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[Hojo and Lucrecia are in the lab. Veld is upstairs with Vincent and/or Scarlet, depending on how schizo Drakon is feeling tonight. Hojo is explaining the proceedure to Lu in an entirely businesslike fashion.]
Hojo: So I'm going to tie him down real tight and you're going to stand there with the tranq gun the whole time, okay?
Lu: *is nodding and listening and trying to pay attention and stuff*
Veld: *is so not nervous about shots, as he thinks the science kids are cool so long as they don't hurt his kids.*
Hojo: Can you take notes with one hand? You could take the notes too, and it'd be faster.
Vin: You want us to go with ya?
Scarlet: Yeah, we can totally assist
Scarlet: I'll keep Vin from killing anyone
Veld: Unlike some people, I don't fear the basement.
Voice: Can we mollest him while he's out?
Vin: *sighs* Riiiight, Velly
Veld: Though, if you can make sure the slacker does his work, that'd be nice, Scarlet.
Scarlet: Vinnie's been really good lately.
Vin: *sticks his tongue out*
Voice: Jump him!
Veld: Yes... that's why I worry. He's planning something.
Voice: Then kill him.
Vin: Maybe I stole ShinRa's credit info finally.
Scarlet: ... don't even joke like that, Vinny.
Hojo: I'll go upstairs and get them, Lucrecia.
Hojo: *goes upstairs*
Veld: And on that note which I'll pretend not to hear...
Vin: What, Hojo's credits HORRIBLE.
Veld: *glare* Be nice.
Scarlet: ... Vinny, WHY, why can't you just be good?
Voice: What you need is Veld to bend over... or blow you, both would be nice.
Hojo: *knocks on the door*
Veld: I don't think he's wired that way, Scarlet.
Lu: ::sets up in the meantime::
Veld: Now go shoo you two. *opens door* Ah, good afternoon.
Vin: *growls at door*
Hojo: It's time for sciiiiiience!
Scarlet: *blushes* Morning, Hojo.
Hojo: Good morning, Scarlet. And I mean that in a completely official, businesslike, and non-committal fashion.
Veld: *glances between them* Ok... shall we proceed?
Hojo: You might want to bring someone with you, sir. We've got some new proceedures in place for the shots.
Veld: Valentine. Stay. Be good. Scarlet, come with me.
Hojo: *leads the parade downstairs*
Lu: ::thinks this is all a bit much::
Lu: ::and that Hojo must have slept through the bedside manner part of classes::
Hojo: *is the one who got attacked, thanks*
Lu: ::hasn't had any problems thus far::
Vin: *snarls but does what he is told*
Veld: Ah, hello again Lucrecia. They treating you alright down here?
Scarlet: Ah... what do you mean, new procedures? *is nervous after nearly mounting Hojo last time*
Lu: ::nods politely:: Yes thank you. ^^
Lu: Nothing much, just something to help you stay calm.
Hojo: Shirt off, sir, and please have a seat.
Veld: *does as told*
Veld: *like a nice Turk*
Hojo: *straps down arms and legs now* No offense, sir, but I'm not taking any chances.
Lu: 9_9
Scarlet: *watching* Are you alright, Lucrecia?
Lu: ::magazine trick works better and with half the panic::
Lu: I'm fine.
Lu: ::smiles for Scarlet::
Veld: It's alright. I can understand a little caution on your part.
Scarlet: *likes that the other woman doesnt' do nicknames either*
Veld: *though he actually doesn't remember seeing the attack*
Lu: ::has been called all sorts of weird variations to sympathize::
Hojo: *swabs both of Veld's elbows*
Scarlet: Both? You don't do that to me.
Veld: *is thinking about paperwork*
Lu: ::busies self getting the syringes ready and lined up so they'll be set when Hojo needs them;:
Hojo: This is new. *inserts IV into Veld's left elbow* Just a mild sedative drip.
Scarlet: *will totally be hitting on Lu next time she gets a shot* I don't like that idea at all...
Lu: This should reduce the effects of any immediate reactions.
Veld: *raises eyebrow but doesn't say anything*
Scarlet: ...
Lu: Reeve did really well, but he still paniced.
Lu: This won't do anything more than make you really sleepy, Sir.
Hojo: It should mitigate the severe aftereffects that have been reported.
Scarlet: *knows Vincent will pitch three demons about that*
Lu: ::what I said 10ps ago::
Veld: Oh good... *yawns* no violence is good...
Hojo: *sorry =P*
Lu: ::letting Hojo do his thing since she's the n00b:: ::thinks this is all a bit over the top::
Hojo: *swabs his other elbow and administers first needle*
Scarlet: ... *totally agrees with Lu*
Veld: *hums*
Scarlet: Uhm... can I ask something?
