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Vin: *taps Reeve on the top of the head* Get up.

Reeve: *starts* Hey-- oh. What? I fell asleep. Shit. Sorry. *stands up, a little too quickly, but is okay* Huh.

Vin: *sigh* It's time for your first job

Reeve: *nods* Right. I'm ready! ...am I ready? Do I need anything I don't have?

Vin: We are going to the armory, ShinRa supplies everything

Reeve: *nod* Lead the way.

Voice in Vin's head: They're going to use him to replace you. You know that right? Should probably kill him now.

Vin: *clears throat and leads the way*

Reeve: *follows him to the armory and is taken aback at all the weaponry, etc present* Man. What am I allowed to use?

Voice: He's supposed to kill you and then replace you. He's scamming. It's all a scam. He's not really so green. Watch him. Kill him.

Vin: Whatever you want, really. You get three death penalty side arms and another side weapon

Vin: *Flips out nightstick* Like this.

Voice: Ya know, you're ignoring us. Makes us sad. And bored.

Reeve: Side weapon eh...? Hm. *thoughtful* I guess... can I use a dagger of some sort?

Voice: A dagger to stab you with. You shouldn't ignore us, Vincent. We know best.

Vin: Not very effective, but we rarely use the fourth side arm. *twitches* At anyrate, *picks up a sniper rifle* We are going to be pretty hands on tonight.

Reeve: Killing people? *takes up some guns*

Voice: Yes, lots of killing. He's even warning you what he's planning.

Vin: Yeah, one mark up to five colladeral damage... *lowly* Shut up, I'm trying to work...

Reeve: *blinks* Pardon?

Voice: We're helping you, Vincent. You don't want us to shut up.

Vin: *clears throat* we could have a six person body-count.

voice: Chaos, I don't think he likes us.

Reeve: . . . . . er, right. Trying for only one though, right? *wary*

Vin: Yes, but Turk protocol is no witnesses or information leaks

Voice: Chaos will teach him to like us. Chaos is good like that.

Reeve: *nod* Right. I understand.

Vin: Do you have a problem with that, Reeve, if you do tell me now and I'll do this myself.

Reeve: I just said I understand. I don't like it, but it's the way things work so I'm not complaining, Mr. Valentine.

Voice: Never trust a man who refuses to use your first name.Or middle, as is the case.

Vin: For the LAST time, Reeve. I am not your superior alright? Calling me Mr really chaps my ass.

Reeve: I was under the impression I was supposed to treat you with respect, thus the last name, Mr.. Vin.

Voice: Smartass.

Vin: I'm training you, but don't call me Mr, alright? I'm prolly younger than you are.

Voice: College plate school boy. This cracks my shit UP. Let's drop him off in sector two and just WATCH.

Vin: Oh and is today over yet?

Reeve: ...sure, what's the number?

Vin: First number was 457193840182, then you changed it to 42547193384018298 and then it was 29357563434972683.856

Reeve: *stares* Um, yes. I owe you 20 gil, then.

Voice: He's not planning on paying you.

Vin: Correct, you can buy coffee when this is over.

Reeve: ....expensive coffee.

Vin: I don't feel like sleeping and you slept all day. Figure we can't hate eachother too much.

Voice: Bet he'll try to drug us.

Reeve: *smile* Thanks, ...Vin.

Voice: Never trust a man who drops all formality.

Voice: He could easily wind up dead, you know.

Vin: You got your guns and all that then? Are you ready then, Reeve?

Reeve: Yes, sir.

Voice: Now he's calling you sir. Trying to win you over so you trust him.

Vin: *shakes head* So from Junon? What you doing out here?

Reeve: *frowns at the headshake for no reason* School first, then a job. Not much future in Junon.

Voice: He's all about a future he won't have unless there's salary for him. He's going to kill you. Why did you arm him?

Vin: *laughs* How old are ya?

Reeve: Twenty-one, sir.

Vin: You look older than that. *debates for a moment* So what about a family or nothin? Why a Turk?

Voice: That's the devil's number. If you multiply it by fifteen then add fifteen.

Reeve: Ahh. Girl didn't work out. Besides I don't have the patience for kids. How come you're a Turk?

Vin: It beats jail.

Reeve: . . . Ah. Should I ask?

Voice: Don't trust him.

Vin: *shrugs* I'm from sector two, got caught but I suppose I made an impression.

Voice: You shouldn't tell him things.

