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Pepper: *is totally packing everything seeing as he knows he's in SO much trouble for letting his illegal little side project get loose*
Pepper: *panic*
Veld: Ok, kids, it's just one scientist, so no blowing things up.
Reeve: *doublechecking that gun is loaded* From the campus eh? *looking around the school green* I didn't know they hired mad professors here.
Vin: What if things catch on fire... by accident?
Veld: *narrows eyes* No.
Reeve: Accident happen, though, Boss.
Scarlet: *snickers* But its FUN.
Reeve: I think we're going to have an accident
Vin: They do.
Veld: Yes, and this is WORK.
Veld: Work is not supposed to be fun.
Scarlet: *lights up cigarette and passes case and lighter around*
Reeve: Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.
Pepper: *has locked up room as best as possible*
Vin: I agree with Reeve
Veld: *rubs forehead and mutters*
Scarlet: Yeah, what good is life if you can't LOVE your job? *hugs VIn and Reeve*
Reeve: Okay, so do we know who this bastard is? *winks at Scarlet after the hug*
Veld: Anyway. Now that the lovefest is out of the way...
Pepper: *throwing stuff in suitcase*
Vin: *mutters about needing laid*
Scarlet: *smirks* should we beat him home, lounge out on his couch? That's always fun
Veld: Anyway, kid's name is Pepper Feynman. He's about yay high *demonstrates* Red hair. And a scientist, so probably twitchy.
Veld: Just... let's keep this quick and simple.
Vin: Can we hang him out a window?
Veld: NO.
Scarlet: Vinnie! *laughs*
Veld: We're trying to get him to JOIN us, not fear us.
Vin: *totally not joking*
Reeve: Wait, wait, kid? Not even some prof? Fuckin' kids.
Vin: Yeah, goddamn kids *is prolly younger than pep*
Veld: *rolls eyes*
Reeve: ....exactly, Vin.
Scarlet: Well, when have we CARED about if they like us or not?
Veld: This one can make monsters.
Veld: Think about that.
Reeve: So when do we get to explode things?
Scarlet: Should I ask him first then?
Veld: Eh, it'd be nice.
Vin: We could just pick random cars and blow them up?
Veld: No explosions.
Scarlet: Right, leave him to me then, if he gets fighty then Reeve and Vin can work him over?
Vin: ... what about BOOMS?
Veld: That was the general idea.
Vin: Or Bangs.
Reeve: Or Kablams?
Veld: No.
Veld: Just... go. *waves them off* Shoo.
Reeve: Okay, okay, so where's this Pe-- his name's really Pepper?
Vin: Just plain fire then?
Scarlet: *reads* It says Pepper...
Veld: Vickalor Vincent Valentine you are restricted from talking. Zip it.
Veld: And my name's Veld. Not everyone has normal parents.
Vin: *mouths swear words and uses sign language along with VERY graphic gestures*
Veld: *hold up a hand to the side of his face so he can't see said gestures*
Scarlet: *cracks up* I can understand the name thing... Vincent! What the fuck was that you just mimed?
Vin: *smirks*
Reeve: .....I always figured you were Mideelian or something. Oh, Vincent says "Fuck you." *doesn't understand signs*
Veld: Just ignore him.
Scarlet: but he's so entertaining
Scarlet: Anyway, is he home yet or should I beat him there?
Reeve: *makes stuff up* He says "You never said anything about sign language, asshole. Haha if you can understand this, cut my pay by half."
Veld: Anyway, *points to building* he should be in there somewhere. If not, we regroup at his apartment.
Vin: *thwacks at Reeve*
Reeve: We could split up, and save ti--ow--me.
Veld: Stop translating. He can sign all he wants, I'm not looking.
Scarlet: I think he wants to have sex with you, Sir.
Scarlet: *looks pleased* Why don't Reeve and Vin check the labs and.... ok.
Vin: *blinks and then smirks at Reeve* He's letting us go play with fire explody chemicals...
Scarlet: *walks to apartment*
Vin: *digs out his lighter*
Reeve: *heads off with Vin* Not while we're in the lab, please.
Veld: *follows in a rather pissed off manner, as usually happens poor highstrung fellow*
Pepper: *is sitting on suitcase to get it to shut properly, though his hands are shaking a bit too much to close it just right*
Scarlet: *smokes* Veld, sir, far be it for me to say, but you worry too much.
Reeve: *finds the door locked*forces his way in with Vin*
Veld: Scarlet, I don't want to hear it right now.
Veld: And put out that cigarette, it's bad for you.
Scarlet: What trouble can Vin and Reeve get into in an empty lab?
Scarlet: *shrugs* Not like the stress or anything will kill you huh?
Veld: *pointed glare*
Vin: *locates the most expensive looking thing he can find and holds it* oooooo neat.
Veld: I am trying to get the images of mass destruction out of my mind.
Reeve: Careful with that.
Scarlet: I mean it. You worry about Vin too much. Now you're worrying about Reeve. I'm the last thing you need to worry about.
Vin: Looks really breakable, don't it?
