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Veld: *muttering under breath* Kill. Maim. Destroy.

Scarlet: Maybe we should go find them? I mean... if you're this worried.

Veld: Worried?! No no no... pissed off?! Yes...

Scarlet: We would have heard by now if they died you know.

Reeve: *is of course, coming in with Vincent in Vincent's too-big-for-Reeve clothes and very much hungover*sleeping in Vin's car at the moment, in fact*

Veld: Good. Then I get to kill them.

Scarlet: *knows that pissed off = worried in Veld speak*

Scarlet: Well, maybe we should swing by the hotel?

Scarlet: Make sure the job got done?

Veld: And walk in on the MASSIVE orgy that Valentine probably has already conjured?

Veld: *rubs forehead* DAMMIT HEADACHE!

Scarlet: I mean make sure that the target was taken care of sir? *hands him pills* Of course, your OBVIOUSLY not worried about that are you?

Veld: No, the job got done. It had to have. *pops pills* They just were out partying.

Veld: They're gonna waltz in, probably still drunk, and in women's clothing.

Scarlet: *snickers* Vin called me, said that Reeve got sick, first time.

Scarlet: Remember your first time?


Veld: *blinks* You know, I actually don't... come to think of it...

Scarlet: *lights her cigarette* You said you weren't worried about them.

Veld: No, now I KNOW for sure they must have gotten drunk and cause MAYHEM ALL OVER THE CITY!

Scarlet: *snickers*

Vin: *is an amazingly good drunk driver*

Veld: *shakes finger* Don't you laugh at me, missy.

Reeve: *had not had the pleasure of noticing*

Veld: I'm the professional here. Damn kids.

Scarlet: Cause Vin's only 18?

Veld: Reeve's 21 too. I AM the old man. *rubs forehead again*

Vin: *walks into elevator, still drinking a beer* See, this is the trick, don't STOP drinkin and ya don't get hungover.

Scarlet: *Shrugs* You don't look old, I bet you can go for hours... *puts hand over her mouth* Oh god.

Reeve: *winces* Head.. hurts too much to be annoyed at you.. *rubbing forehead*

Veld: *blinks* I'll pretend I didn't hear that either.

Vin: *pushes button* You ain't gonna ralph again are ya?

Scarlet: I didn't say anything, I don't know what you are talking about.

Veld: That's my girl.

Veld: *sighs and sits down* Now we just wait for the disaster twins to stumble in.

Reeve: *when ballsy!Reeve, can handle elevators! Can handle anything! Except for some reason, vegetarian* Fuck no. Fine.

Scarlet: Vinny NEEDS a friend.

Reeve: *grumbles angrily about the elevator music and how fucking LOUD it is*

Veld: And a good slap upside the head.

Vin: Good cause I don't got a cup *swings his beer*

Scarlet: Did he talk to you yesterday? Speaking of his head?

Veld: *sideglances* Do you really honestly want to know?

Scarlet: Of course I do! I'm worried sick about him.

Reeve: *steps out of elevator when it stops and looks around* Are there water fountains in this building?

Veld: You're not going to think of him differently?

Vin: *nods* Yeah down here. *leads* I have ta piss anyway...

Scarlet: Why would I?

Veld: *sighs* I just have to make sure. I can't have people being afraid of each other.

Scarlet: He's VIN, what do I have to be afraid of?

Reeve: *drinks from water fountain the whole time Vin's in the restroom*

Veld: *pulls up report that he typed while talking to him on comp* Just read.

Reeve: Raw egg's supposed to be good for hangovers... got an egg?

Veld: *swivels chair around and rubs temples*

Vin: *picks his beer up from off the floor and frowns* It's almost 11, we can go get some lunch in an hour, alright? Letty's got these pills that are like magic-hangover-be-gones. They even make Velly happy.

Reeve: Good. Let's find Scar then.

Vin: She hates that nickname worse than Letty. It goes in order, Red, Scar and the Letty. Hojo calls her Red to piss her off.

Vin: *strolls in with Reeve* Eh, we have one office. Mornin!

Veld: *is not facing door* Are they drunk?

Vin: I am.

Reeve: *with Vin of course* He is. I'm distressingly sober.

Vin: *tosses empty beer bottle* Against my better council, Reeve's sober.

Reeve: Should listen to the man more often.

Veld: Oh good. It'll be easier to strangle ONE of you. *swivels around*

Vin: *is already prepaired to toss Veld and run*

Veld: Valentine, what did I tell you about coming to work on time?

Veld: And where is your mission report from last night?


Vin: Oh that. Yeah, all dead.

