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Nov. 12th, 2005 04:27 pm
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Set right after all the mental patient snooping and the like.

Vin: *walks down on his own* *looks around at everyone*
Vin: *totally smoking in the lab*
Lu: ::already fed Bruce and chickens like this is no big deal at ALL::
Lu: ::chokes slightly on cigarette smoke::
Hojo: *TWITCH*
Lu: ...
Veld: *whispers* He doesn't bite.
Lu: Hojo, are you okay?
Hojo: *duct-tapes file cabinet for the time being*
Lu: You? Screen? Yes? ::gives him a gentle shove::
Vin: *licks fingers and pinches cherry out* What the hell is this a party?
Hojo: *hides behind the screen*
Veld: *rolls eyes* You going to be alright down here?
Vin: *tucks smoke back in as Veld seems to have found all his hiding spots in the office and pitched them, the asshole*
Vin: Yeah... theres a stack of reports on your desk.
Veld: I'd better get to them then. Be good.
Lu: ::setting up syringes and things::
Veld: *exits for real this time*
Vin: *rolls eyes* I'm always good. *looks at set up and swallows*
Lu: Hello Mr. Valentine. ::folds exam table top up again like she did for Reeve so it's more like a chair::
Hojo: *holding tranq gun and trying to breath calmly*
Lu: ::sets out magazine:: ::eyes Vin's bloody shirt::
Lu: rough practise today?
Lu: ::being nice and stuff::
Pepper: *skitters down past Veld and makes his way over to his station at the other side of the laboratory*
Lu: ::watches Pepper go by::
Lu: 9_9
Vin: Please, call me .... *looks at screen* *growls* Vin.
Lu: have a seat.
Lu: Oh. Sure. Sorry.
Vin: *sits* No, rough night... not practice.
Lu: Didn't know you had a preference.
Lu: ::nod::
Lu: are you all right?
Lu: ::dons gloves and gently pokes at his still wet and bloody shirt::
Lu: ...
Lu: would you mind? I don't want to give you anything till I know what kind of damage you took.
Vin: It's just a bite... and some scracthes, I've had worse...
Lu: Bite?
Vin: *shrugs off his shirt, but most of the damage is on his back*
Lu: ::winces slightly::
Lu: I see. Let me clean you up a little first.
Lu: ::gets warm washcloth and mops blood and goo away::
Vin: *looks over to screen*
Lu: ::being very careful not to hurt him::
Vin: Ah... thanks.
Lu: ::gets cotton ball and swabs his cuts and such with some tingly lotion- doesn't hurt, feels kinda good::
Lu: don't mention it.
Lu: Give me two seconds to check your paperwork.... ::looks over files::
Lu: I'm going to give you a tetanus and rabies booster just in care. Human bites are nasty.
Vin: *gets the bad feeling of being watched*
Lu: ::readies two extra syringes::
Voice: Nice pair... for a chick, but you're a fag aren't you?
Voice: Chicken?
Voice: .... well, when she's not being a snooty platebitch...
Lu: ::is just BARELY 5ft and has nothing on Scarlet as far as "figure" goes, has nice long brown ponytail tho::
Lu: okay. ::puts towel down on table so it won't be all cold and stuff on his poor back::
Vin: *is a bit shocked at the nice treatment*
Lu: ::puts banadge over bite mark and on some of the deeper cuts::
Voice: Gods, you are a whore.
Lu: okay, just sit back.
Lu: ::hands him magazine::
Lu: could you read this to me? start here. ::points::
Voice: Yeah, we both know that Vin's a whore.
Lu: ::turns him so he's not facing her::
Vin: *blinks* You want me to read you a magazine?
Voice:... chicken.
Lu: yep.
Voice: See? Even Galian agrees.
Pepper: *is off to himself working on chromosome maps and redesigning monster, la la la*
Lu: ::has like...a Ripley's Believe it or Not magzine staff full of weird and distracting stuff::
Vin: Authorities have released little information ont he murder of Walter Azoo. His partner, Ricardo has already detailed a full confession, and there were three witnesses to the crime... *winces* all ShinRa board members.
