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Pre all the mental breakdown and chickens and stuff.

[Turk office is strangely quiet. That would be because Vin is alseep and Scarlet is out. Veld is blissful in his paperworks.]
Veld: *blissfully in paperworks*
Veld: *and not drunk. no no, drunk is baaad.*
Amon: *over the little call boxy thingy* Turk?
Veld: *jumps* Yessir?
Amon: You and that crazy shit get up here. I'm expecting company and I want them to know I'm serious.
Veld: *glares at crazyshit comment cause Amon can't see him* Right away sir.
Veld: *gets up and over to Vin's office* WAKE UP!
Vin: COPS! AHh! *falls off chair*
Veld: *tries not to laugh at that* Boardroom. Tuck in your shirt.
Vin: ... *rubshead* mothershittinsonofanasswhoremongerfuckingsonofa- *continues off while he tucks in his shirt*
Veld: *taps foot* TODAY?
Vin: *pops back and still cursing* -goddamnmotherfucker. Now what?
Veld: Go. Now. Quiet.
Vin: Go where, I didn't do anything, its not tuesday.
Veld: Just follow me. And NO it's not to the basement. Slacker.
Vin: *brightens* Do we get to scare people?
Veld: Yes, of course... *is walking*
Vin: *gets into his Turk mode complete with no tie, a smirk and smooth stride*
Veld: And no tie. Typical. If the President hadn't asked, I'd have Scarlet chain you to your desk...
Veld: *elevator, to the top*
Vin: I'm sure he likes this. We're like rotwielers or something for him... and they call me crazy.
Pres: *playing with things on his desk*
Finn: *sitting with his feet up*
Veld: It's work. I honestly don't care what's going on in their minds so long as we're all alive and paid.
Veld: *gets out of elevator*
Finn: What's on the agenda today, Dad?
Elijah: *smoking cool cigar that I wish I had*
Press: Midgar Power. *smirks* They seem to not want to take our nice big check.
Pres: So I invited them over for a friendly chat.
Veld: Button up your shirt more. You look like you just stepped out of Corny's.
Finn: How rude of them.
Vin: *rolls eyes and twirls mag-rod*
Elijah: *just listening like a plotting thing*
Pres: I know, however, I'm sure its just a missunderstanding. I have two of the Turks coming up to help with our discussion.
Veld: *waits at door to be let in by secretary or whatever sort of thing big business guys use*
Finn: Ooh, "discussion". Can I hit too?
Elijah: *mutters under breath* Child.
Pres: Finn, we have attack dogs for that.
Pres: *lights up a cigar that could buy drakon's car*
Finn: *sighs*
Pres: Don't you get enough hits in at the honeybee? You expense reports rather embarassing as of late, my boy.
Finn: Would you rather I went back to hitting on employees?
Elijah: *thinks of his own exploits, as I have decided to make him pervy*
Pres: I told you, we have Turks for that. *thinks* Speaking of, didn't they multiply or something, we have a new one.
Pres: Not a pretty blonde, unfortunately, either.
Finn: Male or female?
Elijah: Male.
Finn: Hmm. I'll have to go see later.
Pres: I'll have to ask the... what's the alpha Turk named again?
Finn: Velcro?
Elijah: Vel something or other.
Pres: Two of them have V names... I should have looked this up.
Finn: You just call them all "Turk" anyway.
Pres: The one with the nice figure is Scarlet. I remember her.
Elijah: *smirks*
Pres: At anyrate. The V names are here, one's crazy, I don't remember what one it is.
Elijah: You should be able to tell, I would think.
Finn: I thought they were all crazy?
Elijah: I think they're still working on that.
Pres: Well, they are, but more crazy, slum kid. They are better crazy, makes them... scary or soemthing. Anway. *buzzes to the front* Show the Turks in.
Finn: Ah.
Finn: It'd still bang 'em.
Veld: *walks in with crazy in tow*
Vin: *looks at Finn for a moment like he wants to eat him before looking at Elijah like he wants to eat him then to the President*
Veld: *stands straight* Here as ordered, sir.
Finn: *looks at Vincent like he wants to "eat" him*
Amon: *Points to Veld* You over here. *points to Vin* You behind Finn's chair... *To Veld assuming he's in charge* You have a third guy?
Veld: You only called for two sir.
Voice: oooo pretty lets fuck him and throw him out the window.
Amon: I'm well aware of the ability to count, Turk. DO you have a third guy?
