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[Veld's stayed extra late at work as he came in two hours late. This is after the crazy morning, and he's had shots. He's got a monster headache, but just popped some of Scarlet's pills.]
Pres: *walks into office like he is GOD*
Veld: *pales*
Pres: I've been hearing some things lately, Turk. They rather disturb me.
Veld: Oh? Um... what sort of things, sir?
Pres: *laughs, but its not exactly funny* Silly things really. Like monsters in the basement and Turks talking to themselves.
Veld: Well, that's, like you said sir, silly things.
Veld: And if you're worried about the basement, shouldn't you be talking to the science department?
Pres: *looks at Veld* Oh, I'm well, WELL aware of what goes on in the science department. It would be your department I'm starting to wonder about.
Veld: Mine, sir? They're a little young and rambuncous... nothing really to worry about.
Pres: I certainly hope that you do not think yourself capable of bullshitting me, Turk.
Veld: Oh, certainly not, sir.
Pres: Then come the hell off of it. I've read Hojo's reports on Valentine and I've also noticed a great deal of his money is going to Stockholm Asylum. So why don't you tell me about that?
Veld: There are files on that, sir.
Pres: I just told you to explain to me.
Veld: Very well then, sir.
Veld: I don't know why exactly the money goes there... maybe a relative? I'm not sure if he has any living family. He doesn't talk much about that sort of thing.
Veld: And Hojo is biased.
Veld: Those two have never gotten along.
Pres: *nods and goes quiet as though he is thinking*
Pres: Turk, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I rather enjoy the rumer that I have homicidal maniacs under my control. As long as he's not dangerous he can have a fucking teaparty for his other personality. However, you've yet to make me think that he's... safe. And all your complaints about him have piled up. Now he's attacking my scientists?
Veld: Only Hojo, sir. And they got a nice calm and female assistant to handle him from now on. I'll make damn sure that doesn't happen again.
Veld: He's safe, just a little undisciplined.
Veld: Well, a lot undisciplined.
Pres: I expect a full report on Valentine on my desk tomorrow afternoon, where the money is going, why it is going there, what he does with his free time and exactly how insane he is. *Strides from room*
Veld: *sighs* Aye, sir.
Veld: *headdesk* Dammit, I'm never going to get any sleep.
Vin: *as it is noon on a saturday, he is assed out on his couch*
Veld: *pulled out the best gear and is grumbling about the waste of resources in an empty apartment nearby*
Vin: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Veld: Oh of course HE gets to damn well sleep.
Phone: *rings* *rings more* *even more goddamnringing*
Veld: *twitches*
Vin: H-hello? What? Fucking christ how the fuck did you get this goddamn number?
Veld: So not a hooker. Hmm.
Vin: What goddamn time is it? You watch your fucking mouth, I'll talk how I damn well please.
Veld: I'll learn you some manners... wait, spying. Right. Dammit.
Veld: Punk.
Vin: You wouldn't fucking dare.
Vin: Fine, I'll meet you in an hour. *slams phone down and now to himself* Oh don't you goddamn start in now.
Voice: Why not?
Vin: I'm getting so damned wasted tonight, that'll shut you the piss up.
Veld: On the move. I was hoping that this would be easy. *sighs*
Voice: Are we gonna kill him? Can we? Blood.
Veld: *picks up gear*
Voice: Yes, you are displeased with this one.
Vin: Yeah, he's callin demanding my time. Asshole. Threatens ME. *smirks* Maybe I will kill him. No one'd miss him.
Voice: No, they wouldn't.
Vin: Its the slums right? Hell I wouldn't even have to clean up.
Voice: THERE you go.
Veld: Godsdammit kid, stop talking to yourself like a loony.
Veld: *is out of the apartment*
Vin: *smoking* What is the obsession with chicken?
Voice: mmmm chicken.
Voice: Tasty.
Vin: *sighs and takes train under the plate*
Veld: *is in the same car hiding behind a newspaper like in all the movies*
Vin: *gets off at sector 5*
Veld: Going home, huh? *sighs*
Vin: *goes to a "classy" bar*
Veld: Always bars... *shakes head*
Man at table: *has a full glass of whiskey* If it ain't my crazy fucking son.
