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Tally: Hey, Hojo, right? What's your full name again?
Hojo: Just Hojo is fine.
Tally: Right, strip down get in the tube.
Hojo: *eyebrow* Right... *does*
(Veld: If anyone else were saying that, it would be a come on.)
Tally: *filling out paperwork* Oh, and you're getting a raise.
Hojo: Dare I ask what I did to merit it?
Tally: Oh you're a turk now. *pushes ON button*
Hojo: ... Wait, I came in for the science program...
(Tally: You make more than he does, Turks make more than Lab Techs, stop whining)
Tally: Yes yes, change of plans. *waves hand*
(Veld: Oh, ok. I've just been working for... how many years now? I wanted to make sure.)
Hojo: *mentally checking off the reactions to mako exposure* Is this because of what I did to that asshole calling me a dirty Wute? Because he deserved it.
Tally: Oh no, Grimore just hates you. And as you can see by his son, he does this to everyone he hates ^^
Hojo: ... Bastard.
Tally: And this is going to sting *pushes another button* Also, I think he stole your research, you really should watch him more.
(Veld: And the mess of goo that I had to clean up didn't hurt.)
Hojo: He wha-- ow! That son of a bitch.
(Veld: Hey Valentine, we might have found someone to pop off your old man. Dibs on hazing?)
Tally: That's the general opinion on the Grim Reaper, yes. Oh and if you start feeling feint, keep it to yourself. You're going to report tomorrow, under Veld Dragoon.
(*snickers inappropriately*)
(Vin: Hey, I thought offing Grimmy was going to be an incentive for good proformance)
(Veld: Well, now you can have a rival and stop being so lazy.)
Tally: Vincent and he are my best, so I'm hoping that you'll have a lot to learn, Vincent's marksmanship is unhuman.
(Vin: I'm not lazy)
Hojo: *dizzy, but does as told and doesn't mention it* Yes, ma'am. *twitch*
(Veld: You're lounging about in my office. Lazy.)
(Vin: *Grabs Veld and does something not so lazy in Veld's office*)
Tally: Any questions?
Hojo: ... *thinks of about a dozen that would be inappropriate* *not worth the effort today* Do I have to wear the uniform?
Tally: *Just gives him a look*
Hojo: Okay, let me rephrase. Where do I pick up a uniform.
Tally: It's taken care of.
Hojo: Okay then.
Tally: And take a dreep breath now *pushes yet another button*
Hojo: *deep*
Tally: *dials Veld's PHS* I swear if he and Vin are doing what I think they are....
Veld: *phone!* Valentine, hush. *picks up* Hello?
Vin: *nibble*
Veld: *gives a "BOSS IS ON THE PHONE STOP IT" look*
Tally: Dragoon, if a thing is out of place on my desk, I am going to skin it, understood? Get your ass dressed and get down here there's a new recruit for you and your partner to train.
Veld: Alright. *jig is up, no use trying to explain*
Veld: *hangs up*
Hojo: *gasps for air when it drains*
Veld: Ok, damage report, Valentine?
Veld: We've got a rookie as of now. And where in the hell is my tie...
Vin: We cleared the desk off... no mess, *untying the ties from the chair* Annnd, we're good.
Tally: *opens tank* So stand up if you would, Hojo?
Veld: Two minutes. That has to be a record.
Veld: Anyway, go pretend you're doing work or something.
Vin: I'll ask Scarlet. So, to the dungeon we go?
Hojo: *stands* *wobbles* Can I get dressed before he gets here?
Veld: Apparently. *finishes tying tie*
Tally: You can wear Valentine's jacket or something if it bothers you.
Hojo: I'll settle for my boxers.
Veld: *makes haste, because hey, Tally scares the shit out of him*
Tally: *writing* Or you can put your labcoat back on or something. I'm going to turn the lights on, here are some sunglasses *Doesn't wait for him to put them on and turns on the lights*
Vin: *elevatoring*
Hojo: *puts them on* *ack* *sunglasses, gah*
Hojo: *wearing boxers, labcoat, and sunglasses now*
Tally: You'll get used to bright lights soon enough. No worries.
Vin: *walks in* Well, he's finally lost his mind.
Hojo: ... Would I look more or less ridiculous if I took off the coat, do you think?
Tally: Who cares?
Veld: Who's mind?
Vin: *points to Hojo*
Hojo: The one who thinks I've lost my mind might care.
