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[Finn is in his father's office, he plans on going to the honey bee. Amon has a stipulation]

Amon: ... I don't care, Finn last week you looked like you were mauled by some wild animal. You go up to the Turk office and take those two scary bastards with you.

Finn: But that scary bastard is the one who-- er. If you insist. I can't just take the one?

Amon: *look* Take them both, they loom well.

Finn: Looming people take all the fun out. *storms out and slams the door behind him*

Veld: *working, like WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO?*

Finn: *stomps upstairs*

Vin: *doing Veld's paperwork that he forgot about*

Vin: *lights up a smoke*

Veld: You with the no smoking.

Veld: *snatches cig*

Finn: *smarms into the office* You guys busy?

Veld: ...No.

Vin: *rolls eyes and is in mid grab for smoke* That depends, sir.

Veld: *yes, but you're Finn and this means we aren't busy*

Finn: Good. I need you guys.

Vin: *looks from Veld to Finn and ALMOST doesn't smirk*

Veld: *you smirk and I BEAT you*

Veld: Alright, sir, what do you need us for?

Vin: *smirk* *coughs to try to cover it*

Finn: I'm going down to the Bee. Dad wants me to take you both along.

Veld: Great. *gets up, grabs his sidearm* Might as well get this over with.

Vin: You need us for that?

Vin: *wee guns, I like guns*

Finn: Hey, I wanted to take just you, but Dad insisted on the three way.

Vin: *snicker*

Veld: *glares at Vin*

Vin: *puts a smoke in his mouth* Any threats we should know about?

Veld: *snatches smoke, not even looking*

Finn: *shrugs* Not that I know of, but there's crazy dirty Wutes everywhere, so who knows?

Veld: Valentine, you ready? *hopes this goes quickly, hates people and noise, kthnx*

Vin: Let's go.


Corneo: *basks in the attention of at least five honeybees*

Finn: *wanders off with some half-naked people of mixed gender*

Veld: *is doing the hiding in a corner thing that he does at the Honeybee*

Vin: *sits at bar* Sup Corney? *awaits his regular wiskey no ice*

Corneo: Oh, the usual. Care to meet any of my lovely friends here? *passes a hand over a honeybee's stinger-portion* They're terribly friendly.

Random Honeybee: *hits on Veld*

Veld: Away ye harlot.

Bee Gal Q: *pats Corneo's hair* Need a refill, Big C? <3

Random Honeybee: But you look so tense, sir...*in Veld's bubble*

Random Honeybee: Are you sure you wouldn't like a...massage?

Veld: Would you like me to shoot you? BUZZ OFF.

Vin: Ah... I'm seeing someone. So no more honeydips, Corny

Random Honeybee: *looks scandalized*

Vin: Veld, getcher ass over here and off the loners couch and they'll leave ya alone!

Random Honeybee: *scuttles off*

Corneo: *winks and slides his glass over* Scotch on the rocks, beautiful. *turns to grin lopsidedly at Vin* Are they /here/, though. That's the question.

Bee Girl: *giggles at Vin*

Veld: I'm hiding from the debauchery.

Vin: *smirks* Now now, this one's different, Corny, I think they'd actually mind... *sideglance at the hot Bee Girl* And damn I better earn a place in the promised land for it.

Bee Gal Q: You got it. *fixes the drink with ye olde really expensive boozeahol* *parks near Vin and slides the glass back to Corneo*

Bee Gal S: *sits on Vin's other side* <3

Hot Bee Girl: *whispers naughty things in Vin's ear*

Bee Gal S: Promised Land's not all it's cracked up to be, sir ;)

Veld: *twitch*

Bee Gal S: The Devil has all the best tunes...and girls

Vin: *whispers something naughtier AND with the requirement of her being double jointed in Bee Girl's ear back*

Hot Bee Girl: *grins wickedly* *is SO double jointed*

Bee Q: *watching Veld* you look tense. Wanna drink? *aww sympathetic to the stuffy old guy*

Vin: *drinks* Not much changed since I worked for ya a few months, huh Corny?