Vin: If it ain't my drunking fucking father. *raises hand for a glass and lights up*
Veld: Hmm. So his father still is alive... *looks him over* no wonder he doesn't mention him. I'd disown that too.
Veld: *makes note*
Dad: You ain't old enough ta drink.
Vin: Fuck you.
Veld: Heh, that's what I tell him.
Dad: *snorts* Never call, never write, tryin ta ferget your old man huh?
Vin: And you just won't go away, maybe I should kill ya, getcha out of my hair.
Voice: Sounds like a splendid idea.
Dad: *snort* Workin for ShinRa now, huh Vin?
Vin: Yeah, Vic. Obviously since you called you fucking want something.
Voice: Like you want to kill him?
Dad: What'cha doin' now, sonny? Heard yer an assassin er something.
Vin: Maybe.
Veld: He's getting a decent paycheck, you bum.
Veld: *shakes* You need to stop talking to yourself, Veld. You're starting to sound like him.
Dad: *snorts* I knew it, you always were a goddamn dangerous little bitch. Woulda hoped ya'd look more like me and less like a lunatic.
Vin: *twitch* What the fuck do you want, I got shit to do.
Dad: Yer old lady does that. When they're talkn to her.
Voice: He just insulted your mommy, stupid momma's boy. Kill him.
Vin: Maybe if you wouldn't have beat her silly half the time she'd be sane.
Veld: Mother too. Hmm. Sounds like the schizophrenia is genetic. Figures.
Dad: Oh DONT start that fuckin shit with me, bitch was crazy before I got inner. She wanted ta keep you, after all.
Veld: *makes note*
Vin: I really want to kill you.
Dad: You DO fuckin kill people don't you?
Veld: Only bad ones!
Vin: Yeah. and you know what? I. Love. My. Job.
Dad: Fuckin figures, that where, Tammy is? Working with yer crazy ass?
Vin: Oh. That is what this is about?
Veld: Tammy? Darn names... slow down.
Veld: *writing*
Dad: She's my fucking WIFE. Where is she?
Vin: So you can pick up yer check, right?
Veld: Mother, Tammy. Father, asshole. I mean, unnamed.
Dad: I visit her batty ass more than her worthless shit of a son Dad: What'sa matter, Vinnie? Afraid they'll keep ya?
Vin: *growls* You are pushin it, old man.
Voice: Go for it. No one will notice.
Voice: He's a fucking waste of space, waste of energy. Do him a favor.
Dad: *obviously stupid* Maybe a good shock treatment will make ya sane? Ain't worked for Tam yet
Veld: Oh, this will not be good. Don't make me blow my cover, kid.
Vin: Shut the fuck up, Vickalor.
Voice: Kill the fucker now.
Voice: Rid the world of his filth.
Dad: Ya gonna kill me in public? They'll send ya RIGHT to the loony bin. Or maybe not, don't they do that genetic stuff in ShinRa now?
Veld: Same name. I can remember that. *is tensed and ready to make sure Vin doesn't do something stupid. Like always.*
Voice: He is pushing you. He WANTS to die.
Voice: No one will notice in a place like this.
Vin: *grabs dear old dad by the collar* Try me, old man. Fucking try me. Killin you ain't going bother me one fucking bit.
Voice: Rip his fucking head off. The blood would spurt everywhere. He'll probably shit his pants.
Veld: No no no, Vin. Stop being crazy please.
((man, Vest, you're good at crazy.))
Dad: Let go, Vin. Don't think I don't see yer eyes move. How many voices ya hearin?
Voice: Nice and bloody.
Voice: Or would that be too much Oedipus Rex for you? You too chickenshit to do it to family?
Veld: Stupid old man. Maybe I should let him kill you. *thinks* No, bad thinking Veld.
Vin: *snarls and throws him back in the chair* You want me ta drive ya up there? Getcher fuckin check?
