he was stalking*
Lu: ::could probably take Yuki apart:
Lu: ::patpat's Iffy's shoulder:: I will teach you the ancient language of Wutian.
Lu: and the ancient-er art of Wutian butt-kicking.
Iffy: *grin* Thanks Lu.
Veld: *twitches* I suddenly have this feeling that there will be much strangling soon.
[end scene]

Geez it's a long one. O.o


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