Reeve: Good for you. *not sure if he means it or not* I hear you're a good shot. I'm supposed to learn from you.

Voice: He's been doing research on you.

Vin: Yeah, I'm a good shot... We should go to the range and get some practice in first.

Reeve: Sure. Er, where's the range?

Voice: You're babysitting. It'd be easy for him to have "died in the crossfire."

Vin: Out back, its an alley setting, usually most of what we do isn't freerange. You should be able to shoot a five inch target at about 2400 paces on a turn.

Reeve: . . . . I see. I doubt I can do that yet. I'll do my best though.

Voice: He's lowering your expectations so he can take you by surprise.

Vin: You'll be amazed at what a little shot can do.

Voice: Don't you see? He's playing this rookie thing up, but you saw how he was with Letty. He's a con artist. Don't trust him.

Voice: Yeah, good, make sure he knows you expect him to do well. Has this bitch ever BEEN in a fight before? Betcha he vomits all over, then you'll have to take the carpet with you.

Reeve: Um. Right. Let's.. try it then.

Voice: Don't trust him don't trust him don't trust him.

Voice: So easy to kill. You'll be doing the Turks as a whole a favor.

Voice: Don't let Scarlet down.

Vin: *Walks into the range and points around* This is point shoot, The target reads back here. And then we'll go to the room shoot.

Reeve: *nods* Got it.

Vin: Watch me first alright?

Reeve: *nods* Understood.

Voice: Shoot him shoot him shoot him claw his face off.

Voice: make it good, keep him scared of you or he'll take your place. Velly likes him better. You should get rid of Veld anyway. You're better.

Voice: Veld doesn't think you're good enough. Veld thinks he's got more potential.

Voice: Velly's scared of you. Remind him why that is.

Vin: *taps target setter* *as it counts down for ten seconds he stands in place.* *targets pop up and VIn shoots like a shooty thing that shoots*

Reeve: *nods* Okay. I can do that. *mimicks Vincent, tapping the setter*waits for the target... and after a slight reaction time, misses* Fuck.

Voice: So easy to destroy claw rip maim chew bite so easy, so rewarding. We know you're better than him. Aren't you?

Vin: *while Reeve is outside* I told you both to SHUT UP, I'm doing my job, Velly was worried about me. Alright? No one's replacing me.

Vin: *walks out* Alright, how about live targets now, small targets later?

Voice: He's worried because he's scared. He thinks you're sick. You're not sick. You're healthy. You're fine.

Reeve: Er, isn't this harder?

Vin: When something's trying to eat you, it's easier to kill, trust me. Don't worry about "aiming" Just let yourself do it. You are enchanced to do this

Voice: The monsters? Oh that'll be fun.

Voice: Haha, do we get to play with him?

Reeve: ....okay. *deep breath*readies his weapon*

Vin: This is just going to be one wolf, alright? You prolly saw a few of them on the way from Junon, usually around Niebel too.

Vin: I'm going to push the lock, you shoot it in the head, I'll be right here in case you miss, they're quick.

Reeve: *nods, swallows* Okay.

Voice: Let it eat him.

Voice: You can't here, Veld will get rid of you then.

Vin: *hits button and watches, cannot help but smile*

Reeve: Woahshit *fires a few times, manages to get the wolf's ear on the third shot*

Reeve: *falls over, jumped by the wolf, but rolls away from teeth and aims up at the chin, firing, killing it not-so-neatly* FUCK.

Vin: *pulls wolf off of Reeve and offers hand* Four shots? It'll have to do, remember these guys can shoot back.

Reeve: *takes it gladly, standing up, staring at the wolf* Fuck

Reeve: Yeah.. I.. I'll be fine in the real thing.

Voice: He'll die. Let him.

Voice: Can't be held responsible. Veld's fault for asking you to take the rookie.

Voice: If he's dead he can't paw on Letty either.

Vin: *nods* Well, you did better than the last rookie... *Starts walking* You any good at breaking and entering?

Reeve: I can open tumbler locks... and things like saves usually. Not that good but I know how.

Vin: *smirks* Good, that'll come in handy. We need to break into the building, probably fire-escape, work the window open and hopefully beat this guy and his bodyguards to the hotel. We plug him and get out, leave NOTHING behind.

Reeve: *nods* Understood, Mr. Va.. Vin.

Voice: You could leave *him* behind.

