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[Iffy's just walked in and looks overwhelmed. Three SOLDIERS are hanging around looking bored, most likely waiting on shots for later.]
Iffy: Er...not the labs then?
Mohira: *looks up from magazine* Huh?
Iffy: Uh...
Yukio: *in the process of picking Mohira's pocket*
Iffy: Can someone point me towards the Science Department?
Yukio: Why'd ya wanna go there?
Mohira: *smacks Yuki out of habit rather than knowledge of what he's doing*
Hilda: Oh, my dear. You are lost?
Iffy: *nods*
Hilda: Hilda will help you find the way!
Iffy: I'm one of the new interns
Iffy: Oh, thanks!
Mohira: Watch out, Hilly's on the loose again...
Yukio: *bounces around*
Iffy: ...*blink*
Mohira: *smacks Yukio again* Here, I'll show you the way.
Hilda: You and you. *points at other two* You will help us find this Science Department.
Mohira: Hilly'll end up taking you home and making you pie.
Hilda: And you will follow Hilda. *points at Iffy*
Iffy: Um. OK.
Hilda: *walks off*
Yukio: She cavemom. We SOLDIERS.
Iffy: *blink* Soldiers?
Mohira: *sighs and places a hand on Iffy's shoulder* Ignore Hilly. SHe's a little...weird. And yes, SOLDIERs.
Yukio: What? Do I look too SHORT?!
Hilda: *turns at door* YOU FOLLOWING!?
Yukio: Yes crazy!
Iffy: Yes'm!
Mohira: *smacks Yukio again* Quiet down or she'll go into assistance mode on YOU.
Yukio: *shudders* Not again.
Hilda: Little one not open mouth so much. *motherly slaps him upside the head*
Mohira: We're comin', Hilly.
Yukio: Stop SLAPPING me!
Iffy: *takes a peek round the room*
Yukio: I'm a ninja!
Hilda: Now where was everybody going? *ignoring little ninja*
Mohira: You're a THEIF.
Yukio: Only sometimes. *smiles*
Iffy: Ninja? Really!?
Mohira: He's a theif--he stole my hair dye again. Not a ninja.
Iffy: Damn.
Hilda: Our little Yukio is so good at being ninja. *nods* We are proud.
Iffy: More proff for my theory though.
Hilda: *gives him a big hug*
Yukio: *looks Iffy over* You'd look with blue hair. Want some dye?
Hilda: *puts him down again*
Iffy: ...blue hair?
Mohira: *looks at Iffy* Nah, I'd give her fire-orange myself. Or purple.
Yukio: Show your love with gifts. Not hugs. Nice pointy object gifts.
Iffy: ...I think I'll stick with brown thanks.
Mohira: *thinks* Hey, I might still have some purple...
Hilda: No, definitely not. She have beautiful hair, all on her own.
Iffy: . (You guys are strange.)
Mohira: We're SOLDIERs, what were you expecting?
Iffy: I 'unno. Clones?
Iffy: I heard you guys were some top-secret project.
Hilda: *blinks* *blinks* *LAUGHS REALLY LOUD*
Yukio: *coughs and sputters* CLONES?!
Mohira: *laughs, slaps Iffy's back a little too hard* Yeah, Clones! Of who, exactly?
Hilda: *slaps her across the back in mirth* You VERY FUNNY!
Yukio: I must be a Hojo clone! I LOOK WUTAIN OH NOES!
Iffy: (ow!)
Yukio: *dances around stupidly*
Iffy: *gives them all a weird look*
Hilda: *blinks at him* Yukio! Stop being like monkey!
Mohira: And that alone is reason enough for me to smack you again.
Iffy: Ye-ah. I'll just go ask someone with less crazy.
*begins to back out of room*
Hilda: No, no, we help you.
Mohira: *turns* No! No! It's okay, we'll calm down.
Hilda: You act like monkey, little one.
Iffy: *looks at watch*
Mohira: *grabs yukio by his shirt collar* She's right for once.