Vin: *did a stint to pay off some debt when he was about 14*

Veld: I'm always tense, ye harlot. But... a drink may be fine. Something light.

Corneo: *sips delicately at his scotch* Oh, so much has changed. There are now at least three times as many friends here for me as there were before. The boys and girls are so lovely, are they not?

Bee q: *nods and gets him a gin and tonic.* Lemon or lime in this?

Corneo: *one track mind*

Bee S: *giggle*

Vin: *finishes his drink* Hell yeah, you're comin up in tha world. I still don't know why Amon sent me and Veld.

Veld: Uh... lemon?

Bee q: *adds it* There ya go. <3

Veld: Thank you. Get some schooling, kid, get out of this place. *drinks*

Vin: *sees* Oh fucking hell.

Corneo: I'm glad they did. It's been far too long. I know that my entertainment ventures would be grimly depressing were it not for these relaxing jaunts.

Vin: Corny, don't let them give Veld anything more to drink.

Bee Q: Hey, this pays for schooling. XD

Vin: *gets up to get Veld before he falls on his ass*

Veld: *drink tastes distinctly alcoholic but hey, it's all good!*

Veld: Ey Valerntine! S'up?

Hot Bee Girl: Yeah, I'm paying my way through law school.

Corneo: But why not? We're all friends here, aren't we? *leans forward, arching a suggestive eyebrow*

Bee S: I'm getting through med school.

Bee Q: *leans on HBG* Likewise. ^_^

Vin: *winks* Hey now, jus cause Finn and I had fun don't mean I'm free fer all.

Vin: *gets Veld* Come on, Velly, let's go sit where Corny can keep an eye on you*

HBG: *acts like an exhibitionist lesbian with Bee Q*


Corneo: Ooh, I'll gladly keep an eye on thi... ooo, lesbians, 4 o'clock.

Bee S: *giggles at teh antics*

Vin: I'm.... *oooo lesbians* Telling him that I'm sorta seeing someone so I will not be having a hot threesome with... Oh dear god you still have those twins here don't you?

Bee Twin 1: *waving from doorway*

Veld: Leggo, yer actin slutty again, kid.

Bee Twin 2: *appears next to Twin 1 and winks*

Bee Twin 1: *becons*

Bee Twin 2: *kissy face* <3

Corneo: *murmurs something along the lines of "giggity giggity giggity"* The twins are the star attraction! They make almost as much as I do. Almost.

Corneo: And threesomes are good for the soul. There needs to be more love going around because hey, none of us got enough of it in our childhoods.

Veld: Am I tha drunk er am I seein doubles?

Vin: No no.... those are hot twins... like that time in Wutai.

Vin: I need another drink. *sighs and slumps on bar*

Corneo: Mirrie! Marrie! Please, come introduce yourselves to my -special- friends here.

Bee Twin 1: *sways over to Vin and draps over him like a scarf*


Veld: *to twin* Ya want me ta shoot ya, harlot?

Bee Twin 2: *bounces over and drapes on the other side*

Vin: Oh they weren't going to hurt me.

Vin: I run quick

Bee Twin 1: You could always join in, sir *giggle*

Bee Twin 2: The more the merrier. *giggle*

Vin: Lay off him before I pull off your wings and choke you to death with them.

Veld: I know bout Wutain sacr--I WILL NOT PARTAKE OF YER DERBACHERY!

Finn: *various shouting from back room*

Vin: *goes to check on Finn*

Door: *locked*

Vin: *against door* You alright, Sir?

Veld: *drunkenly looks there* S'ok Valerntine. Maybe shit's finally DEAD.

Voice: *talking in Wutaian*

Finn: *doesn't answer*

Corneo: Hey now, boys. Be nice to these girls. They're our friends.

Veld: Glitterman, they can't keep their hands ta themselves.