Tally: Veld, Valentine, this is your new subordinate, Hojo. You guys did such a nice job with Scarlet and Reeve I figured you'd need another recruit.
Vin: *Cracks up*
Veld: *elbows Vin* Uh, thanks, I guess, ma'am.
Hojo: *feeling just a little self-conscious, what with still not being entirely sure what's going on and also aware that he's scrawny as all hell*
Tally: *pats Hojo on the back* No worries, you'll have a week or so to get adjusted before we send you out on field work and all that jazz. And you get dental now.
Hojo: ... yay, dental. Do I get an eye plan?
Hojo: *i will not fall over i will not fall over*
Vin: *sighs and walks over in case Hojo goes in the faceplant direction*
Tally: Oh yes, full coverage
Hojo: Good. *looks at Vincent, then at Veld* Hello, I'm-- *faints*
Veld: Alright, I can be frank now. Where the fuck did you pick him up from?
Vin: *Catch* God... he's a lightwieght.
Tally: Grimmy sent him in. No idea, good shot, sadistic and low morals, so I took him. Is there a problem, Dragoon?
Veld: No, no problem, he just doesn't seem... well the type?
Tally: And Reeve didn't either.
Tally: *walks out* Take care of him, I expect him to be ready for a mission in two weeks.
Hojo: *blinkblink*
Veld: Aye, ma'am... this is going to suck, Valentine. He's nerdier than--oh you're awake.
Vin: Hey, you going to be able to walk?
Hojo: Yes, I think so. *stands* *wobbles* *walks* Yes.
Tally: *clocking out early, will turn her phone off, trusts her underlings to know that if something is blown up there will be five hells to pay*
Hojo: Do you know where my pants went?
Veld: They probably threw them out. You have new pants now.
Vin: Don't worry about them, you've got some clothes in your apartment.
Hojo: Do I have to go to my apartment without pants on?
Veld: No, I have some spare ones in my office.
Hojo: Thank you.
Vin: *wonders if Veld's pants will fit Hojo*
Veld: Unless you want to use Valentine's. *snickers, because Vin is tall*
Veld: *belts go a long way*
Vin: *has pants everywhere, as he doesn't mind at all walking around in his underwear*
Hojo: *eyes Veld, then Vin* I think yours will fit better. *to veld*
Veld: Alright then. Let's get you upstairs, then.
Veld: *walks out*
Hojo: *follows, only wobbling a little*
Vin: *walking behind, ready to catch again*
Veld: *consults post-it note that he usually keeps in his pocket* *waits on elevator*
Hojo: *keeping himself upright through sheer force of will*
Veld: So what was your name again, kid?
Hojo: Hojo.
Veld: *discreetly adds that to post-it note*
Hojo: *too busy not-passing-out to notice*
Vin: *wonders if Hojo likes number games*
Veld: *gets in elevator*
Hojo: *follows*
Vin: *pushes potted plant inside with them, JUST in case*
Veld: *aren't we thoughtful.*

Hojo: *feels like he should be arguing about this situation, but feels like he needs more information before he can bitch appropriately*
Veld: *is mildly annoyed that a SCIENCE TECH has been assigned to his unit*
Veld: *a particularly scrawny one at that*
Hojo: *is not exactly thrilled himself, you know*
Vin: *lights a cigarette*
Veld: *snatches* I swear to god, I will get nonsmoking signs put in here one day.
Veld: *puts it out and then gets out of elevator*
Vin: *grabs another, fully willing to smoke in the elevator*
Hojo: *resumes following and not falling over*
Veld: *points at office* That's my office. Valentine's is down the hall, Reeve and Scarlet share one at the minute.
Veld: Tally's is the one with the nice door.
Scarlet: *<3!*
Vin: Don't bother her unless it's really important.
Hojo: *nods* I assume I'm in the broom closet or something?
Veld: I think you can share with Valentine for the moment. Unless you want the broom closet?
Veld: It's fairly roomy.
Vin: We've got another desk.
Hojo: If Valentine would rather have his privacy.
Vin: I'm fine, really, kid.
Hojo: Okay, then.
Hojo: ... *kid? oh god, am I younger than you in this AU?*
Vin: *could use a proofreader*
Vin: *you're a newb regardless and I did start this job at like 14*
Veld: *you look younger, at least. so I assume you're younger.*
Hojo: *would headdesk were he not about to pass out as it is*
Veld: *goes in office and shuffles around in cabinet* AH HA! There they are.
