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[Our anti heroes are behind a table. running out of ammo, but it appears as though their targets are too. This will prolly become hand to hand in a matter of 20 minutes]

Veld: *bang bang* I'm down to two clips.

Voice: *roars incoherently* They're GOING TO KILL US ALL!

Vin: *Shoot, duck, shoot, duck* Yeah... one.

*Bullet spray the thankfully metal table*

Vin: But they gotta be runnin low too.

Veld: Great. Fucking punks.

Voice: ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit...

Vin: I motherfucking hate getting shot at, Velly.

Vin: *taps head* Oh shut up you fucking pansy.

Voice: *covers eyes*

Veld: You think I like this? Fuck, I was AT A DESK FOR THE PAST YEAR BEFORE THIS!

Vin: *up shoot shoot shoot shoot click ducks* And I'm out.

Veld: *hands him his gun* One clip and you're a better shot.

Voice: I would like you to stop getting shot at.

Vin: *takes* Tell me how many it looks like there are? We're going to have to go hand to hand?

Voice: It would...make me feel better. Oh, fuckshitwhore *covers eyes*

Vin: -I would like to stop getting shot at too-

Veld: *peeks around* Six. And most likely.

Vin: *stands, shootoneshoottwosthootshootshoot threeshootclick*

Vin: And we're out, down to three... *waits*

Veld: How many sharp objects? *is checking his*

Voice: Those fucking shitwhores. I'm gonna die.

Vin: I think they are out of ammo...

Voice: QUICK! Pre-mortum fucking, kid! One last go-around!

Chaos: ... hisssss

Vin: *shakes head*

Veld: Don't do anything stupid, kid. On three.

Chaos: Hand to hand...

Chaos: I like that.

Vin: *shakes head again* Right... three.

Voice: Ah, man...oh, well. You can rip their throats out through their nasal cavities.

Veld: *has two tantos* One..

Chaos: *growls*

Veld: Two...

Veld: Three. GO

Vin: *goes*

Veld: *and charges*

Chaos: Go for the head, don't worry about weapons.

Veld: *is handling one, who is a fistfighter*

Voice: What Chaos-sama said. *does fangirling noises here*

Vin: *gets one, door opens, two more guys come out, Vin gets a chain upside his head*

Veld: *has finally gotten mr. fisty, already dealing with another*

Voice: Shit! Not the head!

Veld: *so can't see how Vin is doing*

Voice: Duck next time, ya piece of shit!

Vin: *is conked good*

Chaos: *snickers*

Chaos: *Is happy to be out now, and thanks chain guy by turning his head around backwards*

Voice: He's really bad at this. Chaos-sama is better at hand-to-hand.

Voice: And flashier.

Chaos: *elbow to nose of guy number three*

Voice: *in a haze of fangirlish delirium*

Veld: *fucking goddamn ninja shit*

Veld: *hates punkass kids that take karate shit seriously*

Chaos: *has two more but they seem a little afraid of him now* *lunge at one who screams like a little girl*

Veld: *is handling one fine enough, thank you very much, damn kids*

Voice: *whistles appreciatively*

Choas: *fear would prolly be cause he's smiling like a kid at christmas* *trip, heel to skull*

Voice: Please rip the next one's spine out, Chaos-sama!

Choas: *tilts head at last of his goonies* *lifts hand and waves at him*

Choas: *doesn't care that he talks to himself* Spine? I'll think about it...

Veld: *and slice. fucktard* Valentine! Still alive?!

Man: *gulps*

Chaos: *looks up* Should I tell him Valentine's taking a nap?

Voice: *is in heaven because Chaos talked to him*

Voice: No, sir!

Voice: The spine, sir!

Chaos: ... I didn't want to anyway. *watches man* That'd be really messy...

Voice: Please, sir!

Veld: *sees muchly deaded people and one left, and knows Vin can handle it*

Veld: *but has a bad feeling*

Voice: Spine through skin, and then he'd probably die instantly, but the look on his face, sir! Priceless, Chaos-sama!

Voice: And from such a wound, blood would spill down like water, sir!

Chaos: *waits* You going to run, or just piss yourself?

