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Veld: Scarlet, I'm going to shoot him.

Veld: *walks over to file cabinet where he keeps his weapons*

Scarlet: You say that too much, it's lost all meaning.

Reeve: *looks up at the machine and takes a look at a punch card*

Random Clerk: *punching away at a card in the computer room*

Random Clerk: Can I help you?

Veld: Yes, but he's REALLY done it this time.

Reeve: Yes, I'm not on payroll so Veld sent me down to get paperwork. What's this?

Reeve: *holding up the punch card* It's got holes all through it.

Random Clerk: Yeah, that's a punch card. That's how you talk to the computer.

Reeve: *blinks at the machine* It _talks_?!

Random Clerk: It doesn't literally talk. It understands.

Reeve: Wow. From these little holes. What would happen if I put a blank one through?

Random Clerk: Computers read binary code, 1 or 0, on or off. Punch cards are a way of feeding that instruction to the computer in a language it understands.

Random Clerk: It would error and I would have to spend my lunch hour fixing it so don't thank you.

Vin: *grabs a blank card, just in case he feels the need*

Reeve: Ones or.. zeroes... wow. That's interesting. Got a book on it, so I can make payroll think I'm getting paid more than I am? *grins*

Random Clerk: *not amused* Just fill out this form and I'll get you all punched in.

Veld: *has a weird gleam in his eyes a couple of handguns as he sits too calmly at his desk*

Vin: *browsing things, buzz is wearing off from drinky time*

Scarlet: Are you alright Veld? *reads report*

Reeve: *accepts the form* Thanks. Oh, shoot. My social security number. I don't.. I need to look this up. Haha. I'll be right back with the completed form. Thanks.

Random Clerk: Sure, sure, whatever.

Reeve: *exits, still with the random card he picked up and shoos Vin out with him* Thanks for grabbing the blank. Give it here.

Vin: *follows, when out of earshot* Alright, so now how much are we going to be making? *hands card over*

Reeve: How much do you get paid?

Veld: *twitches* I'm fine.

Vin: *never pays for anything ANYWAY*

Scarlet: You are not. *gets up and rubs his shoudlers* What's wrong? Vin's acting NORMAL.

Vin: 20 a year. *rolls eyes*

Reeve: *blinks* Shit, really? Alright. I'm gonna make 24. *takes the blank card and looks at the other card for the right sized impressions to make* Hm. Alright.

Veld: Exactly. Gallavanting about. I should be relieved but it just makes me want to strangle him.

Vin: I'd like to make 24, but eh, I suppose everything I do is free.

Scarlet: I don't think, given everything that threatening Vin's a good idea.

Veld: Oh no. I'm just going to sit here and think about it.

Reeve: *punching in the info he needs for it* Need another blank card to put in a raise for you. Besides, you'll just steal my credit card info anyway.

Veld: Just until my blood pressure goes down.

Vin: If I tell you those numbers again, how about you buy me a beer? I'm starting to get sober.

Voice: Gods... its amazing you HAVE a brain. I'm still sluggish... asshole.

Reeve: *finishes up and fills out the payroll form for a new employee named Henry J Garvin III* I need to be paid before I can pay for shit.

Reeve: Okay. Let's turn these fuckers in.

Vin: *smirks* No prob. *Goes with him*

Reeve: *heads back to accounting room, hands in the paperwork and, sheepishly the new punchcard, having thrown the random one, hopefully not Veld's, away*

Scarlet: *sighs* What do we have to do tonight? Take down a ganglord? stop an assassination attempt?

Reeve: Sorry, forgot I was lookin' at this..

Random Clerk: *sighs* TRY not to touch anything else important, okay?

Veld: Night off. You're free to go get drunk off your asses. *sighs* Just show up to work on time tomorrow.

Scarlet: Come with us! You know you need some time off too

Reeve: Sorry, sorry. Thanks for your trouble. *leaves*

Voice: How about you touch him one in the throat? Nice and clawlike.