Veld: *breathes*
Dad: You 18 yet, Vin?
Vin: Yeah, so you can't lock me up against my will, nice fuckin try.
Dad: *downs beer* Well, can't blame a guy fer tryin. Let's go.
Voice: That is why you have to get him. He will try and put you in one of THOSE rooms... the kind with no windows.
Vin: *smiiiiillllleessss* Sure... let's go.
Voice: Like your friends will eventually.
Veld: I have a bad feeling about this.
Dad: *walks out with Vin* So what yers tell ya? Tammy's always wanted her to fuckin burn shit.
Voice: What friends? The fucker has no friends.
Vin: Oh, mine? Nothin that strange. In fact, they're making some sense since I woke up.
Veld: *smacks side of head* Stop. Talking. To. Yourself.
Voice: Awww, you do listen. I am touched.
Vin: I took the train, we can cut along the alley.
Dad: Seriously, what they tellin ya. You crazy shits are interesting.
Voice: And I was being facetious, Gigas. Like a euphemism? You have no subtlty.
Vin: I'll tell ya in a minute.
Voice: You shut your fucking mouth, or I'll rip you a new one.
Veld: Valentine, alley is BAD. You will not take him to an alley, and I'm NOT going to cover for you murdering ass. *smacks himself again for talking to himself*
Vin: They don't like you, actually.
Dad: *freezes* ... they... don't.
Voice: Definately no. He is trash.
Voice: Really, the suspense is killing us.
Vin: *pulls his knife out from his boot* Nope. They don't.
Voice: *sends blood-bath mental pictures through Vin's subconscious*
Veld: *has pulled out his gun as he follows*
Dad: Vincent... VIncent, you ain't-
Voice: DO IT!
Vin: *pounce, stabby stab*
Veld: Shit! *a little too loud*
Dad: *is a bleeder* *flails a bit*
Vin: *snaps neck and looks up* ... Veld?
Veld: *is seriously freaked out at that image for a second and just stand there*
Voice: Ooo! Two for one!
Vin: *snickers*
Vin: Awww shit. these were new shoes too.
Veld: *holds up gun* Stay right there!
Vin: *kicks at his dead dad* Whatcha gonna do, Velly? Shoot me?
Voice: Kill him too. It'll be fucking hilarious.
Veld: Don't tempt me. The hell were you thinking?!
Voice: Double feature!
Vin: He was annoying.
Vin: And don't threaten me.
Voice: You killed your fucking father, now you have to marry your fucking mother! *insane laughter*
Veld: Right, so you're going to pop off anyone just because they annoy you?!
Vin: *shakes his head* That's fucking sick... *to Veld* He earned it.
Veld: Vincent? You having an episode?
Dad: *bleeds more*
Vin: *laughs* Episode?
Veld: Alright, you are batshit. I can see that. Just... calm down.
Vin: I'm not batshit and I am PERFECTLY calm. You're the one brandishing a gun down here. What the fuck were you following me for?
Veld: That's my business. And it's the calm that worries me.
Vin: *closes eyes* *to self* Not Velly. Alright, he's just ... following me.
Vin: If I'm involved, I'd say its my business, Velly.
Voice: Because he wants to kill you. See how aggressive he is right now.
Voice: He'll fight you, and when he's convulsing in his death throes, you'll feel his blood running down your hands.
Veld: You shouldn't question your superior.
Vin: Says who?
Voice: And his eyes will be full of the fear of death before they go out.
Voice: His blood would be fucking delicious.
Vin: *wipes knife off on daddy and slides it back* I need a drink I think.
Veld: You going to clean that up?
Voice: He's a fighter. He wouldn't die so easily as dear fucking dad. I WANT HIS BLOOD.
Veld: *thinking: God, you've been a Turk too long. Clean it up?*
Vin: *kicks again* Shit no, this is the slums, Velly.
Vin: No one'll care.
Voice: Slums of blood, slums of shit, slums of dead dads.
Veld: *sighs* At least... push him off to the side a bit. He was a human being after all.
