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[Iffy is on her way out. Nii and Hojo are male bonding, Amon will come in when cued]

Iffy: Same time tomorrow, sir?

Hojo: Sure thing, If.

Hojo: See you.

Iffy:...*deals with If*

Nii: *lurking like a lurker. at his desk.*

Iffy: *casual wave**walks out*

Hojo: *turns to Nii* Now that we have a minute alone. *walks over and stares at him for a minute*

Nii: ...*startes back, blinking once* ...That we do.

Hojo: *shakes his head* That son of a bitch.

Nii: Query - am I going to die for another's snafu?

Hojo: No, not you. I just... why the fuck is Finn picking up people in bars who look like me?

Nii: I--wait-- *peers at Hojo* ... *looks at own reflection in CRT* ...Holy shit. That's disturbing. I - I am - I lack the ability to be sarcastic about this, it's so surreal.

Hojo: It's not like he can't find me when he wants to get laid.

Nii: ...So I was a replacement Hojo. That's - I'm not sure whether to be offended, flattered, or just plain confused.

Nii: ...I'll stick with confused.

Hojo: *makes evil plans involving Finn*

Nii: ...*mutters* Note to self: Finn's coffee. laxative. Hilarity ensuing.

Hojo: Well, you're useful to have around, at least. It's just. Arg.

Amon: *walks in like he is god*

Nii: I concur. Aaarrruuughhello, sir. *stares at Amon*

Amon: *looks around* Where are all the people I pay to work here?

Hojo: Gone home, sir. It's seven in the evening.

Amon: No work ethic, that's the problem with people. *walks to Pepper's desk and picks up file on monster*

Nii: *stares. like the wary tomcat. Nii is Greebo, yes.*

Amon: *looks at Nii* You're the new person on the board, correct?

Nii: yes, sir.

Hojo: He's the newest.

Amon: And you both are again? *not really paying attention to them, reading the file*

Nii: Jianyi Nii, sir.

Hojo: ... *doesn't bother answering, since he knows he's not listening*

Hojo: That's Pepper's work. Monsters. You remember him?

Amon: Yes, Jojo, I recall.

Amon: That's actually what I wanted to discuss.

Amon: *sits file down* All that monster from a simple dog huh? *Is an amazingly fast reader*

Hojo: *twitch* Yes.

Amon: So what if we used....more advanced dogs?

Amon: *goes to flip through SOLDIER and TURK files*

Nii: *peeks at report* ...As in highly trained ones?

Hojo: By which you mean people, sir?

Nii: ...Wha?

Amon: No, I mean *waves files* Them.

Amon: People have status, Jojo.

Nii: ... ... ...So the turks and SOLDIER don't qualify as-- *lost*

Amon: *smiles* Look at it this way... *flits through file*

Nii: ...What way am I to be looking at that, sie?

Amon: *flips up Vincent's file* Like this one.

Nii: ...*hello, extremely hot turk.*

Amon: No education, no birth records...

Hojo: *chokes a little* Er.

Hojo: That... would be true...

Nii: *swallows. tugs tie.* Ah. But. He's still a human being. Homo sapiens sapiens and such.

Hojo: *thinking: Veld is so fucking gonna kill me. Unless I kill Valentine first. And this will be totally not my fault.*

Amon: He's an attack dog anyway.

Amon: People, Nii have STATUS.

Nii: *more tie fiddle* ...Do Shinra personnel fiels not count as status, sir?

Hojo: He's a natural monster. I suppose it would be almost... poetic.

Nii: ... ... ...Who exactly is this - Valentine individual anyhow?

Amon: *flips* And Schizophrenic?

Amon: A turk, they live upstairs, take care of my ....personal problems.

Nii: ...He's what? *perk PERK! hello, Shrink Nii* What procedures would be...undertaken in the case of Valentine?

Amon: Well, that's what I wanted to leave to you. I want.... an army that I can drop off, have turn into monsters and then pick back up.

Amon: Fear. I want people to see someone from ShinRa and fear them.

Amon: *smiles* Because it takes far too long to throw people out windows all day.

Hojo: That... may take a while, but it should be doable.

Amon: *nods* I understand the time invovled, and the risks so I don't want to spend the money on procuring a new specimen. Just used one of the Turks or SOLDIERS.

Hojo: I will put Pepper on this full time and oversee him personally. And we will use Valentine, sir, at your suggestion.

Amon: Who? *waves hands* I don't quite care, however I want you to know that this could open up a whole new...department.

Hojo: Understood, sir.

Nii: *spectacle glint of the ominous* What'll I need to do?

Amon: There are a lot of very Interesting things on this planet. If this goes well, I'll make sure you get to study them all.

Hojo: We'll work the details out later. Oh, sir, the funding...? This will not be a cheap undertaking.

Amon: However you wish to see it is fine with me. Money, as long as I see progress, is no issue. *thinks* Pick two subjects to work with , two or three, that way they don't suspect anything.

Amon: Perhaps we should build a new lab... does Nebiel agree with you?

Hojo: That sounds wonderful, sir. I'll choose the specimens right away.

Amon: I want a full report on my desk tomorrow, then. *exits like he is god*

Hojo: *waits for sound of door closing*

Hojo: YES!!!!!! *dances*

Hojo: *singing* Gonna get my own laaaaaab... Gonna get my own projeeeeeect...

Hojo: *stops* First thing in the morning? Shit. I better start writing. *goes through SOLDIER files to find another poor sap or two*

Nii: need help? *knows lab reports = satan; has been silently eeeing*

Hojo: Sure, help me go through these. We need people whose origin is listed as Midgar with a sector number attached.


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