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[The SOLDIERs are sitting in their lounge, waiting for their boss.]

Heidegger: You lazy bastards all here?
Hilda: Dear Heideggar!
Hilda: *beaming*
Mohira: *jerks* Heidegger. Long time no see.
Heidegger: *resists the temptation to flinch*
Hilda: *puts down Yukio, whom she was throttling*
Yukio: I didn't do it! I swear!
Heidegger: What didn't you do?
Yukio: I didn't set Hilda's hair on fire! HONESTLY!
Hilda: *pats him on the head* You silly child, Little Yukio.
Heidegger: If you're going to set someone on fire, pick a damn Turk.
Yukio: Really? Which one?
Hilda: We setting Turkeys hair on fire?
Heidegger: The one least likely to kick your ass for it.
Mohira: Ooooh, can I light up Valentine?
Mohira: He keeps hitting on me.
Heidegger: Go ahead. I hear he bites, though.
Hilda: Ass! *thinks he called her "Dear")
Yukio: Dude, you'd die. He's *does head circle thingy* craaaazy.
Mohira: He CAN'T be worse than Hilly.
Heidegger: *double-takes at Hilda*
Yukio: *shrugs shoulders* Suit yourself.
Hilda: *mumbling* Oh, Dear Heideggar, fine specimen of manliness... *inaudibly*
Heidegger: Anyway, I've got some fresh meat for you guys today.
Yukio: Please tell me it's not another shemale!
Heidegger: You know the rules, no broken bones until after her first round of shots.
Imelda: *perks into the room* Hi-- *suddenly very intimidated*
Yukio: So if it's a flesh wound...
Heidegger: Flesh wounds are fine.
Yukio: Maaan! ANOTHER shemale!
Imelda: What?
Hilda: *cracks knuckles* Another one for being children! *hugs Imelda*
Hilda: *almost breaking ribs in the process*
Imelda: I'm not male at all-- *is hugged* Er, hi.
Yukio: I'm joining the Turks. They have HOT chicks.
Hilda: *puts her down*
Hilda: *pats her head*
Yukio: *pouts for his hormones*
Hilda: You joining the Turkeys and leaving me, Little Yukio!?
Yukio: JOKING!
Imelda: *feels really short*
Hilda: After we get new person in team SOLDIER? You leave Hilda after THAT!?
Yukio: No, I stay RIGHT HERE. I sneak into Turk bedrooms at night! NO LEAVING! *fears for his little body*
Hilda: *frowns a little* Why little Yukio sneaking into Turkey bedrooms at night?
Yukio: For games! *smiles innocently*
Imelda: Turkey games? What?
Yukio: *makes shush symbol* Yes. Games.
Hilda: *laughs very loudly* Oh, little Yukio. You always play jokes on Turkeys!
Mohira: *debating how to burn Vin without getting maimed*
Hilda: Dear Heideggar, where you get this wonderful child for team SOLDIER? *pats Imelda again*
Yukio: *smiles like he's the good kid*
Hilda: *is so happy with more people to mother*
Heidegger: She signed up willingly. She wants to help people. *profoundly amused*
Yukio: *bursts out laughing*
Imelda: Um. Is that bad?
Mohira: *raises one eyebrow* Helping people? In SOLDIER? *snerk*
Hilda: That is like me! *slaps her across the back in friendly, rib-breaking manner*
Yukio: You carry a lot of cash on you?
Imelda: *knocked forward*
Mohira: *smacks Yukio* Don't touch the newbie, Yucky. Or PonPon Chocobo-chan gets it.
Mohira: Wouldn't I?
Imelda: It's okay, I don't have a lot of cash to carry.
Mohira: Good. Don't.
Hilda: You help Hilda keep track of little Yukio? You help us win war? You sign up like volunteer?
Imelda: Yeah! Well, I didn't sign up with Yukio in mind, but the other stuff!
Yukio: Heheheh... they all come into my ninja web....
Mohira: Web my ass.
Hilda: *frowns at Mohira* That word...used right?
Yukio: No, I tend to stay away from that. Probably has teeth.