Reeve: *not even in a spare uniform, just in random Vin clothes*

Reeve: OH GOD. *winces* Watch the volume.

Vin: He didn't have any of his own. *as if it makes TOTAL sense*

Scarlet: *walks over and hands Reeve a cup of coffee and a all natural pill* Here, Richard.

Veld: *stands up* You take a rookie out on a mission and then PROCEED TO GET DRUNK!

PostLuxTenebras: (("all dead" is the best mission summary ever.))

Vin: We were sober during the mission, geeze, lighten up.

Reeve: *accepts, still flinching at the godawful headache that Veld is making oh so worse* Thanks, Scar. *takes*

Scarlet: *frowns* I hate that nickname.

Vin: He had a rough night, alright?

Veld: *rubs forehead* And you DIDN'T REPORT BACK AFTERWARDS!

Vin: I called Letty. It was late you sleep when its not business hours.

Reeve: *nods* So I hear. Scarlet's too ma *nearly drops coffee at Veld's screaming* ..... too many syllables.

Scarlet: Vin, you should have called him, you know how he worries. *to Reeve* Then Letty will work.

Veld: *points finger* Job related calling is alright. Calling while drunk at a PARTY IS NOT OK!

Vin: But we wanted you to come play with us.

Reeve: ...still two syllables AND. *spins to face Veld* We did not go to a party.


Reeve: If there was a party last night I want to know why the hell I was not invited.

Vin: Yeah, Reeve wasn't walking very far

Vin: I know I'm always invited and I sureashell didn't go to one.

Reeve: *moans in agony at the headache* Ohpleaseworkfastpill..

Scarlet: *lowly* Earplugs this is an every morning thing.

Vin: *flops on desk* Guys dead, stuff done, I'm drunk and when's lunch?

Veld: *suddenly notices that Reeve can speak* You're not going to follow his EXAMPLE are you?!


Reeve: *makes a mental note* You told me I could learn from him, Boss.

Vin: *yawns and itches at crotch* I thought I made a wonderful example. We even went to the range.


Vin: *sits up* CAn we go shoot things? Or how about teach him demolition?


Vin:No Carosing. Just boozing

Veld: *holds up a hand* No no. You're staying here, at a DESK, ALL DAY!

Reeve: I'm going to request that you lower your voice, Boss.

Scarlet can take him to the range as she CAME INTO WORK ON TIME!

Vin: *sticks his tongue out* I need to update my scores cause you wouldn't let me LAST month.

Reeve: Boss, can I get paid?

Vin: *totally pulled this LAST month and it worked, same with the month before*

Veld: Paid?*blinks* Oh, money.Um...*looks at Vin* *looks at Reeve* You can... share this month?

Reeve: Then why do we have to put in a full day? Sounds like we're only being paid for half a day's work anyway.

PostLuxTenebras: ((them having no money for Reeve has got to be the longest-running offhanded joke I ever made. I'm so proud.))

Vin: I LIKE this man.

Reeve: And it also sounds like we gotta be only semi-professional.

Veld: *narrows eyes* Or you can not get paid at all.

Vin: An anyway, Velly, Reeve had a rough night. Cut him some slack.

Veld: Ok, then he can have ALL your pay this month.

Reeve: Nah. I like the half-day thing.

Veld: Consider you're NEVER professional, and NEVER show up to work on time.

Vin: *pouts* I ALWAYS do my job, Velly, and I was EARLY yesterday.

Veld: *pulls out a five gil note* Here then. Paperwork. Now.

Vin: *blinks at money* huh?

Reeve: ....so I am getting Vin's salary?

Veld: This week's pay. *deadpan*

Vin: I'll kill him if I have to, but I'm getting my paycheck, Velly.

Veld: Oh no. No killing the new guy. I'd have to kill you and then we'd be short two Turks. *deadpan*

Vin: *suddenly serious* I wouldn't let you do that, Veld

Reeve: Hey, is payroll handled electronically? Or by little men in a little room?

Veld: I believe it's electronic...

VIn: ACTUALLY. You know what?

Vin: Fine, I'll split my pay with Reeve

Vin: Reeve? You and me, need ta talk.

Veld: *thinks that was too easy*

Reeve: We should get the paperwork together, and everyhing for that Vin, so yes, let's talk.

Vin: Oh, and you changed your credit card number again, Velly. *gets up* Let's go get payroll sorted out then, Reeve?

Veld: I'm sending my credit card bill to you!

Reeve: Sure. Just show me where to turn the forms in. *smilesmile*

Vinny: Can't prove it, I forge your handwriting and if you didn't write your space on that card in your wallet you'd forget where you parked.

Vin: *leads Reeve to the computer room*


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