Vin: *is silent out to the car and in the car he drives, leaving small talk to Reeve*

Reeve: *doesn't want to talk, not optimistic about this and feeling a little sick*still has wolf blood on him*

Voice: I bet Scarlet mothered him. She's like that. Clueless.

Voice: He's hitting on his fucking mother.You're not going to stand for that are you? *doesn't understand mothering without actually being the mother*

Voice: Oh gods, Helly. Don't you get it? She's doing the little petting things she does with Vin.

Voice: He's taking over. And he can't even shoot a target. You think he can kill a person?

Voice: Oh. I understand. I see. He just pushed Vin right out of the picture, Is ee.

Voice: You're right; never able to kill a person. More of a liability than an asset. He'll get Vin killed then Letty will baby him and make him feel better.

Vin: *Grips wheel and digs for a smoke**offers to Reeve* *internal* SHUT UP.

Voice: "It's not your fault, Vin just screwed up." And she'll pet him and kiss him.

Voice: Maybe they'll get even closer than that.

Vin: *growls*

Reeve: *blinks*takes the cigarette* Um. Sorry.. thanks..

Voice: Bonding over Vin's death. Too bad. He could have just killed the rookie.

Vin: *internal* Not my business, anyway...

Vin: Letty rolled em. She's got good ones.

Reeve: *lights up*offers a light to Vin* Are good. Thanks.

Voice: See how he reacts? You are good.

Vin: *smokes* No problem, you looked a little green

Voice: It's your business and you know it. You're not going to let this punk usurp you, take your salary...

Reeve: Um, yes. Must be left over from the shots.

Vin: *parks* Alright, we walk the rest of the way. *still smoking*

Reeve: *nods*gets out of the car* I'll follow...

Voice: I don't trust him enough to let him get behind me.

Vin: *waits for him* No, we walk together. I don't like people behind me.

Reeve: *blink*nods*walks next to him*

Voice: That's right. Keep him where you can see him.

Vin: *twitches at Voices and walks to the hotel and points up* Jump up pull the fire escape down.

Reeve: *bothered by the twitching*does as told, not er, all that quiet about it. Fire escapes are clattery things*

Vin: *flinches and does an automatic check for cops*

Vin: *sighs* Let's do this... *Starts up fire escape*

Reeve: *runs after him, gun at the ready*

Target: *inside his hotel room talking to his bodyguard* Fucking dumbasses at Shinra probably still don't realize I embezzled all that cash.

Vin: *stops at window* Cover me wouldja? *starts to break into bedroom window all sneekyturklike*

Reeve: *not sure how to cover him so keeps a look out*

Target: *blinks* Do you feel a draft all of the sudden?

Vin: *freezes*

Bodyguard, who I will name Mr Bumble: Er... no?

Target: *nods*settles down on a chair* Fucking hotel, first that stray cat outside causing noise and now a fucking draft in the fucking room.

Target: *stands up again promptly and looks at the air vent* Unless the AC finally decided to work?

Vin: *gets window open and motions for Reeve to stay put a moment and edges to listen for people in the other room*

MrBumble's buddy, MrPeep: Did you guys hear anything?

Target: No, it's definitely a goddamn draft. Hear something? So check it out, dumbass.

MrPeep: *nods and goes into bedroom*

Vin: *grabs from behind and twists neck*

MrPeep: X_X

Target: *calls in* Find anything?

Vin: *motions for Reeve to come in*

Voice: oooo that felt good... do it again!

Target: Jesus, fucker won't answer... *goes into other room*Reeve: *sneaking into the room*stares at dead body and then at Target*

Voice: Let's have blood this time. I like blood.

Vin: *Grabs to break Target's neck like last time*

Voice: Warm and red and dark and tasty and I could drink it, bathe in it, let's have blood I want blood, blood, give me blood...

MrBumble: *runs in gun drawn*

Target: *snap* x_x

Reeve: *raises gun and shoots pretty much blindly*

Voice: Ah , the noise. The fucking noise.

MrBumle: *bleeding flees*

Vin: *runs after MrBumbles*

Reeve: *curses and jumps out the window, down the fire escape and through the front door after sheathing his weapon, in case Bumbles is coming out the front*

MrBumbles: *hits the elevator*

Vin: *hops stairs* Godddamnit!

Voice: What WAS that, he was RIGHT FUCKING THERE

Voice: Then he fucking ran away. Told you he was a liability.

Voice: You have to kill the liability.