Vin: *sigh* Velly? Come tell me what they are saying?

Veld: This makes me twitchy.

Vin: Because he's not answering and if he dies, Amon's gonna be pissed

Bee Twin 1: That's not usually what's wanted of us, sir *giggle*

Veld: So? Let tha damn punk die!

bee Q: *worried* I didn't give him a big shot. .3.

Bee Twin 2: That's no fun at all.

Vin: our JOB is to not let him die.

Veld: Fine. *gets up, takes two steps, faceplants*

Voices: *more yelling in Wutaian*

Vin: *picks Veld up* There, what did they say?

Finn: *moaning*

Corneo: *grabs and pulls a twin onto his lap, nuzzling at her neck* How do you all smell so swee... *pulls his head up* What is all that COMMOTION?

Bee Q: He said he wanted it light so I went light on the gin and he's hammered from...oh, shoooot.

Voice: "Pull harder, dammit, he's not talking!"

Veld: Uh....

Vin: That's bad *kicks open door all Turklike with the gun stuff*

Voice: "Oh for fuck's sake"

Veld: *draws gun, covers eyes*

Finn: *tied up on bed, bleeding, and looking rather orgasmic*

Veld: Is e dead?

Various Wutaian Spies: *looking frustrated and pissy*

Bee Q: Is he okay is he okay!? *flutter* ... Whoa. he's okay.

Wutaian Spy: *wets himself*

Q: he's more than okay.

Vin: *shoots the spys*

Spies: *draw guns and aim at Vin but are too slow and DIE*

Corneo: *dives behind the bar*

Vin: *points gun at the one that wet himself* You had better talk in Midgirian.

Veld: *does some shooting, but not aiming cause he refuses to uncover his eyes*

Vin: *has left one alive* Velly, check Finn?

Veld: Do I have ta?

Spy: I speak Engrish?

Vin: Yes.

Corneo: *resurfaces, grabs beegirls, then dives back behind the bar* Ooo.

Vin: What were you doing?

Q: Thanks, C :D

HBG: Hold me, sir! *buries Corneo's face in her bosoms*

Veld: *uses wall to keep from falling over and pokes Finn with gun*

Spy: Get infolmation flom heir, brow up Shinla corpolation.

Corneo: *muffled* Ohh, I'll keep you safe, my dear.

Veld: Oh fun. Valerntine, kill it.

Vin: no no blowing up. WE blow YOU up, that's how this works.

Finn: *moans*

Bar: *blushes a deeper shade of mahogany*

Q: *squee* <3 <3

Veld: Finn, are you alive?

Bee Twin 1: *fainted in a very dramatic and obviously practiced way that shows off her assests to full extent*

Finn: Veld? Are you in on this kinky shit too? I never knew you had it in you.

Vin: NO Veld is NOT into kinky shit, Finn.

Spy: We no get brown up.

Veld: Sir, that would be a no. Typically one pokes tha body ta see if its alive.

Finn: So why's he in here? What's going on? *blindfolded*

Vin: Oh yes you are going to get blown up, where are you staying while you are here?

Corneo: *packed behind bar like sardines. Round, pink, jiggly sardines* Oh dear... I think this one needs mouth to mouth.

Veld: We're savin ya from spies! Ya should be proud!

Spy: I no tark!

((Corneo has so many STDs that they cancel each other out))

Vin: *walks over slowly alla Turk*

Vin: *nose to nose, not touching teh spy* I think you will.

Finn: Spies? You mean they don't work here? I can't hire them again?

Veld: Eh, Finn, ya think I could git a raaaaise? *man, is he wasted*

Q: *fans Twin 1 with her cute antenna hat*

Bee Twin 2: *cops a feel* *yay twincest*

Spy: Er, ah, solly? Here addless. *hands him a card*

Finn: Sure, Veld. If you hit me with that whip.

Veld: Ah.... no.

Vin: *the non-blinking glare* Are you sure?

Veld: How bout I jus untie ya.

