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[Vin is strapped on a table, another round of shots. Jenny glows in the tank happily. Vin is not so much with the happy. Hojo is how he usually is around Vin when Vin is unhappy]

Hojo: *busily getting everything Just So* Lu's not feeling well, so I'm afraid I'll be giving you your shots today.

Vin: I'm overjoyed...what one came out last time?

Hojo: Gigas. Hitting on me again. *twitch* I don't think I ever wanted to know this much about your subconscious, Vincent.

Vin: Oh you should hear what he wants me to do with you when you're not paying attention.

Hojo: No, I really don't think I should. *turns on tape recorder* X day, X month, X year. Subject: Valentine. Any comment on your mental or physical state before we begin, Valentine?

Vin: The one with the chainsaw keeps talking abot Chaos and giggling.

Hojo: Is Chaos an actual personality I'm going to get to meet eventually or are you folks just fond of the breakdown of the natural order?

Vin: They talk about it like a "he" and I'm having these weird dreams lately. Talking in jibberish.

Hojo: Jibberish? *wipes elbow and administers first shot, has at least learned from Lu to distract from the shot*

Vin: It's not Wutain, or English or anything I know.

Vin: So I assume I made it up, he's just in my head....right?

Hojo: I sincerely doubt you would recognize every language on the earth. I don't suppose you could repeat any of it?

Vin: I'm touched at your ideas on my intelligence... *rotates arm in strap on table* *thinks* *In broken Cetrain* "going to have a reunion."

Hojo: Vincent, even I don't recognize every-- *blinks* *repeats in correct Cetrain* Like that?

Vin: Yeah, that's it. perfect.

Hojo: That's not gibberish. That's Cetrain. *looks very shaken*

Vin: How the hell do I know Cetrain?

Hojo: *had assumed until this point that all Vincent's demons were psychological* How the hell should I know? I'm still gathering data.

Vin: Do you want me to try to bring him out this time then?

Hojo: Not only will I learn something, I also won't get flirted with. Smashing idea.

Hojo: *administers second shot a little too fast, as he's gotten distracted and is now behind on the official schedule*

Vin: *wince* Goddamnit, that fucking....*yawn*

Hojo: Don't whine, there's only one more. *does final shot*

Vin: *eyes moving quickly though they are closed*

Vin: Cycles through voices, Galian, Gigas, Hellmasker, then goes still.

Hojo: *narrating for benefit of recorder* Eyes flickering, apparent REM state. Waiting.

Vin!Chaos: *in cetrain* I'm... really getting agitated with you.

Hojo: Subject is speaking Cetrain. Will engage in same.

Hojo: *in Cetrain* Agitated? Why is that?

Cho!Vin: Untie me you pathetic little welp.

Hojo: See, I'm thinking that's a bad idea when you're insulting me like that.

Cho!Vin: *growls* Fine, I'll do it myself.

Cho!Vin: *yanks at straps*

Hojo: *english* Subject is struggling and... er...

ChoVin: *sits up and tosses straps to the floor* Next time I tell you something, I EXPECT it done. *looks around and curses in cetrain for a good minute*

Hojo: *on the intercom* SECURITY! DMITRI!

ChoVin: *tilts head* Frightened now, I thought you could handle everything...

Hojo: *having conversation in Cetrain, I assume* I can handle everything just fine when you stay strapped to the table like you're supposed to. *reaches for Ol Faithful, his tranq gun*

Jenova: What the hell are you doing here?

Chaos: Jenova? Well, that explains this now doesn't it. What are you doing with this ... thing? Aww, look, he's going to shoot me.

Hojo: I work here...? Oh, you mean him. Wait, you know him?

Chaos: *glares* Could you shut up and let us talk?

Jenova: He's far more useful than you ever were, Chaos.

Chaos: *still glaring at Hojo*

Hojo: *really really wishes Jen were talking in a way recordable* *grins* Useful. That's me.

Jenova: He understands his PLACE. *laughs* And anyway, you're stealing the body of a lunatic.

Hojo: *only mildly miffed at that*

Chaos: *Still watching Hojo, isn't blinking* We could fix that, Jenova.

Hojo: Why am I not liking the sound of that?

Chaos: *is ignoring Hojo* Wouldn't it be fun to let me out for good? This kid is pathetic, you hsould here what he thinks.

Jenova: I don't purport to understand most humans, Chaos.

Hojo: "For good"? That's definitely not in the project summary...

Chaos: and you're playing with them. Pathetic.

Jenova: Who's pathetic?! You don't have a form and you are calling ME pathetic?!

Chaos: *now looks at the tank* OH and if I took you from that tank?! Pathetic! and nothing you can do about it.

Hojo: Now wait a minute...

Chaos: *stalks forward* STILL all this time. You CANNOT HAVE THE PROMISED LAND you stupid bitch! What about that can't you understand you are NOT OF THIS WORLD!