Veld: *muttering* Stop playing with him and just finish it...

Man: *stumbles backwards and tries to run*

Voice: His spine is right there, sir! *helpfully*

Chaos: *spinheel to the neck, spine DOES crack, but too much force, guys laying there* Well, underestimated the body...

Man: *is ded*

Voice: ...

Veld: O.O ...you done now kid?

Voice: Excellent work, sir.

Voice: But next time...you should rip it out.

Chaos: *kneels by guy* *mutters in what could be Cetrain* *stands* Oh yeah... I'm done. *lights up a smoke*

Voice: *mmmm nicotine*

Veld: *walks over, does his typical damn near instinctual snatching*

Chaos: *Grabs wrist, thumb over pressure point*

Veld: Let go.

Chaos: I advise you to not do that again, Dragoon.


Veld: And I would advise you to stop acting so damn crazy and fucking let go of my wrist.

Voice: Break it.

Voice: Make him mad and then rape him. He won't want you to do him right now...

Voice: Unwilling is always the fucking hottest way.

Chaos: Uses free hand to point at bruise. Valentine's taking a nap. Once again, unless you want me to break your thrice damned arm, never do that again.

Voice: *cheers* Excellent work, Chaos-sama!

Veld: ...Oh, it's you.

Chaos: Ever brilliant deduction there, Dragoon. *looks him over* I have no idea what that idiot kid sees in you. *tosses arm down*

Voice: He has a hot ass.

Voice: Er... Chaos-sama. *mumbled*

Voice: Can't you see the hot ass?

Veld: Well, I didn't expect him to go berserk. And you're just a delusion anyway. *rather not liking teh insults from teh weird personality much*

Chaos: *tilts head* He does... sort of pretty I suppose...

Voice: Yes..yes, should I elaborate? Haven't you been paying attention during the parts when they fuck?

Voice: He does this thing...it's hot. Almost better than Finn.

Veld: Quit with the creepy look. You should be done now, you have plenty of corpses to keep you happy. *is spooked but really too hyped up on his own adrenaline and crazy to not be a little bold*

Voice: And he always has that half-beard thing growing.

Chaos: I beg your pardon, mortal? Did you just order me about?

Veld: Mortal?

Voice: Oh, he's in for a fucking now...

Voice: And his hair is nice. *still going...and going...*

Veld: Fuck this. When Valentine gets back, tell him I'm outside. *heads for door*

Voice: And suits make it all the more fuckable.

Voice: He's...ah...leaving, Chaos-sama.

Chaos: *Grabs and throws him back, I dunno if there's a wall there or not* Did I say you could go anywhere?

Voice: Mmmmmmm, that's the stuff.

Veld: O.O The hell are you doing?!

Voice: See his hair? And he always looks mad...all the time.

Voice: And of course, he's not as hot as Finn, and it did take him longer to put out...

Veld: *looks more pissed off than scared*

Chaos: Playing. *smirks*

Voice: Ah, that part of it sucked, but now he's putting out! You can totally fuck him if you want to!

Veld: Great.

Chaos: You're lucky Gigas isn't out you know?

Voice: Mmmm...I've never really seen him this nervous. Great job, sir.

Veld: Oh?

Voice: And yeah, he is really lucky I'm not out. *griiiiiiiin*

Chaos: Yeah, he'd be fucking you right now. I have some restraint

Voice: *starts chomping the bit a little* I never get a turrrn...

Voice: It's not fair, Chaos-sama...

Chaos: *shakes head*

Veld: Well... um... I really should be going, I'm supposed to be phoning back and all...


Veld: *hand on tanto at side*

Chaos: *looks at tanto* What you going to do with that, kill me, Velly?

Veld: If I have to.

Voice: Um...don't let him.

Chaos: *laughs* Really? You'd do that, Velly?

Voice: That would be bad. Er, sir.

Chaos: I don't believe you.

Veld: Considering as you don't know the meaning of not invading my space, yes, I would. Back. Off.

Chaos: *walks forward*

Veld: *tightens grip*

Voice: *is nervous lyke whoa*

Voice: Chaos-sama...um...