PostLuxTenebras: ((It was the requisition for Mohira's gloves. XD))

Vin: Where we goin? *ignoring voices*

Litheba: ((ZOMG XD she's gonna KEEEL))

Veld: *puts guns away, calmer* No.

Reeve: Hm. Fuck if I know. Don't wanna go see Veld incase he assigns work.

Voice: Let's go hunting. I want blood.

Hojo: *knocks on door of Veld's office*

Scarlet: No work tonight! Let's go out! *to Vin and Reeve*

Hojo: Scarlet? You up here?

Scarlet: You ready for me?

Hojo: *grumbles something about herding cats and turks* Yeah.

Scarlet: *shrugs and goes* See ya boys in a bit!

Hojo: You in a hurry?

Scarlet: Hell yes, no work tonight.

Hojo: You seem to respond pretty quick, so I'll rush the dosage for you if you like. How much damage can it do, right?

Veld: *slacker senses tingling*

PostLuxTenebras: ((bad scientist, no cookie.))

Scarlet: *frowns* No no, just follow procedure

Vin: *has urge to rip Hojo's throat out and feed it to him*

Vin: *this is totally Vin' own urge, not a voice's*

Reeve: *can hear this conversation I guess, and grimaces at the thought of needles* Want company, Scar?

Hojo: *shrugs* Sure thing. *points to table* Shirt off, and strapping everyone down is procedure now, hope you don't mind.

Veld: Valentine? Can you come in here for a minute?

Vin: *looks at watch* Almost lunch time. *goes in office*

Scarlet: *does as asked* You need to strap me down? That's a little silly don't you think?

Reeve: *peers in after Vin to see what's up*

Veld: *folds hands on desk* Are you less drunk now?

Hojo: Not after Vincent went for my throat, thanks. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Vin: Less, yeah, I'm pretty sober now.

Voice: Show him how good your reflexes are. It'll be fun.

Hojo: *preps needles*

Scarlet: If you say so.

Veld: Then you can type up your mission report without those charming emoticons they seem to have when you're loopy?

Vin: I gave it to you! All dead.

Voice: Not all, but they COULD be.

Veld: *glares*

Hojo: *straps her in rather loosely*

Voice: Oh, let's make them all dead.

Hojo: *only perving on this a little tiny bit*

Scarlet: *will be coming onto hojo like a drunk prom date in t-minus 4 ...*

Hojo: *swabs her* You ready to go?

Vin: *sits down and types up VEEEERYYY short report*

Scarlet: *blushes* Ah,..yeah.

Veld: Well, I suppose you know that you have the night off. Please be sure not to party too hard.

Vin: SWeet! Let's go to corny's

Hojo: *inserts needle, injects, begins counting*

Veld: WITHOUT my credit card number.

Vin: I have Hojo's tonight.

Veld: *smirks* Branching out into new departments I see.

Scarlet: *blushes more*

Hojo: How's that feel, Red?

Veld: Good job not getting the rookie killed. Now go do something useful.

Veld: *waves him off*

Scarlet: Feels.... really good.

Vin: Come with us, Velly.

Hojo: Well, that's a first.

Scarlet: *low laugh*

Veld: I have a nice QUIET and stress free night of sleep planned.

Reeve: *from doorway* Yeah. Bond with us.

Hojo: *counts off the last couple of seconds* Time for another go. *injects*

Veld: Nothing short of kidnapping would keep me away from that.

Reeve: Vin, where do we keep handcuffs?

Veld: I will shoot you.

Veld: So don't try it.

Reeve: That sounds like a challenge.

Vin: *pulls fuzzy ones from his desk*

Veld: *narrows eyes* I'm your superior.

Hojo: Let me just check your vitals and you'll be off in no time. *leans over her with stethoscope* Deep breath.

Vin: *they are purple*

Veld: o.O Fuzzy?

Reeve: Sorry. That sounds like a challenge, _sir_.

Veld: Oh gods, there are two of them now.

Scarlet: Mmmm that tickles.

Veld: Besides, I have to pick up Scarlet in a few.