Hojo: Sure thing, as long as you're not questioning my sanity. *tight grin*
Lu: ::raises eyebrow, says nothng::
Scarlet: I mean... I know that Vin may need this... but ah, Veld won't even REMEMBER this, why all the straps? I mean... it doesn't exactly inspire trust.
Lu: ::gives pointed look at Hojo- 'cause she said the same thing earlier::
Veld: *yawns* S'ok... kind of relaxing...
Scarlet: And Vin's kinda... paranoid anyway. I don't want Reeve to think that we're all like... I dunno. *laughs* some sort of attack lab rats or anything. Not good for PR.
Lu: >> ::eyes Veld::
Hojo: It's just to be on the safe side. Besides, if I ONLY did it to Vincent, he'd be less likely to go along.
Lu: Did you change your mind about me administering the shots?
Lu: ::just asking::
Scarlet: Lucrecia did a really good job.
Lu: ^^;
Lu: Thanks
Hojo: No, you'll be administering to Vincent. I'll be standing behind a screen with the tranq gun
Scarlet: A WHAT?
Hojo: A screen?
Veld: Hey *yawns* only *I* get to shoot him!
Lu: 9_9
Hojo: *Administers second shot to Veld*
Scarlet: I hardly think that is... *looks at Veld, worried* the GUN, Hojo.
Lu: ::thinks Hojo has like...strength envy/issues or something::
Lu: He's just teasing. ::hopes::
Hojo: A tranq gun. *points to the one lying on the table*
Lu: >>; Oh.
Scarlet: O_O YOU HAVE one?
Lu: Well, we won't have to USE it.
Veld: He... might not know... the difference.
Hojo: Has tranquilizer darts. For putting down, you know, wild animals and Vincent.
Lu: It's for some of the bigger ANIMAL specimens we're supposed to be working with at some point.
Lu: Hojo. 9_9
Hojo: What?
Lu: Stop scaring the on-lookers.
Hojo: I'm being honest.
Scarlet: What dosage? *totally knows Vin is gettin shot by hojo someday*
Lu: It's her turn next and this is NOT HELPING.
Hojo: No, it's Vincent's turn next.
Lu: Well, her turn eventually. :P
Scarlet: You can't just pull a gun on Vin, he'll flip and and then he WILL kill you.
Lu: That's why he's behind a screen. ::dry::
Veld: Yes... a little paranoid, that one.
Hojo: That's why I'll be behind a screen. *turns back to Veld.*
Lu: Ack.
Hojo: *looks at Lu and laughs*
Lu: ^^;
Lu: ::can't help giggling a bit::
Hojo: Alright, sir, how're you feeling?
Scarlet: *not amused*
Lu: ::wathing Veld's vitals and such:: He looks good.
Veld: Sleepy.
Hojo: Do you remember what day it is? *puts stethoscope on chest* Deep breath.
Veld: Monday? No... Tuesday?
Scarlet: Ask him something else, like his name. He forgets spans of time lately.
Hojo: Friday, sir. Do you remember your name?
Scarlet: *isn't happy at all with this and will talk to Lucrecia as she seems to not be mortally afraid of Vincent...yet*
Veld: Of course! Veld Dragoon. Silly question.
Hojo: And her name? *points to Lu*
Veld: *thinks for a second* ...Lucrecia?
Hojo: And hers? *points to Scarlet*
Veld: I know my own kids. Scarlet.
Veld: Your point is?
Hojo: Just checking. I've gotten reports that you've had memory problems.
Lu: :;amused at the "kids" line, smiles::
Scarlet: I can give you a full report if you like, Hojo?
Veld: Ah, I've always been a little slow in the memory department.
Hojo: You're all mellow, right? Not gonna eat me? *doesn't sound serious as he takes the IV out*
Lu: If he were any more mellow he's be ASLEEP.
Veld: It's not professional to eat scientists.
Lu: ::snickers at that::
Veld: Sleep sounds good.
Veld: I like sleep.
Scarlet: Hey, Lucriceia do you want to get together later this weekend? Do you table-top? Some of us girls get together beause boys smell.
Hojo: Thank you for your professionalism, sir.
Lu: ::gives veld one last once-over before he gets up::
Lu: heh
Veld: I try.
Scarlet: *is there to help Veld stand and sorta wondering if he's going to flip out or come on to anyone or try to shoot Hojo like all the rest of them*
Hojo: *unstraps Veld*
Lu: Scarlet, I'll come and check on him in a couple hours, okay?
Veld: *is a little sluggish*
Lu: ::helps Veld up::
Veld: Thank you, girls.