Yukio: You wanna lose ALL the Gil in your wallet?
Iffy: Oh CHEESE...I'm gonna SO get fired on my first DAY...
iffy: *looks edgy*
Mohira: Stupid, I don't even HAVE a wallet.
Hilda: Come, come. We walk. *claps hands*
Yukio: Right. I knew that.
Yukio: Follow crazy. And put me down.
Hilda: WE WALK!
Mohira: *lets him go and turns to follow Hilda* Yeah whatever Yuk.
Hilda: *leads them like a parade*
Yukio: *bounces after Hilda*
Mohira: *to Iffy* What did you say your name was?
Iffy: I didn't.
Iffy: Ifalna.
Mohira: That explains the lapse in memory then.
Yukio: *singing* To the basement! The creepy creepy basement!
Mohira: *smiles* Ifalna. Pretty. I'm Mohira Aythali.
Yukio: *singing* Where they chop you into FISH BITES!
Iffy: O.o
Iffy: Er...
Yukio: *singing* And shoot you up with NEEDLES!
Mohira: Yuk likes sushi a bit too much is all.
Iffy: ...
Hilda: That is HORRID SONG!
Hilda: *smacks him*
Mohira: SPECIAL sushi. Hojo made it for him a couple times.
Yukio: Hey! I just MADE THAT UP!
Hilda: Even WORSE!
Yukio: Aren't I TALENTED?!
Iffy: ...Ohkay....>.> <.<
Mohira: Hey, assholes, why don't you intoduce yourselves to the pretty lady like decent people?
Hilda: *sniffs* You talented at being ninja. No singing talent.
Iffy: *looks embarrased*
Yukio: How old are you nerdy girl?
Hilda: *turns to Mohira and LOOMS* YOU CALL ME WHAT!?
Mohira: Asshole. It's a term of ENDEARMENT, Hilly.
Iffy: *edges eeevver so slightly away from Mohira*
Hilda: *considers this*
Hilda: You saying this word not bad word?
Iffy: *sees a small sign pointing to 'Labs'*
Yukio: *points to door* Lab. I'll be asking for payment later. *winks*
Hilda: *dubious*
Mohira: *eeevil grin* In our language it means "Loved one"
Iffy: *gives him a wierd look*
Hilda: *nods slowly* I remember this.
Iffy: *skitters into Labs*
Yukio: Gongaga doesn't have a different language!
Mohira: How would you know?
Yukio: I speak THREE!
Hilda: *is confused now*
Mohira: Not Gongagan.
Yukio: I'm smarter than the average teenager.
Yukio: *sticks out tongue*
Mohira: It's to compensate for your height.
Hilda: Little Yukio. She speak a truth?
Mohira: *thinks*
Hilda: *is horribly confused now*
Mohira: *nods* Yes, Yuk. You're short.
Yukio: *too focused on the injury of short comments*
Mohira: But you're an asshole, so it's okay.
Hilda: *frowning, very confused*
Mohira: *still trying to convince Hilda that asshole is a good word*
Yukio: GIANT!
Mohira: I've been to Wutai, moron. You're SHORT.
Yukio: *gesturing wildly and cursing at her in Wutain*
Mohira: *starts picking at her fingernails*
Hilda: *covers ears*
Yukio: *still going crazy*
Yukio: *takes deep breath and stops turning purple* Asshole is a BAD word.
Mohira: *sighs, rolls eyes* Not in Gongagan, Yuk.
Hilda: *ears covered* *staring at Yukio*
Yukio: Mohiro has a POTTY MOUTH.
Mohira: Not in Gongaga! My mom called me asshole all the time.
Hilda: *uncovers ears* *looks at Mohira*
Yukio: You're mom the same one that beat you with an ugly stick?
Mohira: *thinks* Nah, that was yours.
Hilda: *just confused*
Yukio: My mom kicked ASS!
Yukio: ALL Wutains are EXCELLENT fighters.
