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Veld: *tries to crawl to passenger seat to be free!*

Reeve: *grabs his collar* Not so fast, Boss.

Vin: *opens back door and grabs Veld* Let's go Velly!

Vin: *gets his arms* Got his legs again?

Scarlet: *loling HARD*


Veld: Just... that is EMBARRESSING!

Reeve: Aw, I wanted to carry you still.

Vin: *doesn't let him go* So let's.

Reeve: *takes his legs*

Scarlet: Let me get the door for you boys *gets door*

Veld: I don't judge preferences, but I don't swing ANY way.


Voice: So easy to kill him while he's helpless.

Voice: And flailing! Oh, what a HUMOROUS kill!

Veld: *flailing* GODS PUT ME DOWN!

Voice: I love it when they scream.

Vin: *to self* Why should I kill Velly? He's my friend.

Voice: Tasty.

reeve: Thanks for holding the door, Scar.

Girls: *loudly* VELLY!!!!

Voice: Right. Friend.

Scarlet: *smacks him* Don't CALL me that.

Voice: Because we like blood... mm, red warm tasty running blood...


Reeve: *blink*drops Veld's legs* Jesus.

Vin: -what do you mean... Gigas? what do you mean by that?

Scarlet: *saves Reeve*

Vin: *ignoring*

Girls: *Totally mob Veld*

Veld: GAH! OFF!

Reeve: God, it's just a nickname, don't get so offended. *looks at Scarlet for a while*sigh* I'm sorry.

Veld: *gets untangled and finds the others* Go play with your fanclub Valentine!

Scarlet: It's just about respect, I don't call you anything you don't want me to, Reeve. But I'll call you baby if... oh gods, I need a beer. *grabs Vin and drags him to bar*

Veld: *totall hides behind him*

Vin: *is being dragged and clinged to* -what do you MEAN about that, they are my friends!-

Reeve: *blinks* Maybe these shots aren't so bad.

Voice: You really think they'd be friends with you? You should listen to Helly.Litheba: Voice: They always want SOMETHING from you.

Vin: -they do NOT.-

Veld: *is hiding*

Voice: Hahahahahah! He's a funny one.

Vin: *realizes the girls are still mobbing, Veld* Ahh, hey ladies, how about given us some time? Important ShinRa shit. We'd have ta kill ya if we told you.

Reeve: *amused at Veld's pain*

Girls: *eyes wide* Really?

Vin: Oh yeah.

Girls: *scamper off*

Veld: I could almost hug you. But that would make me twitchy.

Vin: -whats so damned funny Helly?-

Vin: You'll hug me in like three beers, like last time.

Veld: *looks appalled*

Veld: No drink for me except water then.

Voice: *quiet laughter*

Veld: *stops hiding and sits on a stool, ready to grumble the whole evening*

Vin: *rubs head* -if you're not going to be fucking helpful I hope you all drown in beer- Whiskey, straight, no ice.

Reeve: *sits down at the bar, appreciating the women*

Scarlet: *raises eyebrow* Brandy old fashioned for me, smirnoff for the angry looking man.

Voice: We're very helpful. You just don't listen. If you die, we do too. We don't want that.

Voice: Blood, yes, but not yours.

Voice: Twitchy and the girl will be easy.

Voice: The other one is sneaky.

Vin: -WHY would I want to hurt them?-

Veld: *mumbling*

Voice: The other one will be harder, but he's distracted now. Now's a good chance. In this crowd, poison would be easy.

Waiter: *is in leather chaps and sorta glitters* Heya, big guy, want a glass fer this? *to Veld*

Voice: It's not your place to question why. We're your instincts.

Vin: -I need a REASON to kill anyone, and dancing in blood is NOT a good reason. Now here comes your mute button-

Veld: *fears the glitter* For what? I didn't order anything.

Voice: It's like one of your jobs, Vincent. If you think too much, or dull your senses too much you die.

Vin: *Tips up glass of hard booze and CHUGS it* Hit me again.