Chaos: *shakes head* *growls*

Voice: ...

Voice: Ah, shit.

Veld: *hoping maybe Vin's coming back soon, as this is really not good*

Chaos: He really does like you, you know?

Chaos: stupid kid.

Veld: That's good.

Voice: ...

Chaos: *makes for the snatching and the throwing against a wall assuming we are near a wall*

Voice: Yay!

Veld: *does not eep, but would like to*

Veld: Godsdammit, STOP. IT.

Voice: He looks tired and angry and fuckable. Perfect, really.

Chaos: He looks scared.

Voice: That too. Makes it better. You have a kind of intimidating aura, Chaos-sama.

Veld: No, I'm fucking pissed off now DON'T MAKE ME FUCKING SLIT YOUR THROAT!

Veld: *ok, so he is scared, but he's no weenie*

Voice: Actually, I don't even care if it's violent or not, this time. As long as people quit FUCKING TEASING ME!

Chaos: *stagges back and shakes head* Goddamnit, brat.

Voice: Ah, dammit.

Chaos: *long string of cursing in Cetrain*

Veld: o.O

Voice: When will I get to see Chaos fucking somebody? *almost in tears* WHEN!?

Veld: *so totally doesn't know Cetran*

Chaos: *falls to knees* *still cursing*

Voice: *is depressed and also emo at this turn of events*

Veld: *lets himself breath but still gripping tanto*

Vin: Oh fucking shit...*head HURTS like woah cause yeah, bike chain? Fucking hurts*

Veld: ...You there, Valentine?

Voice: Dammit. You aren't as fun. *waves hand dismissively* Go 'way.

Vin: Oh fuck that ... I think I got knocked out.

Veld: *just leans against wall* Well, you sort of did.

Vin: ... I'm sorry.

Veld: Fucking hell, you have to watch it, kid. Can't always go berserk like that.

Vin: I...god I'm sorry.

Veld: Just... get yourself together and meet me outside. I have to call in. *heads to door, whoa cool can still walk, yay!*

Voice: He really has the hottest ass.

Vin: *stands up and digs out his smokes* -shut the fuck up.-

Vin: -just, you fuckers aren't real. You are NOT real, I'm just crazy.-

Voice: Wha? Can't I look? It's fucking boring in here without Chaos-sama.

Veld: And no godsdammed smoking. *leaves*

Voice: And dangerous.

Voice: Yeah, without Chaos-sama, everything's stupid.

Voice: Veld's calling right now. To have you locked up, lunatic.

Vin: -That's a lie.-

Voice: Is it? Bet he is.

Voice: *jumps on making Vin feel bad bandwagon* YEAH. You weren't here to see what Chaos did. Spooked that little shit real bad.

Veld: *is actually just standing in the hallway trying to regain his composure, cause ya, he'll flip out otherwise*

Vin: *is afraid to go outside at the moment* -he's not-

Voice: Shame you came back, he and Chaos could have gone on a killing spree. He was close.

Voice: He's on his cell phone right now. You're so fucking stupid and always so fucking gullible.

Voice: And you think that just because you sleep with him, that'll keep him from fucking you over?

Voice: What is it about him? He's crazy too? Or maybe its just the word TURK. Maybe that's it? You think they like you or someshit? Bending over backwards for him you know that? If I hear Gigas whine about ONE more test or textbook.

Voice: You've got a lot of shit to learn, you bitch.

Voice: I don't WHINE you SHIT. I COMPLAIN.

Voice: And gods, yeah, if you have to take one more test...

Voice: He's so going to get you locked in a box.... oh, and keep screwing your mom.

Voice: How many more tests will there be before they finally check the "fucking batshit crazy" box on your medical foms?

Veld: Ok. Phone. We're all fucking crazy, get over it. *goes into a room that looks like it has a phone, yay! aquired key item, PHONE*

Voice: How many more tests until he gives you to Hojo?

Vin: *shakes out hands and digs for hip-flask* -shutting you both up now- *swigs*

Vin: -he's not going to do that-

Voice: No one ever liked you. You've killed so many more men than should ever be killed by a single person.

Voice: *yawn* Awww... truth too much to handle.