Lu: ::vaguely afraid he'll like...forget to breathe in his sleep or somethng::
Lu: Welcome.
Scarlet: Yeah, that's be great. He'll prolly be out on the couch.
Lu: ::nod:: okay
Veld: No... have paperwork... must finish...
Lu: Have some juice or water later. No caffine or alcohol.
Lu: and no headache pills. You really shouldn't eat them like candy like that. :P
Lu: The paperwork will be there when you wake up.
Veld: Aww, but they make me feel better!
Scarlet: ... maybe you guys should work on that then?
Lu: It isn't going anyhwere.
Lu: ::nods:: I'll see what I can do.
Hojo: Sure, I can work on that in my copious free time.
Veld: If you had to work with these kids, you'd have a headache too.
Lu: Hey I can think and type at the same time.
Scarlet: We tell him that all the time, Lucreica. *glares at Hojo* It's your science that gives him the headaches.
Lu: Heh
Lu: Children, please.
Scarlet: sorry. Sorry.
Lu: C'mon, lets get Veld to bed.
Lu: ::smiles:: s'okay ;}
Hojo: *twitching just a little*
Scarlet: yeah, lets go, you want some cocoa, Veld?
Lu: Hojo's not exactly Mr. Congeniality.
Veld: No fighting. Happy Shinra family. *smiles loopily*
Lu: ::giggles::
Hojo: *starts writing up the report, ignoring*
Lu: C'mon, naptime.
Scarlet: He likes bunny marshmellows.
Lu: ::giggles:: Pink or purple?
Veld: Mmmm... bunnies...
Scarlet: The blue ones.
Lu: ::trying sooooooooooooo hard not to be amused::
Lu: Yum.
Scarlet: Provided Vin hasn't bitten the heads off of them again.
Veld: Punk.
Scarlet: You know you love him.
Veld: Be sure to yell at him later. *yaaawns*
Scarlet: Yes, sir.
Scarlet: *to Lu* Hey, sorry about that.. really, Vin and Hojo don't get along, but there's no need for all of us to hate each other, right?
Veld: I am in need of a soft object.
Veld: *is really about to fall asleep*
Scarlet: I've got soft objects for... oh gods ignore me.
Veld: Already forgot.
Lu: >>;
Lu: um, yes.
Scarlet: The shots make us all a little crazy.
Lu: Heh Oh don't worry about it.
Lu: Hojo just forgets to take the hanger out of his labcoat when he puts it on in the morning. ;P
Lu: He's not so bad once you get past the starch. ;}
Scarlet: *giggles at the image* Veld's the only one who seems to not have any really strange side effects, wlel the whole memory things.
Hojo: *coughs in a way that indicates he's TOTALLY not listening and TOTALLY didn't hear that*
Veld: I'm a GOOD Turk, thas why.
Lu: In his defense, he IS a little gunshy- pardon the pun- what with Mr. Valentine's infamous exams.
Lu: Yes, Hojo, I'm talking about you.
Scarlet: Vin's ... he's ... he's really not dangerous.
Lu: You just keep pretending you're NOT cute and cuddly.
Scarlet: Well, Hojo is kinda cute.
Lu: Heh
Scarlet: It's the messy hair and the glasses.
Hojo: God forbid I don't like being EATEN. I didn't get into this business to work with ferocious specimen-- cute? Me?
Lu: ::helsp get Veld up to the couch::
Veld: Jus needs more discipline.
Lu: Mm...
Vin: *totally in the room and ignoring*
Lu: Well, maybe we can find a better way to harness all that er...creative energy?
Hojo: Wait, wait, I'm cute?
Hojo: Say that part again.
Scarlet: *looks at Hojo's rear* Yeah, you're cute.
Lu: ::coughchokesnerk:: ^^;;;;;;
Veld: *snuggling into couch* No boys.
Lu: Don't worry.
Lu: We'll be good. ::tucks afgan around his shoulders:: G'night.
Hojo: *makes a mental note to get a copy of the security recording of her saying that*
Veld: zzzzz
Vin: *growls at labcoatted people*
Lu: ::goes to clean up::
Scarlet: *brightly* Thanks!
Lu: ::waves friendily to Vincent::
Lu: No problem ^^
Hojo: *cheerfully cleans up the lab*
Vin: Hello, Lucy. *not so growly*
Lu: ...
Lu: Lucrecia.
Hojo: *totally avoiding Vincent*
Lu: ::slightly forced smile since she knows he calls EVERYONE by stupid nicknames::
Scarlet: He's doing it to piss you off.
Lu: I know.
Scarlet: Its his thing.
