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Veld: What makes you think I hate you?

Scarlet: I'm a Turk, Reeve. *walks out* Oh god what is Vin doing to Veld?

Reeve: Cheating on me, looks like. *waves* Hey guys.

Vin: You keep telling me you do, screaming at me, and threatening my life. *dryswallows pill* Reevem, ya just give bad head. I'm sorry man.

Scarlet: *raises eyebrow* Are those purple fuzzy handcuffs?

Veld: You're such a child. Just because someone tries to DISCIPLINE you means they hate you. Right.

Reeve: You're not so hot yourself there. At least you swallow. Let's go.

Veld: Don't ask.

Vin: Yeah! cool huh?

Veld: Not a WORD about this tomorrow.

Vin: *cracks up* About Reeve and I? You know you want to join

Scarlet: I so get video rights to this* Gets in car and passes cigarette around*

Veld: Or so help me I will have you at your desks for the REST OF YOUR NATURAL LIFE--

Veld: ...

Veld: Debaucherers.

Reeve: It's why you hired us, sir.

Veld: Just keep your... orgy away from my desk. I just organized it.

Vin: keep poking, maybe he'll say harolotry again.

Veld: You know, maybe I should take you to CHURCH with me sometime.

Reeve: Oh. *sits in car next to Scarlet* I was in a chuch once.

Vin: Can't. I have this fear of bursting into flame.

Veld: Then I'll drag you and see if it's true.

Scarlet: My parents go to a humanitarian place

Vin: See, you totally hate me *is driving*


Veld: Scarlet, tell Valentine I don't hate him.

Vin: *internal* How about you shut up, I don't want to kill them. At least give yourself damn names so I can keep you straight.

Scarlet: *looks at Vin* Vinny? You alright? Veld likes you. Usually. He's just PMSing.

Veld: Scarlet, tell Valentine I don't hate him.

Vin: *internal* How about you shut up, I don't want to kill them. At least give yourself damn names so I can keep you straight.

Scarlet: *looks at Vin* Vinny? You alright? Veld likes you. Usually. He's just PMSing.


Voice: Why don't ya guess? You should know us by now.

Scarlet: Well in four or five brandy old fashioneds...

Scarlet: You're all kinda pretty, at least Reeve's got facial hair.

Veld: Scarlet! Really!

Scarlet: You ARE!

Scarlet: And Vinny's got all that hair.

Veld: Well, it can be agreed HE looks like a woman. But that's just his problem.

Vin: *to himself, ignoring the car* Alright then. Gigas, Helly? And someone mentioned a Chaos last night?

Voice: He's still sleeping.

Voice: He's been asleep a while. We're afraid to wake him.

Voice: Do not call me that nickname you ill mannered chattel.

Vin: So three of you *Inner monolouge* Helly, Giggy and sleeping beuaty, got it.

Veld: *attempting to wiggle out of handcuffs*

Reeve: Awesome. I'm the most masculine.

Scarlet: If we let you go will you behave or will Reeve and Vin have to chase you down?

Voice: You're forgetting Galian.

Veld: I ALWAYS behave! It's YOU ruffians that don't!

Voice: Everyone always forgets Galian.

Voice: Well, he's doesn't talk much.

Reeve: That's because you don't pay me Boss.

Vin: *inner will be marked like this "-"* -- Galian? I haven't heard him...--

Veld: *flailing*

Scarlet: *wiggles over Reeve's lap to pick the handcuffs off of Veld* Shusshhh calm down, Veld.

Voice: He said "Chicken" once.

Voice: He does enjoy food.

Veld: I will not shush!

Veld: You're breaking FIVE MAJOR LAWS ALREADY!

Vin: *nods* -alright then...--

Reeve: Then you don't get out of your handcuffs. *puts an arm around her waist* Just two, I think.

Voice: So when was the blood and the coolness happening?

Reeve: Unless Vin's still drunk. But I think he's not.

Voice: Indeed. We want blood.

Veld: Unhand the female. *is also protective*

Scarlet: *so TOTALLY draped over Reeve's lap* There we go. *twirls handcuffs*

Vin: -No blood, I'm gettind drunk and shutting you fucks up-

Veld: *tries to calculate how fast the car is going so he can duck out*

Reeve: She has a name, Boss.

Vin: *has an old cop car, cannot get out from the backseat*

Veld: I am aware of this. Sorry, Scarlet.

Veld: *curses at Vin's oddly preparedness*

Reeve: And I'll let go when she asks me to.

Scarlet: *wiggles back* *blushing but doesn't say anything*

Voice: "I'm getting drunk and shutting you fucks up" so how you gonna handle the normal work day? The twitchy one will kill you if you're drunk all the time.

Veld: *narrows eyes* You weren't NEARLY this mouthy before.

Vin: -I manage fine drunk, I have a long bloodline of drunkfuck-

Veld: Valentine! You're a BAD influence!

Voice: Unless you wanna kill the shit first.

Scarlet: He had a long ass day, yesterday. I mean, I was pretty... weirded out. And Vin killed two of those guys bare handed.

Reeve: Vin's not an influence at all.

Veld: That's doesn't excuse mouthing off!

Vin: -no work, no one dying, drinking you fucks away-

Voice: You want our advice, Vincent.

Reeve: I'm not mouthing the fuck off!

Veld: *sighs* Do I have to shoot you too?!

Reeve: I was like this yesterday too and at the goddamn interview.

Scarlet: *blinks* Vin? Hey, Vincent?

Reeve: Fucking try it.

Vin: *shakes head* Huh what?

Vin: What the fuck are we fucking cusing fucks about?

Veld: *narrows eyes* Kids.

Veld: Such WONDERFUL language.

Reeve: Thanks. We like it too.

Vin: Reeve started it, you are all bad influences on my fragile young mind.

Veld: *snorts*

Scarlet: *laughs* Oh this is rich. Yes, we've SO damaged your young morals, Vinny.

Vin: You're the adults, goddamnit!

Veld: And I was really looking forward to that niice looong sleeep....

Reeve: We could drug you I suppose. Then you could sleep. Or you could drink yourself to sleep.

Veld: I don't drink.

Vin: He does, like wine coolers

Veld: You said that was Kool-aid!

Vin: He pole danced once *totally making that up*

Scarlet: Oh yeah! At that one club in Junon... *Totally going with it*

Veld: *so has gaps in his memory* O.O Wait... what?

Vin: You pole danced.

Scarlet: You were great at it, Sir.

Veld: Let me out of the car. NOW.

Reeve: Wow. That's great, Boss

Veld: Out. NOW.

Veld: *is so totally just not going to hear that*

Vin: Ain't no stoppin this train we're on!

Reeve: I want to see you pole dance, Boss.

Veld: No. Let me OUT>

*pulls in to the bar* As you wish!

Veld: Oh DAMMIT.


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