Reeve: *in the lobby area, debating whether he should run for the stairs or if Bumbles is stupid enough to wait for the elevator*

Voice: If you can catch him. Pussy can't even stick around to finish a job.

Vin: *kicks door open to the front*

MrBumble: *elevator opens*

Reeve: *blinks at Bumble, charges into the elevator, and knees him in the stomach*not going to shoot him in the lobby*presses door close*

Vin: *blinks* Well I'll be damned.

Elevator: *muffled sound of a gunshot*

Vin: *peers out at lobby* *strides out to the security desk*

Vin: *kicks door in, fires three times* *starts digging out the tapes*

Voice: See, he CAN kill someone.

Voice: Unless he got himself killed.

Reeve: *comes down the stairs a few minutes later, a bit bloody, but acting as if he doesn't notice*finds Vincent* ...why a.. oh, security tapes.

Voice: SEE. He's fine. He's going to kill you next. It's all an act.

Reeve: *looks at the monitors and the control panel and opens up the bottom of the panel, snipping a few choice wires*

Vin: *Tucks tapes in a bag from dead secuirty guard number three*

Vin: Wiring knowledge?

Reeve: Yeah. Hell of a lot easier than that stunt back there.

Vin: *sort of panting from this stairrun* Meaning?

Reeve: Meaning it's easier to make the security systems malfunction than break into a fucking window and kill people.

Reeve: Too bad the job is to kill people. Shit.

Reeve: Let's just get out of here. Is there anything else we need to do?

Vin: Get the fuck back out that window before the cops show up, clean the elevator and get the body back in the room.

Vin: I'll let Veld know you work well with wirings...

Voice: DONT talk him up! Christ, you WANT to get fired. Do you know that they don't FIRE Turks? They'll donate you to the labs.

Reeve: . . . he should already. I assumed that's why I was hired. How the hell do I clean up the elevator quickly?

Voice: Hojo would love that.

Vin: We've got stuff in the car, strip the tile out.

Reeve: We have time to go to the car? Ugh. I'll move the body and start stripping. *runs off to do that*

Vin: *rushes to car and gets cleaning stuff and runs back*

Voice: He's good... for a college brat

Voice: Rookie's calling shots now, though. He really will replace you.

Voice: Oh yeah...hell, he's older than you anyway. And educated.

Voice: And Veld even said you're hard to get along with. People don't like you, Vincent.

Voice: All the more reason to kill them all

Voice: Don't forget that arrogant bitch, Lucy.

Voice: Thinks she's God's gift to men. She'd look better soaked in blood.

Voice: She prolly wants a pedagree before she blows you.

Voice: But I bet she would

Vin: Shut. Up.

Voice: You'd like that wouldn't you? You can make it happen.

Reeve: *blinks at Vin* I didn't...

Vin: Not you.Vin:... just... you done?

Reeve: *stares* Not me...? Er.. yeah. Body moved, tile stripped. Gimme something to clean the hall carpet with.

Vin: *pulls out carpet blade* We take it with us

Vin: If anyone walks in, kill em.

Vin: *starts tearing up carpet*

Reeve: *blinks* Yeah...*prays no one comes up*

Voice: Shoot him. Oooo no, Rip him apart, rip his arm off.

Voice: Carpet blade carpet blade wants a new friend. And the silly rookie should really meet his end.

Voice: Hey that was all lyrical.

Voice: Thank you. I try.

Voice: Let's get him drunk in the slums and sell him to someone. That'll be messy.

Voice: But then we can't watch him bleed. I want to see his pretty educated blood.

Voice: We could sell him and watch... then kill them both. Oooo that would be fun. I bet he screams.

Vin: *rubs head* I think I need a beer.

Voice: I want to hear him scream. Let's hear him scream in agony and fear.

Reeve: Jesus, me too. I thought you were used to this though?

Vin: It's been a long week.

Vin: *hauls up carpet* Nice job.

Reeve: *takes part of the carpet to help* Thanks... let's get out of here... cops should be showing up soon.

Vin: *slides down fire-escape and walks to car, lighting up another smoke and gives one to Reeve* I was scared shitless the first time I killed someone, you did good.

Voice: WHY are you making friends? Too late to have people like you.

Voice: Don't trust him don't trust him!

Vin: You ever just need your brain to slow down?

Reeve: Thanks... *as soon as he gets to the car, practically collapses on the seat, shaking* Brain slow down? I'm not sure what you mean.

Vin: My head... it goes too fast sometimes, like I can't be alone, keep thinking. It has to be the shots, or something.