Veld: *totally sleeping and will probably yell much later*
Vin: Is not, Letty.
Lu: Well, he can do what he wants.
Scarlet: He always does
Scarlet: *rolls eyes* men.
Lu: Heh
Lu: So I've heard.
Scarlet: Oh, *walks her out* *once outside* Listen, I'll come down with Vin next time, alright? Please don't be scared. Hojo's probably got you thinking hes some sort of monster or something. He's not. Really.
Scarlet: They just hate each other.
Lu: I'm not scared.
Lu: So far all I've witness is his ability to knock people over.
Lu: I think the whole seatbelt thing is a bit much. 9_9
Lu: I'd flip out too if someone did that to me.
Scarlet: *sighs and is happy to be agreed with* Thank you for that.
Lu: Most people have a natural fear of being jabbed. I don't think many doctors understand that. :P
Scarlet: I guess Vin really scared him, I'd say let them fight it out, but I fear the results.
Lu: Um yeah. >>;
Lu: Probably not the best idea.
Lu: Maybe they could arm wrestle. ;}
Scarlet: *snickers* They should play tetris or something.
Scarlet: But I have boys to take care of that need mothering and bunnies in cocoa. Thanks again.
Scarlet: *goes in to see if Veld wants bunny cocoa*
Veld: *is in fact snoring*
Lu: Heh Yes.
Lu: Stick your head in on him every couple of hours, just know...make sure he's still snoring.
Lu: He takes too many sedatives and he really DIDN'T need the IV...
Lu: He'll probably be out the rest of the day, but he should be just fine.
Lu: Later! ::waves::
Lu: ::goes to see what Hojo is doing::
Scarlet: *nods looks worried* *waves back*
Vin: Girly-shit bonding done?
Vin: *has in fact been eating off bunny heads*
Scarlet: *snatches bag* awww you left him the blue ones with the heads... thats so cute.
Vin: .... they were ... I totally didn't do that on purpose.
Scarlet: A huh.
Veld: *mumbles in sleep* Mmm... bunnies...
Lu: ::helps clean up::
Scarlet: Help me get him up?
Vin: Didn't Lucy say to let him sleep?
Scarlet: She seemed worried that he's taken too many sedatives...
Vin: ... what?
Scarlet: ah... nevermind help me shake him or something.
Hojo: Welcome back, Lu... *beat* crecia. Lucrecia.
Lu: ::smiles:: Thank you.
Lu: You...really think that was necesary?
Lu: I mean...he was really good.
Lu: I don't think he really needed the seatbelts.
Lu: opinion and all.
Hojo: Better safe than sorry. *putting things in sterilizer* But if you don't want me here when you do Vincent, it's your funeral.
Lu: 9_9
Lu: I THINK I will be fine.
Hojo: Fair enough then. *will hide behind the screen with the gun and not tell her*
Lu: ::yes, total gun envy/fear or something::
Lu: ::shakes head:: 9_9
Hojo: Arm straps are still required, though.
Lu: Okay.
Lu: He should understand that, since he, you know, came after you and all.
Hojo: And the IV. I want to see if it helps his reaction.
Lu: Own saftey yadda yadda yadda
Lu: If you say so.
Lu: ::can't understand why he's so overkill on this::
Hojo: *is a paranoid little shit* Red should be fine as backup if he tries anything.
Lu: Er...okay...
Hojo: I can finish up here if you want to head out?
Lu: ::shrug:: I don't mind.
Lu: What you're paying me for. ::smiles::
Hojo: *shrugs* Whichever.
Hojo: *gets out gameboy and tries to stop twitching*
Lu: ...
Lu: are you okay?
Hojo: No, I'm paranoid and overreacting.
Lu: I noticed.
Lu: You want some tea or something?
Hojo: I want my valium. It's on the counter over there.
Lu: ...
Lu: maybe i should just hook YOU up to the IV ;P
Lu: ::fetchs valium::
Lu: you ALL need to like...seriously calm down.
Lu: or lower your caffine intake or something.
Lu: ::decides to leave him to his gameboy::
Lu: ::sits at typewriter and prepares to do battle with Paperwork::
Hojo: *takes probably more pills than is safe, dryswallowing* I'd be more calm if people didn't keep attacking me and pulling guns on me.
Lu: <<;
Lu: Well, that's what I'm here for.
Hojo: And do I ever appreciate that. *gameboys like a madman*
Lu: To keep the peace. ::snicker:: All I need is a white hat and a tin star.
Lu: ::snerks::
Hojo: I'll fill out the requisition form tonight.
Lu: My pleasure.
Lu: ::snicker::
Lu: Right.


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