Vin: *glare*
Finn: *looks up at Vin and winks*
Veld: Not with us, sir. Would you like me to get one?
Vin: *growl*
Finn: Yum.
Amon: Is he capable of intimidation?
Vin: *twitch*
Voice: HE wants it! See?!
Veld: Um, well, not yet sir. He's still very new. And the girls... well, it's not quite the same sir.
Vin: *looks at Veld and shakes his head *no* on the whole Reeve question*
Veld: *gives him a "duh" look*
Amon: Work on that then.
Finn: I'd like to meet this "new guy" later, Velcro.
Vin: *raises an eyebrow*
Veld: Veld, sir, if you don't mind. That's my name. And... it'll be a few more months before he's at full capacity.
Amon: ... have red eyes over there teach him how to be scary, what do I have a Turk for if he doesn't scare anyone? Also, I have a party to attend next weekend. The blondes are to accompany.
Finn: That's okay, I don't need him at full capacity.
Vin: *eyebrow twitch*
Amon: Velco--Veld, you said?
Veld: *does not like Finn's tone and supresses twitch*
Veld: Yessir.
Amon: *points in Vin's direction* That one is?
Veld: Valentine-er-Vincent, Sir.
Vin: *ready to kill most of the people in the room*
Veld: *throws him a "be good" look*
Elijah: *suppressing chuckle from how uncomfortable Finn's making the guys*
Amon: Very well, we've got two men coming in, who obviously don't understand that I don't take "no" for an answer. I expect them to understand that by the time they leave.
Finn: *throws him a come-hither look*
Veld: Yessir.
Vin: *is totally ignoring that Finn is alive*
Voice: mmmm I bet he's a squrimer too.
Amon: *send my guests in*
Dude1, who I will name Ricardo: *walks in like he's about to give Shinra a piece of his mind*
Voice: Most definately.
Finn: *leans back, amused and looking forward to the show*
Elijah: *lights another cigar*
Amon: Rocardo! So wonderful to see you, have a seat, can I get you something to drink? A cigar?
Voice: A trip out the nearest window? SPLAT!
Ricardo: No time for pleasantries. I mean to discuss how you're bullying my foremen and workers.
Dude2 who is named Walt: *nods agressively*
Veld: *looks around innocently like he wasn't involved in any "bullying"*
Amon: Bullying? *looks to Finn totally shocked sounding* Bullying, have you heard about this, Finn?
Ricardo: *grits teeth* Don't play incredulous with me. Monopolizing a power source is wrong.
Finn: I didn't hear anything about bullying, fa-- sir.
Amon: Who said ANYTHING about that? I simply wanted to help you, not buy you OUT. *shakes head* Elijah, help me out here.
Elijah: Shinra is like a family. We just want you to be a part of it.
Ricardo: Heh, right. You're trying to take over! That's what you're trying to do!
Finn: Philanthropists are never appreciated. *overdoing it*
Walt: That certainly isn't what it sounded like. It sounded like you were demanding. We're your only competition now, you could make the rates anything you wanted!
Ricardo: *nods*
Amon: *shakes head* That hurts. Wounds me even.
Finn: *mutters* You say that like it's a bad thing.
Amon: Is there anything at all that I can *makes hand motion* do to set these... irrational fears to rest?
Ricardo: You could leave our company alone! That's what you can do!
Amon: *shakes head and looks at Elijah as if to say "so stubborn"*
Amon: Now, I think that we need to reach a ...a middle ground.
Finn: First they want competition, then they want to be left alone. I think they're confused.
Walt: There WILL be no middle ground if you take us over!
Ricardo: There's a difference between healthy competition and crime. *glares*
Amon: Finn you are exactly right. maybe its the humidity? Unseasonably warm lately. Eiljah, did the heater get-- CRIME? My DEAR man, where do you HEAR such nonsense?
Finn: Crime! That sounds like an accusation! A possibly libellous accusation.
Elijah: Slander. *can't help but correct him*
Amon: Valentine? Do open a window for me? I'm feeling rather flushed.
Finn: That too.
Vin: *nods and walks to window opening it and remains by window*
Amon: Crime? Gods, Ricardo... where do you hear these things?
Ricardo: I haven't heard! I've SEEN!
Amon: *looks positively scandalized* Elijah?
Elijah: I don't see any crime. Maybe the gentleman needs new glasses?