Finn: Fine. *long-suffering sigh*

Vin: *shoots out leg* Anything else come to mind?

Veld: Sorry if I fall over er somethin, I had alcherhol.

Q: *pinches Corneo's butt*


Bee Twin 1: *flutters eyelashes* Where am I?

Spy: *bleeds like a stuck pig*

Veld: *fiddles with a knot, which is beyond his drunken capacity to untie*

Vin: *sigh* Veld, trade me?

Finn: Ooh, tighter! Do that again!

Vin: *walks over to Finn* Go play scary turk with the Wute

Veld: Do I git ta shoot things? AND SHUT UP FINN!

Veld: Uh, tha floor keeps movin.

Vin: *pushes Veld against the wall to lean* Just... Stay.

Veld: Hokay!

Veld: Dun do anythin derbaucherous!

Vin: *gets on bed and takes Finn's blindfold off and starts untying him* Ya almost got killed, Sir.

Finn: What, again?

Vin: Yeah, spies. * slides off and works on untying the legs*

Veld: They dun do a good nough job!

Finn: Where does Wutai get all these kinky bastards?!

Vin: Hellif I know, but they all seem to be.

Veld: Suppressed culture er somethin.

Vin: Ya alright, sir?

Voice: FUCK them both! You know you fucking want to. Finn likes it, Veld's drunk.

Voice: You know it's been a WEEK since you got laid, Vinny.

Voice: A week. This cuddling shit has got to stop.

Finn: Worst case of blueballs I've had in... oh, two months.

Finn: But intact and mostly unharmed, yes.

Veld: Too. Much. INFERMATION.

Voice: Offer to help Finn with that.

Vin: *clears throat* Right well maybe Corny can set you up with something to take care of that sir.

Veld: We done ere? Killed all tha bad guys saved tha whelp?

Corneo : *tosses four bras onto the bar-top*


Finn: Yeah, tell Corneo to send a pair home with me and help them to the car, alright?

Vin: *nods* Yessir.

Vin: *makes sure spy is dead and goes to talk to Corny*

Vin: *to Veld* Just... I'll be back.

Spy: X_X

Veld: Gah... spinnin. Alcherhol is baaad.

Corneo: *goes WEEEEEEEEEEEEEELAH in response to something one or two of the beegirls did*

HBG: *giggle* *whimper*

BT1: *mouth busy*

Vin: *knocks on the top of the bar like its a door*

Finn: *kisses Veld on the cheek to see what he does*

BT2: *moan*


Corneo: Hey what, WHAT WHAT? *pops up, lipstick smeared and wearing a thong tilted jauntily on his head* You tryin' to get me ... oo don't stop just because we have guests, babe ... killed?

Veld: *blinks* Away ye harlot.

Vin: *may hurt Finn in the bad way*

Vin: All dead, you may screw on the top of the bar now.

Vin: And send the twins to Finn's car for him

Finn: I'm not a harlot. I'm a whoremonger.

Veld: Isn't THAT speshul.

Corneo: Finn, so that's where you've been hiding. You look bad, and not just the spanked-until-your-butt-was-as-red-as-a-Bomb way.

Vin: *beat him up worse during sex in that room last week*

Finn: Awww, come on, Corney. I don't look that bad. *walks over and drapes over the bar* Ooh, there room for me down there?

BT1: *giggles* Only if you're bendy, sir

Veld: *yay! space no longer invaded!*

Finn: I am EXTREMELY bendy! *dives over the bar*

Vin: *walks over to room* Ya alright Velly?

Corneo: Always plenty. If I remember correctly, you're more than slightly flexible *eyebrow wiggle* Oooh, you've /shaved/.

Veld: Harlots EVERWHERE.

Corneo: . o O ( Isn't it paradise? )

BT2: I am too. <3

Vin: Well, this is a whorehouse.

BT1: Aren't we all? <3

Finn: Yay! <3

Veld: S'this job done YET?


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