Reeve: Looks like we can sell it if we snag it.
Scarlet: Oh, and I'm going to be gone this weekend aparently.
Veld: Oh?
Reeve: *looking around* What do I remember from high school chem... oh! Acid!
Vin: *turns over* How much can we sell it for you think?
Vin: *drops thing and goes to play with acid with Reeve*
Scarlet: Yeah.. ah, Elijah needs an escort for a party...
Reeve: Hm? Oh, hm. A good tho... ....nevermind. Not if it's broken. Er, was there anything IN it?!
Veld: Oh... that sort of weekend. Be sure to keep yourself armed.
Vin: We could always sell everything else, I hotwire well.
Reeve: You can't hotwire a microscop, Vin.
Vin: We could take a van to wall market before they know we did it.
Vin: I can hotwire a minvan, all we need.
Reeve: Oh. Tempting.
Scarlet: yeah, I am. *sigh* He's already sent me a dress to wear too... Why does he think its cute to dress me in red?
Veld: Annoying rich man trait.
Reeve: Let's back some of this shit up then. *looking at mystery vials* What's... dichromaticenzymiotic fluid?
Vin: *drips acid on table* oooo burny.
Vin: I dunno. ah, put it on something?
Veld: Stay armed, always know where a phone is.
Reeve: You know, Vin. That's never a good idea.
Scarlet: Is there something I should worry about other than hit men?
Vin: Well the worst that can happen is it blows up. and we are genetically altered to withstand such things.
Veld: Just men, kid. Especially the richer variety. They do anything inappropriate and you find a phone and call me.
Reeve: No, the worst that could happen is melting or... well, he maks monsters, right? it could.. affect our DNA or something.
Veld: *finally at apartment*
Pepper: *is holding suitcase awkwardly and wondering if forgot anything important*
Veld: Worst comes to worst I'll have the disaster twins blow something up.
Scarlet: *snickers* Oh and ihaveadatethursdaynightsoIwontbearoundandneitherwillReeve
Reeve: *holds out clear liquid to Vin* Drink this.
Scarlet: *knocks on door*
Vin: Fuck you I ain't drinkin shit.
Veld: I said no boys.
Scarlet: Reeve's a Turk. We share a locker room anyway.
Reeve: It's dihydrogen monoxide. *grins*
Scarlet: So it totally doesn't count.
Veld: A fact that will change soon. He can dress in a closet now.
Reeve: *amuses himself greatly*
Vin: I have NO idea what you are talking about, but I trust you as far as you can throw Hilda so no.
Pepper: o_o *drops suitcase* Dammit. No one's home!! ... shit. *runs at the couch and tackle-slides it in front of the door*
Reeve: ....hm. Give me 100 gil if I survive drinking it?
Scarlet: *shoo motion to Veld* Go around and break in alright?
Vin: No.
Veld: Got it.
Reeve: ....50?
Vin: I will give you Palmers credit card info anyway.
Veld: *sneakies around and finds open window. Silly Pepper.*
Reeve: Oh. Okay. *drinks*
Scarlet: Hello? Could you open the door please? *sweetly*
Reeve: And write it down for me, huh?
Pepper: Er.. why?
Vin: 12455987493712047
Scarlet: I just want to talk to you for a moment, ... please?
Scarlet: *pouts at peephole*
Reeve: I said write it down, ass.
Veld: *is having a little trouble getting in said window, as it's only half open*
Reeve: *pocketing things that look worth money*
Vin: What? Can't remember? *pocketing things he thinks MAY be worth money as he has no idea of knowing*
Pepper: I don't talk to random people. Sorry. *notes that someone IS trying to come in window* o_o Get out of my apartment!
Veld: *slides in finally*
Scarlet: *sighs and shoots out door lock and opens door as it swings outwards and crawls over couch* Oh this is smooth...
Veld: *comes towards Pepper from other side. Oh noes.*
Pepper: *pulls out tranquilizer gun used to handle aforementioned monsters*
Scarlet: Hi, Pepper, right? I'm Scarlet Tiffany, this is my associate, Veld Dragoon.
Veld: Hello. *waves REAL gun*
Scarlet: You really shouldn't pull guns on us... we JUST want to talk to you a bit.
Scarlet: *does that girly pouty thing*
Reeve: Fucker you know I can't.
Scarlet: You wouldn't want to just shoot someone?
Vin: *snickers* I should have gone to school.
Veld: *exaggeratedly puts gun back in holster*
Pepper: *glances back and forth not really holding the gun in a threatening way. It just makes him feel better* Well..no.. *blink* What do you want with me?
Reeve: Yes. You should have. To Wallmarket now?
Vin: Help me lift this heavy glowy thing.
Veld: *glances over at Scarlet*
Scarlet: *walks forward and puts hand over Peppers* Why don't we have a seat, would you like to go get a drink with me?
Scarlet: *cllloooooser* How about some coffee? You *really* impressed us, with that monster you know? SO clever.