Vin: But then Velly gets all dumb after his. He can't think, can't remember. I usuall hide his stuff or re-arrange his desk then. He can't remember things.

Reeve: *nods, not really listening* Oh. That's good.

Vin: You alright? Not going to be sicker nothin?

Reeve: Yes. *still shaking quite a bit* I have.. blood all over me.

Vin: *not so sure that Reeve is in fact not going to hurl all over the place* You want me to pull over for a minute?

Reeve: I want a shower. *staring at his lap* ...just.. can we go to where I can take a shower?

Voice: You are NOT feeling sorry for him. You were fuckin 15 first time you killed someone, no company help either.

Voice: Vin's not feeling sorry for him. Vin's just getting the job done. Right, Vinny-boy? You're gonna kill him once you're away from the cops. I still want my rookie blood.

Vin: *pulls into another apartment and codes himself in* You can shower at my place, alright?

Voice: And then we can dismember him in the bathroom!

Voice: Easy to clean a bathtub.

Reeve: *shaking almost too much to walk proper, now that the adenaline's gone is a complete wreck*just nods*

Vin: *in his head* Shut up, alright, the poor guys going to cry or puke or something he's not hurting anyone...

Voice: Yet.

Vin: Ya need help walkin?

Voice: Oh, how nice. Vinnie's getting scammed by him too.

Reeve: N..I should be okay..ohgodpleasetellme there's no elevator..

Vin: *gets out and helps Reeve up* There is, just... get sick outside or in the bathroom alright?

Voice: He grabs your ass, I'LL come out and kill him for you.

Voice: See, now you're all close and he can be wtih you. Just like earlier with Letty.

Reeve: *leaning on Vin a bit heavily* ...won't get sick. *will almost certainly get sick on the elevator*

Voice: Well I suppose he's kinda pretty.

Vin: you sure?

Voice: I wouldn't say pretty, but yes, I think he's sure.

Reeve: ...just don't stand next to me on the elevator...

Vin: You can't vomit on the elevator... *gets a very large bar cup from the backseat of his car* Here...

Voice: Jesus, what is it with you Turks and your parental complexes.

Voice: Besides, haven't you ever heard of tough love? What if there was still someone out here to kill him? You're doing him no favors.

Reeve: *takes cup*at the thought of puking, very nearly does, but manages not to and makes his way, with help inside*shaking a little less*winces at the sight of the elevator*

Reeve: *has quite possibly just given himself an elevatorophobia*

Vin: *helps Reeve to the elevator* *totally lives on the 10th floor and its an older shakey lift*

Reeve: *makes good use of the cup*

Vin: *nods* I got sick too...

Voice: Don't admit your weaknesses.

Voice: OH get him to trust you. Then when he falls asleep, gut him

Vin: Can you walk?

Reeve: *grimacing*wants off the elevator badly*

Elevator: *LURCHES to a halt and opens doors*

Reeve: *nod* Yeah.. I can...ohgod *makes use of the cup again*

Vin: *holds door*

Voice: Hahahahaha! Yes. Hang him up from a meat hook and play with him.

Reeve: *zooms off the elevator*whoosh!*

Vin: Guess you walk fine. *walks to his door and opens it* Dump the cup in the toilet and take a shower if you want. *flops on the couch*

Reeve: *does so, and takes a longass shower*can't get clean it seems*

Vin: *calls Scarlet* Heya Letty. No, he lived. No, it went pretty Smooth, Velly'll be happy with him. He can't shoot for piss though. makes up for it with wiring. A beer? Maybe, I'll see when he gets out of my damned shower.

Reeve: *comes out, wearing a towel* I'm borrowing some fucking clothes. *wanders through the apartment until he finds Vin's bedroom*

Vin: *jumps* EXCUSE The fuck out of me?

Voice: SEE SEE!

Reeve: Got fucking blood all over mine. Not wearing them.

Voice: *insane laughter* Ohhh, kill him

Vin: *storms into bedroom and goes through closet, Reeve's a bit smaller than he is* *hands over some pants and a teeshirt*

Reeve: *takes them, dresses* Thank you.

Vin: You drink guinness?

Reeve: *yes, totally dropped his towel and dressed right there*

Reeve: I drink anything.

Voice: You aren't going to drink me away tonight...easily.

Vin: *drinking makes the voices go away* *tosses Reeve a beer* You alright?