Jenova: He's going to kill me, lover! He's going to kill me, stop him!

Hojo: Hey! Hey, you leave her alone! *fires tranqs*

Chaos: *fliches* *looks at dart* *GLARES*

Hojo: *fires again*

Chaos: What in the *insert VERY bad trail of Cetrain cursing here* *Stalks up to Hojo and grabs at him*

Hojo: *flails and drops tranq gun*

Hojo: Let me go you sick son of a bitch!

Chaos: As you wish, oh consort to the queen. *Tosses across lab*

Hojo: *hits wall, then counter, then floor* Ow. Fuck.

Hojo: *looks around for something*

Tranq gun: *is on other side of room*

Vincent's service revolver: *sitting in holster nearby*

Hojo: *scrables after service revolver*

Chaos: Blithering little idiot! *crosses back to tank and rips out tubes*

Chaos: *is going to go into the tank and try to get the head*

Hojo: LEAVE HER ALONE! *fires at Chaos*

Chaos: *yelps* *is not used to the whole human skin and the bleeding thing*

Chaos: You fucking fool! Don't you understand?! Do you WANT the order to fall apart? I loathe your kind, I'd love to see you dead, all your pathetic race, but the WORLD should still be here.

Hojo: Oh yes, I'm totally going to take the word of the psychopath alternate personality of the already-psychopathic Turk on the fate of the world. *holds gun up like he's seen done in movies*

Chaos: *grips Jenova's head*

Jenova: *screaming*

Hojo: *fires again, emptying the clip*

Hojo: *looking for something else, in case that isn't enough*

Chaos: *falls back, still gripping the head but sorta hanging there* Goddamn human limitations.

Hojo: *wonders if Vincent brought any other guns*

Vincent's favorite, named Victoria: *under his coat* *could kill a moose if needed*

Hojo: *finds it* Vincent, I apologize for every crack I ever made about you being well armed.

Hojo: I also apologize for what I'm about to do.

Hojo: *shoots, knocked back into counter by recoil*

Chaos: I'll make sure he thinks you all meant it.

Vin: *rather disarmed, literally, thrown against the wall* X_X

Hojo: *inches closer, shotgun still aimed at Vincent* Jenova? Are you alright?

Jenova: ... get rid of it. Get rid of it, lover...

Hojo: *hesitant to put down the shotgun, tries to pull by the remaining arm, but just can't do it, so he sets the gun down and drags the body out of the lab*

[Hojo has just cleaned up with Vincent. He's sorta pacing his office...and calls Vel]

Veld: Hello? Veld speaking.

Hojo: Ah... we've got a bit of a problem.

Veld: Hojo? What sort of problem.

Hojo: Um. A problem with Vincent.

Veld: ...What sort of problem. *note the not question*

Hojo: The sort of problem where Vincent is barely alive and missing a limb in the basement. *holds phone away from ear preemptively*

Veld: And this happened HOW? *so totally the calm voice*

Hojo: When he attacked me and it took seven shots to stop him.

Hojo: *weakly* I suppose that makes Amon's project a success...

Veld: Is he going to live.

Hojo: I don't know yet. I'm going to do my best.

Veld: You do that.

Hojo: ... I didn't want to shoot him. If it's any consolation.

Veld: No, I suppose you didn't. I'm going to try and shift schedules around here and get out there.

Hojo: You do that.

Veld: *hangs up, so totally should not be around lots of people anytime in the near future*

[some time lapse later?]

[yay time lapse]

Hojo: *in basement at work on Vincent*

Vin: X_X

Veld: *has pulled in to the building, does not in fact know where said basement is, thus the fun little search later*

Hojo: *got the arm working really well, is happy with that, even though it's not much good*

Vin: *would rather like a human arm*

Technology at time: Quit yer whinin.

Vin: *how about 20 years later?*

Hojo: *come see me in the lab and let me knock you out and DON'T TRY TO KILL ME and I 'll see what I can do*

Vin: *what about the cool vampire powers? I'd like minions.*

Hojo: *still hard at work, whenever Veld gets there*

Veld: *so totally at the front door*

Veld: *knocks*

Hojo: *in the basement, assumes Lu will get the door*

Lu: ::does get door::

Lu: hi Veld

Veld: Hello, where's Hojo?

Hojo: *has been down there practically non-stop*

Lu: downstairs

Lu: I can't get him to come out.

Lu: Not even for vegan pizza...

Lu: and no, I haven't seen Vincent either.

Veld: I figured as much.

Veld: There any way I can to the lab?

Lu: :\

Lu: you can try to talk to him if you want

Veld: It'll help if I can find the lab first. Let me guess, the basement?

Lu: yup

Lu: I'll never know why they arranged the building like this 9_9

Veld: You can't have a secret lab that's easy to find.