Veld: *gives Scarlet a "don't overdue it" look*
Monster in Tube that Vin and Reeve are Carrying: RAR *drool* *wiggle* *snap*
Pepper: The monster...? What monster? Ah heh.
Reeve: Right-o. *helps Vin* Lookit the... um. thing!
Scarlet: *lifts gun out of Pepper's hands* Yeah, it was pretty impresive.
Vin: It's kinda cute...
Reeve: He's so cute. *makes kissy faces at monster*
Monster: *claws at glass* RARAR ROAH *wiggle*
Voice: Galian, it's your cousin!
Pepper: *does not like all the guns and weirdness, but is rather clingy about his own gun* I'd rather keep that.
Voice: Rawr?
Voice: Look, look. He looks like you. Except for the feet.
Voice: Rawr!
Scarlet: *shakes her hand in a maternal manner* No no, just... you don't want to accidentally shoot me now, my friend over there is really protective. He MAY rip your head off and spit down your neck.
Vin: -SHUT UP-
Veld: I have that tendency.
Veld: Nothing personal.
Monster in Tank: *as if he hears the voice in Vins head* RARARARARARARARAR~
Voice: It's a family reunion, Vincent. Let them be.
Pepper: *small voice* oh.
Reeve: Huh. He likes you.
Vin: Yeah... dangerou critters tend to.
Reeve: How sweet.
Scarlet: Now, I have a proposition for you, Pepper.
Vin: Not really, if you heard what they had to say...
Monster: *makes kissy face at Reeve and wiggles* RARARARAR
Pepper: Is that...so? That's, er, nice.
Vin: Maybe we could keep it? like in the office? As a nightlight?
Scarlet: I would think so! Do you like making monsters?
Reeve: ...er, what who has to say? Aw, he likes me too.
Reeve: We should. We could feed um, does Veld have a fishtank?
Vin: What should we name him?
Vin: Oh yeah he does and I have to rearrange his apartment anyway.
Reeve: How about.. Bruce Wayne?
Pepper: *wonders if this is a trick question* Sometimes.
Voice: Vincent's bonding to your cousin.
Vin: Bruce it is. Let's go to wall market, to Velds, and then rearange his apartment and meet him back at the office. If we do it quick we can get drunk too.
Voice: RAWR!<3
Pepper: *fidgets*
Scarlet: Veld, help me put poor Pepper's couch back? *smiles at him in a very sweet and happy manner* Have you ever thought of working for a private company?
Vin: ... *sighs* The voices in my head like bruce*
Veld: *helps her move the couch, keeping a keen eye on Pepper's proximity*
Bruce: *cuddles against glass and wiggles* RAR
Reeve: Alright. C'mon, Brucey.
Bruce: RAR!
Vin: *helps rob the lab blind* *gets in drivers seat* ready?
Scarlet: There, all better, I'll fix your door too, sorry about that, should have just let me in. *laughs* Or do you think I look scary?
Pepper: *glances for a second at the door* Ah... I wanted to be a professor, but then I decided that I didn't like teaching much, so I... *decides he's rambling* Um, I've considered it.
Reeve: Let's go. *dangling the air freshener in front of Brucey's tube playfully*
Scarlet: *listens like he is the most interesting person ever* Well, you've impressed a lot of people.
Brucy: RAR!! *bats*
Voice: That's cute. *totally likes Bruce*
Vin: It is cute.
Pepper: You don't look scary. It was just unexpected. To some degree. *blink* I impressed someone?
Reeve: Hm? I did--... oh. That was outloud, Vin.
Scarlet: *nods* You sure did. Would you like to maybe sit down, have some coffee or something and talk about it?
Veld: *mutters about scientist with big heads*
Vin: Yeah....
Veld: *Turk senses tingling... considering he's heard no explosions, he fears worse.*
Vin: *pulls into wall market* Alright, time to sell our shinies!
Pepper: *does find people that come through windows and then stand there muttering to themselves scary* Well, if we're just talking... then... alright.
Reeve: Let's get Velly some pet ... um, cats.
Reeve: Bruce'll eat cats, right?
Vin: -will Bruce eat cats?-
Bruce: RAR!
Scarlet: Would you like Veld to leave? Just you and I could have a chat?
Voice: Probably prefers chicken. Galian likes chicken. I think.. cats are good. Yes, Galian?
Vin: I think it would prefer chicken...
Voice: Ick.
Bruce: RARARARAR! *swirls in tank*
Voice: No. Chicken.
Pepper: Well, ah... I mean, he doesn't have to leave or anything... *hates offending people with guns and stuff*
Veld: *knows Scarlet can handle this weenie*
Scarlet: *smiles* Veld, why don't you give me and Pepper a few minutes?
Veld: I might have to go shoot a couple anyway.
Veld: *goes outside apartment*
Vin: *totally hawking goods from the back of a van*
Pepper: ._.
Veld: *inspects landscape for signs of explosions*
Scarlet: *sits on couch and pats next to her* Why don't you sit down for a minute?
Reeve: *helping Vin* So what'll it eat? *apparently trusts Vin's expertise*
Vin: Chicken, totally.