Veld: *throws pants at Hojo* Here.
Vin: Our apartments are all on the same floor, so if you need anything.
Hojo: *puts the pants on* *has to hold them up*
Veld: Communal living. Welcome to the family. I'll go see if Reeve has a belt. *walks off*
Lu: ::knock::
Vin: *pulls out phone* Hey, Lu? Ya busy? We got a new recuit
Vin: ... well that worked.
Lu: ::least scrawny version yet, still teeny::
Lu: Eh oh sure.
Lu: One sec.
Veld: *comes back with a belt* I hope you don't mind that it's pink.
Vin: *opens door* Hey, Lucy.
Hojo: I'll live. *belts the pants*
Hojo: *takes the lab coat off, definitely feels less silly now*
Lu: I got stuff to bring down anyway.
Lu: Hey Vinnie. ::has big box 'o weapons::
Lu: here's for the n00b.
Vin: Don't call me Vinnie, Lucy. *digs in box* We need food for the kid.
Lu: Dont' call me Lucy, Vinnie.
Lu: What am I you waitress?
Veld: *rolls eyes at them*
Lu: ::gets out notepad anyway::
Vin: You want me to sell you in wall market, woman?
Lu: whatcha want kid?
Hojo: Anything I won't throw up?
Lu: ::snort:: Like anyone there could afford it.
Lu: Well that narrows it down.
Lu: you got like food allergies or anything? Milk? Chocolate? Seafood?
Vin: maybe crackers would be a good start?
Hojo: Ye,s yes and yes. Um, I can have toast, maybe? Ginger tea?
Lu: I think we have some of those unless Vin carried out his threat...
Lu: ::grubs in coffee cabinet::
Veld: *tea? a scrawny one and a poof. great.*
Lu: her eyou go. ::comes up with a box o Ritz::
Hojo: *munches one cracker and waits to see if it's going to come back up*
Vin: So how'd you get lucky, kid?
Lu: ::makes tea 'cause somebody else drinks it now too yay!::
Lu: Not oin the first day, Vin.
Lu: at LEAST take him out for a drink first.
Veld: *sifting through post-its in pockets and figuring out today's paperwork*
Lu: and out of my hearing range.
Vin: Hey, just wondered what he did to piss the Reaper off.
Lu: ::tea for Hojo::
Lu: oh.
Vin: *sticks tongue out at Lu* Pervet, Lucy.
Hojo: ... I submitted some, ah, corrections.
Lu: I learned from the best Vinnie ::raspberries::
Lu: ooooh euphemisms! Oh he'll fit right in ^^
Veld: That's hardly a euphemism.
Vin: Ahh yeah, he hates that, I used to check his math when Lu and I were kids.
Lu: Mm.
Veld: Anyway, I'm going to do some paperwork. Try not to set anything on fire. *exits*
Hojo: Can I sit down?
Lu: sure.
Lu: pick an empty desk.
Lu: okay, smoking section again Vin.
Vin: *pushes the couch in the corner* *sits on his desk on the other side and lights up*
Lu: he's worse than mom...
Hojo: *sits down* *puts his head down* ... I'm allergic to cigarette smoke...
Vin: Mom's in the loony, bin. I'm not there yet.
Lu: eh?
Lu: no I mean with like the ears that hear all
Vin: Welcome to mako, I could shoot you in the lung and not kill ya. *makes gun motion with his hand*
Lu: he could.
Lu: he would too. ::nods sagely::
Lu: by the way, I'm Lucrecia.
Lu: the dork with the cigarette who claims to be related to me is my brother Vincent.
Hojo: I know how mako works. I also know I've not had sufficient exposure to mitigate allergies of the severity that I experience them. And hell, Lucrecia, pleasure to meet you.
Vin: *smoking* *likes pissing off Veld*
Lu: ::arranges papers on desk JUST SO::
Lu: ::has gotten used to it::
Vin: *will mess them up and perhaps draw kitties on them later*
Lu: ::figures she will die before she has a chance to get lung cancer::
Hojo: *cough* *cough cough hack* *cough hack passes out again*
Vin: *shakes his head* Goddamnit, I need a drink.
Lu: ::will starch his underwear in retaliation and mismatch all his socks and hide his toothbrush::
Lu: Couch cushion. Left side.
Lu: busted zipper.
Lu: You left it there from last week.
Lu: Vin, no killing the new recruit.
