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Nurse: *chirps into Tammy's room* Guess what, Tammy? You've got a visitor today!

Tammy: *tilts head* Not my money grubbing husband? *hotly*

Nurse: Nope, not today! Today it's a doctor!

Tam: *twitch*

Nurse: *throws curtains wide* You should let some light in here! Sunlight is good! I'll go send the doctor in!

Tam: *lowly* Sometimes, I wonder, Gret... sometimes...(Gret is one of her voices)

Hojo: *comes in with briefcase and clipboard, in a hurry to finish up, she's his last one for today and he had to come all the way up above the plate* Hello, Tammy. Nice place you've got now.

Tam: *Stares for a moment and then shrugs*

Tam: Going to poke my head again?

Tam: *tilts head for a moment shakes it and then looks back at Hojo*

Hojo: No, this is purely followup.

Hojo: How are your voices lately? More, less, louder, softer?

Tam: I'd rather not say.

Hojo: If you insist. I can always get access to your doctor's records here. Paranoia acting up again?

Tam: *eyes move to the side* No, but I wonder where that deadbeat I married is.

Hojo: Would you like me to check on him? *scribbling on pad*

Tam: Hasn't been by to get his check. Maybe he finally died. *giggles* Only if you find good pictures.

Hojo: Good pictures, sure. *actually does write that down* Still no word from your son?

Tam: That's none of your business, Dr. Hojo.

Hojo: Never is, but you know how it is, I have to ask.

Tam: And I still don't have to tell you.

Tam: I don't want you people poking him. I was better before you started poking me.

Hojo: I have no interest in your son, Tammy. I'm just trying to figure out how you are.

Tammy: I want out of here.

Hojo: That's up to the doctors. But I'll tell you a secret.

Hojo: Keeping you here is nothing to do with if you're sane or not. It's everything to do with how compliant you are with the people in charge.

Hojo: Tell us what we want to hear and you'll get out a lot faster.

Tam: *laughs* That's a crock of shit.

Tam: You want to dig in heads. *points* Raz, he lives next door, he kept telling them the shock treatments made his voices worse...

Tam: and they dug in his head. Now he just rocks in a corner. Talk to him, but all he says is "purple"

Hojo: Psychology is a weak science. The guy who gives you 'free talk' three days a week? Only guesses whether or not you're sane. He doesn't know what you're thinking.

Hojo: You misbehave, they give you shock. You play nice, they don't. That's sanity for you.

Tam: I know what I'm thinking, but that doesn't help.

Tam: That's not true. Here it is most of the time, but that's not always true. *twitches*

Hojo: What are you thinking, then? What's so important that you can't tell the doctor and convince him you're better?

Tam: I'm thinking that I want out of here. I want to go home.

Tam: I don't... I don't like being in here alone all night long, I don't want to be alone.

Hojo: You can't mean that you want to go back to your husband. What would you do if you left?

Tam: *smirks and laughs for a second* I would find my son, thank him for putting me here. It's much nicer here. He must have a good job.

Tam: I don't care about my husband. *snickers*

Hojo: Must be a good kid, to take care of his mom like that. I take it he takes after you?

Tam: I don't see him much. *frowns* I think he feels bad... that he's out... I don't think he's anything like his old man.

Tam: *shakes her head* No, he doesn't even look like him.

Hojo: You're lucky you have any family that cares about you. A lot of people don't.

Hojo: Now come on, Tammy. Just tell me how you're doing, whether you're better or worse, and I'll tell the doctor you were very cooperative and seem well on the way to rejoining society.

Tam: I'm doing better.

Tam: Just ... lonely sometimes.

Hojo: Sounds like they must be quiet, if you're lonely.

Tam: They aren't real, doctor. I miss people.

Tam: *shakes head again*

Hojo: *nods* I'll mention that too, that you need social time. Maybe a halfway house would suit you.

Hojo: No violence lately?

Tam: *shakes head in a "no"* No, no no no, they take parts of your head out if you do things like that...