Reeve: Okay. Velly gets pet chickens!
Voice: Mmm...
Pepper: *sits a fair distance from her*
Vin: *counts money * Hot damns.... people like shinies down here... should we go to Velly's now?
Veld: *decides that the lab is a short enough walk to take a quick look*
Reeve: Naw, pets first.
Vin: Well the tank's at Velly's
Scarlet: I don't bite, silly.
Reeve: Let's get him a little pen and some real cute chickens and name them Fluffy and Puppy and Kitten and ... Billy. Well, right, but poor Brucey needs to eat.
Bruce: RAR!
Veld: *still sees no signs of explosions*
Vin: Alright, Chickens first then Velly's *drives stolen van*
Pepper: Of course not. ...So you know about Xeno III, I take it?
Scarlet: *nods* Yes, and it was *so* impressive. I'd actually like to offer you a job.
Veld: *fears calm more than chaos, as it's just a sign that chaos is not yet happened*
Reeve: *purchases fowl* To Velly's!
Vin: *drives to Velly's to totally rearrange his apartment*
Veld: *sees trail of shiny leavings from building* Great.
Pepper: ...oh?
Veld: This is the LAST time I leave those two on their own.
Veld: *throws up hands* I don't even want to know.
Reeve: *just for fun, reverses the order of the drawers in Veld's dresser*
Scarlet: *nods* Yup *hands him a card with a really nice figure written on it* How's this look to you?
Reeve: *in case Veld wants to get dressed in a hurry*
Reeve: *sets up the chicken coop*
Vin: *leaves things just the way they were, but reverses everything on opposite sides of the rooms and puts the living room in the bedroom*
VIn: *feeds one to Bruce*
Bruce: *sorta looks like a blender for a minute*
Reeve: Aw, poor Boobie.
Vin: boobs?
Reeve: I named that chicken Boobie.
Veld: *sits down on a bench outside the building* Gods, I need sleep.
Vin: Ahhhh
Reeve: *puts nametags on the chickens*
Pepper: *blinks at it* Looks like a number pretty far into the fibonacci sequence.
Vin: *loads up fishtank and gets ready to set up Bruce in Turk HQ*
Scarlet: That would be a salary for you... if you like it.
Reeve: *confiscates all the aspirin too, just to be a dick*
Reeve: Alright. Let's go.
Vin: *drives to Turk HQ, stopping at the beer store*
Vin: *gets carded*
Pepper: *stares a minute* What's the job?
Vin: *tries to strangle would be good person*
Reeve: Vin!
Vin: Die!
Reeve: *pulls Vin off of the cashier* VIN. STOP.
Voice: MURDER!
Vin: *snarl*
Hojo: *writing his fantasy epic on the typewriter in the lab, waiting up for the new employee*
Voice: Blood!
Vin: Jerkass.
Scarlet: We want you to join the science department at ShinRa.
Reeve: *manhandles Vince into the parkinglot* Vinny. Calm the fuck down.
Veld: *decides that his blood pressure is down enough to collect Scarlet and Pep*
Voice: He wants to keep you from your booze and your rightful kill. Kill him too.
Scarlet: *plays dumb* I really don't know what they DO exactly, but they want you....badly.
Vin: *snarls and pouts* Get me a handle of jack then.
Pepper: *considers the possible alternative* Oh? Ah...well, I suppose I don't have much of a choice... When would I start?
Voice: You're a damn pussy.
Voice: Having to have the new guy buy your booze.
Vin: -I like Reeve, and Letty would be sad if I killed him-
Reeve: Alright. But a different store. They won't sell to us here. Drive. *pushes toward van*
Voice: She'd be better off though.
Scarlet: Tomorrow.
Voice: Then kill her too. They'll be together that way.
Veld: *is back at apartment*
Vin: *parks at other beer store*
Veld: *twitches*
Reeve: *goes in and comes out with booze for Vin*
Reeve: There. You cool now?
Petey: Cluck.
Pepper: *blink* Oh. Ah...alright...
Kitten: Cluck.
Vin: *makes grabby hands*
Reeve: ....I'll drive.
Scarlet: *hops up and hugs Pepper* Thanks! *to Veld* He'll start tomorrow!
Puppy: Cluck.
Vin: Fuck you. *Drives to ShinRa* So... lets set up his tank?
Boris: Cluck.
Veld: Good. We can go now? I have a feeling of immenent destruction.
Bruce: RAR!
Scarlet: *flips up her business card to Pepper* If you need *anything* at all, you just ask for me, alright Pepper?
Veld: *gives Scarlet a disapproving look at her somewhat lascivious tone*
Reeve: *nods* Yeah. Hm. Right outside Velly's office?
Pepper: *stands there awkwardly and takes it* Um. Okay. ...Do I have to leave?
Vin: *pushes peppers buttons* I wonder how hard Scarlet has to bribe, Peppy...
Vin: We have one office, man, its a shitstain.
Scarlet: *smiles* We have apartments, just pack a bag, alright?
Reeve: *twitch* She's offering him money.