Reeve: I suggest you come along quietly, sir. We'll all go to pick her up together.

Veld: *glances at clock* It's not even lunchtime! Did you not get the memo?

Hojo: Hmm. Heightened sensory reactions. *moves stethoscope* Another deep breath.

Reeve: Er, no. I didn't. That was before I was hired, sir.

Vin: We should all go down now, hoesntly.

Vin: Let's go to a firing range.

Scarlet: *Wiggles* Why don't you let me up?

Hojo: Sure, you seem to be doing well today. *unstraps* Anything unusual besides the sensitivity?

Veld: No. You didn't spellcheck your report.

Veld: And Reeve has yet to write his.

Reeve: I don't have a typewriter, Boss.


Reeve: Volume, Boss.

Veld: Sorry. Blood pressure.

Reeve: Qutie alright. A night on the town will be very relaxing. Good for the heart and all.

Scarlet: *grabs his hand* Why don't you check... I feel like I'm missing something....

Reeve: This is an order, sir. Quit early and come out with us. Or we'll have to use force.

Veld: Clearly you've never been to "Corny's".

Voice: The rookie's crazier than you, Vin.

Veld: There is a very glittery man there that is far too friendly to be legal.

Reeve: He'll be Vin's date. Don't make me ask again.

Hojo: Missing something? Where?

Vin: Reeve was hitting on me, I feel scared to get drunk with him

Veld: *actually cracks up at that* Yes, you'd make such a CUTE couple too!

Reeve: . . . . .

Vin: ... yeah, he NEEDS laid

Veld: Reeve? Why would he need laid?

Veld: *blinks*

Vin: I'll carry you Velly, I've done it before.

Reeve: Yeah, why do I need laid? *blink*

Reeve: I mean, yeah, I need laid, but..

Veld: Oh no you will not.

Veld: *glances at clock again* Scarlet should be done soon anyway, I'll start heading down there.

Vin: Oh yes I will

Reeve: Don't make me do something that will compromise my job, Boss. You're coming with us.

Scarlet: *Leans in* How about you check closer...

Veld: *ignores*

Veld: Now stop blocking my doorway.

Hojo: *leans VERY close, stethoscope on her chest*

Vin: *grabs Vel's arms* Get his legs...

Reeve: *does so*

Vin: *walks out*

Reeve: *goes with* Lock him in the car first then get Scar or...?


carlet: *Pins Hojo against table* Yeah... like this...

Reeve: Volume, Boss.

Hojo: *blinks* O...kay...

Veld: No! Get Scarlet first!

Veld: I will NOT be locked in your damn car!

Scarlet: You aren't...seein... *shakes head* Oh gods what the fuck?

PostLuxTenebras: ((Hojo: No! No! Ten more minutes with Scarlet!))

Litheba: ((hehehehehe))

Reeve: Sounds like car to me, Vin. But I'll go with your call.

Hojo: You okay, Red?

Veld: I'll cut BOTH your payrolls!

Reeve: Hah.

Scarlet: I... *clears throat* I think that I need a full check up... *smirks*

Veld: You don't even HAVE a payroll, Reeve!

Hojo: If you.... ah... insist, then I suppose....

Vin: Go get Lety, I've got Velly.

Hojo: *not sure if this is more or less likely to get him killed than Vincent's bloodlust*

Scarlet: I've got this ...itch, really needs attention.

Reeve: Right. *ignoring Veld, smirking*heads down to the labs although does take the stairs*

Veld: *legs are free and tries to kick Vin*

Hojo: Ohhh, that sort of itch. Well, you go ahead and... do whatever you think is necessary... since you're holding me down and all...

Vin: *is unmovable* Easy, now Velly.

Reeve: *lets himself in* Yo, Scar ready to g.. .... .... Hm.

Veld: I hate that nickname.

Scarlet: *jumps* What the... oh oh gods, I'm so sorry!

Vin: What can I call you then, Velly?

Voice: Dead... lets run him over!

