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Scarlet: We'd better clean up before we go to... whosever apartment is closest... do you smell pizza?
Reeve: .....I do. Let's go bum some.
Finn: *lets a stripper drag him up on stage*
Scarlet: *is stark nekkid* HEY Hojo, Pizza!
Hojo: *blinks* Why, yes, pizza.
Hojo: *makes note to up his dosage of caffiene pills, as he's clearly having waking dreams* Leftovers are on the counter.
Reeve: *also naked* Thanks, man.
Finn: *totally shirtless*
Hojo: *not commenting on nakedness, but makes a note to himself to retrieve a copy of the security video*
Reeve: What, no pineapple?
Hojo: I ordered it for myself, not every insomniac in Shinra's employ.
Scarlet: No pineapples? We could run to the caffee...
Scarlet: *rolls eyes* EVERYONE knows pineapples are the best on pizza.
Hojo: I'm allergic to pineapple.
Reeve: Insomniac implies we can't sleep. We just don't want to. *smile*
Scarlet: *smirks*
Reeve: Really? Hm. That's a shame because pineapple is delicious. Especially with mushrooms and onions.
Hojo: *eyeroll* Unless you're offering...
Hojo: I'm also allergic to mushrooms and onions.
Scarlet: You have bland pizza
Reeve: Offering? *stepping between Hojo and Scarlet a little*
Reeve: So you're allergic to living things.
Hojo: I'm actually allergic to cheese, too, but there wouldn't be much pizza left if I didn't have that, so I put up with it.
Scarlet: *totally ignoring* and leaning over counter to find a phonebook
Reeve: *admires the view*
Hojo: Number's on the box lid if you want.
Hojo: *steps sideways so as to admire the view without Reeve in the way*
Scarlet: *orders Pizza with extra onions, mushrooms and pineapple*
Scarlet: money....ah.... *looks at them* Do we have money?
Reeve: *looks to Hojo* Could you spot us?
Reeve: *helpless gesture at self* No where to keep my wallet.
scarlet: I'm naked, can you just deliver on that?
Reeve: *thinks* Comfortable.
Hojo: This is my favorite pizza place because nine times out of ten they're late enough that it's free. But sure, on the off chance you need to pay, I can cover you.
Scarlet: YES I'm hot, goddamnit! Ask my boyfriend. *hands phone to Reeve*
Reeve: Thanks, man. *takes phone* Don't you even think about her naked, you little bi...usinessman. *has to be polite* Please deliver the pizza.
[After a very failed attempt at, well not really sex, but a failed attempt at Veld at any rate, Vincent is not going back to his apartment. He debates not going back to work at all, and goes to the honeybee to get rid of tension]
Finn: *onstage, having his pants professionally removed*
Vin: *blinks* ... maybe I should just shoot myself in the head.
Voice: No.
Finn: *notices Vincent, but keeps dancing and Totally Ignores Him*
Voice: Any shooting you do had better be in someone else's skull.
Vin: -yes, in the head, put my out of my misery. I can't go back to WORK now...-
Voice: But work is nice and bloody. You stay there.
Finn: *subtly leads the stripper in Vincent's direction*
Vin: *headtable* Veld is there...
Voice: And he's not going to remember a thing. Batshit.
Finn: *dancing on stage next to Vincent*
Vin: *blinks* What the hell are you doin down here?
Vin: *is in fact NOT hallucinating Finns*
Finn: Dancing. What about you? I thought you guys had to kill somebody tonight.
Vin: No, he came quietly, I'm pissed the fuck off and not in a good mood.... sir.
Finn: That's too bad. You look like you need a good fuck.
Vin: I do need a good fuck.
Finn: Would you like me to help with that?
Vin: I'd break you in fucking half. *as a total afterthought* Sir.
Finn: Sounds kinky. Seriously. Corneo!
Corneo: Keys! *tosses key ring*
Finn: Come on. Back room. *jingles keys* Get your demons out. You'll feel better.
Vin: *swings drink* Why the fuck not.
Voice: That's the spirit!
Finn: That's my motto. *leads him to the back and unlocks the door*
Vin: *chooses not to wait for things like talking before he looses his nerve and goes right for rough throwing against the wallness*
Finn: *is, conveniently, down to wearing only his tighty whities, and really likes being thrown against walls* Mmm. I hope you're not leading me on.
Vin: Shut the fuck up.
Finn: *shuts up and lets Vin lead, since he's getting what he wanted*
Vin: *does not in fact make it to the bed or even notice if there IS a bed there before he is naked as a jay bird and biting Finn's neck on the floor*
Finn: *is a bit surprised by the change of heart, but quite likes the biting thing and wrapping his legs around Vincent*
[Insert your own dirty imagination here you pervs]

Not NC-17 or anything guys. XD Figured I'd separate this out because I can. Though, pizza wins. Yar.


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