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Reeve: *blinks at Lu* Oh, by the way, Miss Lucrecia. I understand I need some shots of some sort?

Lu: Oh of course.providing Hojo has remembered to unlock the door 99

Scarlet: Right, want me to assist? The first time can be a little rough.

Reeve: ...what exactly am I being injected with?

Scarlet: Don't ask questions

Lu: err...well to be quite honest I'll need to check the paperwork. I don't remember off the top of my head

Reeve: . . . . . *looks a bit pale* Can we fudge paperwork?

Lu: did you want to get it overwith? he can ask. I'll look. I'm sure it's nothing too serious.

Scarlet: You need to get it over with. Vin won't be happy if you're out of it.

Lu: all right come on then.

Reeve: All the same, can we fudge it? I got my smallpox shot. And I won't be out of it if I never get the meds.

Scarlet: ... they didn't explain it to you?

Reeve: Is it a big needle? No, nevermind, don't want to know. Really, I know how to forge things quite well. And no. Well, almost. Briefly. Not in detail.

Lu: no we really can't no it's smalle and I'm good, I promise

Scarlet: It's about five of them..

Lu: little ones.just a pinch. c'mon. ::leads way::

Scarlet: Ah... Lu, go get set up. I'll explain it to Reeve...

Lu: okay

Reeve: *looking longingly at the exit* ....five?

Lu: ::goes to get the paperwork and stuff::

Scarlet: ah... seee, Reeve. We're all genetically ah.. changed.

Reeve: . . . . . . so I should have read that waiver carefully, eh?

Scarlet: *matter of factly* yes.

Reeve: *sigh* Okay, help me forge the paperwork then. Please? I like me.

Scarlet: I can't ... you're...ShinRa sorta owns you now.

Lu: all right. c'mon down, guys

Reeve: *shakes head* Fine. So they can think what they want about me and as long as no one's the wiser, we're all happy, yes?

Scarlet: *gives Reeve a look of pity*

Reeve: *starts down* Please, Scarlet. If you won't help me pull something off, then just don't tell if I do. Kay?

Scarlet: I can't... you, just smile and nod, other than Vin, we're all pretty normal.

Lu: ::has paperwork out::

Reeve: *sighs, shakes his head*heads into the room Lu's in* I'm actually exempt from all shots, as it turns out. *smiles at Lu* So just fill out the forms that I was here and..

Lu: okay, looks like all of you are taking some sort of performance enhancer- no jokes please bigger, faster, stronger, better, that sort of thing

Reeve: I'll sign 'em and we'll be a... .... it's not a joke. I've got the documents um.. upstairs. I can get them if you'd like to wait.

Lu: I can tell you the names, but I think they'd stump even Scarlet.sit.:has tabled pushed up so it looks more like a chair::

Reeve: *looks to Scarlet, a "help me?" look, sitting down on the table* Er...really..

Scarlet: *tucks Reeve's hair behind his ear in a mommy sort of manner* I'm sorry...

Lu: roll up your sleeve if you would it's all right.it won't be that bad. ::patpats his arm gently::

Reeve: *definitely paler than he was, rolls up sleeve, wincing and looking away from his arm**all tense*

Lu: ::rubs his shoulder a little:: ::swabs inside of his elbow::

Scarlet: *rubs his shoulder* Shhhh it's alright.

Lu: can you read this for me? ::hands him a magazine:: start here. ::points::out loud please

Reeve: Y-yeah. Umm mm.. It says...

Lu: ::makes sure he's turned away from what she's doing::

Scarlet: *rubby shoulders*

Lu: ::gently slides needle into his arm::keep going

Reeve: "No one's ever seen a giant squid, architethius dux in real life, but scientists are certain that it exists..." Ehh.. *trying not to hyperventilate*

Lu: ::hurries to finish the rest of the injections:: There.you did good. ::smiles::

Reeve: *shaking a little and sweating* G-good. Th-thanks.

Lu: just sit for a minute and try to calm down.here. ::gets him a glass of OJ::

Scarlet: That's it?

Lu: that's it.

Scarlet: *ruffles his hair* How do you feel?

Lu: now these ARE chemicals that your body isn't used to.

Reeve: *wonders why he ever got hired if he can't even handle a shot*accepts OJ*sips shakily* Th-thank you..

Lu: you'll probably be a little dizzy at the very least. if you feel at all weird after say...three hours, let me know.

Reeve: *forced smile at Scarlet* I'm just dandy... *nods at Lu, clearly not okay* Three.. yeah. okay..

Lu: I'll see if we can tweak your dosage.just lay back, okay?

Scarlet: Are you sure you're alright?

Lu: these will affect your body, not your personality. you'll still be you. think of it as...an upgrade.

Reeve: *lays back*shallow breaths* Yeah, I'm good. *stares at ceiling*counts tiles to get his mind off of it*

Lu: ::going about doing more boring stuff like taking his temp and BP::

Reeve: Upgrade.. like.. a better processor...

Lu: you did really well. yeah kind of like that.

Scarlet: *frowns* *rubs Reeve's temples*

Lu: more memory, faster modem ::smiles::

Scarlet: *thinks about Veld's horrible memory and growls*

Reeve: *smiles* Well. Thanks.. yeah.. well. Hah. *holds onto Scarlet's hand with a cold clammy one*tight grip* Yeah.. more RAM...

Reeve: *blinks at Scarlet*lets go* Sorry, am I.. did I..? *calming down considerably*

Scarlet: You did fine. *pets him*

Lu: ::smiles::

Reeve: You growled..