Lu: ::goes about very carefully and gently giving shots::
Lu: :;rabies one is gonna sting no matter WHAT- feels bad about that::
Pepper: *has also found a new tranquilizer gun and has it hidden away on him...just in case*
Vin: *flinches with rabies shot*
Lu: sorry.
Lu: there. all done. ^^
Lu: you did good. ^^
Lu: ::didn't bother to strap him in or anything::
Vin: *feels woozy*
Lu: just sit and relax for a minute
Lu: ::gets him some OJ::
Veld: *is looking at clock and waiting for his collection phonecall*
Lu: ::with a bendy straw!::
Vin: *rubs arm* *doesnt like OJ but takes it because she's a girl*
Lu: here
Veld: *or phonecall about rampaging*
Lu: ::doesn't know he doesn't like OJ- will get him other juice if he wants::
Veld: *or things on fire*
Voice: ... NOT CHICKEN
Lu: just sip a little
Lu: it'll help settle everything
Vin: *sips, pulls face* Ah... I think I'm going to hurl.
Voice: BORING.
Lu: okay. ::takes juice away and provides bucket:
Vin: *makes well use of the bucket*
Lu: ::gently pushes him back against table with one hand::
Lu: ::carefully rubs his back while he's sick, taking note of his cuts::
Vin: Fuck... gods... *rubs head*
Lu: you want some water?
Lu: shh...
Lu: ::patpat::
Voice: ... petting nice.
Voice: Galian! He's supposed to kill things, fucker.
Lu: ::kinda petting his hair over his neck since that isn't scratched up::
Galian: ... like petting.
Lu: do you want to lay down?
Vin: *shakes head and holds it* -shut UP-
Voice: Let's kill her.
Voice: She's so pretty and small.
Lu: ::puts hands on his shoulders to steady him, avoiding bandaged bite::
Lu: take it easy
Lu: it'll take a good couple minutes for your body to adjust
Vin: I'll.. be fine...
Lu: yeah, you will
Lu: just take it slow ::gentle smile::
Voice: awww isn't that cute, she's so nice to you. Tore up mother fucker.
Voice: Maybe she's the one you ought to watch. Women like that, dangerous.
Galian: NICE.
Veld: *decides that it's taken long enough and heads towards lab*
Voice: ... you're an idiot.
Lu: ::smiles for Vin- has no idea what Hojo was so worked up about::
Lu: ::sissies::
Vin: *shakes head again* I- I really need to go lay down. *makes good effort to stand by himself, but totters like a drunk*
Lu: ::catches him::
Lu: ::like...half his size:: careful!
Voice: pop her head off! COME ON
Galian: Small and nice.
Lu: let me help you
Vin: I don't want any help, thanks. *totters to door* -SHUT UP-
Lu: ::puts arm around him and takes his arm with her free hand- top of her head level withhis armpit::
Lu: ::lest go:: um...okay.
Lu: let me know if it dosen't get any better, okay?
Veld: *at top of stairs* I don't hear any gunshots or explosions.
Lu: and wait 24hrs before you have any alcohol.
Voice: ... you know.. I cannot HELP but notice that she's still standing. Shifty little thing. See, she wants you to trust her. So she can drill into your head.
Lu: nope, he was fine. ^^
Vin:... *twitch*
Lu: ::starts cleaning up::
Lu: he was a perfect gentleman
Vin: *isn't going to make those stairs on his own and won't ask Lu for help*
Veld: You alright there, Valentine?
Lu: ::watches him totter::
Voice: Not on my account...
Lu: ::hmm...:: ::goes up after him as if she's talking to Veld:;
Vin: Godsdamnedmotherfuckingstairswontfuckinggodsdamnedstopfuckingmoving
Lu: I dunno what you boys were so worried about ^^
Veld: Lucrecia, get his other side. He's being stubborn.
Galian: Little and pretty and nice. Chicken?
Lu: I noticed.
Lu: ::puts arm around Vin again to help hold him up- may be a chibi but is pretty strong::
Lu: c'mon tough guy.