Yukio: She probably couldn't reach any higher than that, so I'll believe you.
Mohira: Except Hojo. Who's a wussy man. But he is funny.
Mohira: Hojo's not that short, though.
Yukio: *gesturing and humming Twilight Zone theme*
Hilda: *grabs them both and lifts them in the air* NO MORE TALKING!
Mohira: *gags*
Yukio: Awwww, but whyyyy?
Hilda: Children should be shush.
Hilda: *shakes Yukio in particular*
Yukio: I'm not some shake and bake, Hilly!
Mohira: I'm not a child.
Hilda: *shakes again, Mohira in particular*
Mohira: *gags again*
Yukio: I'm LEGAL in Wutai. Midgar's just stuuupid.
Hilda: Shush, children. No fighting. We are team SOLDIER. *puts them down*
Mohira: You could always sell yourself here, if you're desparate, Yuk. That's legal in some places.
Hilda: *feels like she did a good job*
Yukio: *makes ICK face*
Mohira: *laughs and sticks out tongue at Yukio*
Hilda: *has no idea what they're talking about most of the time*
Yukio: Ewww.... you're weeirrrd...
Mohira: And you're an asshole.
Mohira: *sighs* Loved One in Gongagan, Hilly. LOVED ONE.
Hilda: *looks suspicious, points at Yukio* Little one Yukio says it bad bad word.
Hilda: I do not believe you Little Mohira.
Mohira: Yukio doesn't speak Gongagan, and Wutain was his first language. They might have a homonym.
Yukio: *ducks behind Hilda* But she's doing even WORSE now. She wants me to sell my body for her desires!
Hilda: Sell body? What this mean? *to Mohira*
Mohira: Ick. Like I'd do a boy.
Yukio: Ick, like I'd do a shemale.
Hilda: *confused by these terms*
Mohira: We seem to be agreeing for once, asshole.
Yukio: You'd better stop using that word. Hilly has pies in her eyes.
Hilda: *LOOMS* *understands that term* MAMBO!
Mohira: Oh shit.
Hilda: You stop tell Yukio these words! *LOOMS MORE*
Hilda: *picks up Mohira again* YOU UNDERSTAND!?
Mohira: Yukio's the one that said it, Hilly.
Hilda: *pauses* *shakes her* YOU TELL HIM THAT WORD!
Mohira: He's got a dirty little mouth all his own, thanks.
Yukio: *trying not to laugh at the chaos he caused*
Yukio: *wants to be the master of chaos*
Hilda: *shaking*
Yukio: Yes, you should know better! *sticks out tongue*
Mohira: So NOW I'm not a child?
Hilda: *puts her down and pats her head* But still child. So I forgive.
Yukio: I'm hungry.
Hilda: But do not do again.
Mohira: *feigns apologetic look* All right. I'm sorry asshole HIlly.
Hilda: *frowns at word* *nods*
Yukio: *will play along because the asshole thing is DAMN funny*
Hilda: Forgiven, all forgiven! *turns to Yukio* You want pie?
Yukio: Sure! PIE!
Mohira: Ew.
Yukio: *has become fond of pie*
Hilda: *smiles at Yukio* Ah, you my favorite boy!
Mohira: Fine, but no more of that cherry shit, okay?
Yukio: *grins, knowing that next fight he won't get throttled*
Hilda: *frowns at Mohira* What is this "shit?"
Yukio: Oh here we go again....
Mohira: Oh. Gongagan for "stuff."
Yukio: She needs to speak Midgarian more.
Mohira: *chuckles a little* I really shoud learn better Midgarian, yeah...
Hilda: *nods* When come to new country, must learn language. Is difficult.
Hilda: I understand.
Yukio: *wiggles finger at her* You bad student.
Yukio: Study more.
Mohira: *relieved like WHOA* Yeah. Yeah, bad fu...frelling student.
Hilda: Okay! *claps hands* We have pie!