Voice: Besides you're too STUPID to think anyway.

Voice: We're supposed to see it coming before you do. That's what instincts do Vincent... *starts laughing as he drinks*

Waiter: *blinks* ya sure big guy?

Vin: I said hit me.

Waiter: *winks and Veld and bring him the smirnoff in a mug*

Scarlet: So you want a beer, Reeve? *sippin her brandy*

Veld: Ok... thanks for the water.

Veld: *looks at it suspiciously*

Reeve: *watching Vincent with some concern* You drink a lot... er, no thanks Scarlet.. um, I think maybe some um. ...well, maybe beer, yes.

Scarlet: *looks at poles and thinks* *finishes her brandy* Back ina bit, boys. *scampers off*

Vin: Yeah I drink a lot.

Waiter: *slides a black and tan to Reeve* First one's free, cutey.

Veld: *sideglances Vin* Getting drunk quickly tonight, huh? *takes a drink of his "water" and spews it*

Reeve: *looking a bit uncomfortable now, and a little confused* You should realy.. er.. not. It's not good for you. Oh, thank you. Sir.

Vin: It... I'm fine.

Veld: The HELL IS THIS?!

Voice: *still laughing, although is very muffled already*

Vin: *looks at Veld and takes a sip* Tastes like lemonade...

Scarlet: *pole dancing like a pro*

Veld: But it looks like water...

Veld: Eh. *drinks more*

Veld: *so not facing the poles*

Reeve: *blinks at Scarlet*stares* Oh God... why...

Vin: *not on noticing either* Maybe its the water? We're kinda in the slums...

Vin: *nudges Reeve* Ya alright, Reeve?

Veld: What? *glance over at Reeve* I think something killed him.

Veld: Valentine, what did you do to him?

Reeve: Er... I.. no.. it's.. *blinks*drinks his beer quickly* It's good. I'm fine

Vin: *drinks second glass* I didn't do anything!

Scarlet: *grinds with stripper*

Veld: Just checking. Good water. Can I have another?

Reeve: No you didn't. Not at all. Are we... leaving soon?

Vin: We just got here, Velly ain't even drunk yet. Why?

Reeve: Just ... wondering. *sneaks a glance at the poles* Ohgod... I'm going to the.. bathroom.

Veld: I won't be getting drunk. I'm just drinking water. You can't get drunk off it.

Scarlet: *snags Reeve to dance with her and the stripper, who I have named Patty*

Veld: *drinks more "water"*

Veld: *and still hasn't looked at the poles*

Reeve: *trying to pull away* Please.. don't.. really let go... *not at all okay*

Vin: *would probably not be pleased if he say Reeve now*

Scarlet: *all husky* Come dance with me, it's fun.

Veld: So... howya doin Vinnie?

Reeve: Scarlet, let's talk instead. Somewhere private. Please. *pulling her toward a corner*

Vin: *waits for a moment* They shut up when I'm drinking

Scarlet: *pouts*

Veld: Oh... thas why yer such a drunk. Heh.

Vin: *snickers* Yeah, Gagis's been tryin to get me to kill you all afternoon.

Vin: *even Vincent has his drunk moments*

Veld: Heh... pesky voices. Wait... wha?

Reeve: Please. Ther'ell be time for dancing later.

Scarlet: Fine. *follows him* How was it last night?

Vin: Yeah... he hates you I think.

Veld: Heh, always suspected ya wanted to axe me.

Veld: S'only fair, guess.

Reeve: Last.. oh God... *leans against the wall, covering mouth as if he'll be sick again*

Vin: I like you. They want me to... *tilts head* I can't remember now it was graphic

Reeve: I can't be.. lieve.. he.. they.. so much blood...

Scarlet: *holds him up* Are you alright, you want some air?

Veld: Awww, ya like me?

Reeve: *sort of staring into space*shakes head to dispel the thoughts* I.. I'm okay.. it'll be fine. Part of the job and all.. hah ah..