Lu: ::turns fan up::
Lu: ::ashtray for Vin::
Vin: *hops to the minifridge for ice* I have strange hiding places when drunk... *rumages* Bad day. *still smoking* *waiting for the counting*
Lu: hey kid?
Lu: you do.
Lu: you REALLY do.
Lu: and I'm not even going to ask what the hell you were doing in my underwear drawer
Hojo: *blinks awake*
Lu: 9_9
Vin: *Holds cigarette like joint and begins to take a LONG DRAG*
Lu: ::watches her watch::
Lu: 7.
Lu: ::to Hojo:: don't mind him, he just likes to piss off the boss.
Lu: ::snicker::
Vin: *done, waits till Veld is toe to toe with thim and lets out twin jets of smoke out his nose at Veld*
Lu: you might want to stand back, rookie.
Lu: ::kinda positions self in front of Hojo::
Hojo: *staring at the wall*
Veld: *I will strangle you one of these days* THAT'S IT. *grabs him by tie and drags him out of the office to yell at him properly*
Lu: 9_9
Vin: *win*
Lu: they both enjoy that faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much.
Hojo: *oooh, wall*
Lu: ::goes back to tidying her desk down to the TINIEST DETAIL::
Scarlet: Woah, almost missed the train to the closet. Hey Lu, who's that?
Lu: Scarlet!! ^^
Lu: oh this is the new guy.
Lu: um Hojo, right?
Scarlet: And why does he have my belt?
Lu: oh is that yours?
Lu: I guess I nabbed the last small...
Lu: Can he borrow it for now?
Hojo: *sits up* Oh, hello, I'm Hojo. And yes, sorry.
Lu: I'll get it back to you later.
Hojo: Veld's pants are too big..
Lu: Hojo this is scarlet. She makes all our toys. ^^
Scarlet: Hrm, you think Reeve's Clothes would fit him? It's alright.
Lu: Um...
Scarlet: Another boy. I told Veld we needed more girls.
Lu: well it'll be closer than this :P
Lu: Yes I told him that too.
Veld: *I like to wear my pants loose*
Vin: *likes it when Veld wears his pants loose*
Lu: SOMEONE needs to counterbalance all this raging testosterone >>
Scarlet: Well, Tally.
Lu: Reeve's a little skinnier
Lu: she doesn't count.
Lu: and I say that with love and respect.
Lu: because she will shoot me in the head.
Lu: gawd now I sound like Vin
Hojo: I'm fine with these until I get mine, really...
Lu: yes. Reeve suit.
Scarlet: Naw, not in the head, you're our chemist. She'd just take out your knees or something.
Hojo: Oh, does that mean I'd get a shirt?
Lu: I like my knees...I need them. I'm short enough as it is. :P
Lu: um yes.
Hojo: That'd be nice.
Hojo: It's... kinda cold in here.
Lu: Scarlet, go commandeer one of Reeve's extra outfits. :P
Scarlet: Lemme get Reeve's clothes, they may be a little big. You kids be good.
Lu: can't have a n00bsickle.
Lu: ma'am. ::sallutes::
Scarlet: *off to rummage*
Lu: ::paperwork::
Lu: ::OCD like whoa::
Hojo: *reading over her shoulder since he has nothing else to do*
Scarlet: *returns* Here you go, Hojo. ^^ Oh, Lu, Tally said you and Vin had extra sets of shots?
Veld: *this is why I don't mind you. you keep things clean. unlike SOME SLOBBY PEOPLE*
Vin: *you like it*
Lu: ::is going to wipe the finish right off the desks one of these days::
Hojo: Thanks. *goes to find someplace to change*
Scarlet: Hey, you stay here.
Lu: we did?
Veld: *pfft*
Lu: you don't want the closet now.
Scarlet: Can't have you wandering the halls, Hojo.
Scarlet: Yeah... see? Grim ordered it? I don't know that Veld knows.
Lu: yeah you'll get lost. ::serious::
Hojo: ... You want me to change in here?
Lu: Oh GAWD. ><;;;
Scarlet: We share everything, Hojo, that includes showers
Lu: he doesn't want to "observe" again, does he? >>
Scarlet: So, better get over it now.
Lu: yeah it's okay. I live with Vin. Nothing I haven't seen before. ;P
Scarlet: I dunno, but I hope Vin's made Veld nice and "relaxed" so that when I tell him he doesn't blow a fuse.
