RP One

Nov. 6th, 2005 05:29 pm
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That's right folks... what started it all.

Vin: AWWW VELLY why don't you like me?
Veld: You are like a cankor sore on the whole organization. I hope Hojo shoots you and puts you in a box.
Vin: That's entirely unpleasent of you
Hojo: Hmmm, not a bad idea.
Scarlet: Can't you guys just WORK together?
Vin: Yeah, once Hojo takes the stick outta his ass
Hojo: I'm sorry, Vincent, I used that stick on you last week and I haven't seen it since.
Vin: *flips Hojo off*
Veld: You're crude and rude, you know that?
Hojo: *calls Vincent a pig-fucking whore in Latin*
Vin: AND I'm the best shot in the department
Gast: *snerk*
Vin: *rolls eys and pushes something over on his way out of the room*
Veld: Man, I'm going to kiss the man that takes you off your high horse.
Scarlet: *sighs*
Veld: Really.
Scarlet: He really IS the best shot we have... maybe he'll settle down when he gets older?
Veld: Ya, like that'll EVER happen.
Vin: *has Veld's credit card, is going to the bar with it*
Veld: Why do I suddenly feel like I'm missing something?
Scarlet: *shrugs* Paperwork?
Vin: *buys the whole bar a round of top shelf*
Vin: *totally buying rounds still*
Veld: *mumbling cause he totally got the short straw* Valentine? Up. Late.
Vin: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *phonerings* zzzzzzzzzz
woman: *picks up* Hello, this is Vincent's pants, he's not in them right now.
Veld: Um... uh...
Veld: *mumbling* Dammit, why?! WHY ME?!
Other woman: Hey, are you one of Vin's friends? Are you hot too?
Vin: *grabs phone mumbles* What?
Veld: *facepalm* I'm going to shoot you.
Veld: Between the eyes.
Vin: .... hey hey, don't bite me there, this is work! Huh, why?
Veld: Late. You. Work. Comprende?
Vin: Fuck... what day is it?
*giggling in background*
Veld: *facepalm* Get on the bus. Go to work. I'll tell you when you get here.
Vin:Ah... yeah, when I find my pants...
Veld: *hangs up* I really hate him.
Vin: *walks into work 3 hours later* GOOD MORNING!
Hojo: *chipper* SHOT TIME!
Vin: *sleeps on desk*
KS: ...::pokes vin::
KS: ::to see if he's still alive::
Vin: *swats at hands* Mrfphlemmesleep
KS: Okay, just testing.
Scarlet: Does Veld know that Vin maxed out his credit card?
Veld: I know that I am going to kill him.
Hojo: That's pretty much the same thing.
Vin: *blissfully dreaming*
Hojo: *playing on an anachronistic gameboy*
Veld: Is it unprofessional to kill someone in his sleep?
Scarlet: You don't REALLY want to kill him do you?
Veld: Don't ask me that ever again.
Vin: nodyin....ruin my weekend....
Hojo: *leans back and puts his feet on Vincent's back*
KS: ...
Hojo: *not looking up from gameboy* You think a shot'll wake him up?
Vin: *leaps up and whirls, falling off of chair before somehow managing to jump to his feet*
Vin: .... O_o....
Hojo: *blinks*
Hojo: No shots, then?
KS: ...::also blinks::
Hojo: Damn ninjas.
Vin: THAT word coming out of YOUR mouth makes me twitchy.
Scarlet: *pats Vin's arm* You alright?
Veld: *mutters about hoping he died*
Vin: *smirks* You love me, Velly, I'm like your little brother.
Hojo: *muttering* ... surrounded by ninjas... might as well have stayed in Wutai...
Veld: Like the spawn of Satan.
Vin: *lights up a cigarette* Yer jus sayin' that.
Hojo: If you're brothers, and he's the spawn of Satan, wouldn't that make you also the spawn of Satan?
Scarlet: *pulls out a crossword puzzle* One of these days, Veld is going to flip out. Just totally head explode.