Hilda: Recipe from the old country!
Yukio: TO THE PIE!
Mohira: Okay, yo0u can go have pie, I wanna go hit a bar.
Hilda: *winks* IS SECRET.
Yukio: *bounces*
Mohira: *is underage for alcohol*
Hilda: Okay! You come with me!
Yukio: Awww, Momo doesn't want to come with us! *only uses that nickname when being a shit*
Hilda: *looks at Mohira*
Hilda: You no eat my beautiful pie?
Mohira: *grinds teeth, turns around again* Hilly, do have liqur at your place?
Yukio: *makes sad eyes*
Hilda: *frowns* Liquor bad for team SOLDIER.
Yukio: Yes. BAD.
Hilda: Makes all woozie.
Yukio: *smirks*
Hilda: *smiles fondly at Yukio*
Mohira: Well I need some, so I'm going to the bar for a while. I'll come over and get some pie later, okay?
Mohira:*sends yukio deathglare*
Hilda: *frowns* You come right over? You no make me wait?
Hilda: Pies get cold.
Yukio: Ya, Momo. Pie gets cold.
Hilda: No good after hour or two.
Yukio: Tastes like your socks.
Mohira: And I'm sure you know what my socks taste like, Yucky,
Mohira: *will now call Yukio Yucky*
Yukio: Educated guess.
Mohira: I don't really want to know what education that was.
Hilda: *is confused*
Hilda: You come get pie or go get drunk like bad SOLDIER?
Yukio: Better than yours, Gongawench.
Mohira: *sighs* All right, I'll have some fu...sking pie, but it better not be cherry, okay Hilly?
Yukio: *smirks*
Hilda: *claps hands* I make APPLE!
Mohira: And Gongaga has some damn good schools, Yucky. They teach old languages there.
Yukio: What like idiotese?
Mohira: They make sure we all remember what ASSHOLE and SHIT mean.
Hilda: *frowns* This word "damn" is not good word!
Hilda: *frowns*
Yukio: Uh oh, looks like another language lesson!
Mohira: *waves hand* It means "very."
Hilda: *repeats slowly* Verrry. *says with accent*
Yukio: Yes, like pie is "very" good.
Hilda: She right, Little Yukio?
Yukio: Eh, sure.
Mohira: Damn good pie. When it's not cherry.
Hilda: Pie damn good? *looking for approval*
Mohira: *tries not to die laughing* Yeah! That's it, Hilly!
Yukio: *really trying not to laugh at Hilda cursing* Ya! Just like that!
Hilda: *smiles, then claps her on the back* ALRIGHT! You come around to cherry pie someday, Hilda thinks.
Hilda: Hilda will just feed you until you like.
Mohira: *chuckling* I don't think so. They taste like cough drops with crust.
Yukio: That's because you haven't had the recipe from OLD COUNTRY!
Hilda: No...no, cherry is good. Cherry pie damn very good.
Yukio: *mimics accents*
Mohira: Apple, though...Mmm. Nectar of the Summons, apple pie.
Hilda: *nods at Yukio* Yes! The old country has only good recipe!
Mohira: coooouugh drooops with cruuuuuuust.
Hilda: You only get apple after eat Hilda's cherry pie. Hilda has slices leftover.
Mohira: *makes face* Uh...I'm allergic to cherries, too. They give me...hives.
Hilda: *laughs a belly laugh* Or maybe we make Yukio eat it?
Mohira: *nodnodnod* Yeah! Yucky LOVES cherry pie!
Hilda: Hilda loves pie damn much. *looks for approval again at use of word*
Hilda: Little Yukio is like shining example.
Mohira: *pats Hilda's back* That's it, Hilly! You've got it down!
Hilda: *smiles*
Mohira: *tries to figure out an excuse to use fuck*
Yukio: *nearly choking back the laughter*
Hilda: Okay! We walk! *starts walking off*
Yukio: Here we go again...