Lu: eh?::had been paying attention to Reeve, not Scarlet::

Reeve: *stares at the ceiling again* ....Miss Scarlet did. By the way, you're very good at giving shots, Miss Lucrecia... and have good magazines...

Lu: hehwell I didn't have a TV handyand reading takes more attention anyway if you can't think about it, you can't freak out about it. you can get up if you feel steady enough go and relax

Reeve: *offers a weak smile* Next time, can you do my shots for me again?

Lu: heh sure ^^

Lu: just wait for a while to eat anything. and no alcohol I also would not suggest anything with caffine juice or milk is okay tho

Reeve: *pushes himself up, pauses to clear the momentary vertigo* Woo, that's.. a weird feeling.

Lu: just go and relax.yeah take it slow ::puts a hand on his shoulder to steady him::

Reeve: *nods* Yeah. I'll relax. Thanks... *another smile*

Lu: think you can make it upstairs by yourself? or would you like ahand?

Reeve: Well, I'd like two. Fortunately, I already have two. *holds up his hands to show her*thinks he's funny*

Scarlet: *holds up Reeve*I have him.

Lu: heh ::shakes head:: okay go watch your horror movie or something ;}

Reeve: *smiles at Scarlet*stands with her help*seems mostly okay*

Lu: and like I said, if you feel the slightest bit weird or sick, TELL ME.

Reeve: *grins at Lu* Great idea. And I will. Thanks..

Scarlet: Come on, Reeve. *nods* Thank you... oh, and ah... I'll be down with Vin next week.

Lu: sure :}

Scarlet: So can you stand on your own, Reeve?

Reeve: *holding on to Scarlet more than is necessary* See you later, Miss Lucrecia. And I definitely can't. I need your help. Let me put my arm around you... *grins at her and does indeed slip his arm around her*

Scarlet: *walks up to the office*

Lu: ::shakes head at them as they leave::::cleans up and files paperwork::

Lu: ::starts in on the rest of the lab while she's at it since it's not clean enough to suit her::

Scarlet: Deep breathing. Right foot first, you're doing great.

Reeve: *milking it for all its worth* Thanks for your support.. I don't take needles well.

Scarlet: *walks into office* Where's Veld?

Vin: *glare of death and bloody doom at Reeve*

Reeve: *blinks*wobbles a bit for show* Hi, Vin.

Reeve: *yep, going to die tonight*

Vin: *points to couch* Lay down.

Reeve: I'm okay, thanks. *leans on Scarlet a little more*

Vin: Do you want that arm on your body much longer?

Reeve: *arches an eyebrow* I'd prefer it stay attached, yes.

Vin: Then get it the fuck off of Letty and your ass on the couch.

Scarlet: Vin!

Reeve: Hm. I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were dating her. *removes his arm and leans against the wall for a moment for balance*at this point mostly exagerrating* *makes his way to the couch where he sits heavily*

Vin and Scarlet: *look at each other and make gagging sounds*

Scarlet: *laughs* Oh gods, I'm NOT seeing Vinnie. He's just got this idea that boys think I'm pretty. Where he got it is beyond me.

Vin: Ask Reeve, he's scammin on you.

Reeve: That's right. All I'm after is a quick lay and you to buy me breakfast. *rolls eyes* I obviously feel you're a two-gil whore.

Vin: *snarls*

Scarlet: AHh ahhh down, down Vinnie.

Reeve: *smirks* Calm down, Mr. Valentine. It was sarcasm. Maybe you've heard of it before?

Vin: *glares*

Scarlet: Vin, no. I know what you are thinking.

Lu: ::finishes dusting lab and putting things away and generalyl organizing so Hojo and Gast will not be able to find ANTYTHING whenthey come down in the morning::

Vin: What am I thinking, then?

Scarlet: You want to skin Reeve's feet like you did that last guy. That was sick

Vin: It worked.

Reeve: *tucks feet under seat inconspicuously*

Lu: ::comes back upstairs::

Reeve: So how do you want me to prove to you I'm not "scamming" her?

Vin: If I really think you are, I'll just kill you and get it out of the way. *totally serious*

Lu: ...did I come at a bad time? ::in doorway::

Scarlet: No, Vin is just playing big brother. Have a seat

Reeve: Hi, Miss Lucrecia. You came at a great time to see me die.Front-row seats, as it were.

Scarlet: *lights up and then tosses smokes to Vin* If he wanted to kill you you wouldn't know it, Reeve.

Reeve: *looks back to Vincent* And you haven't killed me yet so you know you're full of shit with your "scamming" nonsense.

Lu: ...There will be no killing of anybody tonight. One, I just gave him his shots and two, I'm not cleaning up this room too. ;P

Vin: *looks at watch* Actually, I have a job tonight.

Scarlet: Downtown?

Hojo: *wanders in* Hey, have you guys seen my intern...? Oh, hi, Lucrecia.

Hojo: I think someone broke into the building and organized the lab. You wouldn't have any idea who, would you?

Lu: That would be me.

Reeve: ....do I still have to come with you, Mr. Valentine?

Lu: it was an absolute pigsty

Vin: Yes and my name is Vin.

Hojo: Then you can come back downstairs and tell me where you put everything, okay?

Lu: Sure.

Reeve: Vin seems awfully familiar for someone who wants to skin my feet.

Lu: You kids behave.::goes downstairs with Hojo::

Hojo: *leaves* See you tomorrow in the lab, Red!


Reeve: *offers a wave to Lu and Hojo, although mostly to Lu*


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