Hojo: Good to hear.

Hojo: Well, I think that's everything I need, and thank you for cooperating. I hope you see your son soon. *packs up*

Tam: I do too, Dr. *watches him leave*

Tam: *in fact saw Vin yesterday, and her voices were telling her that Hojo would make a lovely hopscotch board if she skinned him right, but won't mention any of that*

Veld: *is at this point walking and muttering trying to convince himself not to interfere in Vin's business*

Hojo: *hurrying out and not paying attention*

Veld: *sees Hojo hurry out and kinda does a mental "WTF?" about that*

Veld: *goes in once the good doctor is gone and kind of stalls at the reception desk*

Veld: What are you doing, old man? *muttering*

Nursey: Can I help you?

Veld: Ah yes, I'm here to see a patient... a Mrs. Valentine. *flashes fake police badge that he uses for all his snoop work*

Nursey: Tammy? What do you need with her?

Nursey: She only has three regular visitors, and you aren't them.

Veld: Part of an investigation, ma'am. Not suspect but needed for information regarding someone else. You understand.

Veld: *tries something he hasn't tried in a while and smiles at her* I promise to be nice.

Nursey: Very well, do you need a shock prod or anything of that nature or are you familiar with the insane?

Veld: No equipment necessary. Thank you... *reads nametag* Rhonda.

Veld: *smiles again for good measure*

Rhonda: *snaps chewing gum, takes up a shock prod and leads him through three locked doors* The ward's in here, this is low security, some of the patients get walked around, so be careful not to touch. We've got minor (more)

Rhonda: Problems with that, some people get rather sociopathic unless they are comfortable with the nurse or doctor. Tammy's been fairly good as of late, she was stressed a month or so after the move, but has been good.

Veld: *listens and suppresses twitch at the word "sociopath"* That's good to hear.

Rhonda: *smiles* Wait here, I'll make sure she's able to see you, she just saw her old doctor not two minutes ago, maybe talking to him would be better than Tammy.

Guy next door: *bangs head on wall and mutters about purple*

Veld: I'll most likely be making a visit with him afterwards.

Rhonda: Raz... please don't do that, you don't want to be restrained again. *opens door* just ignore Raz. *ducks in*

Veld: *wonders how deja vu seeing Hojo was*

Veld: *wonders briefly if he'll ever be like purple guy and shakes the thought off*

Raz: *stare* *has a nice scar at the top of his head* *stare*

Rhonda: *Opens door again* Feel free to see her. Poor thing, shame too, so pretty, really. At any rate, I'll have to lock you in, so buzz when you are done.

Veld: *nods and goes in*

Tam: *looks basically like an older, female Vin and blinks at him*

Tam: I don't know you.

Veld: *blinks for a couple of seconds at the resemblance and feels weird guilty*

Veld: I know. My name's Veld, ma'am. I'm... a friend.

Tam: *stands* No... I don't have those...

Veld: But your son does. *doesn't want to rile her up and can't help staring*

Tam: *smiles* You know Vinnie?

Veld: Yes, he's a good kid.

Tam: You're just a kid, yourself.

Veld: Thank you. *really isn't sure what he wants to ask her exactly*

Tam: *tilts head then shakes it*

Veld: *knows that mannerism and feels that eerie guilt thing again*

Tam: Is Vinnie... the reason you're here, Veld? *taps forehead*

Veld: I guess you could say that.

Tam: *nods* Do you know Vickalor? Are you a doctor?

Tam: *lowly* I don't want to talk about Vin if you are.

Veld: No and no. I have no creepy needles or charts or anything like that up my sleeve. *actually shows her that his sleeves are empty*

Tam: *snickers* A sense of humor... Obviously not a doctor.

Veld: Well considering the ones I've known, I guess you're right.

Tam: *sits back down and tilts her head* Oh yes *that was not to Veld* *to Veld* Where is that asshole I married?

Tam: He's dead, isn't he?