Vin: *walks back to the bar* You fucking do it, I'm getting a beer.
Veld: You've got some nerve, young man.
Veld: *lowers gun and follows after him*
Voice: Now that you've killed your father, you can fucking crawl inside his skin and become him.
Vin: Yeah, lookit the shit that raised me
Voice: Boys grow up to be shitfaced fathers, shitfaced men with beer bellies and insane wives.
Veld: You're better than that. Stop talking like that.
Vin: Why you follown me anyway?
Voice: You can't escape it, and it's fucking hilarious to watch.
Veld: Oh, maybe cause you're running around like a crazy person? Maybe?
Veld: And like I said, I don't have to tell you.
Voice: You're not crazy. He's fucking crazy.
Vin: And you're here to ....?
Voice: Kill you. Kill him first.
Veld: If you're implying that I'm here to kill you, I'd have done it already. No trust, Valentine. Honestly.
Vin: Maybe you want to know what the voices say about you?
Voice: He's a fucking Turk. He wouldn't do it right away.
Veld: I'm sure they don't like me. And I don't care.
Voice: Follow you around. Feel your fucking movements. Get you used to him.
Vin: No, they don't. But you looked curious.
Veld: Like I said, I don't care. They're not real.
Voice: Then death, sweet and blood. Maybe he'll let me taste you when he's done.
Vin: Actually they're the ones who think you want to kill me. They are paranoid, shits, the guys that live in my head.
Vin: *is totally conversational and rational sounding*
Veld: *actually laughs at that* You've always been paranoid, Valentine.
Voice: And he's always going to be there, until he kills you.
Veld: *is oddly calm and starting to question his own sanity.*
Voice: Just don't fucking come crying to me when he does.
Voice: The whining makes him cranky. And then that drives the rest of us batty.
Vin: I'm not. If I thought you were tying to kill me we wouldn't be having a heart to heart, Velly.
Voice: He's a scared little shit. Just wanted a daddy to love him, poor little fucker. Killed the only one he had, blood wiped across the street.
Voice: And he says WE'RE paranoid?
Veld: Is that what this is? Hmm. Weird. I thought this was me telling you to stop with the crazy.
Vin: I'm not crazy.
Veld: It's alright if you... hear things. You just can't let them goad you into doing shit like that.
Voice: You're not crazy.
Voice: You're not crazy.
Vin: They didn't. I wanted to kill him.
Vin: *laughs* Gods, I don't let YOU tell me what to do, why would I let a disembodied VOICE?
Voice: Wanted to spread his fucking blood across, see him shit his pants when he knew he was already dead.
Veld: Point. Stubborn shit.
Veld: But still, that was your father. There's like some kind of mortal sin for that.
Vin: So?
Voice: Wonderful, really. I wonder who else we can convince this little fucker to kill?
Veld: *shakes head* Nevermind. You go drink yourself into whatever you always do. I'm going to go home and sleep.
Vin: Wait a minute, Velly.
Veld: What?
Vin: You think I'm crazy. You're down here for a REASON. That reason is prolly because someone told you to as its... *wipes blood off watch* 3pm and you should be working
Veld: Maybe I got the day off. Or maybe you can keep being paranoid about this.
Vin: You? Take a day off? I don't fucking like being lied to, Velly.
Veld: And I don't like not being trusted.
Vin: So tell me the truth and I'll trust you
Veld: I can't. Alright? The whole "if I told you I'd have to kill you" deal? Come on, that's your favorite game.
Veld: And you're the one that just killed an unarmed civilian.
Voice: Go ahead and trust the fucker. But don't be fucking surprised when you find that knife through your spine.
Vin: ShinRa don't reach down here, Velly. You're the one acting paranoid.
Veld: But you're Shinra, Vincent. Even down here. Not like there's not someone watching.
Vin: So the President sent you or something?
Voice: Ooooo PRESIDENT? Let's kill him. That would be fun. Him and that Hojo bitch.