Lu: ::totally ignoring anyway::
Hojo: Oh. Um. Okay. *strips again*
Lu: ::gripes:: yeah, well, Grim's a grabby bastard. >>
Lu: I swear he just likes to see me in my bra.
Lu: as if there is anything to SEE 9_9
Veld: What is this, a party?
Hojo: *dresses* *isn't falling out of these, at least* *sleeves go halfway up his fingers*
Lu: ::is still totally an A at best::
Lu: she brought Hojo a uniform.
Lu: c'mon Veld, don't piss off Scarlet, she brings us toyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!!! ^^
Lu: ::hugs Scarlet's arm::
Lu: ::bestest best friend::
Scarlet: Oh and VinandLuaregoinginfornewroundsofshots, hopeyoudon'tkillsomeone.
Veld: No more sugar, Lu.
Lu: :PPP
Lu: hey you have your drug of choice, I have mine.
Veld: Scarlet, enunciate.
Lu: I'll just be um over here.
Hojo: *ties the tie but leaves it loose*
Veld: Actually, I don't take drugs.
Lu: out of blast range. >>
Lu: caffine.
Lu: it's more addictive than anything.
Veld: That's not a drug. That's a happy morning.
Lu: exactly.
Lu: you see my point.
Lu: ::chomps chocolate bar::
Scarlet: Alright, ah... so, ah you know Grim's kinda unfond of his own kids, right?
Lu: ::gumbles::
Veld: I'm listening, go on.
Scarlet: Alright, well so he's ordered new shots for them. Something about a summon project and ah... yeah... Vin may be out of commision for a while?
(Kilroy: Veld wears a thong.)
Veld: *pinches nose* How long is a while.
(Veld: I do not.)
Scarlet: *hands him a file* here are the specs, Tally was PISSED.
Hojo: Can I, ah... Can I see that?
Veld: *reads* No. Not until I'm done reading.
Hojo: Alright. It just sounds like something I was working o.
Veld: *raises eyebrow* Alright. Care to explain some of the thicker jargon, then?
Veld: *drops file in front of Hojo*
Hojo: *scans it* Yeah, it's... basically the idea is to fuse people with aeons.
Tally: *fuming about this*
Veld: *mutters something about things they could fuse to Grim* Fabulous.
Veld: Really fucking fabulous.
Lu: whut?
Tally: *storms in * LU, VALENTINE you are... where the fuck is Valentine?
Veld: *points*
Hojo: Did you get... they would have been red, did you get a red treatment?
Lu: uh....
Lu: ....yes?
Vin: *nods*
Hojo: Well, yes, it would be too late now then.
Tally: Motherfucking godsdamned Grim Reaper. Valentine, you and Lu are going to a Costa mission, STAT. Till I figure this out. Fucking with my kids... *mutters* *grabs one of Scarlet's cigarettes*
Hojo: If you don't bond with the Aeon that's in your system, you'll probably die. It might be possible to sublimate it.
Tally: *facepalm* I hate science.
Veld: What context of sublimation are you talking about?
Tally: I'm going to kill him. That's all there is too it.
Hojo: It would have to be chemical sublimation, a cocktail designed to keep the Aeonic energy stunted while allowing the normal human chemical processes to continue.
Veld: Ma'am, with all due respect, we should be figuring out ways to not destabilize what's already been done instead of bitching about them.
Veld: You think if we snuck you in when Grim's gone you could do that sort of voodoo?
Tally: *smoking* Right. So here's my question, what are the side effects with mental instability?
Hojo: I don't know. I don't know, I've never done anything, there's no research to draw on here. This is bleeding edge work.
Vin: *frowns*
Veld: *frowns too*
Veld: If you dung you up some slum people could you learn?
Tally: That would work *what morals? these are my kids, damnit*
Veld: *hey, I'm a problem solver, not a people person*
Hojo: In theory. I'd need... I'd need a sample for the subject. I think I can produce it if you get me a red materia.
Vin: *drinking heavily*
Hojo: Um, something small and cute, if you can manage it.
Tally: I have a Carbunkle.
EcchanAtomsk: (EE XD) bunky)
Vin: *itches head*
Hojo: Good.
Tally: Right, meet up at the bar then. *looks at watch* *Bar is their meeting place* And Veld, you and skinny break into Grim's labs, I want to know what EXACTLY he's doing with my kids.
Tally: *out*
Vin: *right, bar, going, drinking*
Veld: I hate it when she does that. Can you stand, kid?