Amon: *smiles* Oh, I know. I think our dear friends are just... confused. That must be it, don't you think, Finn?
Finn: Oh, of course. Confused. Maybe they need some fresh air too?
Amon: wonderful Idea my boy. *snaps fingers*
Vin: *snags walt and hangs him out the window*
Finn: The breeze from up here is *so* refreshing.
Veld: *has Ricardo restrained*
Walt: *screams like a little girl*
Vin: *looks up at Amon*
Amon: You wanted to see crime, didn't you?
Finn: *snickers*
Amon: You heard the man.
Vin: *lets go of one leg*
Veld: *mutters* I wouldn't call him that.
Walt: *screams more*
Ricardo: O.O
Finn: You really shouldn't call him names. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
Ricardo: You're all NUTS and EVIL!
Amon: *suddenly very interested in his nails* Does this look like a hangnail, Elijah?
Elijah: Might need to get that filed.
Finn: I know a very good manicurist in sector two...
Amon: *nods* Very well, mark down for me to have an apointment set....
Walt: *is starting to promise Vin all kinds of things if he pulls him back up*
Veld: *snaps a bone in his arm* You talk too much.
Finn: Did you ever notice that "evil" and "vile" are anagrams of "live"?
Amon: You're not getting it... maybe you need the fresh air, Ricardo?
Ricardo: O.O NO no nonono...
Vin: *still watching Amon*
Amon: Now, I can have your friend pulled up and we can discuss the merger... or ... well, or things can go differently.
Ricardo: Pull him up! Pull him up!
Amon: You heard the man.
Voice: You could slip, you know.
Vin: *pulls a very sweaty, pisstained Walt up*
Amon: The paperwork, Elijah? *holds out a hand*
Walt: *scuttles away from Vin like he is totally insane*
Elijah: *hands him something all typed up*
Amon: If you could just sign on the dotted lines?
Veld: *lets go of Ricardo, who clutches his left arm*
Elijah: *procures pens*
Voice: .... wait, you didn't drop him
Voice: DROPPY!
Voice: What a disappointment. No splat.
Amon: Is there a problem with the contract, Ricardo? I know you aren't left handed.
Ricardo: *actually read parts of it, but remembers the window bit* ....No. *signs*
Amon: Oh, could you sign this too? *slides another bit of paper forward. *smiles* just a technicality.
Ricardo: *hurriedly signs this one, as the creepy guy's making him nervous*
Amon: *snaps fingers*
Vin: *grabs Walt and tosses*
Finn: Such a tragic falling out between business partners.
Ricardo: O.O
Vin: *watches*
Finn: *looks at Ricardo* How could you?
Veld: Shall I alert the authorities, sir?
Amon: Did you see that, Elijah? he totally flipped out
Elijah: Like a madman.
Amon: Yes, please and be quick about it. Vincent, restrain this lunatic!
Veld: *nods and leaves to go call*
Vin: *smiiiiles at Ricardo*
Ricardo: *quivers*
Finn: Such behavior. Poor... er... guy.
Amon: *shakes head* He simply didn't want a merger...
Amon: And you greedy man, signed off without his concent
Ricardo: Wha... wha?
Voice: What did I fucking tell you about standing in front of Veld? STAND BEHIND HIM DAMMIT!
Amon: I'm appalled, Ricardo appalled.
Finn: Appalling.
Vin: *standing behind Ricardo, smirks*
Veld: *walks back in* The authorites have been alerted, sir.
Voice: NEXT TIME YOU STAND BEHIND oh. Okay, that's cool too.
Finn: *walks over to see if he can make out walt-stain from this height*
Elijah: *plays with pen*
Amon: *reads* I realize, now, too late, that my dear partner, Walt Azoo was right. Greed drove me to the most heinous of acts... and for that... that I am truly sorry.."
Amon: SUCH moving words. Maybe they'll stay the death penalty.
Ricardo: Ga......?
Ricardo: *turns white*
Finn: I don't know, that stain seems unlikely to garner sympathy.
Amon: Vincent, I don't want my son to be here, do escort him to his office.
Finn: Awwwww, Dad!
Vin: *nods and looks at stain too, is a bit upset that he hit the dumpsters on the way down*
Vin: *snorts at Finn and puts a hand on his shoudler*
Amon: *is worried Finns terrible acting will ruin this*
Ricardo: *not moving from shock*
Finn: *smiles at Vincent* *thinking: consolation prize!* I'll go without a fight, don't worry. *winks, heads out*
Finn: *is a bad, bad actor*
Amon:... Ricardo... Gods, I'm so ... DO send flowers to the poor man's family. Oh his family, how COULD you?