Reeve: She's diplomatic. It has nothing to do with her body.
Reeve: And if you say otherwise, I will feed you to Bruce, so help me God.
Pepper: *glances over at suitcase* Got that.
Vin: She's a hot blonde woman and he's a geeky guy who probably has only seen catgirl posters
Veld: We have a car waiting. *goes to sit in it and contemplate shooting people*
Scarlet: Would you like a ride?
Reeve: Vin. Can you survive a bullet to the head?
Pepper: ...sure.
Reeve: *overreacts a little*
Vin: *snickers* Let's go meet them?
Pepper: *picks up suitcase and follows along*
Scarlet: *picks up Pepper's case* Thank you for being so easy to talk to. *smiles*
Reeve: I'll kill him.
Reeve: Let's go.
Veld: *sitting in driver's seat, gripping steering wheel*
Pepper: *climbes in the back sort of bewildered at how his day is going*
Vin: *hands cigarette to Reeve and awaits new science man*
Scarlet: *sits in front seat and lights up her own* Smoke?
Veld: *sideglares*
Reeve: *puff*
Veld: *begins to drive in a eerily mechanical and silent way*
Scarlet: *rolls eyes at Veld*
Pepper: *finds that very creepy*
Bruce: *happily swims around new tank with joy in his heart*
Veld: *pulls up to Shinra HQ* Take him in. I'll park.
Scarlet: *opens his door* Come on, I'll take you down to meet Hojo and
Scarlet: *waves to Vin and Reeve* Hey guys, this is Pepper.
Vin: *looms like a red eyed loomy scary thing*
Veld: *parks car and sits in it for a moment before walking back*
Hojo: *hears noise upstairs, goes to see whether it's Turks or his pizza delivery*
Reeve: *folds arms across chest and narrows eyes at Pepper* What made you decide to join us, Peps?
Hojo: It's definitely been thirty five minutes, so-- oh, hi.
Pepper: *stares at them while holding suitcase and wondering if he should've cleaned up a bit. Blood on a labcoat doesn't make the best first impression* I decided it was my best option.
Hojo: You're the new guy?
Reeve: Scar convinced you?
Scarlet: *smirks*
Pepper: Hello. Um. Scar? Oh, yes, I suppose so.
Vin: She's quite persuasive. We have a new pet, where is Velly?
Hojo: Hi, new guy. Nice work.
Reeve: . . . I see. *hate*
Veld: *walks in building, sees people, makes note that no one is missing any limbs and goes straight for the elevator*
Scarlet: He's all your's Hojo.
Scarlet: *pats Pepper on the arm* You really DID make the right choice you know.
Vin: *does not want to miss Veld's face and goes to office with him*
Reeve: *glare at arm*
Pepper: I'll...keep that in mind.
Veld: *pointedly ignores Vin*
Scarlet: *heads off to office* You comin, Rich?
Vin: We were good.
Vin: nothing went boom
Veld: *still eerily quiet*
Bruce: *frolics in tank*
Vin: What?
Reeve: Yeah. I'm coming. *gives Pepper a glare, give Hojo a friendly wave, then heads up, in elevator, to see Veld's reaction to their new pet*
Veld: *gets out of elevator and goes straight to his office, not noticing monster yet as he's just focused on getting home*
Hojo: Come on downstairs, new guy. I've got a pizza place to call.
Scarlet: Veld is convinced you guys killed somone
Veld: *blinks and backs out of office*
Veld: What is that?
Reeve: Nah. Well, Boobie got eaten.
Scarlet: Who?
Vin: That's Bruce
Pepper: *blinks at Reeve slightly confused and just looks like he's had a long day in general* Alright... *follows along*
Reeve: Boobie. One of Veld's pet chickens.
Pepper: ...Hojo, right?
Bruce: *makes kissy face at Veld* RARARARAR
Veld: ....Bruce?
Hojo: Right.
Vin: Awww he likes you, Velly!
Veld: *looks at Vin* *looks at Reeve*
Reeve: *grin*
Hojo: *leads Pepper downstairs* New guy, this is the lab. Lab, this is the new guy. Make friends. *picks up the phone*
Scarlet: *looking at Reeve's rear end before smiling brightly* AWWW it's CUTE!
bruce: RAR!
Reeve: He's cute, isn't he? He eats chicken.
Veld: I want it out. NOW.
Reeve: I'm sorry about Boobie though.
Scarlet: But its CUTE!
Pepper: *looks over the shiny and wanders around inside, setting suitcase down near a stool*
Scarlet: *glomps Reeve* Was this your idea?
Veld: *glares and goes back into office, closing door behind him*
Bruce: RAR!
Reeve: *hug* Mostly Vin's, but I'll take credit. I named him!
Vin: *taps tank* Say hallo, Bruce
Bruce: RAR!
Vin: *snickers*
Voice: He's much more polite than Galian.
Scarlet: ... Oh my.. I forgot something in the car.... *drags Reeve with her* back soon.
Veld: *puts head on desk* In one more hour, you can go home. Where it's quiet.