Vin: Yeah, yer like family. Helly doesn't think so though

Scarlet: Talk to me, don't clam up. Alright?

Reeve: *shakes head* I don't think I'm ever going to go in an elevator again... oh God...

Veld: Eh, he's not real anyway. Don't listen to 'im.

Vin: I tell him that, but then he laughs.

Veld: Ya guys really are ma kids. Except those odd times my hormones kick in.. but I think I've killed 'em.

Scarlet: You killed him? *hasn't read the report*

Vin: You aint hittin on me are you? *lifts hand for another drink* Cause... I like... there was that one time, but I was REALLY methed out.

Reeve: ...one of them... I shot him.. but didn't really hit him, cut him off in the elevator then.. *shudders*shakes head, going pale* I can't talk about this, Scarlet.

Veld: Heh, no no, hormones DEAD. And... wha?

Vin: You shouldn't have dead horones man, yer not old.

Veld: Meth wha?

Scarlet: You want some air? *tucks hair behind his ear and rubs his back*

Vin: ... Meth, yes. Never again.

Veld: Hehehehe... I'd ALWAYS thought you sucked cock or something.

Veld: This is some GOOD water. More?

Vin: I topped...

Reeve: *smiles warmly at her* Yeah. Do you mind if we step outside..?

Veld: *sideglances* No...really?

Vin: Anyway, I was methed out, didn't count. And I was like 15....

Veld: Eww...

Scarlet: *helps him* Yeah, come on.

Vin: Was I fifteen yet?

Veld: Aren't ya glad yer not hangin with those kids no more?

Reeve: *leaning on her a bit, grateful for her support* Thanks... sorry..

Scarlet: Sorry? for what?

Vin: *shrugs* Sometimes I wonder.

Veld: Eh, bullshit. s'ides the fact yer a drunken slob, ya cleaned up a lot.

Reeve: I'm not.. I shouldn't be so bothered by this..

Scarlet: ... you killed someone last night. With VIn, who is pretty...ah, brutal when he wants to be. I was a mess my first time.

Scarlet: *sitting outside with him, still doing the hair thing*

Vin: Yeah, but I was saner...

Veld: Pfft. Now yer not forgetting the five months it took ya ta git over the shakes now, are ya?

Reeve: ....*leans against her and the outside wall* I guess.

Veld: *pats him on the back* We're all fuckin crazy.

Scarlet: You'll be fine.

Reeve: *nods* Sure.... thanks. Are you okay?

Veld: Imma gonna talk wit those science kidss.... see if we can git ya fixed up er somethin.

Vin: Eh, I don't trust them... *snickers* Yeah, Reeve did a good job last night. I thought he was gonna freak.

Scarlet: *blinks* Me? Oh gods, I'm used to this by now.

Veld: I ain't worried about that kid so much. He's a smartass at times, but not half as bad as you used ta be.

Reeve: I meant.. the dancing. I didn't.. peg you as the type.

Vin: *snorts* I'm a SAINT, Velly. And good at my job.

Scarlet: *blinks* That's just dancing, silly.

Veld: Uh huh. Damn good, thas the problem. You like the shit too much. Worries the fucking hell outta me. You goin all crazy and Scarlet whinin ta me that yer goin crazy and yer boyfriend there whinin...s'a BIG mess.

Reeve: ....yes. But it was on a pole.

Vin: Boyfriend??

Scarlet: Yeah, its fun! you can flip around and climb on it.

Veld: Eh new kid. Jokin. I CAN do tha sometimes.

Vin: Reeve? *snorts* He wants in Letty's pants like its his JOB.

Veld: Say wha? Boy wantin in her pants?

Veld: Velly gonna hafta smack a bitch?

Reeve: .... right. *sits down on the ground, not worried about dirt on Vin's clothes, leaning back against the building* Sorry. I think I'll sit out here. Go back and have fun.

Scarlet: I can sit with you.

Vin: I told him I'd rip out his vital organs and feed them to him. I think he thought I was joking...

Veld: Oh... what a greenhorn...