Veld: I can't say. *face says BINGO! as he really can't verbally say*
Vin: *nods* And so, hypothetically speaking, when you tell him I'm totally batshit, what's would happen?
Veld: Well, hypothetically speaking, I can edit out parts.
Veld: If, hypothetically you're not going to lash out and suddenly kill someone again.
Vin: Hypothetically speaking, I'm not going into an asylum. I know what they do there.
Vin: Hypothetically.
Veld: In theory, you wouldn't get that nice of treatment, kid.
Vin: *blinks* fuck...
Veld: So stop asking questions that I don't want to answer.
Veld: *suddenly feels very old*
Vin: That's hypothetically not what I wanted to hear.
Veld: I know, kid.
Vin: And I didn't just LASH out. You were watching him fucking goad me.
Veld: *sideglare* You usually have more control than that, Valentine.
Vin: It usually isn't personal.
Voice: *strangely quiet for this conversation*
Vin: Maybe I should just go back home, take a nap.
Veld: That's a good idea. I need to go fill out some paperwork myself.
Veld: *shocked face* Vincent Valentine offering to do work on a SATURDAY?! Don't give me a heart attack like that.
Vin: "..."
Vin: *translates into I'm scared and I don't wanna be alone*
Veld: Heck, an oppurtunity like this doesn't come around every day! *really freaking worried about the kid* See what discipline can do?
Vin: Just answer my fucking question or I'll buy you a water, providing you don't fucking mollest me like you did last night.
Veld: I'm not falling for that water trick. And you molested me, you pervert.
Vin: You were TOTALLY all over me, man.
Voice: Just rape him and get it fucking over with. You're sick.
Veld: Bah. Not like I remember anyway.
Vin: *shivers* My voices are really fucking sick, Velly.
Veld: Ya, I bet. Now c'mon I could use your WONDERFUL spellcheck skills.
Voice: You want his balls, you sick fucker.
Vin: I'm going to be sick I think... *smacks his forehead and follows Veld*
Veld: Not on my shoes.
Voice: Gay homo fag.
Vin: -shut up or I'll tell him you're in love with him, Gagis.-
Voice: Hehehehe, Gigas is a homo...
Voice: Go ahead, he has a nice ass and you know it.
Voice: Better than all those fucking chicks, anyway.
Vin: *out loud* THAT is fucking sick.
Vin: *blinks* ah... ... goddamnit.
Veld: Please keep inner arguments to yourself. I REALLY don't want to know.
Voice: Vapid shallow bimbos. Not even worth a good stab.
Voice: Mmmm...you could fuck him and THEN kill him.
Vin: One of my voices apparently thinks you have a nice ass.
Veld: *sputters* WHAT?!
Vin: *snickers*
Veld: *is extremely flustered as sex is ew now that he's married to his job* There have to be pills for that.
Vin: *brightens* You think Letty could help me? Like if I tell you guys everything, maybe she can fix me?
Voice: Fix HIM.
Veld: Easy, those are mostly just painkillers. And there's something you're not telling...?
Vin: There's a lot.
Veld: Ok... let's go sit down in my office first. I get the creeps talking about that kind of thing in the open.
Veld: *side glances and is still wary of the ass comment*
Vin: I'm not saying shit in the ShinRa building.
Vin: Why would he *hypothetically* ask if he didn't KNOW?
Veld: Theorectically, rumors happen. And you pissed off a lab assistant pretty badly with that stunt of yours.
Vin: He pissed ME off
Veld: Two way street, kid. So is your place as messy as you?
Vin: I don't like being restrained... I won't do it again. My place? Eh, kinda. I'm never there. Reeve's clothes are still there though.
Veld: Right. Anyway, we can talk there. I'm not letting your slovenliness ruin my sacred space.
Veld: *is actually really anal about his apartment*
Veld: And he's not going to be giving you your shots anymore. Problem solved.
Vin: *makes mental note to break into Velly's apartment and not mess it up but just MOVE everything, like put the living room in the bedroom*
Vin: Who is?
Veld: Um, that one new girl... Lucrecia? Yes, that one.