Mohira: *puts hand on Yukio's head* You'd better not walk behind me, asshole.
Yukio: I'll be damn sure to do that.
Mohira: *grins* I'm a foreign language teacher!
Yukio: Yes. Too bad you're not hot.
Hilda: Children, Hilda never hear you be so kind! *beaming*
Mohira: *still smiling* Too bad you don't have any room for hormones in that tiny little body to realize how hot I am.
Hilda: Hormones? What is this word, Little Yukio?
Yukio: Oh, I've got plenty hormones. Nerdygirl's a COLLEGE girl. You know how horny they are?
Yukio: Happy fun things, Hilly.
Mohira: VERY fun things.
Hilda: *knows this word* HORNY! WHERE YOU LEARN THIS WORD!
Yukio: From Momo
Hilda: *picks him up*
Hilda: *puts him down and pats his head, then picks up Mohira* YOU AGAIN!?
Mohira: Nuh-uh! He learning it from that girl--Ifalna!
Hilda: *LOOMING*
Mohira: Have you EVER heard me say that, Hilly? EVER?! *is choking*
Mohira: I'm not UNCOUTH, Hilda!
Hilda: *is like Lenny from Of Mice and Men*
Hilda: You are NOT COUTH AT ALL!
Mohira: I am perfectly--perfectly COUTH! *doesn't think that's a word* And Yucky's, like, fucking SIXTEEN! He hears lots of stuff, not all from me!
Yukio: Gongagan alert!
Hilda: *eyes boggle* THIS WORD WORSE WORD OF ALL!
Hilda: *shaking her like a leaf*
Mohira: *grabs Hilly's wrist and twists to to make her let go* I LIKE THAT WORD!
Hilda: I heard this word from Dear Heideggar! It mean NOT GOOD THING!
Yukio: Ya, and liquor and selling young boys into prostitution. Fine example of morality.
Mohira: Hey, you got drunk with me last week, if you remember.
Hilda: *puts her down and shakes her head mournfully* Hilda disappointed in you, Little Mohira.
Yukio: Yes, because in my country I'm LEGAL.
Hilda: There no hope for these children. *sighs*
Mohira: And I'm legal in mine too!
Mohira: *has completely made up fake history for Gongaga*
Yukio: *knows that she's faking*
Hilda: *mumbling to herself* In the old country...
Mohira: Did YOU see the barkeep ask for my ID? No. Did he ask for yours? NOT AFTER I TOLD HIM TO BUGGER OFF!
Hilda: These children would be busy...no time for evil, terrible things...
Mohira: And there is no fucking "Old Country" Hilly! It's in your HEAD!
Yukio: *makes blah blah blah motion with hand*
Yukio: Aww, don't burst the crazy's bubble!
Hilda: *starts to tear up* They would go school, get education, then maybe have babies of own... *to herself* Ah, such glorious thing.
Yukio: Look, you'll make her cry!
Hilda: But in the Midgard, it is not so easy. *tearing up* Such children should not be in team SOLDIER.
Mohira: WAKE UP, BATSHIT! *smacks her in the forehead* *is really angry for no reason right now*
Hilda: *jumps*
Yukio: Oh, the rage. *rolls eyes*
Hilda: *blinks at Mohira* Little Mohira, you just hit HILDA!?
Mohira: Yeah. You were being NUTS. Well...more than usual.
Hilda: *doesn't attack, just glares and looks disapproving* Disrespect. No hitting Hilda.
Mohira: Then no picking up Mohira. *smirks* Disrespect.
Yukio: *cracks up*
Hilda: Hilda older, smarter, and outrank little children! Hilda does what necessary!
Yukio: Ya, she does have you on the rank thing.
Mohira: *to Yucky* And no stealing from Mohira! Disrespect!
Mohira: Pfft. BARELY. I'll outrank her in another month.
Yukio: Can you PROVE I stole anything? Maybe you misplaced it.
Hilda: We do what necessary to make great team. *to herself* We survive war, next war, next, like we did in old country.