Vin: *twitch*
Veld: *does not like wink at ANY of his kids*
Vin: *escorts Finn to his office*
Voice: You're not breaking. I don't hear or see any breaking happening.
Richardo: Oh gods... I'm... I'm ruined! I can't go to prison! I can't!
Voice: And I'm NOT HAPPY.
Finn: *corners Vincent against a wall* So, now that we have a minute...
Vin: *backs up eyes wide* Ghuh?
Voice: FUCK HIM.
Amon: Oh... you have a family TOO, *lowers voice* DONT you, Ricardo?
Ricardo: *lies* No I don't.
Finn: *unbuttons the top button on Vincent's shirt and necks on him*
Vin: EEP!
Vin: *grabs and pins against wall* That.. that is unappropriate sir.
Voice: You gonna be on bottom, fucker?
Voice: Felt good, didn't it?
Finn: That's the general idea, yes.
Amon: *looks to Elijah for all the info on Ricardo's family*
Vin: How about no.
Finn: Come on. You're hot, I want you, nobody's gonna care if you're ten minutes late getting back there.
Voice: You little fucker gay fucker.
Elijah: Wife, two kids, and elderly parents. Quite a brood.
Voice: Homo fag on bottom.
Amon: You're poor mother, what was her address again, Elijah? We will have to send a gift
Vin: how about NO
Voice: How about YES.
Elijah: *holds up paper with address* All here.
Ricardo: Keep them out of this! I'll do ANYTHING!
Finn: I know you don't mean that. Good employees don't tell their employers 'no'.
Voice: Good employees take it in the ass.
Amon: Oh, now... I won't do anything. But you do remember that red eyed fellow?
Vin: I'm insane, isn't that a good reason not to fuck me?
Finn: *turns the pin back on Vincent again* It's a turn on.
Voice: I like this guy.
Voice: You should fuck him and break his neck.
Vin: I ... I don' tthink this is a good idea sir...
Vin: *is afraid to hurt Finn*
Finn: I don't think I asked your opinion. *goes for the belt buckle*
Vin: O_O
Voice: YES.
Voice: Veld's not feeling you up. We'll fuck him later too.
Veld: *twitches for no particular reason*
Finn: *totally drops Vincent's pants*
Amon: You DO remember, right, Ricardo, my red eyed bodyguard
Voice: YES.
Vin: *gives up not hurting and pins again grabbing at pants* NO. No thank you, NO.
Voice: NO.
Ricardo: ....yes?
Veld: *thinks Vin is slacking as he's not back yet*
Amon: Well, he's totally fucking insane. I wouldn't want to... suddenly have this information in his possesion...
Finn: *wiggles free, as it's probably hard for Vincent to pin him and pull up his pants at the same time, and pushes Vincent against his desk*
Amon:... could be so messy.
Voice: YES.
Vin: *is totally flabergasted as to what to do*
Ricardo: What.... what do you want?
Voice: YES.
Amon: Oh, I have everything I want now, I'm just giving you incentive to behave in prison. You WILL behave, right? No coming up with crazy stories about people being threatened...or what was the word he accused us of when he came-in, Elijah?
Ricardo: Oh no. No no no.
Voice: Lose the pants.
*buzzer* Sir, the police are here.
Amon: Turk, dismissed.
Finn: *pushes Vincent down so he's bent over the desk, hopefully causing him to lose his grip on his pants again =P*
Police: *walk into office*
Voice: YEeeesss...
Veld: Yessir. *muttering about where the hell that little slacker is*
Vin: *looses pants* Oh shit. *Trips Finn, falls to floor* Goddamnit what is WITH you?
Richardo: *goes willingingly, sobbing*
Voice: He wants to fuck you, fucker.
Finn: I want to fuck you. Isn't it obvious?
Voice: Are you retarded or somthing?
Veld: *going to go to elevator and stops* Shit. If I were a slacker, where would I be?
Vin: I have gathered that, but I could have sworn I TOLD YOU NO! I just fucking TOOSED someone out a window!
Vin: That should be a TURN OFF.
Voice: Mmmm...be a good boy and take it.
Veld: *hears shouting* I'm going to shoot him.