Veld: *is happy he remembers*
Vin: *rolls eyes* Yeah, Priss.
Veld: She is a nice girl. Any problems you incur are entirely your fault.
Vin: She's an uppity plate bitch, not my problem there.
Vin: Pretty though, and a girl, so I probably won't strangle her.
Veld: Good to hear!
Voice: Wish you would, though.
Voice: She would probably like that too much. And ruin all of Gigas's homoerotic fantasies.
Vin: -now, Helly, that's just not nice-
Voice: Shut up, fucker.
Voice: Hehehehehehe....
Voice: SHUT UP.
Vin: -Giggy can't help it that he loves men. Maybe his mom didn't hug him enough-
Voice: SHUT UP.
Vin: *snickers in his seat because he is finally winning*
Voice: He needs to just fuck the guy. All I'm saying.
Voice: Right. That is not homo at all.
Vin: *remembers Veld is there* Ah, you aren't scared of me, are you?
Voice: And I told you to shut your mouth.
Veld: *snaps fingers* You there? This is your building, right? *points*
Vin: Yeah... sorry. They were being funny for once.
Voice: Not my fault he has a hot ass. Hey, walk behind him.
Veld: Why would I be? I know you're just a little shit that won't take my advice and go to school. Nothing to be afraid there.
Voice: He should be afraid for his ass, I think.
Vin: *walks behind Veld*
Vin: -fuckin fag.-
Voice: ...
Voice: Shut up.
Veld: *has a natural dislike of people walking behind him* You're going to have to remind me which one.
Vin: *shakes head* Sorry. *leads the way*
Veld: *feels more comfortable*
Vin: *gets in the lift* Speaking of crazy, what's wrong with Reeve? Other than the fact that I have to break his hands.
Voice: You got Gigas sulking. Need me to pump your brain full of images of carnage?
Veld: Why, is there something off about him?
Vin: ... you HAVENT noticed?
Vin: One minute he's calling us both Mr and "sir" and the next he's got a mouth fuckin worse than mine is.
Vin: And he don't fucking remember shit either.
Veld: *taps head* Still not quite remembering that night you BAD children KIDNAPPED ME AGAINST MY WILL AND THEN GOT ME DRUNK!
Vin: *opens the door to his apartment, it isn't really that much a mess, really, just... kinda messy*
Vin: You tell me you were all on top of me!
Veld: Oh good, I see you put the dead hookers in the closet before you left.
Veld: And it's still your fault. *shakes finger* I know.
Vin: I don't have to pay for them, I don't go about willy nilly killing people ether.
Vin: Ah huh, that's what they always say. "It's your fault, you were asking for it." Pedo.
Veld: Well, you go about willy nilly with everything else. *finds a seat*
Veld: Whatever. This isn't the issue here. You were saying something about Reeve?
Vin: God your memory sucks. How did he act when we "kidnapped" you?
Veld: I don't know I was too busy trying to get out of those kinky handcuffs of yours. I would have to say EVIL because he abetted.
Vin: AND then later, how did he act?
Voice: Shit, and pretty-ass thinks YOU’RE the crazy one?
Voice: Get him drunk and fuck him, he won't remember.
Veld: He acted like a suck up. Threw me off considering how undisciplined you kids are.
Veld: Even Scarlet, who's usually good.
Vin: So, one minute he was helping me cart you off to the bar and, just in case you missed it, threatens Hojo with a weapon, and the next he's sucking up?
Veld: Sounds like he's trying to compete for craziest.
Vin: Well at least I know I'm insane
Vin: *grumbles and gets a beer* You want a drinker something?
Veld: Oh no. I don't drink.
Veld: Unless it's ACTUAL water.
Vin: ShinRa water, if you trust it.
Veld: I'll pass.
Vin: *tosses him bottled water*
Veld: Ah, safe. *takes a drink*
Vin: *puts beer back, gets handle of whiskey and downs three big drinks* There, that'll shut you fucks up.
Veld: Don't get too drunk there. I need you to talk coherently.
Veld: And aren't you underage anyway?