Hilda: Would be "Web my dear?"
Mohira: You wish you knew.
Imelda: *looking at Yukio intently* Hey, I think I'm taller than you. Finally! *grins*
Hilda: *staring at them all in confusion*
Mohira: *is 5'9" and doesn't care about this at all*
Yukio: *jumps up and tries to be taller*
Imelda: *stands on tiptoe next to Yukio* Yep, definitely taller. Hee. My brothers are all really tall.
Hilda: *has lost track of the conversation*
Mohira: *picking at her fingernails*
Yukio: *cursing at her in Wutain*
Hilda: *picks them both up* Why you yelling at her, little Yukio?
Hilda: You shush now.
Yukio: Well....I can... I CAN STILL KILL YOU WITH A FORK!
Mohira: *laughs*
Hilda: *turns to Imelda for her response*
Yukio: In your sleep. Or watching TV.
Imelda: My brothers could so beat you up.
Hilda: *sets them down, whispers* You children be good. Dear Heideggar is watching!
Yukio: Heh, you've obviously never met a GENUINE Wutain ninja.
Heidegger: Okay, brats, I got a mission for you too. *drops folder on the table*
Mohira: *sighs* Okay, this is starting to annoy ME. *stands up and walks up to the short people*
Imelda: *big shiny eyes* a REAL ninja?
Yukio: Ooo! Do I get more sharp objects this time!
Hilda: *looks up, hearts in her eyes* A fine specimen! *mumbled*
Mohira: *stares at folder* Mission? Like...breaking stuff?
Heidegger: Yes, breaking lots of stuff.
Mohira: YES!
Yukio: Whoo!
Hilda: *grins* We go war, children!
Hilda: Maybe machine gun, Dear Heideggar?
Mohira: *glances at Imelda* Hey, is Melly coming?
Yukio: O.O
Heidegger: Maybe gatling guns, if we're lucky.
Yukio: Hilda and a machine gun again... *shudders*
Hilda: *loves him even MORE*
Heidegger: *looks at Imelda* Should be a pretty easy job. You want to?
Mohira: Can I just have some brass knuckles this time? It's so much more fun hand to hand...
Imelda: Ummm. Um. Okay?
Yukio: Blah blah blah Momo...
Hilda: *pats her on the shoulder, really too hard* Hilda will watch out for Little Imelda!
Heidegger: There's some bitches calling themselves "Avalanche" blowing up shit in Kalm. Some anarchy thing. We're gonna go make sure they're too busy shitting themselve to blow anything up.
Imelda: *winces, smiles* Er, thanks.
Mohira: Avalanche, huh? Sounds fun. We can bring it down on them.
Yukio: They have good loot?
Heidegger: Dunno. Intelligence is spotty, as usual, lazy bastards. But the pres won't care if we keep what we find.
Mohira: Even if we find it in their pockets?
Hilda: *doesn't really get all of that, but nods anyway*
Yukio: I like the sound of THAT!
Yukio: *dances around*
Heidegger: Especially if you break their arms to get to their pockets.
Mohira: All righ! Arm breaking!
Yukio: You break, I loot. You get 16%. Sound fair?
Heidegger: Alright, then. Everybody down to the armory.
Mohira: 25%.
Yukio: 20%
Hilda: Machine gun!?
Mohira: Deal.
Yukio: Oh dear Shiva, the machine gun again.
Heidegger: Yes, Hilda, machine gun.
Hilda: *SMILES*
Mohira: Hey, did you order those gloves I asked for last week?
Hilda: *loves Heideggar even more*
Yukio: *is already bounding towards armory, as he's a fast little shit*
Heidegger: I put the request in, but Jonas is sitting on his damn ass about it.
Imelda: *tagging along behind everyone*
Mohira: Dammit, I REALLY want those gloves.
Hilda: *goes into armory behind Yukio* *clasps hands together* Like the old country! *looking at weapons*
Heidegger: Why don't you go explain to him youself why you need them? You know, with visual aids?