Hojo: Yeah, I think I can. *does*
Veld: *looks at clock* Grim should be heading out for the day in ten minutes. So I've got that much time to come up with a plan and hope you don't fuck it up. Understood?
Lu: Share xx
Hojo: Understood, yes.
Veld: Lu, you should be heading to the bar by now. Skedaddle.
Veld: I can pick locks. Do you know where anything is in the lab, Hojo?
Hojo: I worked two days. I can find whatever you need.
Veld: Good. Alright. So essentially, I need you to stay quiet, not trip on anything and not set anything on fire.
Hojo: I can manage that.
Veld: Alright, let's go hide out in the office across from the hall until he leaves. *walks*
Hojo: *follows* *has completely forgotten he's still barefoot*
Lu: ::skedaddles::
Veld: *gets them to the office without incident, yey*
Lu: ::trying to catch up with Vin at the bar:: xx
Hojo: *sits*
Veld: *paces around*
Lu: you know...I could stand the oogling...and even the groping...but this is all just a bit much.
Veld: *stops pacing* He's locking up.
Hojo: *nods*
Tally: *at the bar, waiting*
Veld: Alright, we can go in now. Move.
Hojo: *moves*
Vin: ...hey, Lu? Do you think this has anything to do with mom's lack of the sane? (yeah two places at once)
Lu: um...I dunno?
Lu: I guess it's possible
Lu: oh man my brain hurts now
Vin: She's got the same voice in her head problem, and Grim loves that shit.
Veld: *picks lock, there is not security system because we didn't have the budget to install one*
Lu: yeah but _I_ am not hearing shit and YOU are not hearing shit
Lu: ...are you?
Lu: and yeah Grim's creep that way
Veld: Go about and find useful things, nerdion.
Vin: *lowly* I'm hearing things.
Lu: oh.
Lu: well then.
Lu: wonder why I'm not?
Lu: maybe I think too loud.
Hojo: *goes straight for the file cabinet in Grim's office*
Veld: *paces about again*
Hojo: *happens to have noticed the code* *unlocks* *whispers to Veld* Should I just take these or photocopy them or what?
Lu: ::swings legs 'cause her feet don' quiet reach the floor::
Hojo: Hey, these are my files... *takes*
Veld: Crap. If we take them, he'd probably notice. Is there a photocopier in here?
Hojo: Corner over there. *points* Can you copy while I nick what we'll need for the treatment?
Veld: It's not like photocopiers are hard to operate or antyhing...
Hojo: Yes, but you're the boss, I'd hate to give you orders.
Veld: Actually, I'm not. I just end up doing all the work because Tally has to deal with the Board. But ok.
(Tally: I lead missions if I don't think you can handle it)
Hojo: *pulling stuff out of the supply cabinets*
(Veld: That too. But if I suddenly got "Tally's Bitch" tattooed to my ass that wouldn't be an inaccurate thing.*
(Tally: Welcome to middle management)
Veld: *hates technology* Alright photocopier. Behave.
Veld: *hits buttons*
Photocopier: ERROR.
Veld: WHAT?!
Veld: *pulls out gun and smacks it*
Hojo: *has his pockets full of needles and suchlike*
Photocoper: You are my BITCH, bitch.
Hojo: Do you, ah, want me to do that?
Lu: Vin?
Veld: *starts swearing in Wutain at it*
Lu: I have a question.
Veld: Oh. Um. Sure.
Lu: if we're supposed to get unscienced, should we be drinking?
Hojo: *Wutain* That model's made in Kalm anyway.
Veld: *oh right. he's a Wute and can understand that*
Hojo: *opens up photocopier and unjams it* Won't speak Wutaian. I always thought it'd be fun if they made these voice-print activated.
Hojo: *pets the machine* *copy*
Veld: *smirk*
Veld: Technology hates me.
Hojo: That's a shame.
Veld: No, it's a nuisance.
Hojo: That too. *reassembles the files as they finish copying*
Veld: So I can assume you're actually from Wutai instead of some slum kid, correct?
Vin: booze makes the voices shut up ^^
Hojo: Yes, originally.
Hojo: By way of, well, everywhere else.
Veld: Heh. Just the accent. I was curious.
Veld: We have everything now?
Hojo: Yeah, I can kludge it from here. *puts the files away* *keeping his own notes, dammit*
Veld: *hey he comes after you, you don't exist, fine by me*
Veld: Alright, head out and I'll lock up.