Vin: I'm fine, I don't get that drunk easily.
Vin: And yeah... I'm 18, as my old man fucking needed reminding off.
Veld: Speaking of, why didn't I know about these parents of yours?
Vin: It was none of your damned business *flops on couch* And it still ain't none of your damn business.
Veld: Fine, then. I should go and write up your report then.
Vin: *cringes* Velly, don't... please, I just... not like I know anything about your family. I didn't think it'd be... important.
Veld: Considering you're a little on the crazy side, it becomes kind of important.
Vin: I suppose.
Vin: Old Man's just an ass, and a drunk, not crazy.
Veld: I figured as much, considering your ease in putting out his flame.
Veld: What about your mother then?
Vin: *makes corkscrew motion*
Veld: Gotcha. Definately genetic then.
Vin: I blame my old man, I think one of the times he decked her it knocked something loose.
Veld: It happens. Can't explain crazy so easily.
Vin: She was fine, that's what gets me.
Vin: Like, she'd talk to herself sometimes...
Veld: That sort of thing needs a trigger, from what I remember from the little bits I was able to glean from reports and the like.
Veld: Oh yes, those reports have a purpose other than to annoy you. It's a shock, I'm sure.
Vin: Vin. No, that's not it, she was harmless, up till they passed that law where if a family memeber goes into asylum the city cuts you a check.
Veld: Old man carted her off the next fucking day, me too, but I was fine at the time.
Veld: Oh, that foolish law. Riight.
Veld: What happened back there's making a little more sense.
Vin: That's when I took off, cause trust me. A week in there for 'mental testing' was all I fucking needed.
Vin: *shudders* That shits messed up, Velly. I'm fucking insane and I'll tell you that much.
Veld: We're all a little insane. We wouldn't be doing this if we weren't.
Vin: I went to visit Ma a few times, but she always got worse... and then... with ShinRa, I had her moved up plate, but... now I'm afraid to go back.
Veld: You should go see her sometime. I'm sure she'd like the visit.
Vin: *shakes head*
Veld: It happens. Shame when it happens to goo people, though.
Vin: She's ... she doesn't want to see me. And I don't really want to go back there.
Veld: *nods*
Vin: And of course, there are a shit ton of SANE people there, I feel kinda guilty about that. so many people got tossed for someone to get a check.
Vin: *points with bottle* ANd don't you fucking go see her either, she's bloody insane.
Veld: Vincent, you're the crazy one here. I'm a survalist.
Veld: And I know where I don't belong.
Vin: I know you, Velly.
Vin: You'll wanna "fix" things, and theres someshit that just has ta be broken.
Veld: Kid, I don't get into you business THAT much.
Vin: You say so.
Vin: You can't blame me for killin the bastard, can you?
Veld: The hell do you want me to say?
Vin: Whatever you do say, don't change that he's dead
Veld: Then we'll leave it at that.
Vin: I suppose I value yer opinion, Velly.
Vin: *gets a soda from the fridge to mix with*
Veld: I'm touched. Really. But in a week I'm not going to remember this anyway.
Vin: You worry the piss out of Letty with that, you know that?
Veld: Eh, just old age.
Veld: Always had a slow memory.
Vin: Yeah, and I don't have three other voices in my head. There's something WRONG with losing a whole day, Velly. you're what, 24?
Veld: Almost 25. Probably already out scouting for my replacement. *chuckles*
Vin: Don't joke about that shit, please.
Veld: Hey, can't deny it. Why worry about it?
Vin: *has coke takes a drink then a swig from the whiskey, forgoing the silly glass*
Vin: I don't know. Shit, you say it all the time, I'm a stupid slum kid. What do I know?
Veld: That's unhygienic. *shakes finger at him*
Veld: But you don't have to be a stupid slum kid. Gods, you're a clever little shit... use it.
Vin: *shrugs* No stoppin anything now. To tell the truth, I'm happier doin this than I ever was before. Roof over my head, no one smacking me around, no threats of the loony bin, Hojo's worth the rest of it.
