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So, Drakon and I were still awake and she posed the question that considering Veld was unusually calm with Hojo, what did he do when he left.

Eh... he's a little crazy.

[Veld is walking out of Nibel, getting into his car just after talking to Hojo over Vin's body.]
Veld: *does that weird mechanical driving thing that he does*
Veld: You need a drink, Veld.
Veld: *yes, he talks to himself, he's craaaazy remember?*
Radio: *plays one of those sappy fucking songs*
Veld: Soon as you get into Midgar. You've got plenty of extra cash. *turns radio off*
common sense: Drinking is bad.
Veld: Yes, and so is death that you're very much at fault for.
Veld: So it outweighs you, shut up.
Veld: *kinda shuts up with himself, lookit Midgar*
Veld: *parks car with the other company cars, as he does not own one of his own*
Veld: *finds bar, whoo!*
Veld: *sits down, orders drink, really doesn't know what he ordered*
ChaosVinthing: Ain't gonna make this not your fault.
Veld: Of course not. That's why I'm going to drink this off and hopefully that'll kick start my bad memory.
CVT: *sitting next to him* Drink it off, then what? Huh, another killing spree. Fucker. Didn't even look at him. Coward.
CVT: But I suppose it gives me some side time, see maybe what he saw in you. Hope you don't mind me borrowing his form.
Veld: I have enough bad images in my mind as it is. And you know that ALWAYS bothered me.
Veld: *drinks, makes face as it's rather acidic*
CVT: But that was Vin.
Veld: No, you see, it wasn't.
CVT: Yeah it was.
Veld: Fuck you.
CVT: Dead dead dead.
CVT: Hojo's going to drill in his head a bit, just to make sure.
Veld: Hojo wouldn't do that. There's a reason I didn't shoot him.
CVT: Hojo's a doctor. Vincent's an interesting specimen.
Veld: Right, and none of those science kids are expendable.
CVT: But don't worry, I'll keep Vin company. Tell him how you wouldn't even look at him.
CVT: Maybe he'll listen to me now.
Veld: You do that. Keeping company with a corpse seems your style.
CVT: Not a corpse, with Vin. *laughs* Stupid fucking kid.
Veld: Whatever. *drinks something else* I don't know why I'm even listening to you.
Veld: *coughs, whoops, wrong pipe*
CVT: Yer better off. Needy kids, no good comes from them. You could make that couple over there necking? Make their horny brains splat all over the wall.
CVT: I'll make sure Vin knows how happy ya are with him dead. It'll make my life.
Veld: Now, you clearly don't get the art of serial killing. In this case, you go for the heart.
Veld: What, you going to follow him to the afterlife? Geez, you're a parasite.
VTC: Oh yeah, but when you don't have one. Hearts are silly things.
VTC: We all follow him. It's the deal
Veld: Well, that can't be fun.
VTC: If he would have listened to me he wouldn't be dead.
Veld: Oh? You think he'd listen to YOU? Ha.
VTC: He listened to you, I think I have more sense.
Bar: *is very late, so no more than 10 people there*
Veld: Oh no, he never listened to me.
VTC: *laughs* HA. Oh really?
VTC: Bullshit. that kid idolized you.
VTC: SO damn pathetic.
Veld: He'd have gone to school a lot earlier and have stayed out of this shit if that were true.
VTC: He didn't know you. What you want a rhode scholar from the SLUMS?
VTC: He was working hard, a lot harder than you did. Doin all that extra work, all that damn time, NEVER telling you he did it. Lettin ya scream at him
Veld: No, he didn't know me. Hell, I don't even know me.
VTC: I know you.
Veld: *looking around* Which ones should I take out first, you think?
Veld: Of course you do. You're evil.
VTC: So you were just fucking with him! I knew I liked you. And I already said that necking couple.
Veld: Yes, but there's a big guy near the door that might be packing. Survival, my psychopathic friend. You always have to consider that.
Veld: And, no, I wasn't fucking with him.