Yukio: *finds the sharp pointies*
Mohira: *smirks* And physical aids too, I think.
Heidegger: *hands Hilda a gatling gun* These are usually for two men. Think you can handle it yourself?
Mohira: *pops knuckles*
Hilda: *smiling*
Mohira: *goes to find a decent set of gloves and really light armor*
Hilda: Hilda and machine gun are like married couple!
Heidegger: I thought so, big girl.
Hilda: *blushes*
Imelda: Suggestions, anybody? They're all so... shiny...
Yukio: *bouncing around with many sharp objects*
Maohira: *pulling on elbow and kneepads* Anything you can carry, Melly, you can use,
Hilda: Little Yukio! You fall, you get cut, you going to go be a Turkey, understand Hilda!?
Hilda: *putting machine gun in a case to carry*
Imelda: *nods and starts hefting and drying out different guns*
Mohira: *tests armor and gloves by jumping up and down a little*
Yukio: Oh, right. I'LL cut myself. *mutters something in Wutain*
Hilda: You don't talk back to Hilda, Little Yukio. You shush.
Imelda: *settles on lightweight semiautomatic* So are these easier or harder to use than the stripped ones they sell on the street?
Mohira: About the same, to me. A bit easier sine the injections, though. Toss me that rifle, would you?
Yukio: Guns are so barbaric.
Imelda: *tosses rifle awkwardly*
Mohira: I like skin on kin myself, but we're all required to carry one firearm. *catches rifle without looking*
Hilda: *blinks at Yukio* You are right. We would never have such things in the old country.
Yukio: o.O Riiight. *has a tiny little pistol*
Hilda: *sighs and mumbles to herself*
Heidegger: *carrying like four large guns because he really, really likes large guns*
Mohira: *puts rifle in sheath on her back*
Hilda: *picks up case with gatling gun, has two handguns at her waist and a sniper rifle across her back* Children, WE GO!
Yukio: *and just about every small knife sword tanto combination you can think of*
Imelda: Yay?
Yukio: WE GO!
Yukio: *bounces*
Mohira: Oh YEAH!
Hilda: *looks at Imelda* You need more gun. *points at rack* Get one.
Hilda: Need more than one, to be safe. *nods to herself*
Imelda: Okay. *picks one that's a little too heavy for her*
Yukio: Ya, I mean, look at how many crazy has.
Hilda: No, you little Imelda. Not so big.
Hilda: *picks out another and shoves it at her*
Hilda: This one better! Make friends, and WE GO!
Imelda: *drops the first and grabs the one being shoved at her* Okay!
Hilda: *marches out*
Yukio: *mutters something in Wutain and oddly enough makes the sign of the cross*
Hilda: *pokes head back in* CHILDREN YOU FOLLOW!
Mohira: *bound out after Hilly*
Imelda: *follows*
Yukio: *runs past Mohira*
Yukio: I'm faster than you are!
Imelda: *lagging behind*
Hilda: *goes up to the heliport*
Hilda: Dear Heideggar coming with us to the war?
Mohira: *yelling after him* I don't care~!
Everyone: *out on the roof of Shinra building*
Yukio: *singing* Flying! In the skyyy! Getting loooot from bad hiiiipies!
Heidegger: Of course I'm coming.
Yukio: *singing* Heidy! Has smelly feeet! But that's ok! We get loooot!
Heidegger: Shut up or I'll shoot you.
Hilda: *nods* *is happy, feels that she's the mom and he's the dad of SOLDIER, even though it's so not true*
Yukio: You'd have to be able to aim at me first. *smiles*
Hilda: *claps hands* Everyone! GET IN HELICOPTER!
Heidegger: Don't tempt me. *climbing in*
Yukio: Heh. *flips in like a showoff, cause he is*
Hilda: *sits by Heideggar*
Imelda: *climbs awkwardly in, nearly losing her balance* Whoa.
Mohira: *shoves Melly in* Hurry up, kid.
Imelda: *is shoved, finds a seat*
Mohira: *sits down very unladylike*
Yukio: *bounces in seat*

To be continued....


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