Gast: *glances at the neglected gameboy over Hojo's shoulder* Hm. One less life. *unhappy beeping of gameboy*
Hojo: Ninjas are prone to flipping out.
KS: ::wipes nonexistant dust from her shoulder::
Hojo: *looks at gameboy* Dammit.
Veld: Last time I checked, I was not the spawn of Satan.
Scarlet: We are not ninjas. *looks at Kat as though she is the only other sane person alive*
KS: Different fathers, then?
Veld: And we do not flip out so long as we follow the manual.
Vin: How am I the spawn of Satan? I'm a sweet guy, nice, presentable, good morals and the like.
KS: I was pretending not to acknowledge the entire ninja conversation altogether.
Vin: *gets a beer from the fridge and sits on Veld's desk, ashing on the floor*
Veld: *nearly chokes* Right.
KS: Well, they say the antichrist is a clean cut guy.
KS: Oh, wait...
Veld: Off my desk. You'll wrinkle the paperwork.
Gast: *hippie!snatches gameboy and leans against the wall to have a go at it*
Scarlet: Vin, you could stand to clean up your act a litttle tiny bit.
Hojo: Hey!
KS: ::realizes it's Vincent::
KS: ...never mind.
Gast: Gimme a sec.
Vin: Name ONE time anything has ever gotten in the way of work? Huh? You can't. And Letty, before you start that building was a total eyesore... so was that helicopter.
Scarlet: Vickalor do NOT call me LETTY
Vin: *flinches at use of real name*
Hojo: But I was plaaaaaaying.
Gast: You were on this level last I saw you playing. Issues?
Veld: How about the time you couldn't wake up after your massive orgy of debauchery?
Hojo: ... no. *totally lying*
Vin: I still got my job done.
Veld: You missed the staff meeting
Vin: I just read your notes.
Vin:Like they want us there for our opinions anyway
Veld: *rolls eyes* Anyway, we need you to go and pop off some old man.
Gast: *smirks* I left mine upstairs. I remember the trick to this level.
Vin: I think half of them just wanna perve on Kitty and Letty anyway.
KS: ...::slides over to Gast and Hojo::...what game is that?
Scarlet: *throws ashtray at Vincent*
Vin: *ducks*
Veld: *narrows eyes* Oh, like you don't.
Vin: No, actually I don't.
KS: ::glare::
Vin: No offence, Kitty, but yer like my sister.
Hojo: Tetris.
KS: Whatever.
Veld: Yes, one big dysfunctional family. Maybe I should have gone into science.
Gast: *victory beeping* Aha!
Vin: Kitty, you sound pissy today. Wanna go have a barfight tonighy?
KS: ...that actually sounds fun.
Vin: Oh yeah. How 'bout it Letty?
Scarlet: *shrugs* I suppose...
KS: Where to?
KS: Not Ed's...that place is too nice.
Vin: Devil's Orgy?
Hojo: Come to the dark side, Veld. We've got, um... legal drugs.
Veld: *looks over at science people* Or not.
Scarlet: That place has a dress code... but its got good drinks.
Gast: Those are always a plus.
Vin: *tilts head at Veld* You gonna come this time, Velly?
KS: We've got suits, don't we?
Veld: Wait, barfights? Oh no. Not MY Turks. You will conduct yourselves accordingly.
Hojo: That reminds me, Professor, I need a stronger sedative. Have you got anything else?
Scarlet: I think that you cover up too much skin for some of these places, Kat.
Gast: Hm. I think I'll be able to find what you need.
Vin: See, Letty's going to get the boys all riled up and then Kitty and I are gonna crack skulls.
Hojo: Thanks. I do like to sleep once or twice a week, you know?
Vin: Fun fuckintastical times had by all.
Veld: *sighs* Children.
Vin: *glances at Hojo* You. Creep me out.
KS: Not interested in goin' to those kinda places for fun, Scarl.
Hojo: *looks at Vin* What? I didn't even threaten you with shots this time.
Gast: *idea* *runs upstairs*
Veld: *throws up hands* OUT OF MY OFFICE!
