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[Veld, going against his first instinct to agressively interrogate decides to try the calmer and more ordered method. Snooping. Finding a moment when Hojo's distracted some time, but he is currently checking out the one object that seems to be locked.]
Veld: *inspecting cabinet* Now why would you keep locked files in a lab like this?
Veld: Hmm.
Veld: *pulls out a paperclip, the best invention ever and starts picking at the lock*
Veld: *gets into cabinet and takes note that all the folders have color tags in the order of the visible light spectrum*
Veld: And I thought I was a little crazy about order. This is overkill.
Veld: *sees several names and finds the last one, V*
Veld: Now what exactly were you doing with crazy people, Hojo?
Veld: *reads some science babble that he doesn't have the expertise to understand*
Veld: Scalpel in the skull?! *reads more* Mako? The hell is this?
Veld: *looks again at drawer* And quite a few cases too.
Veld: Maybe Vin's not as paranoid as I thought...
Hojo: *slides down the bannister, stops dead*
Hojo: What the hell?
Hojo: WHAT the HELL?
Veld: Hi, Hojo. *is not quite sure how to explain this*
Hojo: What in all of gaea and the promised land makes you think you're allowed to do this? *grabs file from his hands*
File: *goes flying across the floor*
Veld: I haven't the faintest, actually. But there's some disturbing things in there.
Hojo: Science is supposed to disturb what society takes for granted. *grabbing at papers*
Veld: Well you seemed to take for granted who exactly you were experimenting on.
Veld: Have a project or two before joining the Shinra family?
Hojo: Yes. It was called my dissertation.
Veld: Sounds like an impressive word that I was never taught in training. On what exactly?
Hojo: 'Effects of mako exposure on the brain surface of schizophrenic patients'. It's what got Gast to hire me.
Hojo: *twitching* *shoves everything into file* *shoves file into drawer*
Veld: Schizophrenics, huh? Still mess around with them much?
Pepper: *watches quietly from the stairs*
Hojo: Only the ones who work here.
Hojo: aside from the occassional follow-up.
Veld: Ironic that two of them are related. Those I suppose you're not the type to notice.
Hojo: Related?
Veld: I know Valentine's a common last name, but they look so alike. You must really be into your work.
Hojo: ... Vincent's mom? Tammy? Well, that does explain a lot. *looks thoughtful*
Veld: Really surprised you didn't notice. So what exactly did you find? Did it help?
Hojo: Hard to say, but we were able to release nearly a quarter of the patients I worked on.
Veld: Do you think Tammy would be able to be released? And what sort of process... does one go through to do that?
Veld: *doesn't think Hojo's bad, just a little blind*
Hojo: Tammy's refusal to cooperate with any of her doctors makes it hard to tell. She seems more lucid than she was last year. I think she's functional. Nobody's really sane.
Veld: Well, doctors are intimidating to some. She's not hostile, just lonely.
Hojo: You play the game, you get out. You've seen Vincent's psych record, obviously he knows that.
Veld: He wasn't crazy then. And she's more easily intimidated.
Veld: Is there any way to get a referral? Say from a registered doctor?
Hojo: If she's that easily intimidated, maybe she shouldn't be out on her own. She'll just have her bastard husband back on her case.
Veld: He's no longer in the picture. And she has more friends than she knows.
Hojo: ... What?
Hojo: And what do you mean, a referral? To get her out?
Veld: Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
Hojo: What's your angle here? Does Vincent know what you're doing?
Veld: My angle is my own business.
Pepper: *edges back up the stairway so that he can listen and not be standing there looking obvious*
Hojo: I'm guessing Vincent doesn't know I have anything to do with his mom based on the fact that I'm not dead yet.
Veld: And no, I won't tell him about your involvement if you cooperate.
Hojo: I will do what I can, but I'm not her doctor. It's not my call unless she's actively my specimen again.
Veld: Is there any way you can do that without drilling into her head?
Veld: Like... maybe use her as a control?
Hojo: *amused* You'd have me operate on totally random innocent people to get her out? That's sweet in a morally ambiguous way.
Veld: I never claimed to be a good guy.
Hojo: And yet you're Vincent's guardian angel today.
Veld: I look after my own.
Hojo: No, I don't have time to reactivate this project full time. However, I can write up some proposal that I'm studying the long term effects on the subjects in the outside world.
Veld: That sounds like a good idea. I knew you were clever.
Hojo: This will involve paperwork, time, and effort on my part. I will have to activate half a dozen patients to make it scientificly plausible.
Hojo: This will also make my name that much more closely linked to Valentine's mom
Veld: Then make sure you don't leave any files open.
Hojo: Instead of a dusty study in the library, this will be active and ongoing. I will need to actually visit her.
Hojo: In a place where Vincent might see.
Hojo: She told me her son never visits.
Veld: Hmm.
Hojo: Would she keep the secret?
Veld: Maybe I could ask her. She seems rather fond of him, so if I told her it was for his safety, she might.
Hojo: Personally, I'm fond of the not being shot. If she stays there, and I tell Vincent you were visiting her, he'll kill you and the secret stays safe that way too. But sure, go ahead and ask.
Hojo: Er... what did happen to her husband?
Veld: I can handle Vincent. And... well, he got into a nasty barfight.
Hojo: Sure. *not sure he believes Veld and wondering just how far Veld's guardian angel act might go*
Hojo: You handle Vincent. Fine. I'll start the paperwork.
Veld: Thank you. Always a pleasure to work with the science department.
Hojo: *twitchy like a two-year-old sticking a fork in a light socket*
Veld: *exits, to catch up on the montrous amount of paperwork he's behind on whilst taking care of this*
Vin: *is actually doing some of Veld's work*
Lu: ::passes Veld on way down:: Hi Veld
Hojo: *twitch twitch twitch*
Veld: Oh, hi Lucrecia.
Hojo: *debating the best way to put more locks on the file cabine*
Veld: Were the chickens good?
Veld: I hope they didn't give you too much trouble.
Lu: Yes they were.
Veld: And Bruce?
Lu: I'll be moving them out to one of the exam rooms as soon as possible.
Lu: Bruce is charming. ^^
Lu: Quite the work of art.
Hojo: *helps himself to about twice the recommended dosage of valium*
Veld: Yes, so I hear.
Lu: heh Don't worry, he'll be relocated too so you won't have to worry about him looking over your shoulder while you type ;}


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