Reeve: *griiin*
Petey: Cluck, cluck
Vin: Oh come on, what does it hurt?
Kitten: Cockadoodle doo
Pepper: *glances down and takes off his labcoat since it's kind of...messy*
Vin: *knows he will get a phonecall as SOON as Velly gets home*
Scarlet: *throws Reeve in nearest closet*
Hojo: *hangs up* You'll be mostly administering shots to psychopaths until we settle on a specific project for you. That's pretty much what we get paid to do. Everything else is personal time.
Reeve: *knows he will get a phone call as soon as Velly gets off the phone with Vin*is not, however thinking about this now*
Veld: *muttering about calming things*
Scarlet: *is giving him other things to think about*
Hojo: Technically I'm not your boss, but he's off communing with his junon red somewhere so I might as well be. You'll meet Lucrecia tomorrow. So tell me about your monster.
Vin: *lights up smoke* Today was a good day.
Pepper: *ponders a minute before giving a scientific rundown on dear Xeno III*
Pepper: I didn't mean for him to get out, but it happens, I guess.
Hojo: Can you train one so it's got a taste for, say, a certain person, if its chemistry were tweaked to respond exactly to that person's blood? Because there's this Turk...
Veld: *still muttering to himself*
VIn: *sneeses*
Scarlet: *occupied*
Vin: Ah... where'd Letty go? *starts drinking*
Veld: Out.
Pepper: In theory...perhaps.
Vin: With Reeve?
Veld: *glares* One crisis at a time, please.
Vin: What crisis?
Vin: We got a pet
Vin: No crisis
Bruce: RAR
Veld: Which is going as soon as Reeve gets back to help you handle it.
Hojo: Congratulations, you've found yourself a project. *takes a vial from a filing cabinet* Here, this is what you're working from. I have more. Don't ask.
Veld: *is not shouting yet, which is in fact a BAD sign*
Reeve: *would take Bruce happily to where his food is*
Pepper: *takes vial and looks at it for a moment* Ah. I won't. Oh, and, er, the name's Pepper Feynman.
VIn: *honestly worried* What's wrong, this is not just about Bruce.
Vin: Cause... yer acting worse than that time I got shot. And that time was totally my fault, just sayin.
Veld: Nothing. I need sleep.
Veld: Go cause trouble or something.
Vin: No, what's wrong?
Hojo: Pepper. Feynman. Okay, Peps.
Vin: Don't make me go fuck Finn, I will.
Veld: Go right ahead, stupid.
Veld: Get your own ass out of that mess.
Vin: *blinks like nine times* What's wrong man?
Pepper: *cringe* Peps...?
Hojo: That's kind of lame. Hmm. How about Red? Scarlet hates that anyway.
Veld: I would think by now that you would stop acting like a wild animal. But no.
Pepper: ... What about Pepper?
Hojo: Anything more than one syllable is inefficient.
Vin: I did NOT act like a wild anything
Pepper: *is so very very tempted to call him 'ho'*
Vin: I was a perfectly well behaved me.
Veld: Then what was the mess outside the lab building?
Veld: And that... THING?!
Vin: just... organizing some clutter, and we thought Bruce was cute.
Bruce: RAR
Pepper: Ah. Do you go by Jo, then?
Veld: Right. Organizing. If that's what you want to call it.
Hojo: Not often, but if you want to try it, by all means.
Hojo: Oh, and this is my tranquilizer gun. I keep it nearby in case of random Turk attack.
Veld: *looks up at clock* Hmm. Maybe close enough.
Vin: ... yeah, and you really aren't that pissed about it, so what's up yer skirt.
Hojo: My mentioning this is not at all related to the previous discussion.
Veld: I just want to go home, where it's peaceful and quiet.
Vin: ...
Puppy: Cluck.
Veld: That's all.
Vin: Well, I guess I'm off then. See you tomorrow...
Pepper: *tilts head slightly to side as he ponders the implications of that* I see.
Veld: *gets up and leaves too... EARLY cause he's not even sure what he's pissed off about*
Scarlet: *falls out of Closetn in front of Veld*
Pepper: *decides to reserve Jo for when he's annoyed* Oh. Where will I be staying?
Veld: *blinks* Put a shirt on.
Reeve: *blinks* What, not killing me? *helps Scarlet up*
Scarlet: *blinks.... Sits up and watches him go* .... what's he pissed about now?
Hojo: Um. Damn, I knew I forgot to do the paperwork on something. *tosses him a keyring* I never go home anyway, help youself.
Veld: *decides to walk home instead of taking the train like usual*
Pepper: Never?
Reeve: . . . . . now if he's in this mood and he goes home and his home is.. er, less than ideal.
Vin: *goes to the bar and sits there* Stupid fucking Veld.... *gumbles about Veld and Finn*
Reeve: What would happen? *slight smirk, honestly amused at the prospect*
Hojo: I used to go home to shower, but I've gotten in the habit of using the chemical wash. It's more efficient.
Scarlet: I have NO idea... usually he's so easy to read too...