Vin: *laughs* Not like theres a way out, huh?
Veld: *raises eyebrow* I don't know... I think there is. But you've got to have a hell of a lot more guts than I do.
Vin: Or start fucking Finn?
Veld: I will in fact shoot you should you get mixed up in that sort of thing. No boys. You OR Scarlet. Understand?
Vin: Tell that to Reeve.
Veld: I'll deal with him. You just stay out of trouble.
Veld: I mean it.
Vin: Not like I'd DO it, I don't have a pedagree anyway, I'm sure his johnson has requirements.
Veld: Just... ewww. You think about weird shit sometimes.
Vin: You don't want to even KNOW the shit I've seen or heard people think up. I came up with that fire ant interogation remember?
Veld: Yes, I do recall that. You have a sick mind.
Veld: Even for this line of work.
Veld: *yawns* Gods, keeping your scrawny ass out of trouble is tiring.
Vin: *shrugs* No one asked ya to... *yawns again and offers handle of booze out of habit*
Veld: No drink. I don't need you yelling about pedophilia again. Hurts my ears.
Vin: Eh, I just like gettin a rise outta ya. Tight ass.
Veld: I'll shoot you.
Vin: huh?
Veld: I've already got enough people poking at me with one thing or the other.
Veld: *so totally didn't get the double meaning*
Vin: *drinks and then looks at him* Wha?
Veld: Geez, slow down your drinking! You're gonna pass out if you keep that up!
Vin: *looks at the handle* Eh, I can still drive on this. Anyway, what would you shoot me about again?
Veld: Your pestering. You give me enough headaches.
Vin: I would think that I am a welcome distraction from.... all that other shit we do.
Veld: Heh, you're vain.
Vin: Like remember the time we all got into that huge barfight in Junon? Kitty and I stole the squad car?
Vin: damn straight I'm vain.
Veld: Yes, I had to pay for the damages later. And you'd already used my credit card. Little shits.
Vin: *snickers* Well, I used up Hojo's that month.
Vin: Kitty's idea.
Veld: Right, blame it on her.
Veld: You're an evil mastermind under all that slovenliness.
Vin: oooo evil mastermind? I like that, do I get a cool red cape?
Veld: Only if you're good.
Vin: And a headband.
Veld: You'd look ridiculous.
Vin: Oh come on, I bet I could look all Emo and broody too. Chicks fucking DIG that.
Veld: Right, always thinking about a lay, huh? *rolls eyes*
Vin: I'm an 18 year old man. Yes, yes I am.
Veld: Just don't call me about the dead groupies anymore. Your fanclub always smells cheap.
Vin: Dead?
Vin: I don't remember ever killing anyone that didn't have ahit on them or earned it.
Veld: Or blitzed out, and otherwise incapable of being brought home to their parents as they're most likely WAY underage.
Veld: You're the pedophile here. *shakes finger*
Vin: Romeo and Juilette laws, my dear, Velly. Best thing Midgar ever thought up. Oh that and the ridiculous concert laws.
Veld: Right. Whatever.
Veld: Why don't you go to law school or something? You sure remember a lot of that sort of thing.
Vin: Cause I'm sure ShinRa wouldn't appreciate that. See they pay me fuck-all now. Even Reeve makes more and he just walked on.
Vin: If I got a degree I'd cost more and it wouldn't help me do my job, because I'm damn good at killing things now.
Veld: Right. Exactly what you want to do... keep killing things. You'll be 57 damn years old doing the same thing.
Veld: *stretches out* I should head home.
Vin: *nods* ah... Velly?
Veld: What?
Vin: Thanks.
Veld: I might not always be around to save your scrawny ass. So watch it.
Veld: *gets up to leave*
Vin: I'm goin first if I can help it, Velly. *lifts bottle to him* Take it easy.
Veld: *shakes head* Now that's probably the stupidiest thing I've heard you say yet. *waves him off*
Vin: *was totally being serious* *lays out on his couch*
Veld: *leaves* Gods, I hate my job sometimes.


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