Reeve: The ground's filthy. I'm sitting in... *looks ill* I don't want to think about it

Veld: S'ok. I'll find somethin to keep him occupied.

Veld: *leans over as he's starting to lose his sense of balance* yer a good kid...

Scarlet: *sits on him* Eh, Vin's pants have prolly done worse things. *arm over shoulder* Don't worry, you'll be fine. Vinny called me while you were taking a shower last night. He never compliments anyway

Vin: Dude, you've had TWO smirnofs...

Veld: Bad water...

Veld: s'why I don't drink shit I dun know man....

Vin: *looks around* Where's rook and Letty?

Reeve: *grins a bit* Thanks.


Scarlet: You'll do great, trust me.

Veld: *gets up and promptly falls over*

Vin: *helps Veld up* Let's go find rook, Velly, you yell, I'm maime.

Vin: I still have some fireants...

Veld: Shit, I dun always just yell man... there's a damn good reason I got into this here business...

Reeve: *putting an arm awkwardly around her, almost afraid of her now*

Veld: Hehehe, you smell like cheap hooker.

Vin: *balks* HOW would you know what a hooker smells like?

Scarlet: *cuddles* See, we aren't so bad. We'll getcha some earplugs and then lifes great.

Veld: I was a young man once... long long time ago... and you ALWAYS smell like cheap hooker. s'way I can tell if you've snuck inta work late.

Reeve: ...earplugs? Why do I need earplugs?

Veld: Ya need ta learn ta spead yer money better.

Vin: *opens door* I don't want to know about you and hookers, Velly. *looks at Scarlet and Reeve*

Veld: Eh why not? Yer always callin me up late at *sees the cuddle* DEAD MAN!

Reeve: *looks up* Hey..

Reeve: *blink* Er.

Veld: Standard drill?

Scarlet: That is why...

Vin: Letty, excuse us, we have to break Reeve's legs.

Veld: I kin hold 'em. You git them fire ants.

Reeve: W-w-w-what? Break my legs?! N-no you can't do.. why would you.... *flinches*

Veld: *tries to get off Vin's support and nearly falls and just clings more*


Vin: Ahh, skip it, get the car, Reeve?

Reeve: Oh God, I'm going to die at the hands of a sadistic madman. *absolutely terrified and looks it* W..you have the keys Mr. Valentine...

Veld: Scarlet and Kat ARE OFF LIMITS!

Scarlet: *stands and gets keys out of Vin's pocket* YOU BOTH leave him alone. *Huffs* I'll be over in a minute.


Vin: He has a point.

Scarlet: I can kill people with SPOONS, Veld.

Reeve: *flinches more, shakily to his feet, deer in headlights*ready to run*



Veld: *pats Vin on the head* But yer the favorite so issok.

Reeve: *backing up hastily* N..I'm.. I'm sorry whatever.. I didn't... *holding up hands defensively*


Vin: He's not going to remember today.

Reeve: ...oh. I _like_ paperwork. Paperwork is safe.

Vin: HOWEVER I can remind him if you want.


Reeve: *flinches* I don't know what's going on. Please don't hurt me, Mr. Valentine


Vin: What about yesterday?

Vin: He's Reeve, our new Turk

Vin: He went on the job with me last night and is still in my clothes.

Veld: GODDAMN MY HEAD HURTS! *clutches head*

Vin: I am slightly taller than he is.

Vin: *shakes head and sits Veld down* Velly, boy, you shouldn't drink the water man.

Vin: Next time, listen to me.

Veld: Oh, thas right... those ARE yer clothes! Sure 'es nor yer boyfriend?

Vin: No, I only fuck guys when I'm methed out.

Vin: And I do not do that anymore because you told me you'd skin my hand.

Veld: Fuckin hell... dont even remember ORDERING water... gah...

Reeve: *skitters backwards a little farther* Oh GOD. Why would I be his.. I just... took a shower and... needed clothes...

Scarlet: *pulls up* *to Reeve* Heya handsome, want a ride?


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