Reeve: *accepts*drinks* Not in the least. I feel like I still have fucking blood all over me. I killed him. FUCK.

Voice: Hm, he's excitable. Stay sober. He might try to kill you now

Voice: Heh, Vin can take him.

Vin: It gets easier...

Voice: True. But he'll want our help.

Vin: If it makes you feel better those guys were theifs that liked to smack people around. They woulda ended up doing something really bad sooner or later.

Reeve: *sits down* That almost makes it worse. That it'll get easier.

Vin: *has killed two beers now and is on his third to shut the damn voices up*

Vin: *shrugs* I was pretty used to it when I started I suppose.

Reeve: . . . I don't want to get used to it. Fuck. *drinking more than a guest should really help himself to*

Vin: You did take the job.

Reeve: Fuck the job.

Vin: Careful, don't let ShinRa hear you say that. *drinks* Let me put it this way. Most of these guys? They're assholes anyway. I've only killed a few people that didn't earn it.

Reeve: *shakes head* Still. It's hard being the one to do it. I don't.. I'll do the job. I'll handle it.

Vin: Ya don't got a chocie now. Sorry to say.

Reeve: And I said I'd do it. *getting annoyed* Jesus. I can fucking handle it.

Reeve: Don't you think I can? So what if I'm not okay the first time I killed someone. I couldn't ride bike my first fucking time either.

Reeve: FUCK. It's fine. I'll do it. *drinks*

Vin: *chuckles* I never said you did, you're the one convincing yourself. Shit, I never went to school and I know that much. *Is so goddamn happy the voices have shut up*

Reeve: *blink* Jesus, you can laugh?

Vin: *really laughs now* Yeah, when I'm wasted.

Vin: *doesn't seem wasted yet*

Reeve: Huh. When I start getting paid, I'll damn well buy you a drink then. *gets vulgur when drunk*

Vin: Fuck that, I usually steal credit cards. Veld bought these beers, so drink up.

Reeve: *snickers*takes him up on it and drinks*

((Aw, bonding))

((*DED* I'm picturing Reeve coming into work with Vincent the next morning.. late.. hungover... in Vinnie's clothes...))


((Veld will DIE))



Vin: Honestly, the job ain't bad. *kicks shoes off and goes to change out of Turksuit* Like I said, beats my alternatives.

Vin: *is sooooo happy the voices are gone*

Reeve: Theoretical pay good? *very happy that Vincent's less homicidal now*

Vin: Full benifits, interesting work, damn good pay, free room and board. Yeah, not too bad.

Reeve: Good. Good to know. I want to get paid.

Reeve: Think there'll be a use for my engineering? Or'm I just always gonna... do this sort of thing?

Vin: Fuck if I know, man. *Flops down next to Reeve on the couch with four more beers* We can always use wireguys. Letty usually does that sort of thing too. You got a degree? You could try for a board position er something.

Reeve: Yeah. Certified from Midgar U... heh. There's no board job for me. This is fine. Rather do intelligence work though.

Reeve: *pause* Scarlet does that kinda stuff too? I'll be working with her a lot then?

Vin: Yeah and keep yer hands to yerself, she's damned naive.

Vin: Stupid kid, she forgets she's pretty.

Reeve: ....naive? What, she never had a boyfriend?

Vin: *shrugs* Not that she's let on. She likes to sit at home with her cat. She goes out with us a lot, but eh, she's just... Letty.

Reeve: Huh. She's damned pretty. I'm not gonna do anything she doesn't wanna do. Shit, that wouldn't be right.

Vin: Her parents are like, right from the commune hippies. She just doesn't think like most people

Vin: Good, cause I'd hate to eviscrate you, I am startin ta like ya.

Reeve: Hmph. Ain't gonna cancel our date, either. Hippy, huh? *frowns* That's kinda weird.

Vin: yeah, hippies, hence the cigarettes that kick ass and all the herbal fixes. She don't do counter drugs.

Reeve: *nods* Huh. I never thought that shit had any merit to it, but.. that was a damn good fag.

Reeve: You're not datin' her, right?

Vin: Letty?! Fuck no, that'd be like fuckin my sister.

Reeve: *nod* Good. You just seemed a little jealous... I won't .. *considers*... scam her.

Vin: Scammin means you're jones'n on her.

Reeve: ...oh. Then no, I'll definitely do that.

Reeve: Oh, God. Can I just lay down for a second?

Vin: *tilts head* yeah, see ya in the mornin.


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