Lu: mm come on then

Lu: I'll see if Frankenstein is accepting visitors 9_9

Lu: ::leads Veld down to lab::

Veld: *rathers hopes there's not a REAL frankenstein deal going on*

Lu: ::was totally joking::

Hojo: *talking to Vincent even though Vincent can't respond*

Hojo: *hasn't had a whole lot of company the last two weeks*

Veld: If I can get him out of there, I'll be sure to let him know to talk to you, alright?

Hojo: ... and then he said no, it can't be halon and I told him he was insane...

Lu: please

Lu: ::kinda worried about Hojo AND Vin::

Hojo: ... so I told the professor if he gave me an A I wouldn't go to the classes anymore...

Veld: *knocks on lab door*

Veld: Oh, and if I have to break down the door, Lucrecia, you might want to back up.

Hojo: I told you I'm not hungry, Lucrecia!

Veld: And I'm not Lucrecia.

Lu: er...I have a KEY....

Hojo: Oh, Veld. Come in.

Veld: Well why didn't you say so?

Lu: I TOLD you to stop eating the rat food, Hojo!

Lu: you didn't ask

Lu: ::unlocks all 89 locks::

Veld; Point.

Hojo: I'm not eating the rat food. I've got a couple cases of cup noodles down here.

Lu: Hojo, you have guest.

Lu: Same difference.

Hojo: Not really. The rats won't eat cup noodles.

Hojo: *tries to stand between Lu and Vincent if he can*

Lu: sez you. >> ::has totally had her noodle cup eated by the mutant ratses::

Lu: you boys play nice. ::waltzes out::

Lu: ::goes back to whatever she was doing::

Veld: So how is he?

Hojo: Well, the good news is I've had a lot of success with the prosthetic arm.

Lu: ::so totally has NO clue::

Veld: And the bad news?

Hojo: His breathing and pulse have been slowly droping off despite my best efforts at preservation.

Hojo: *or possibly because of, but that's SCIENCE for you*

Veld: ...And right now?

Hojo: Well, technically, he doesn't have any vital signs at the moment.

Veld: So, what you're saying in fancy scientific terms is he's dead, right?

Hojo: At the moment. I'm still rather hoping for a breakthrough. The process was going so well otherwise.

Veld: People don't come back from the dead, Hojo.

Hojo: People also don't turn into monsters, and yet here I am getting funding.

Veld: I wasn't looking for an argument.

Hojo: *does something suspiciously close to pouting, though he wouldn't admit it*

Hojo: Fine then. I'll just need a new Turk.

Veld: You're not getting that either. I'm not sending ANY more of my kids to you.

Lu: ::sneezes::

Hojo: How am I supposed to finish the project without a Turk?

Veld: You'll just have to figure that out. You're smart enough.

Lu: ah-CHOO

Lu: ::sniff:: geeze... I need to dust...

Veld: I don't want to make this a Turks versus the science department fight.

Hojo: *shrugs* Then I'm sorry I wasted your time dragging you out here. Bye.

Veld: And I apologize for wasting yours. ...Be sure to fill out the appropriate paperwork considering the situation.

Hojo: Oh, yes, of course. *eye roll* Can't forget the paperwork.

Veld: *and no he's not going to look at the "corpse" so he doesn't feel like killing Hojo*

Veld: If I were you, I wouldn't use that tone right now.

Lu: ::typetytypetype::

Vin: *pretty damn dead*

Hojo: I'll use whatever tone I like, thank you. I didn't have to call you at all.

Veld: No, you didn't. I don't have to not kill you either.

Hojo: Actually, yes, I think certain people would be kind of upset if you killed me, don't you? You know, like, your employer?

Lu: ::would be rather annoyed as well::

Veld: Right. You're not that expendable, are you?

Veld: Forget I even mentioned it.

Hojo: I will, only because I like you so damn much.

Veld: *glare*

Hojo: *goes back to poking Vincent with needles*

Veld: *walks out, looks for Lucrecia*

Lu: ::in the main office typing away::

Veld: *hears typing* Lucrecia?

Lu: ::oblivious of the exquisite deadguy in the basement::

Lu: hmm?

Lu: everything okay?

Veld: Hojo says he'll need another hour or so *would rather not have Lu deal with "corpse" and all*

Lu: okay

Lu: did you need anything else? :;trying to be nice and helpful and sweet and stuff::

Veld: No... I just need to get back to Midgar.

Veld: Thank you anyway.

Lu: um okay

Lu: it was good to see you ::smiles for him::

Veld: Likewise. Take care of yourself.

Lu: ::would offer hugz but knows Veld is of the no-touchy::

Lu: ::nod:: I will ::waves:: see ya

Veld: Oh... and don't let them do anything... strange with you? Even for science?

morboriel has left the room.

Lu: ::sniff:: ker-choo!

Lu: uh sure

Lu: no problem ::blinks, confuzzeled::

Veld: You always have a choice, you know.

Veld: *waves and leaves*

Lu: ::wonders what on earth THAT was about::


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