Vin: *flops in Veld's chair and puts his feet up and makes a paper airplane*
Hojo: Seriously, Vincent, what's your problem with me today?
Vin: I dunno, what the fuck did you shoot me up with last time?
KS: Yeah, I thought we were going to go busssomeshit up.
KS: ::deadpan::
Hojo: The same stuff I always shoot you up with, more or less.
Vin: The bar ain't open yet, Kitty
Vin: and that would be?
Veld: *is appalled* Paper airplane. Very original.
KS: Oh... ...what time is it?
Vin: *makes an orgami duck that flys* *looks at watch* It is JUST on five.
Hojo: Whatever shit Gast gives me.
Vin: Ya know, I'd sorta like to know what the hell ya'll are doin to us?
Gast: *wanders back* Good-quality shit, mind you. *tosses gameboy back* Catch!
KS: ...
Hojo: *dives at gameboy* !
Veld: I hate kids like you with talent and no discipline.
Vin: I have plenty of discipline
Vin: I just... save it all up for when I need it
Hojo: *just barely catches it* Vincent wants to know what he's getting shot up with, Professor
KS: Like a Limit Break?
Vin: *is suddenly serious and looking at Gast*
Veld: Of course, Vincent wants to know everything, blah blah blah.
Gast: Now, is that so important? Honestly. *brought his own gameboy back*
Vin: Not my fault I don't need it written down ninety five times ta remember it.
Vin: Yeah, I think it is.
Veld: *makes hand puppets of killing*
Gast: Hm. I'll tell you if you beat my high score in Tetris.
Veld: You are my hero, Gast.
Vin: *holds hand up* Your on
Veld: For a hippie.
Gast: Trust me. You won't beat it. *hands gameboy over*
Vin: *plays*
Scarlet: *tosses crossword down* *watches*
Veld: *to Gast* This'll keep him occupied for a while, right?
KS: ::thumb twiddle::
Scarlet: unless he actually beats it. For a mess, he's pretty capable.
Scarlet: *digs out cigarettes*
Veld: *grits teeth* I know.
Gast: *remembers what sort of shit he had to take to stay up that long* It took me...a long time. *coughdays!cough*
KS: ::holds out lighter::
Vin: *plays more*
Hojo: *looks at Gast, and then at Vincent, and then swaps out Tetris for another game*
Veld: *tries vainly to get to paperwork*
scarlet: *thanks kat* *trades cigarette for lighter* I rolled these last night
Vin: *feet on Veld's paperwork*
KS: Sweet.
Veld: *growls at him* Stop that.
Gast: *brought a link cable for later*
Hojo: *plays FF1*
KS: ::lights up::
Scarlet: *offers cigarette to Veld* They are fresh...
KS: Hey, I know that game.
Veld: I don't smoke.
Hojo: Oh?
KS: Are you past the volcano yet?
Hojo: Yeah, I'm in the ice cave.
Gast: You'll have to let me borrow it when you're finished with it.
KS: Damn. I'm still in the volcano. Can't beat whatserface.
Vin: *still playing like a happy boy* Smokey, Letty?
Scarlet: *sighs and puts cigarette in Vin's mouth* What would you do without me?
Veld: *facepalm* I hate my life.
Hojo: You have to keep using 'stun' on her. And sure, Professor.
Vin: Buy my own fags?
KS: I didn't buy that spell...
Hojo: *mutters* You are your own fag.
KS: That was too easy.
Hojo: Well, that's totally square, Kat.
Vin: I know you want me, Hojo, stop begging.
Hojo: Some day I shall have a castle and I'll name it Castle Ordeal.
Vin: *keeps playing*
Hojo: And it will have a MOAT of FIRE to keep you out.
Vin: Maybe you can do something productive then? Like drown
KS: Support spells are for nerds.
Hojo: Suport spells are for people who want to win the game.
Hojo: Drown you? Well if you insist, Vincent.
Gast: Just save the gameboy if you do.
Veld: I like your thinking, twitchy scientist.
Vin: *rolls eyes* Touch me and I'll shove yer arm so far up yer ass you choke on it
Hojo: Oh, that reminds me, can I have my stick back from yours? I tend to slouch without it.