Veld: *debates for a moment how to handle that and can't really lie to a crazy lady that looks so much like Vin it creeps him out* ...yes. I'm sorry for your loss.

Veld: *not surprised Vin didn't tell her*

Tammy: *starts laughing*

Tammy: Loss? That fucking bastard put me in here.

Veld: *mumbles about "same laugh too"*

Tammy: Not here... no, they said Vinnie had me moved, this place is much better.

Tammy: *sighs* It's a shame though, I wanted to kill him.

Veld: I can imagine.

Tammy: *snickers* no... odds are you can't.

Tammy: *looks over his shoulder then smiles* I wanted to hang the son of a whore by his own intestines... shame, now I'll have to think about something else.

Veld: You'd be surprised. *quickly changes subject* So I hear you've had other visitors recently?

Tammy: *taps her head* God... yes, they get worse after Dr. Hojo Visits... he made them so much worse.

Veld: *is rather unfazed by crazy comments like that considering some of the thoughts of violence he's had lately*

Veld: *eyes wide for a moment and then goes back to his usual professionalism* Well, you know doctors.

Tammy: But I can't say that... they ... *points to Raz* They shock you till you go crazy then they take out parts of your head.

Veld: I'm sorry to hear that.

Tammy: I- I don't want Vinnie here. They'll... they'll make him worse, I don't want him here.

Veld: He won't end up here. He's a good kid.

Veld: I promise you he won't end up here.

Tam: *looks at him for a long while* What are you to him?

Veld: Just an old friend, ma'am.

Tam: Vin has friends?

Veld: More than he thinks he does.

Tam: *smiles* I'm glad. *shakes head again* Gods... *closes eyes and presses hands into her head* They never hurt before... before I could have a drink, they'd go away...

Tam: They're bored, Veld. It's worse when they are bored.

Veld: *supresses urge to pat her on the shoulder* Not enough people to talk to?

Tam: *shakes head* They say things... you have that voice in your head that tells you to doubt yourself?

Veld: *sighs* All the time.

Tam: I have seven of them.

Veld: Sounds pretty crowded.

Tam: I don't like being alone with them...

Tam: *shakes head* But... don't say anything? Please, I don't want them to drill in my head anymore I don't want *waves hand in a Vincentish movement* Extra stuff... I don't need it.

Veld: *is again creeped out by mannerism* I won't tell them anything.

Veld: You shouldn't be in here anyway.

Tam: *shrugs* Be a good friend to Vinnie. Don't lock him up and let people poke in his head. *rubs head* I think I need a nap.

Veld: I won't let anyone lock him up. Rest well, ma'am.

Tam: *nods*

Veld: *presses buzzer* I hope we get to talk again sometime.

Tam: ... I think I'd like that, Velly.

Veld: *blinks*

Rhonda: *opens door* Did you get the information you needed, officer? *nods to Tammy*

Tam: *forced smile*

Veld: It was a good chat. She's a good patient.

Veld: *smiles at Tam before ducking out*

Rhonda: She didn't say anything unsettling did she? You look a bit spooked. Her son's pushing to get her moved to a halfway house, but her doctors are unsure about it.

Veld: These places are always unsettling. She's perfectly fine. I don't see WHY the doctors are unsure at all.

Veld: *grits teeth* She shouldn't be in here.

Rhonda: *shakes head* She's insane, officer. Totally insane, she's better off here where she can't hurt herself or anyone else.

Veld: Isane people are people too, Miss. They have families and people that can look after them.

Rhonda: *snorts* That dead beat husband? Her son works too much, she needs supervision.

Rhonda: You should probably talk to him too, I assume you have their names?

Veld: Yes, I do. Thank you. *would so totally let her live at his place, as he's now dead set on getting her out of there*

Rhonda: She seems to like you, she's not a big talker, and its unsettling to just have her stare at you like she wants to eat you. Have a good night

Veld: *half smiles and leaves*

Veld: So now to go talk with the good doctor...


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