Vin: I am not fucking gods damned being stubborn, asshole
Lu: nap time.
Lu: no of course not.
Veld: *supports other side, free hand shaking a bit*
Lu: ::helps him up stairs::
Veld: You're always stubborn.
Voice: Kill her first, maybe Velly'll help, shes touchy.
Lu: it's all right Veld.
Vin: yeah, I learned that shit from you.
Lu: ::smiles::
Voice: Then fuck Velly and dance on his throat.
Veld: Right, blame it on me. And I know it's fine, Lucrecia.
Lu: ::gets him up to main floor::
Lu: heh
Hojo: *wants to follow with the gun, in case he does something*
Lu: c'mon, there's a couch in here.
Vin: Ah, sorry about the whole uppity plate bitch comments, Lucrecia.
Lu: that's okay.
Lu: I was being bitchy.
Lu: you caught me after a
Veld: *likes that there is no chaos to clean up will thank Lu again later*
Lu: that dosn't excuse it, but that is the reason.
Lu: I do apologize.
Lu: ::gets him into office::
Veld: He's cranky anyway.
Lu: Veld, can you hold him up for a second?
Lu: just make sure he doesn't fall on his face.
Veld: Sure thing. *thinks: calm, calm, no killing people, calm calm*
Lu: ::lets go and rummages in closet briefly- restocked it recently with Useful Stuff::
Vin: *tilts head and snickers*
Lu: ::gets out freshly folded blanket and pillow::
Veld: One sided conversing, Valentine.
Lu: ::drapes blanket over the couch so it's itchy, avacado tweed will not irritate Vin's bac::
Lu: okay, nap time
Vin: *snickers* Yeah...
Lu: ::helps guide Vin over to couch::
Voice: Oh I'm glad YOU Think this is funny, Galian comes out finally and he's a pansy ass.
Lu: you can rest and do paperwork today.
Lu: you can have all the soda and water and juice you want, but no alcohol.
Vin: Did lots of that shit today. Gonna sleep.
Lu: that will REALLY screw with you.
Voice: You are just pouting. Ha.
Lu: all right. that's fine by me.
Lu: g'night. ::tucks him in::
Veld: I'll be in my office if you need help getting home.
Lu: ::pats his hair once before exiting with Veld::
Veld: Thanks again, Lucrecia. Flipping out is bad.
Lu: heh My pleasure.
Vin: *sits up and rubs his head* Shut UP. Gods.. I need a drink.
Lu: he did beautifully. I don't see what all the fuss was about.
Galian: Chicken, no drink, nice lady said.
Veld: Hojo's paranoid. Valentine's paranoid.
Voice: Gods damned mother fucking fucks have fucked this fucker up.
Veld: Causes much paranoia.
Lu: everybody is.
Lu: that's all right.
Lu: well, now you can all be less paranoid. ;}
Veld: *is trying to keep left hand from shaking*
Lu: ...are you okay?
Veld: Yes, that would be good.
Veld: Oh, I'm fine.
Lu: uh-huh..
Vin: *fidgets and finds his smokes* Shut up.
Lu: you're just practising you disco moves. ::eyes his hand::
Veld: Just a tick. Nothing big.
Voice: No drinky - poo for Vinny-poo. Let's go fuck Finn, we got our shots.
Lu: just how much coffee did you drink today?
Veld: None. I took your advice about the caffeine. Like I said, it's just a tick.
Lu: ...
Lu: well...if it gets any worse, let me know.
Vin: ... *taps head* Shut up
Veld: Of course.
Lu: I'm not going to eat you.
Lu: I'm here to help keep youguys alive, okay?
Lu: and preferrably healthy ;}
Voice: How about Velly? You ain't screamed at each other today. That was fucking hot you know? And you DIDNT screw. Pansy
Lu: ::pats Veld's shoulder before she leaves:: don't work too hard ;}
Vin: *smokes*
Lu: ::goes back down to lab::
Veld: *smiles and heads off to work too hard to calm his possible socio episode*

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