Vin: Sorry baby, sorta had that removed last night at the bar.
KS: ...::puffs on her cigarette bitterly::
Hojo: You and your kinky fetish bars. You stay away from the lab mice.
Vin: What you play with lab mice?
Veld: *tries not to snicker at Vin's being verbally pwned*
Gast: *knows that Vin will totally never beat that score*
Hojo: I've heard about what people like you do with gerbils in kinky fetish bars.
Gast: *also wonders if he approves of Vincent touching the gameboy now--no idea where those hands have been*
Vin: I don't even WANT to know what sick fantasies you have about me, Hojo
Hojo: They all involve strapping you down and sticking you full of needles. Just fyi.
Vin: *drops gameboy* THATS IT GOING TO THE BAR
Veld: You WORK.
Vin: *leaves*
Gast: o_o *dives*
Hojo: *shrugs at Gast* Guess he just doesn't have the drive to be a scientist.
Veld: *facepalm* I hate him. So much.
Scarlet: You really don't hate him, do you? I mean... he likes you.
Hojo: Ahhh, Turk love.
Veld: Right. Why doesn't he show it, hmm?
Gast: *saves the precious* Hrm, I suppose not. *notices he left the game going and picks it up where it left off*
Scarlet: he does.
KS: ooooooo~ooo.
Veld: I don't really care. He's a bad influence. And now I'm going to have to track his sorry excuse for a work ethic down.
Scarlet: *sighs* men.
Veld: And you two. Stop encouraging him.
Sc: What did *I* do?
Gast: *turns off game as it is too late to save the perfectly innocent file that Vincent totally ruined*
KS: Me?
Gast: *skitters over to watch the FF1ness*
Veld: You didn't help me, Scarlet. Or stopped him.
Veld: You either, Katrina.
Scarlet: He's always there when we need him, ya know.
Veld: You're like children.
Scarlet: *puffs on her smoke* You don't mean that.
KS: ...
Hojo: *airshipping to go see Bahamut*
Veld: Yes, barely and in sloppish attire. God forbid if he ever breeds.
Hojo: RAT TAIL! W00T!
Scarlet: Let's just go to the bar and get him then?
Veld: Oh, so you're going to help for once? Nice initiative. You'll go far.
Scarlet: Well I was, till you stop being pissy with me I'm not.
KS: ::walks out to find Vincent::
Veld: Scarlet...
Gast: What's the rat tail do?
Veld: Whatever. To the bar!
Veld: I feel so dirty saying that.
Veld: *shakes head*
Scarlet: *snickers, grabs her jacket and trots out the door*
Hojo: It proves I'm a warrior.
Hojo: *looks up* Where's everybody going?
Gast: *blink* ?
Scarlet: To the bar, you hippies coming?
Hojo: *waves gameboy* I have important work to do.
Corneo: *lounge singing in the bar. getting glitter all over the piano*
Veld: What den of sin have I fallen into?
KS: ::walks in::
Vin: *drinking and talking to three pretty girls* *points* There he is, name's Veld, needs a good massage.
Pepper: *is sitting over on a stool off to himself sipping a Coke*
Girls: *sashee over to Veld*
KS: ...
Veld: *is too focused on finding wayward Turk to notice girls*
KS: ::waits for Veld to pass her so she doesn't look like she's fraternizing::
Scarlet: *sits next to Vin at bar* Brandy Old Fashioned please?
Vin: On my tab.
Scarlet: He's going to slaughter you
Vin: Oh this card aint Veld's.
Corneo: *working his way over to Veld*
Vin: Ey, Kitty, want a beer?
Veld: *notices ladies* Have you seen a man in a suit that looks like he owns the world?
KS: Sure. :3
Corneo: *grabs Veld by the tie* I know who owns the world, honey.
Girls: *totally hang off Veld like fangirls* Is he hot like you are?
KS: Hay barkeep.
Veld: ACK! OFF!
Vin: Guinness tonight?
KS: Shore.