Hilda: *mumbling*
Mohira: Are you giving me permission to search your room, Yucky?
Yukio: Heh, like I'd keep anything in THERE.
Mohira: *points* Admission! Right there!
Hilda: *walking ahead* Maybe all children need are pies? Maybe get them married, after war they be happy together? *to herself*
Mohira: *laughs* So there.
Yukio: Anything of MINE, shemale.
Hilda: *tears up again* Dear Heideggar, why you ignore Hilda? After war, maybe we be happy?
Yukio: You're just paranoid. Weetle shots getting to you?
Hilda: Yes, Hilda give them happiness and pie. Little Mohira and Little Yukio will take care of each other when Hilda not here...after war over, we will be happy?
Mohira: *waves hand* Not as much as Hilly, obviously.
Mohira: *realizes Hilly's 10 feet ahead* Shit, we'd better watch her....
Yukio: Holy Leviathan! She might.... TALK TO INNOCENT PEOPLE!
Hilda: *to herself, nods* Yes, yes. Children must be taken care of. Like those Turkeys. All need Hilda's guidance...
Mohira: *hurries to catch up with Hilly* She could do damage, Yucky. Like whoa kind of damage.
Yukio: Never fear! THE NINJA IS HERE!
Yukio: *zooms ahead*
Hilda: *walks in the street* *in front of a car*
Mohira: *whistles* Damn he's fast...
Yukio: *jumps onto car hood* WATCH YOUR DRIVING! *jumps off*
Hilda: Those Turkeys...Little Vincent, Little Red...*doesn't notice swerving car*
Hilda: *or Yukio who made it swerve*
Yukio: Hilly! *points* THIS WAY!
Hilda: They should get married! All married! Have babies!
Mohira: *runs really fast, but not as fast as Yucky* Hilly, WAKE UP! *is almost hit by car*
Mohira: *catches car, crushing front, and then runs to catch up*
Mohira: *is totally used to enhancements*
Hilda: *noitices Yukio* What you doing in street? This not safe crossing!
Hilda: *picks him up and puts him on the sidewalk*
Yukio: *gestures wildly* You! NOT ALLOWED IN STREET!
Mohira: shoves Hilly onto sidewalk just as another car rushes past*
Hilda: *is startled*
Mohira: *short of breath* You were...about...to get hit...by a car.
Hilda: *blinks at her, looks at street* Ah, thank you, Little Mohira.
Hilda: You fine example of team SOLDIER! *hugs her*
Mohira: *smiles in spite of near strangulation*
Mohira: H-Hilly, we'd better get out of here.
Hilda: *hugs like a mommy and lets go and gets up*
Mohira: *gestures to car she crunched* That guy's gonna get angry really quick here.
Yukio: RUN AWAY!
Yukio: *starts running*
Hilda: *examines car* BILL IT TO SHINRA! *phrase taught by Heideggar*
Hilda: *runs after him*
Mohira: *runs as well*
Hilda: We at my house! *opens door, which she keeps unlocked*
Yukio: *bounds it trying to look for valuables without anyone noticing*
Mohira: *enters with some relcutanct, wonders why it smells like cows. Or how.*
Yukio: *wrinkles nose*
Hilda: *is attacked by large dogs*
Hilda: *is batshit crazy*
Mohira: o . O Oookaaay....
Yukio: *leaps into Mohira's arms as he is afraid of dogs larger than him*
Mohira: *catches Yukcy with no problem*
Hilda: *is licked and stuff*
Yukio: I'll give you back your dye if you save me.
Hilda: *breaks into language that doesn't exist on the Planet - a made up Swedish*
Yukio: From the BEASTS.
Mohira: *actually being nice* Oh? *hadn't thought of that* Okay.
Hilda: *goes back into Midgarian* You babies my babies! *rubbing tummies*
Yukio: *shudders*
Hilda: *stands up* Now to pies! *washes her hands*
Yukio: I fear.