Hojo: *does, already reading the files*
Veld: *locks up. cause and effect, eh?*
Veld: *looks around hallway, no one's there* Ok, we're clear.
Hojo: Oh, I think I might need the broom closet after all, by the way, this is going to require a fair amount of space for the refining.
Tally: *we could just use a slum warehouse, if its that bad, or floor 13, that no one else really knows about*
Veld: Or we could just give you Valentine's office. He's usually pestering me in mine anyway. I'm sure he'll be heartbroken.
Hojo: I just need space, I don't care where it is.
Veld: Can you carry all that?
Hojo: As long as I'm not going far. *arms full of glass tubes*
Veld: Here, I'll take some of that. No use testing Murphey's Law.
Hojo: Alright.
Veld: *takes some papers and tubes* *hit elevator button with elbow*
Hojo: *still reading*
Veld: We'll dump all this upstairs and then head to the bar. It's not far off.
Veld: *elevatoring*
Hojo: Sure.
[timelapse of science, cause I assume they won't get into any trouble?]
Tally: *has shoes*
Veld: *enters bar* All here?
Vin: *doing one of those number crosswords*
Scarlet: *also crosswording, with words*
Hojo: *nose buried in photocopies*
Tally: Alright, Skinny, here's some shoes, what's going on with my kids?
Hojo: *puts the shoes on* Short version, yes, it's Aeon bonding. *hands her a file* Here's the full version of the notes on Vincent, the one for Lu is right here.
Hojo: Vincent's file is tagged "chaos". Lu's is tagged "bahamut".
Tally: *Frowns* Wonderful, it would have been nice if he would have you know, cared about the failed phyc exams
Hojo: The process notes look fairly straightforward considering this involves smelting materia. I shouldn't have any trouble pulling it off given space, equipment and time.
Hojo: Failed exams? *flips through the paper*
Veld: *we all failed, actually*
Hojo: *well, that's lovely*
Tally: Yeah, Tammy Valentine is a current patient at Wellsburg Mental Institute.
Vin: *uncomfortable*
Veld: *ordered water and settles down next to Vin*
Hojo: Ooh, that's a shitho-- er, I'm going to need to evaluate brain chemistry before I can develop a drug to sublemate the Aeon...
EcchanAtomsk: (AHAHAHA that's a shitdsfhsadhdj XD)
Vin: Working on moving her, but Grim's the boss.
Hojo: Right. Figures.
Veld: *pinches nose* *headache*
Hojo: *flip flip flip* Okay, Lu should be easy enough to mitigate, Vincent's chemistry might require a bit more tweaking.
Veld: Define tweaking.
(nipple tweaking?)
(Veld: ...)
Hojo: Just means his brain chemistry's atypical, requires more to compensate.
(Tally: Why does my desk make them want to willy nilly?)
(Ansem: *peers at the desk*)
Veld: Alright.
Vin: What do you need then?
Hojo: I'll make a list. Will you be able to order them?
Veld: Don't worry about that.
Tally: Scarlet and I can be very persuasive.
Hojo: ... Right, then.
(Can I admit how tempted I am to have Hojo test Carbunkle on himself? XD)
(Ansem: *ENABLES*)
(...don't listen to him he's a biased party)
Hojo: *making notes*
[timelapse of SCIENCE]
(btw, he hates that idea.)
Tally and Vin: *moving tables*
Tally: How's this?
Hojo: This will do.
Veld: *snickers* I think all you're missing is an Igor.
Hojo: Are you volunteering? *setting up*
Tally: Alright, this is going to have to be a side project, you've got missions soon.
Veld: Ha.
Veld: That's right. We're going to Kalm, skinny.
Hojo: Sure. As long as this setup won't be touched while I'm gone, I can get things started.
Tally: If they do...
Scarlet: I'll make them sorry. ^^
Hojo: You said you had a summon?
Tally: Well, out of curiousity... ah, they wouldn't have had the chance to do this to us all, would they have?
Veld: Tally, no. Please, just no.
Hojo: I didn't see any other notes. Why?
Veld: She's got that look in her eye... that "idea" look...
Tally: Because I'm paranoid. You can test this on me, but I didn't know what would happen if I had one already.
Veld: Anyway, he just wanted the materia?
Veld: *she never listens. and she's scary. sometimes I hate my job.*
Hojo: You want to test it on you?
Tally: *has a backpack full of the shit* *and I'll kick your ass, Dragoon*
Tally: Yes, before you do anything with any of you, I want to make sure it's safe.