Finn: Murder is sexy. Now be a good Turk and do as you're told.
Vin: I don't think so.
Vin: *has pants halfway done now, is rather proud of himself*
Veld: *walks down hall towards shouting, muttering to himself*
Voice: What are you doing, you fucktard?
Finn: *stands in a huff, going to try one more time because he does not know when to quit*
Voice: What did I just tell you? You both wanna fuck. Just do it.
Vin: *grabs Finns arms, Pins him up against the wall* *snarling*
Finn: *grabs Vincent by the front of his shirt and pulls him in for some serious tongue action*
Vin: *has a ripped shirt now*
Voice: YES.
Finn: Mmm. Better.
Voice: More tongue.
Vin: *panting* You don't know when to take NO for an answer DO you?
Finn: Never. I'm a Shinra.
Vin: No means, NO you spoiled fucking brat.
Voice: More tongue!
Finn: I think part of you wants it. *leans forward and kisses him again*
Vin: - where is my STRAIGHT VOICE-
Vin: O-o
Veld: *walks in* Excuse me have you seen... O.O
Vin: HELP!
Voice: Mmmm THREESOME.
Veld: Sir, please unhand my Turk.
Voice: HIS Turk...hear that?
Finn: I'm the one pinned against the wall, Velcro.
Veld: *really wants to yell at smack the brat up*
Voice: He'll be on top. Can't wait.
Vin: *lets go of Finn scuttles behind Veld*
Voice: Nice ass.
Veld: You WILL keep your hands off of him, sir.
Veld: *stern voice*
Voice: Whoo hoooo...
Vin: *gives up on shirt, buttons pants*
Finn: *shakes wrinkes out of his suit, glares* Are you threatening me, Veld?
Veld: No, sir. Just informing you.
Vin: Veld... O.O
Voice: Probably be better with Veldy, anyway. Little fucker's domineering.
Veld: *to Vin* Let's go.
Finn: Don't trip over your pants on the way out or anything, Vincent.
Vin: *looks at Finn as if he is a very dangerous THING that wants to eat him and hurries after Veld*
Vin: I totally had nothing to do with that.
Veld: You leave for FIVE MINUTES...
Finn: *grumbling in his office*
Vin: WHAT?
Voice: Yeah, with your tongue down his throat and everything.
Voice: Totally didn't enjoy that at all, did you fucker?
Vin: Wait WHAT? I was just ATTACKED, thankyouveryfuckingoddamnmuch
Veld: Nothing. I'm sure it was his fault. But you've gotta WATCH YOURSELF.
Voice: Right...right...shit attacked you. Nice story.
Finn: *makes note to talk to Hojo about which Turk is getting which set of shots*
Voice: Walk BEHIND HIM.
Vin: *opens mouth, closes it, opens it* So... WHAT am I supposed to do? I can't exactly punch him in his face now can I?
Vin: *is feeling rather homicidal and kinda happy that he killed someone already to dampen his PISSED OFFNESS*
Veld: *pushes elevator button* I have no idea! Just... avoid that or something! Gods, you're almost worse to keep out of that sort of trouble than Scarlet!
Voice: Mmm...listen to him. He's gonna fuck you soon.
Vin: I- I didn't I- *snarls and lights cigarette*
Veld: *rubs forehead* AND I HAVE A HEADACHE NOW!
Vin: My voice that likes your ass is now sexually flustered. *is saying this to get under Veld's skin*
Veld: Don't you pull that shit on me. I'm in NO mood.
Vin: Oh and *I* am?
Veld: Punk. *elevator FINALLY arrives*
Vin: And what am I supposed to do? he's FINN SHINRA, He can waltz right into the office if he wants
Voice: Fuck you any time.
Vin: *shudders*
Veld: I'm aware of this. I don't know... cut your hair or something.
Vin:... what's WITH you and my hair?
Voice: He likes it, wants to pull on it when he's fucking you.
Veld: *tugs on it* TOO. LONG.
Voice: Foreplay.
Vin:... Velly, please never do that again.
Veld: *gives weird look like, "Ok..." and lets go* Point is, you're sloppy. Just watch your back.
Voice: Or he'll fucking fuck you.
Veld: *gets out of elevator* You have paperwork. Get it done.
Vin: *walks behind Veld, debating going on a murderous ramapge*
Veld: *has monstrous headache and just wants to go sit down at his desk*
Veld: *muttering* It's like a damn circus...


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