Reeve: Hm. Oh well, at least Vin will be blamed first.
Reeve: Er, now that his desk is free..
Scarlet: *smirks* Yes?
Vin: *headbar headbar*
Pepper: *glances over and reads a few lines of fantasy epic*
Reeve: Shall we continue where we left off? *pushes her onto the desk*
Scarlet: *agrees wholeheartedly*
Hojo: I think I hear the pizza guy, I'll be right back. *runs upstairs*
Bruce: *sleeps cause human copulation bores him*
Pepper: *takes the time to investigate the laboratory a bit further*
Veld: *approaches apartment, walk made him feel a little better*
Petey: Cluck.
Scarlet: *is much louder than the pizza guy, thank you*
Kitten: bwack
Bunny: Bokbok
Boobie: *is digested*
Veld: *opens door*
Vin: *to himself* I need laid... that's all there is too it
Veld: O.O
Puppy: Cluck
Veld: *closes door*
Veld: Chickens?
Vin: yeah... I need laid
Veld: *opens door again*
Veld: O.O
Petey: Bok.
Veld: *closes door again* Nope, not hallucinating.
Veld: *twitches and loads gun*
Voice: that would be because you are a fag.
Voice: Faggy fag fag.
Kitten: Cluck
Voice: ....chicken?
Vin: ... *headtable* I like GIRLS....
Puppy: Cluck
Hojo: *gets pizza, argues with pizza guy until he leaves without money, hears noise from the Turk Zone*
Voice: And Veld... and Finny*
Pepper: *manages to find a cabinet full of unlabeled things* o_O? *realizes that unlabeled things are not necessarily legal where he comes from and closes cabinet like woah*
Scarlet: *has knocked all of Veld's paperwork to the floor along with the lamp*
Hojo: *makes the irrational decision to go check it out*
Reeve: *so totally could care less about any of Veld's things right now*
Hojo: *hears lamp crash*
Vin: *leaves head on bar even though it smells funny*
Pepper: *wonders what in the world is going on up there*
Hojo: Huh. *sneaks along, looks through the vent on the office door*
Veld: *mutters to himself as he checks all his weapons, thinking of which one to kill first*
Vin: I do not love Veld.
Voice: So fuck Finn, I'll be happy either way
Voice: Fuck is good.
Voice: Shuts Gigas up.
Hojo: *eyebrow* I wouldn't have thought that was physically possible.
Scarlet: *is quite flexable*
Reeve: *yep, totally having sex with Scarlet in that position*
Veld: *stops at a payphone halfway to both Reeve's and Vin's places*
Hojo: *runs downstairs with pizza* Hey, Red, you like free porn?
Veld: *decides to call Reeve*
Vin: *muttering darkly about being STRAIGHT STRAIGHT STRAIGHT*
Veld: Hmm. Not there. *remembers he was at work last* Duh.
Pepper: Free porn?
Hojo: Yeah, come on. *leaves pizza on the counter, drags Pepper upstairs* And be quiet.
Veld: *calls Vin*
Reeve: *will be done in a....while*
Scarlet: *long while*
Pepper: *barely audible* No problem there. *silence*
VIn: *about half lit* hello?
Veld: Good, you're home. I'd lock my door if I were you. *hangs up*
Vin:... I shouldn't deal with Velly should I?
Voice: YES finally a good fuck
Voice: AND kill!
Vin: No killing Velly... I like him.
Voice: Better kill. He's out to get you.
Veld: *rechecks weapons as he calmly walks there*
Vin: Velly is not.
Voice: You heard what he said.
Pepper: ...wow.
Voice: That was a serial killer sounding phonecall.
Reeve: *damn straight, "wow"*
Vin: ... Velly just wants ta yell.
Voice: And then you can fuck him. Right?
Veld: *outside the building, wondering if he did in fact lock the door.*
Red Nerdling: *decides that, yes, he did make the right choice*
Vin: *has not locked his door*
Scarlet: *Will not be killed, as she is the sweet innocent girly thing*
Reeve: *would kill scientists while being killed by Velds*
Veld: *opens door* There are chickens in my apartment.
Veld: *points gun at him* Chickens.
Vin: *tilts head up* Yeah... Reeve's idea. I'll getem out in the mornin.
Kitten: *misses his master*
Veld: I'll get him later. *does look a little crazy*
Vin: *sits up* Velly, you alright?
Voice: NO he's going to kill us fucktard!
Voice: Kill him before it's too late.
Veld: There are few places that are ordered and calm in this world.
Puppy: Cluck.
Vin: True.
Veld: And you violated my space. *still pointing a gun at him*
Vin: *is slow on the uptake, but starting to fear for his safety* Yeah ... I do that a lot....
Reeve: *violating Veld's space in whole new ways*
Scarlet: *Really doesn't mind those shots all so much*
Veld: So I started thinking.
Voice: Killkillkillselfdefensekillkillkill
Voice: He's going to kill us. Kill kill kill!
Veld: What exactly seems to spawn all this chaos?