Voice: There's nothing redeemable about you, you shit.

Voice: *has no booze tolerance*

Vin: *Walks outside to find Veld*

Veld: *on phone* Yes, we're all whole. Targets eliminated. We'll be back in a while.

Voice: Half-drunk and looking for a comfort-fuck.

Voice: You're just a pleasant human being all around, aren't you?

Voice: A paragon of goodness and righteousness.

Veld: *on phone* Ok. Bye.

Vin: *walks in while Veld's hanging up the phone*

Voice: *is booze slumbering*

Voice: And there's the ticket to hell, right in that call.

Voice: Wonder who it was...Hojo? Or maybe one of the higher-ups...?

Veld: You better now?

Vin: *shakes flask before pitting it back* I'm alright.

Voice: You'll be alright soon. They'll be sure to fix your head.

Voice: With a drill. And a hammer.

Veld: Good. Considering they blew up the damn car, we're going to have to walk back.

Veld: You're free to go home if you want.

Voice: Free to go home. Because they'll be waiting there.

Vin: Where are you going?

Voice: He's going away.

Voice: He doesn't want to own up to the fact that he just fucking sold your soul away.

Veld: Back to work. Scarlet says they're a little short handed right now, and Reeve's gone into robot mode.

Vin: -You are the most ANNOYING thing on the planet, do you know that?-

Vin: Then do you want my help?

Voice: No way, YOU'RE so fucking annoying I can't SEE straight. I HATE YOU YOU FUCKING SHITFACED FAGGOT.

Veld: No, you need a break kid.

Voice: And you can't fucking SEE what's RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALL OF US.

Voice: You just see what you want to see...yeah, that's not good enough, you fucker.

Vin: ah...yeah, alright.

Voice: Because more is riding on your decisions that just your miserable hide. There's five of us in here, dammit.

Voice: And it will come to the time when we won't just sit around and wait for you to fuck around anymore.

Veld: You're welcome to come along, but I'm not going to make you do anything.

Voice: Sure, whatever. HE'S LYING. He's a fucking TURK.

Voice: There's no way that he likes you for who you fucking are.

Voice: There's nothing there to like. A killer? A pretty face? Yeah, you look in the mirror sometime, see how pretty you are.

Vin: I'll do homework. *is happy he's going along*

Voice: I hate you. I hate you.

Veld: Ok. *heads out of room*

Voice: Why am I stuck in here, dammit!? The worst place in the world. If it wasn't for Chaos-sama...

Vin: *follows*

Voice: I'm not done with you! Don't you fucking ignore me, you shit!

Veld: *dum di dum, walking with the not talkingness*

Voice: I will yell until your ears bleed, Valentine! You LISTEN or we are ALL GOING TO DIE.

Voice: You know what happened to mom, but you keep ignoring it. What do you think? You are SO MUCH BATSHIT CRAZIER THAN SHE EVER WAS.

Voice: It's just a matter of time. You have to make a plan, or there will be so much pain.

Vin: *drinks from his flask more*\


Voice: Although the alcoholism is a nice touch.

Voice: Fucking lunatic.

Voice: Mother should have aborted you.

Veld: *sideglance*

Voice: Yeah, go ahead and drink more, ya shit. It'll solve all of our problems.

Voice: You don't ever believe us. It's not enough anymore that we get to say "told you so" later when we're all stuck together in those crazy rooms with drills down our spines.

Vin: *listens to voice for once*

Voice: It's not enough anymore, dammit!

Vin: *shudders at drill down spine thought*

Voice: We're all people in here! You think we're just spouting out conspiracy theories?



Voice: It's maddening! I HATE YOU!

Veld: The others giving you a hard time?

Voice: Don't you dare listen to him again.

Vin: You don't even know.

Voice: He's a fucking Turk, dammit.

Veld: No, I suppose not.

Voice: And here comes the pityfucking.

Voice: And you'll be so busy doing that that you won't even look beyond anything.

Voice: Not that I'm saying you shouldn't fuck. But still.

Vin: Velly? You... you aren't just feeling pity for me are you? Like, you like me, right? (Oh lookit that he IS 18, magic)

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