VTC: Yes you were. And I don't quite care if you get killed. But the bartenders got a LongShot, so you'd prolly do best to take him and the big guy out first.
Veld: Thanks for the heads up. Door then bartender.
VCT: It seems like a plan ta me. And really, you just wanted an excuse to shoot things.
Veld: Well, of course. I like shooting things. *two quick bangs*
*insert screaming in the background*
VCT: The chick to your right, packing heat. I mean, now you're blaming your dead fuck for this.
VCT: This is Veld's fault.
Veld: Thanks. *bang* I know this is my fault.
VCT: And that's one point out of two we agree on. Under the table, two kids.
Veld: *bangity bang* I really don't know why I was kidding with myself with the whole not liking killing thing.
VCT: Shame you two couldn't a wigged out together. That woulda been magical. Of course, you never much cared for his company. Don't forget those necking kids.
Veld: Yes, well, nothing is perfect. And I haven't forgotten about them, I'm saving them for last.
Veld: *bangity, other person*
VCT: You're a fucking nutcase man. There's a special place for you.
Veld: Yes, hell. Have I missed any but the last two?
VCT: No way man. Nice job. In the name of nothing at all, you just offed a barfulla people.
Veld: Good. *snipes last two in manner he described before, as in not in the head*
VCT: *shakes head* In the name of nothing, send em to hell, Velly.
Veld: And I don't need a name. Why do you think I do this for a living.
Veld: And I hate that nickname.
VCT: You're crazy. Talking to yourself. *vanishes*
Veld: Yes... yes I am. And gods, I'm not going to be able to stand either.
[The next morning...]
Scarlet: *typetyType* *looks at clock* *worries* *types*
Veld: *so totally stumbles into work 2 hours late, with random blood splotches and missing his tie*
Scarlet: *blinks like five times before leaping up* OH MY GODS! Veld! Veld what happened to you?
Veld: Oh, nothing much.
Veld: Sorry for being late.
Scarket: *looking him over* No no no no what happened?
Scarlet: You're a mess.
Veld: *looks down* I'm missing my tie. Good thing I keep a spare in my desk, huh?
Scarlet: You've got BLOOD on you, Veld.
Veld: Yes, that would be from the now dead people. Funny how that happens.
Scarlet: *blinks* You didn't have a job last night...
Veld: *stumbles over to desk, yes, he's still a little drunk but in that creepy calm way, rifles around for his tie*
Scarlet: And you smell like booze.... Veld, whats wrong?
Veld: Can't find my damn tie.
Scarlet: *Goes and pulls it from another drawer* No, what happened, why are you drunk and splattered with blood?
Veld: Oh, just reevaluation of my life as a whole. I think I might like to go back to field work again.
Scarlet: Veld?
Veld: Hmm?
Scarlet: How was Nibel?
Veld: Quiet, pleasant area. Sunny, temperature around 60 degrees or so, unseasonably warm.
Scarlet: ... How's Vin? There was an accident you said in your report.
Veld: Oh, he was a little on the dead side. But Hojo did say the prosthetics worked marvelously.
Scarlet: ....
Scarlet: ...Dead? You didn't... Veld that... that's not funny.
Veld: Oh I'm perfectly serious. That's almost exactly what he said, but far more witty and annoying.
Scarlet: *blinks*
Scarlet: Vincent's... dead?
Veld: No vital signs. Don't worry, I'm not sending any more of you kids for that project.
Scarlet: *sits on Vin's desk as its the closest thing* Dead?
Veld: Godsdammit Scarlet. YES. DEAD.
Scarlet: *nods and makes it to her desk before breaking down in tears*
Veld: ...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled at you.
Scarlet: *shakes her head* not..not your fault *can't talk more*
Veld: Shhh... it's ok kid.
Scarlet: He's gone... I just... I'll be fine...Just... not now.
Veld: *pats her on shoulder* I know kid.
Veld: *yes ZOMG totally touched someone in a bad mood, you KNOW someone died*
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