Girls: *giggle and play with his arms* ooo strong
Veld: Unhand my tie, girly man.
Corneo: *glitters all over Veld*
Vin: Black and tans then, two.
Veld: Or I will shoot you.
Corneo: You'd look better with an orange tie. Try the bar. *winks*
Scarlet: *sips drink* *looks Over* Do you think Velly will die?
Veld: *shudders*
Vin: Naw, he's a strong man.
Girls: *hang off* Wanna go dance?
Veld: *tries to look over unintentional fanclub* VINCENT VALENTINE WHERE ARE YOU!?
Scarlet: Thats two names, I think he's pissed.
KS: Dude, that sounds like an awesome citcom...
Vin: *debates* It could be, Kat. Shoulda gone into TV, babe.
Veld: Harlots, I mean, ladies, no.
Girls: Hows about a freebe?
Girl one: I could give you a steamer?
Veld: o.O No.
Girls: How about a shower?
Pepper: *is not sure what to think of all these people*
Veld: No. I need to find a wayward Turk before I kill him.
Veld: I cannot rest.
Vin: Should I save him eyet?
KS: X3
Corneo: *glams all over the bar in front of Kat* tall and tan and young and lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy
Girls: We don't want you to rest... *hands drift down to baby making area*
KS: ::looks up at Don::
Veld: *high pitched* AWAY YE HARLOTS!
KS: ...me?
Vin: Where does he GET all that glitter- *sigh* Be right back, gonna save Velly.
Corneo: Sure, honey, why not you?
Vin: Shenzie! Christy! What's hanging babes?
Girls: VInnie!
Girls: *vacate Velds no touchey area*
Veld: YOU!
Veld: *points* This is YOUR FAULT!
Vin: Hows about you two go have a drink on me? *Lifts up a finger for Veld to wait till he's done with the girls.*
Girls: *pout* But what about your hot little friend?
Veld: *glaaaares*
Vin: He's busy, kay ladies?
KS: Baaah. :P How's it hangin', Don?
Girls: *walk away*
Veld: You. Work. Now. No bar.
Vin: Heya, Velly, want a beer? *is walking back to bar*
Corneo: Not too well, I had these awful vinyl pants on last night.
Veld: *following* You're a disgrace to the nobel establishment which you serve.
*Vin sits back down inbetween scarlet and kat*
KS: What color were they?
Vin: am not.
Corney: Purple.
Veld: You ALL are! GODS!
Scarlet: Not your color anyway...
Veld: *holds head*
KS: What can be awful about purple vinyl pants?
Vin: Get him a cooler, something light *mouths* He can't hold his booze*
Corneo: Too tight. They nearly cut off important circulation... areas.
Veld: I do not need your SIN JUICE!
Scarlet: *chews on a pen and does a crossword and sips her drink*
Veld: I need someone to finish his DARN PAPERWORK!
Vin: You need some sin man.
Corneo: How about my sin juice, handsome?
Vin: *snickers*
Veld: You will keep your distance girly man.
Vin: I did my paperwork, man.
Vin: like yesterday
Veld: Yes, for YESTERDAY
Veld: You have more.
Vin: Theres MORE?
Vin: *rolls eyes* I'll do it later
Corneo: *slides along bar to Veld*
Veld: Maybe if you came to work on time, you'd know.
KS: Not meaning to insurrect, Mr. Veld, but what were we supposed to be working on?
Vin: Yeah, I thought we were supposed to blow stuff up and shit.
Veld: Does that matter? You keep orders.
Veld: And orders are to GO. BACK. TO. WORK.
Scarlet: *taps pen against her mouth*
Corneo: *glitters at Veld*
Vin: *Downs beer and lifts hand for another*
Veld: *shakes off glitter*
Veld: I feel dirty.
Scarlet: *dusts off crossword* Can't we do our paperwork here?
Veld: No. Back to work you heathens.
Corneo: GIRLS! Mr Uptight here has asked for a shower!
Girls: *mob Veld and drag him to the showers*
Scarlet: He's going to be really upset...
Vin: *looks sad* He really blames me for everything...


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