Yukio: Oh thank Ramuh she washes her hands.
Hilda: *gives a slice of cherry pie to each of her three dogs*
Mohira: Don't worry. *steps around big monster dogs* I'll protect you from the beasts.
Hilda: *shoots glance at them* Children sit at table! Little Mohira, you want apple or cherry?
Mohira: Apple.
Mohira: *puts Yukio on top of table, away from the dogs*
Hilda: *shakes her head* Ah, silly little Mohira. Hilda will get you apple...
Hilda: *gives them both pie*
Mohira: *sits in chair, looks at pie*
Yukio: *nervously watching the dogs*
Hilda: Fenrir! Ergheiz! Rover! No attacking little Yukio! He has fear of dogs!
Yukio: *rocks back and forth* The beasts...
Yukio: ...that come in the night... fox demons...
Hilda: Little Mohira! I give you damn very good apple pie! You eat!
Yukio: *starts gibbering in Wutain*
Mohira: They're DOGS, Yucky. Not fox demons. Eat your pie,
Hilda: Demon? What this word?
Hilda: *eating a slice of cherry pie*
Yukio: *shakily takes bite of pie*
Mohira: *takes a bite of apple pie* Monsters. He's scared because they're so big.
Yukio: Kitsune. And not the sexy kind.
Mohira: It's probably one of his enhancement quirks is all.
Hilda: You scared monsters, little Yukio? *pats his head* Hilda's children won't eat Little Yukio.
Yukio: *shudders*
Mohira: They COULD eat him, though. Where the hell did you get those things?
Hilda: *looks at dogs* Old country.
Hilda: *frowns at hell*
Hilda: You say bad words again, Mohira!
Hilda: And you teach little Yukio bad words too!
Mohira: You say hell, Hilly. So does Yucky. AND Heidegger.
Yukio: *goes back to rocking back and forth*
Yukio: *really fears dogs*
Hilda: *blinks* Ah, Hilda remembers this. Dear Heidegger says hell.
Hilda: You want pet my children?
Hilda: Rover! You come, teach little Yukio you no bite!
Yukio: NO NO NO! AWAY!
Mohira: *shakes head* No, Yukios' good, Hilly. Really.
Mohira: *reaches out to grab dog's collar* Come on, puppy, let's go into another room...with a lock....
Hilda: *blinks* Such children would not be in team SOLDIER in the old country. Such children with such fears as fear of dog. *shakes head*
Mohira: *lugs both dogs to Hilly's room and locks the door once they're inside*
Yukio: You're my hero, Mohira.
Hilda: My children! *looks worried* You treat them nice?
Mohira: *nods* They're tussling in your room now, that's all.
Yukio: *shudders* Tussle.
Hilda: *nods slowly* *turns to Yukio* Maybe you be better off in Turkeys? Maybe not brave for war?
Hilda: You look like Turkey.
Yukio: Though, they do seem to have fun... and have the HOT blond chick...
Yukio: TWO hot blond chicks...
Hilda: Chick?
Yukio: Female. Woman.
Mohira: *snerk*
Yukio: Hormones. ^_^
Hilda: Ah. So...Little Mohira chick?
Yukio: Yepper.
Yukio: Well, kinda.
Hilda: *blinks* Hormones. Maybe you should not use this word. It not good word.
Mohira: *shrugs* I can deal with being a chick. With hormones.
Hilda: Eh, little Yukio?
Hilda: *rubs his head*
Yukio: Eh, whatever floats your boat. And keeps those kitsune away from me.
Mohira: Be careful, Hilly. If you make him too cute the peds'll be all over him.
Yukio: *makes disgusted face* EWW!
Hilda: *is confused, so changes subject* You done with pie?
Yukio: Yes. *smiles*
Hilda: Good. Pie make little children grow big men.
Hilda: *takes plates to sink, even Mohira's half-finished one*
Yukio: *checking all the exits, just in case*


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July 2006

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