Voice: Danger kill save us kill watch out! be on alert kill!
Voice: Sliceriptearslashbiteshootkill
Veld: And then I remembered. That would be you.
Vin: *Stands up* Velly?
Veld: So I figured that maybe if I shot you, things would be nice and ordered again.
Veld: *fires a shot that purposefully misses*
Vin: *tackles Veld*
Veld: OFF!
Voice: Kill.
Vin: *pins him* And let you fucking shoot me?
Veld: *pulls out a knife instead*
Veld: Or maybe stab you? But that's more your style.
Voice: You didn't listen! He's going to kill us. Kill him. Kill him now
Vin: *rolls on ground*
Veld: Or maybe explosives?
Vin: *manages to have Veld pinned again, arms above his head* Goddamnit! What's gotten into you?
Vin: This ain
Vin: This ain't like you.
Puppy: Bok/
Veld: *chuckles* We're all fucking crazy! Guess I just needed to be pushed, huh?
Vin: *laughs* Yeah... we're all fuckin crazy, Velly.
Veld: Congradulations, Vincent, you've made the great Veld Dragoon crack. *gets creepy again* So maybe poison?
Voice: Kill.
Voice: Fuck him!
Veld: Or I could strangle you.
Vin: I can think of other things.
Veld: Just let me kill you. I'll have less headaches that way.
Vin: You'd miss me.
Veld: Let go, and I promise I'll make it quick.
Vin: I promise it won't be quick...
Veld: *narrows eyes* Get off me.
Vin: no.
Veld: Now.
Vin: ...
Veld: NOW.
Vin: Why? So you can kill me? I've got more self preservation than that. *leans closer* So there.
Veld: Then so I can go home and FIX MY DAMN APARTMENT!
Vin: Why not stay here, I'll help you in the morning.
Veld: Because you're sloppy.
Veld: And you'll probably have a WILD party and I won't be able to sleep.
Veld: Point is. Get. Off.
Vin: I could have a wild something else, I'm not planning a party
Veld: That tactic doesn't work on me. Stop it.
Veld: I may not kill you right now, but I'm sure I will one of these days.
Vin: ...Do you mean that?
Veld: You're the one who said you wanted to go first.
Vin: I didn't mean like that, Velly...
Veld: You should watch what you say around crazy people, kid.
Vin: *laughs* I'm the crazy one.
Vin: Stop trying to tell me what to do, crazy person.
Veld: *wriggles* DAMMIT YOU'RE HEAVY!
Vin: If I let you up, then what?
Veld: I might try and shoot you again. But you'll dodge it.
Vin: Well, I don't want you shooting at me.
Veld: It's not like you're not used to it. At least I don't take my crazy out on people all the time.
Veld: I don't go gallavanting about all willy nilly.
Veld: I just WANT MY ORDER!
Vin: What do you call THIS? I call this?
Vin: Willy Nilly attacking ME.
Vin: ME, who, you know is fucking crazy.
Veld: But you don't seem very crazy right now.
Vin: You're not in my head.
Veld: Well, that'd be fucked up, wouldn't it. OFF before I use force.
Vin: Force huh?
Veld: I'll break your arm.
Vin: You really don't like me at all, do you?
Veld: Not when you take away my order, I don't.
Vin: ... Veld, if I do something... can you just forget about it later?
Veld: If it involves you GETTING OFF ME I MIGHT!
Reeve: *would be happy to know he's inspiring science*right now, does not care*
Vin: *gives up and kisses Veld before sitting up and letting go of his arms*
Veld: *scrambles out of reach* THE HELL WAS THAT?!
Vin: You said you'd forget.
Vin: well, I suppose I wanted to get that out of my system before you killed me.
Veld: *sees gun on floor* THE... THE HELL?
Vin: You said you were going to strangle me or something... *gets up off floor and goes to fridge*
Voice: Awww, shot down.
Voice: Need a beer to put out those flames there?
Veld: *grabs gun shakily* I SHOULD!
Vin: Yeah, you probably should.
Vin: *digs for something to mix his booze with*
Vin: I said I'd take care of it in the mornin' Velly.
Veld: I... gods damned I need to sleep.
Vin: Sounds like it, Velly.
Velly the Chicken: Cluck.
Veld: ... but there are chickens in my apartment... maybe I'll just go sleep in my office... DAMN you little shits!
Vin: I told you you could sleep here.
Veld: *holtster gun, hands are shaking* Oh no no. no no... I'll just go... somewhere else.
Reeve: *might not live after all*
Vin: *shrugs* Have it your way, I'm not staying here tonight. *chugs and leaves*
Veld: Stay out of trouble.
Veld: *sits back down on the floor* ....shit.
Vin: *goes to bar looking for trouble of somesort*
Veld: *falls asleep sitting up on the floor, cause he's freaking exhausted*

P.S. Has the tamest of guy/guy interactions, but figured I'd warn ya'll just the same. And you've prolly figured out who by now. ~_^

Oh, and Scarlet and Reeve do naughty things on Veld's desk. But that's just funny.


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