Hojo: Well, it's already done to them...
Veld: *pinches nose*
Hojo: *shrugs* It's your orders, ma'am. You want me to shoot you up, I will.
Veld: Tally, that's not a good idea. If anything weird happens, we've lost our leverage on the Board.
Tally: *looks around* Have you ever seen Vin flip his shit? He'd rip your arms off and shove them down your throat if he felt like it, I don't want that to happen.
Veld: And they haven't experimented on you at all, if I recall.
Veld: Hence that being a bad idea.
Tally: Well, what do you suggest?
Hojo: With all due respect, ma'am, he's got a point. If you've not had the baseline treatments, it would take me days at least to figure out if it was viable for you.
Veld: I don't know. Just use someone else.
Lu: ::scrubbing bar counter with napkin as it is not shiny enough to please her::
Tally: *frowns* Well, how about this, do bloodtests and whoever is the best fit you work on?
Hojo: Whatever you want.
Hojo: *wheeee, ridiculous apparatus of twisty tubes*
(ansem: *hearts at Hojo's apparati*)
Veld: *what the fuck is THAT?*
(that sounded wrong)
Hojo: I love smelting.
(apparati hee hee hee)
Veld: *raises eyebrow*
Hojo: *closes eyes* *prayer to Ifrit* *turns on the bunsen burner*
Hojo: Red materia, please?
Tally: *hands it over*
Hojo: *places it in the tray* Now we wait.
(Tally: It's leading from the FRONT and you WHINE about my deligating, I'm not going to abandon you, kid, Breathe)
(Lu: like how Vin delegates me to do the laundry?)
(Vin: I do not! You just don't like my piles)
(Vin: Most of my clothes migrated to Veld's anyway)
(Veld: Because you seem to think boxers are appropriate enough attire for anything.)
Veld: *waits*
Hojo: *note note notes*
(Vin: You don't seem to complain that I read in your bed in boxers)
Hojo: Okay, you said Kalm? What're we doing?
(Lu: Colors and WHITES, Vin. I KNOW you aren't THAT colorblind)
Tally: It'll be boring, Grim's giving a speech on his latest amazig achievement, probably your amazing achievement, to be honest. He needs bodygaurds
Veld: And there might be a side assassination.
Hojo: Can it be of Grimoire?
Tally: While you're there, ShinRa needs to have you guys drop in on some business partners
Veld: *laughs* Wait in line.
Tally: Not Grimoire, kiddo.
Hojo: *nods* Alright.
Tally: And yeah, Skinny, Valentine and Lu have dibs.
Veld: Some fat old men with far too much money, kid. Nothing special.
Veld: *decided to clean his gun while he waits*
Hojo: *nods*
Hojo: *not good with waiting in line, but will pretend at least*
(Lu: I think you're #332)
Veld: *I'm actually ahead of you in line, too.*
(Vin: *will rip off arms, as aformentioned*)
(Lu: ::is #115::)
(Lu: ::will chew off kneecaps::)
Tally: *worried* You and Skinny can take someone else with you, if you like, Dragoon.
(Veld: That's about right. XD I popped off #10 and took his spot)
Veld: Can we spare anyone?
Hojo: *playing with his gun, he's still not used to the weight*
Tally: Do you need someone, Veld?
(Lu: hee ^^)
Veld: *without looking* Put the safety back on before you shoot yourself in the foot.
Veld: Need? Not particularly? I thought this was a basic two man op.
Hojo: It's not loaded.
Tally: Hojo, have you ever fired a sniper?
Hojo: That's the rifle-type with the big-ass sight, right?
Tally: Do you want Valentine?
Hojo: I liked that one.
Veld: If you want me to take him along, Tally, just say so.
Tally: *pinches nose* Veld, I want you to start making your own choices about these missions, hence me giving you the option, you're not a child, I don't have to hold your hand.
Tally: But he's the best shot we have, and this may require a sniper.
Veld: Fine. Yes, I would like Valentine to come along.
Hojo: *likes the sniper rifle*
Hojo: *is a natural with the handguns, though*
Vin: *pointing out the finer points of how to aim*
(Imagine that.)
Hojo: *shoots, it goes wide and gets the paper target in the arm*
Vin: Hrm... you need.... motivation. *goes and puts a picture of Grimoire on the target* There.
Hojo: *nails it right between the eyes*
Vin: *pats on the back* There ya go, Skinny, motivation.


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