Hojo: It's, um, it's alright. *sits up and straightens glasses*

Veld: Veld. Or Sir. Or even Mr. Dragoon are nice. You know... REAL NAMES?!

Scarlet: *is totally blushing*

Vin: Velly-poo?

Voice: Or sledgehammer!

Reeve: ... I'm not going to offer to give you guys a few more minutes if you need it. Scar, come.

Veld: Do you want me to shoot you? Really.

Reeve: Hojo... you're lucky I'm not Vin. Fuck.

Vin: Awww, Velly-sama...

Scarlet: *hurries out*

Hojo: *grumbles* Wow, newbie's giving orders and bossing around like a big shot already.

Hojo: Fucking Turks.

Veld: Your misuse of the Wutain honorifics makes my ass twitch.

Reeve: ....*blocking from mind that Scarlet had Hojo held down and not vice versa* Excuse me?

Hojo: I said "FUCKING TURKS!"

Scarlet: *pinches nose*

Hojo: *wee bit suicidal today*

Vin: I could call you....

Voice: DEAD, kill him.

Vin: *shakes head*

Reeve: *pulls his gun*is unfortunately ballsy!Reeve* You little fuck..

Voice: He's unarmed and helpless right now...

Scarlet: *grabs Reeve's gun* RICHARD!

Hojo: You're just jealous she was on top of me and not you, you little shit.

Hojo: It's just a hormonal reaction. Christ. It's not like she likes me or anything.

Reeve: *blinks at Scarlet* The hell, Scar? Did you hear what he s... I am not jealous of you, good sir.

Reeve: I am irritated, pissed off, annoyed, angry with and somewhat wanting to hurt. But not jealous.

Hojo: Do you always call people "good sir" immediately after threatening their life? Or am I special?

Scarlet: *Has Reeve's gun* NEVER pull a weapon. Understood, not unless you are supposed to. *not playing games* NOW we are going to go DRINK this away and if you tell Veld or Vincent *I* will kill you.

Scarlet: LEAVE him alone, Hojo.

Scarlet: Its the shots, Reeve. The shots.

Hojo: *rolls eyes* You're the ones who are still in the lab.

Vin: Do you have any of those pills from Letty.

Hojo: I have paperwork to do. Go.

Veld: ....why?

Scarlet: *lowly* Let us fix that then, doctor. *storms out*

Vin: My head feels funny.

Reeve: *growls* Fucking shots. *kicks a lab table before leaving*hurries to catch up to Scarlet* Scar, wait.

Veld: You sort of have my arms right now.

Vin: Didn't answer me...

Scarlet: *Is REALLY blushing like woah*

Scarlet: *isn't looking* Yes?

Veld: Yes. Let me go so I can pull some out for you.

Reeve: *grabs her arm* Scar... are you okay? Jesus.

Vin: no, you tell me what pocket.

Hojo: Fucking god damn motherreaming Turks... *rambles off into Wutaian*

Veld: There is NO WAY you're getting in MY pockets!

Veld: *is REALLY touchy about that*

Scarlet: Its... its just the shots... they a... they make me feel *blushes* I'm not like that, really

Reeve: *will still invite Hojo to DnD*

Hojo: *will play a chaotic neutral bard-assassin who tries to kill Reeve's character*

Vin: *manages to do that Midgar PD car pin and goes through Velly's pockets*

Reeve: I hate these shots, Scar. They're not right. At least nothing weird happened to me.


Hojo: *makes note on Reeve's dosage sheet*

Scarlet: Nothing strange outright happens. *shrug* Veld's memory JUST now got bad. and Vinnys always been... different, but. Not like this.

Vin: *locates pills*

Voice: KILL HIM! He hates you. Ask him.

Reeve: But dammit, you. You're so.. fuck. Let's just go.

Scarlet: So what?

Reeve: *long pause* You're such a nice girl.

Veld: *growls at him* Why don't you ever LISTEN?!

Vin: Because you never ASK. You don't even like me, why do I care if I listen?

Reeve: Come on. We've kidnapped the boss.


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